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Found 405 results

  1. Any plans to update the Austrlian ai traffic pack? I wouldn't call it obsolete yet, but there are many thing that have changed since-qantas 787s, cathay a350s, no more 767s, no more embraers, less 747s, and a few airlines that didn't preiously fly here now do. There is plenty more stuff, but those are the main things I think. Maybe it's already happening. Anyone know?
  2. Good Evening, I am wondering if there are any plans for relasing FTX EU Poland (Or Eastern Europe/Baltic States) in general, like the packs of Norway or UK
  3. Short but scenic flight from my part of the world. Wombat Gully Departure Wombat Gully. Mt Beauty airport (nearby large pondage direct North) Greeted by excited locals FSX-SE | SOFT CLOUDS | ANTS SIERRA | FTX | OZx | ENB
  4. Hello, I have installed FTX centeral to my C drive because that is the install folder it has go to ( I think ) When I got my pc my storage folders where messed up by accident and it can not be fixed. I have 60gb in my C drive when it should have been 1TB in there execpt I got 1tb im my E drive. My C drive does nlt have enough storage in there to install the ftx centeral and also orbx products. I have nothing in there but windows files leaving me with 2gb left :(. Is there anyway I can install the FTX centeral into the E drive with 700gb left? This would be great as then I would be able to use your products! Thanks, Jack Sparrowhawk:)
  5. Considered using these for the screenshot contest but decided to go with something else. Just a couple of shots to show that Orbx landscapes enhance not just low and slow Cessna flights, but also flights with the big birds. A glacier on the south side of Vatnajökull National Park in the Freeware Iceland FTX demo: Early morning departure from EDDL. The Upper Rhine between Eglisau and Buchberg in GES, A430 departure from LSZH. Misha
  6. Barrow Island in the rich iron ore region of the Pilbara, Western Australia. This screenshot accurately depicts the ancient red island and its remoteness from civilisation, thanks to OZx and FTX. Next opportunity, I must take the chopper out from base and head to the oil rigs! FSX-SE | FTX AU | OZx | HDEV2 | FTX GO
  7. Hi there. Have upgraded to P3D v4. Is it necessary to purchase 'FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation' mesh before I go all out with orbx? I want orbx Global, Vector and Trees with N Island New Zealand. I am based in the Netherlands so would also like Europe coverage. I apologise if I am posting a topic that surely has been posted before. I am running P3D v4 with AS16 (updated for P3D v4); ASCA and FlyTampa Amsterdam. My system is attached. Thanks in advance for your advice. Tom Processor Intel i7.docx
  8. Hi, I am sure this has been bought up before, but after a quick search I couldn't find any info. Do the European regions such as Norway and England come complete with a mesh? The screenshots look fantastic, but my mesh doesn't come even close to those. What mesh do the product screenshots use?
  9. 1st, no problems here. 2nd, it took me years to switch over to ORBX / FTX scenery. 3rd, I wish I had switched YEARS AGO! The scenery that FTX offers has totally changed and enhanced the enjoyment I receive from my couch-hobby. I cannot say enough how grateful I am that ORBX / FTX has provided what they have. I have FSX (disc) and P3D v3 and v4. In ALL cases, the scenery is beautiful, immersive, and to add... the night lighting is amazing. To those who are hesitant to switch to ORBX / FTX, I believe it is worth it. Thanks to all!
  10. Hi I notice that the FTX Global base package is compatible with P3D v4, as well as many other scenery. When will the FTX light configurator be updated? I have EU England and the lights are ugly and need configuring! Many Thanks Phill
  11. HI, when we try to open Central after a few seconds we get an error message inviting us to send the logtext to the staff It's what we try to do now; with success, i mean!! please could you help us to fix this issue? Thanks in advance Francis/ France ftxc3.log
  12. I don't know about most of you but I see and hear talk about 2 new flight sims. Flight Sim World and Aerofly FS2. I seem to get the feeling that both will have OrbX scenery and airports and regions. Is that correct? And since I own numerous FTX Orbx products would those be useable in either of these 2 new sims? Also, of these 2, which one would you suggest to purchase? Should I stop buying OrbX stuff and wait to purchase OrbX for one of the new flight sims? I would really like to be able to use my previously purchased OrbX stuff in one of the new ones....which one would that be possible with? Is FTX OrbX supporting one more than the other? And which one of the 2 new sims will be better....ie better frame rates, better graphics...ect. A lot to consider. Could someone out there please help me clarify the situation? Thanks. Peter
  13. Well, I really enjoyed the view out there! This is close to Akureyri, Iceland (airport).
  14. Hi, I downloaded the iceland demo and then uninstalled it... ever since then i have been experiencing a problem. every time i depart an airfield the textures are fine... then around 5 mins in to the flight the textures will slowly start to get awful and eventually everything just blurs into one.. i have attached pictures. I hope someone can help... I have seen other issues similar to this one and tried the fixes but none seem to work... anyone able to help?
  15. So I need to update my FTX Global Vector to ver. 1.45, and it says in FTX Central that I can find the update on the support page. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  16. Here is Canada, CYGM to CYAV. Notice that I refrained from using the ubiquitous eh, eh?
  17. I have a friend who's son drives and delivers for Oops in Alaska. So, I thought I would make an Alaskan flight and deliver some virtual freight. I should have used my FretEx livery, however I'm pretty sure I still flying an Alaskan livery. Whenever possible, and there's time, I like to use an appropriate or approximate livery for whichever area I'm flying.
  18. Hello community, I recently bought FTX Global Base pack and was really happy about the improvement of ground textures, but I have some trouble with the displayed FTX Global Textures. Other than I have read in the internet and at two of my sim collegues, ORBX seems to not replace the default ground textures, but only loads around the aircraft. It can clearly be seen when the top-camera is selected and you zoom out and also in the distance when flying above FL200. It happened in a clear install in FSX and also in Prepar3D v3.4, which was also a new, clear install. It has been installed as admin and the P3D settings now are average to high. Higher settings in displaying objects and textures in distance expand the "circle" of texture arround me. Does anyone have a clue, what is causing my issue and how the textures can be fully replaced? BR Meyerflyer
  19. Hey, I worked again on my scenery (EDWN) and now its finish. You have seen a post of me where I show the scenery in a older version. After a few more hours now I made the final version. Take again a look on my home airport EDWN, a small airfield located in Lingen, lower saxony, germany. The airport is homebase of 2 glider clubs and a small airline, flying with a Piper PA-31 Navajo and a Cessna 172 Skyhawk to destinations in europe. The airport has a asphalt runway and 2 grass runways, both for the glider clubs. Sometimes a Beechcraft 200 King Air or a Pilatus PC12 visit the airport, but thats rare! The airport has some hangars, a small control tower and a nice little restaurant where you can meet pilots and aviation fans. The food there is amazing!! Now take a look on the updated scenery! I hope you like it!!!!! It was a lot of work. First, a picture from google maps of the real airport. And now the pictures of my airport scenery: Thats it... I hope you like the updated version of EDWN!! Tell me what you think about it. Thank you!!!
  20. Hi! After all, what in Berlin is recognizable, one can say that the one who was at work here, know how to do it and how to use the right tools to this "over the top" - working to make. This is a league in which only a few can play. Last night I had taken the opportunity and I looked at FTX Berlin shortly (in slew mode); I nearly fell off my chair! The air imaging for flight simulation is not much better. Previously, I always thought that I would quite good about it at the subject air imaging, at least I had always imagined that. Well, how should I say it, I have been disabused; alone color embedded in the ORBX World is extremely successful - the aerial image blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Or the perfectly incorporated Blend.- and water masks, just the best. The Autogen created is also not to beat - it is not only perfectly placed, no, it is also very varied, been so used variably. You can see that just very good at the vegetation, if you as sports fields provides that, as in reality, through trees "framed" are. But the buildings are created by all available types of buildings of P3D - this is a scene in the scene that will not soon get bored. Many thanks for this outstanding scenery Christian Some pictures from Berlin? Perfect Aerial embedding Surrounding country Berlin Surrounding country Berlin Perfect used vegetation Sports complex with plastic appearance Night Imperessions Siegessäule in Tiergarten Evening at the Lake Brian likes
  21. Hey Orbx Devs, I have a very simple question regarding the unified lookup with FTX regions. I am beta testing Flyinside P3D, and my VAS requirements for VR are different from desktop simmer. I can't find a clear answer about FTX regions and openLC NA. So, I do know that once you install PNW, PFJ, etc these sceneries get migrated and installed fine. But if I want to disable them for testing and I need to that region in openLC-NA for example CYVR area. So all I have to do is disable them in the scenery and rerun global vector tool and everything will result back to openLC-NA. Or do I need to other stuff. Know if I have installed PNW with some airports KFHR and if I untick that too, will everything go back into openLC mode. Can I assume that installing FTX regions modifies the terrain.cfg and even if I load the sim with PNW sceneries disabled, the PNW terrain values exist in terrain.cfg and no harm will come to the sim? Thanks
  22. https://vimeo.com/5198092 |About dreams and flying
  23. Hello All, As with many other simmers, I don't ever seem to be able to find the time to do the flights I really want. Yes long haul flights can be saved and re visited, but I'm a stickler for accuracy and consistency and love using real world weather which changes from day to day. But.... I have changed my approach to this kind of flying which, I now find far more enjoyable. The ferrying of light aircraft. This allows me to fly the distances I would love to but also allows me to fly them in legs whilst still keeping a level of realism. It's also a lot more hands on in some cases, which makes for an exciting couple of hours. The stumbling block which I would love feedback and ideas on is fuel. Ferry pilots will remove seats etc and add additional fuel tanks to improve an aircraft's range, which can't easily be replicated in FSX. I sort of have a way round this: I take assume two pilots (roughly 70-80kg each), I then add a full tank of fuel and note the weight and range that this gives. I then turn on unlimited fuel and fill up all the seats in the aircraft making sure that it is not above the operational weight range. I take this additional weight (as if it were fuel) and then calculate how much extra range that would have given me (roughly, i'm awful at maths). The downside to this is that you end up landing with a heavy aircraft even though you may technically be on reserves. Is there an easier way of doing this that I'm missing, like editing an aircraft fuel capacity though the config files? I'd happily have two configs (standard and long range) and switch between the two. Would love some thoughts and feedback on this, especially if other people have tried it. Cheers, Al
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