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  1. I have FSX: Steam Edition installed on my computer, which was working great. I bought FTX Norway to upgrade my scenery. When I installed it (via FTX Central), nothing happened on the simulator. I added all the sub-folders (scenery, mesh, custom...) manually, and it showed up. However, I have some issues with the textures. 1. The main problem is where there should be water, there are land. All the fjords are not visible, but the terrain is flat. 2. The roads do not show up. I can see some cars driving around, but there are no roads to drive on. 3. White squares with no te
  2. Interestingly there are no winter textures for Alesund city and Giske Island. It looks odd to say the least between december and march. It is caused by a file providing photoreal for the area: 2_orthoimage_NOR_WV2_May2013_Alesund_50cm.bgl Other orthoimage sceneries do provide the proper winter textures: like Kristiansand downtown harbour. So, is that a problem with my setup or is there something more to it? note: my setup is running FSX, P3Dv3.4.22 and P3Dv4.2.21. FTX troubleshooter indicates all files are present
  3. Hi! I just moved to P3DV4.1, from FSX. I installed P3DV4 on my D drive(Not C: drive where my FSX is), and later I moved it to my own map D:/P3DV4 inside the D drive. But now if I download ORBX products I have to manually drag the from D: to D:/P3DV4 folder. When I run Vector Configurator, it can't find any airports in cfg, so when I start a flight I have ex. both ENGM payware scenery and FTX Norway scenery showing. The only thing I can do to fix it, is go to scenery library and move Aerosoft Oslo over FTX Norway(And that's so unnecessary, every time). Because every time I start
  4. Hello I bought FTX Norway on the ORBX year-end sale. It's a wonderful product and I find myself doing flights in norway exclusively (which is not a bad thing) However, some of the houses seem to float in the air? I have no mesh-addon installed, so I can't for the life of me figure out why this happens. Nor does it seem to be a re-occuring issue for other users. The particular screenshot was taken on a approach to ENTO (Torp Sandefjord) ILS 18 and camera is facing east. Any ideas? Thanks for a terrific add-on
  5. First set of screenshots on the forum - ENTC / TOS to ENGM / OSL as flight DY383 over the fantastic FTX Norway. Rotate from TOS Gear up Cruising... ...that Moon is half snoozing All the lights on - 19R ILS for OSL Hope you all enjoy.
  6. A short flight on a beautiful afternoon in Northern Norway with the Lancair Legacy.
  7. Hi Orbx forum. This is first leg off my FTX Norway tour, it will visit all the Norwegian airports, some with GA some with turboprops, and perhaps a couple with the NGX. I have all available Norwegian payware and all the quality freeware and will be showing it all off in the beautiful setting that is FTX Norway. Honestly you guys, FTX Norway with addons is the richest, most complete and varied FTX region available (imho) and you have to check it out. And the masterpiece that is Narvik, is the best payware airport I have ever seen in any flightsim. Both are must haves. And with the fre
  8. Hello guys! I recently bought FTX Norway (FTXN) and installed it by following all the instructions etc etc.... But when I spawn in anywhere in Norway, the water is replaced with woods and ground textures (see picture). The inside of the blue markings on the pic is suppose to be water (Oslofjorden / the Oslo fjord), but as you can clearly see, it's everything but water. I don't have any other ground scenery installed that could prevent FTXN from working properly. Does any one know how to fix this issue? Thanks alot! Sincerely
  9. So p3d crashes directly after loading screen, dosent happen in tromso area only down south?????? Diagnostic Report: ot891ef7461925fc3af23bb134cb6f025d Please Help!!!! Cant fly from Oslo Gardermoen!!
  10. Hello! I have just recently bought P3D so I am sorry if there is an obvious answer I am missing or something. Well, I have bought FTX Norway as it was recommended for me for my regional flying. The issue is, anywhere other than sitting on the runway, it looks terribly bad. Mind, I am not bashing the product, I am sure it's great but I think I have something messed up either with settings or with the addon itself. Anyhow, those are screenshots made around the ENTC area: As you can see, the terrain looks really bad. Can it be somehow
  11. Will i gain anything in Norway if i use FTX Global, Vector and Open LC Europe in adittion to FTX Norway ? Flying FSX SE.
  12. Just a picture I took short after take-off from ENSD
  13. A good way to visit Norway and swedden ! Weather by FSGRW Have a good flight
  14. Hey there, I am enjoying FTX Norway a great deal, but I've noticed that most airports have missing taxiway signs. Some missing fewer than others, but in some case like this (ENBR) there signs seem to be absent other than next to the runway.
  15. Hi. I recently purchased FTX Norway, my first ever Orbx scenery package and I'm absolutely amazed, it's like flying in a new simulator! For some reason though, the wind turbines aren't showing up. I've flown over three designated areas I know there are wind farms and I know that at least one of those areas have wind turbines included in FTX Norway (Havøysund), as I saw a screenshot from a review displaying that particular wind farm. I have attached a screenshot showing Havøysund where turbines are completely absent. "Windfarm turbines" is checked in the control panel. Running
  16. Hi, I can't install FTX Norway! The installation is interrupted and I get the following message: Error: Not enough discspace for the unwrapping process. Space required: 4298070 KB Space available: 3086704 KB Unable to continue. I tried the .vbs trick to make free memory, but it did not work: "FreeMem = Space(32000000)".On my Harddrive I have 129 GB free memory, this should be enough. Something else seems to be wrong. I just installed succesfully Alaska-Canada. Can anyone help me?
  17. Took the Hawker all the way north to Svalbard (Spitzbergen) today. Bit bumpy on descent otherwise it was a lovely flight.
  18. I'm still flying over Norway. Today in the Hawker 850XP business jet.
  19. I'm really enjoying FTX Norway with the Dash 8 at the moment. Here is a set from a flight from Trondheim to Bergen. There was a bit of a thunderstorm when approaching Bergen, but it worked out fine in the end.
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