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  1. Scoot has reactivated international services just for us, with one of their Dreamliners ready for boarding at Broome. Here we go. Along Cable Beach ... ... and over the sea. The innertropical convergence zone always has some thunderstorms on the menu... ... as we reach Bali. Descending over Pulau Bintan. Vector data are fine, the landclass is default and FTX Global Base. Kampung Baru. Could be northern Europe as well... On final into my favourite East Asian hub, ...
  2. In these times global logistics are much more important than passenger travel. Today we load medical supplies at Singers... ... take off in the "wrong" direction... ... but turn back westwards soon to see the CBD in the background. Pekanbaru / Sumatra is the last Asian city we cross... ... before we see Praslin / Seychelles. And finally the Kenya coast... ... on our way towards the Kilimanjaro... ... and Jomo Kenyatta airport of Nairobi. "Hurry Harry, to bring that stuff back into cold stora
  3. Hello, I am running P3Dv 5.1 hotfix one and everything was fine until today when I was approaching LV and I noticed no more Lake Mead showing up! I tried everything, sync sim, verify files, moved stuff around in the scenery index, nothing. I am wondering if this has anything to do with Black Marble? I need to insert my Orbx stuff below my last add on scenery or it doesn't show up correctly, especially Flytampa Las Vegas. Any ideas on how to bring back the lake please? This is is bizarre, I haven't changed anything in my sim..
  4. G'day everyone, After four months of development, I am very excited to reveal to you all my latest scenery project, KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado! Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Global Base, Eagle follows on from the recent Sedona and Palm Springs packages, venturing further north into the heart of the Colorado Rockies and the true American West. This product not only includes a highly-detailed rendition of Eagle-Vail Airport (to use one of its alternate monikers), but also an enormous 1500km2 coverage area, encompassing the towns of Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Avon, Beaver
  5. Hello, I have been using ORBX products for a while. Today I flew into KSUZ - Saline County Regional Airport (ORBX Freeware) and experienced the airport elevation issue where the terrain covers the runway. No issue I thought, I landed and exited the sim to run FTX Global Vector AEC tool. However, KSUZ was not listed. I searched KSUZ in my /Prepar3d v4 and the results that came up were ADE_FTX_FTXG_KSUZ, ADE_FTX_FTXG_KSUZ_CVG, and ADE_FTX_KSUZ_objects. This leads me to believe the issue is FTX Global Base related rather than FTX Global Vector. Before I went messing with files and bre
  6. My issue is I have now over 10 airports with the Jetway in the sky. I do 90 Percent of my flying in USA. I have verified all my products and ran FTX Global airport elevation and no change just same . Thank you in advance for your help. William
  7. Today we are not going to use a luxurious airline. But who cares, as long as you sit in the cockpit. Or even virtual. "Rotate!" Singapore city to the right (with pure FTX Global, I had the city add-on deactivated for lower VAS/VRAM load). Climbing out into the usual tropical clouds... ... and crossing the Equator about 20 minutes after takeoff. Bali, ... ... and my first view of "Australia v2"... ... at Cape Leveque. In the vast outback there is still the
  8. Hello, I have just upgraded from FSX SE to p3d and I’m trying to install Orbx FTX global, but when I click install, it just sits for ages and says “scanning”. Earlier today it was nearly done installing threw up a warning that I hadn’t enough memory on the c drive so I deleted some unneeded stuff and re tried it but now it’s stuck “scanning”. Thank you
  9. One of the ORBX scenery entries - the FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT file - is spawning buildings over one of my custom sceneries (MYNN - Nassau, Bahamas), as well as other Bahamian airports (it's an entire package that I have). I visited other add-on airports in other countries, and they seem to be unaffected. What exactly is this FTX file responsible for? I've attached two screenshots - one with the file activated (you can see the buildings clipping into each other) and the other screenshot shows how it's supposed to look normally.
  10. Hi, If I remember correctly, when I first installed FTX Global many moons ago, there was a prompt to save the original sim scenery/texture files for FSX/P3D but for the life of me I can not find them on my disk. Is there an easy way to find out where those files are located as I would like to make a backup copy of those files on an external hard disk? I have both FSX and P3D on different flight sim PCs. Thx Mark
  11. Just some Asian (and North American) highlights, without much ado. PIA789 OPKC-CYYZ Baku The beginning of the Caucasus Range Scandinavia Greenland Labrador PIA790 CYYZ-OPLA Ontario Québec Oh no, the yellow flood! Mother Russia. Let's make an awesome turn. What remains of Lake Aral. It could benefi
  12. Pakistan 789 is two hours into a flight from Karachi to Toronto and experiences a sunrise in the area of the Caspian Sea.
  13. This time we take a look at a rather seldomly looked at airline on a rather seldomly shown route. In Karachi. The baggage is being loaded while we check the fan blades. Pushback... ... and lineup runway 25L. Cruising over India. This should be the coast of Burma. Descent to Bangkok. Don Mueang Airport. We made it to the "Golden Land". ... and leave it behind soon. Onl
  14. I installed FTX Global base and Vector (using my FTX Central) on my new system but it appears that it has not installed correctly, as you can see in the screenshots. The screenshot was taken in LSZH where everything was looking way better on my old PC. I already tried to uninstall and do a new reinstall of everything. I also checked my Scenery Library but everything seems to be activated there. Hope someone can help me
  15. Hi, I get blurries in the distance with FTX Global, I can put my terrain settings to max and I still get these issues! I've tried adding TextureMaxLoad=9, TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 and all to the CFG to no avail. Nothing works. I'll attach a picture: At EGPF on parking 51, barely zoomed in. Only 4 or 6x. I need to add, I have not only reinstalled the sim countless times, but also windows about 2 or 3 times. This isn't an issue that just started randomly, it's happened ever since I got P3D. My Specs: i5 7500 @ 3.4GHz, GTX 1060 6GB, 8GB DDR4, Sim installed on secondary 1TB
  16. Had an enjoyable flight across the pacific, into Vancouver. The 787 is a joy to fly! Loving FTX Global and PNW. Arriving over the Straight of Georgia was breathtaking! I seriously can't wait for TrueEarthPNW!
  17. Hi There Simmers, this is my first video about the Orbx products. If you have a litle time take look. Thanks, Almedin
  18. Somewhere in Montenegro. Cheers, Almedin
  19. Hi There simmers, this is my new video with my Airbus A319.
  20. Hi There simmer, today I was practiced ILS approach with my Airbus A319. Cheers, Almedin
  21. Hi There simmers, landing at LYTV with my new plane.
  22. Hi There simmer, this is my video about AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand by Orbx! Enjoy! Regards, Almedin
  23. Hi There simmers! Two screenshots for the start. Montenegro near LYPG Airport, FTX Global. Over the Serbia, on road to Belgrade FTX Global. Montenegro clear sky, dusk! AirSerba Airbus A319.
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