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  1. Hello folks. Firstly, I am an avid Orbx Fan and have all Global regions and Oceania along with many Regions and All UK Airports, I am disappointed to hear that Orbx are dropping FTX, however, I think you do a fantastic job and I am excited at the photo scenery prospect, however after much snarling and grating of teeth and many hours spent, I would be obliged if it would be possible for some "Off the beaten track" questions could be answered please. My System Spec is in the first post here if you need to see it. Apologies if these have been asked elsewhere, a
  2. Hi, just trying to load TrueEarth GB South in Compton Abbas but my P3D loading times has increased significantly (stuck at the dreaded 6%) by about x10-longer when compared to FTX England. I suspected the shaders could cause the issue, so cleaned them and also the scenery library but this did not improve the loading time. Should I expect much longer loading times with TrueEarth GB than with England? Any advice, much appreciated. The Compton Abbas parking position still puts the plane in a hole in the ground, but there was a fix for FTX England which might still solve this, or will there be P3
  3. Hello, If you take a look at the photo, you can clearly see what I'm talking about. It seems that when installing FTX England, scotland, wales, it installs it into the water as well? (Currently installed is just FTX England but it does happen on the others too). I've tried countless times reinstalling each scenery, as well as running verifying files & Force Migration but nothings helping... Any help would be appreciated! Regards, Anthony.
  4. Hello, So, originally I was having this error (See photo1 attachment) where land would cover loads of water areas all around England & Scotland & Wales, so my initial idea was to reinstall them. When I was uninstalling, I got an error popping up that told me to direct to Orbx support... This is the error (See ftxc3.log file)... Seems like something can't be administrated? Also it seems anytime I install any Orbx sceneries into P3DV4.3, it causes the "stuck on splash screen" error which means I have to go to the P3D v4 route folder, 'delete generated
  5. Here is my new brazilian girlfriend...She is 73 years old but she is still dynamic, nervous, powerful and so pretty... Well she asks me to visit Stonehenge, starting from Compton Abbas...She always decides... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 There we meet Angie, another beautiful young girl...but Angie decides to stay at Salisbury to visit the wonderful cathedral... #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 At the airport, I meet Chief Ski-U-Man & Chief Se
  6. Hello All, I recently purchase Orbx EGHI and orbx England... EGHI works amazingly looks amazing performance is amazing everything is fine. However... Orbx England has not made an appearance. It doesn't appear in my scenery library and there is no visual difference to my surrounding terrain at all other than an unbelievable amount of blurriness. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and offer some help as this is frankly ruined my sim... I managed to get some screenshots of the terrain... The blurries have been a lot worse in the past few ho
  7. Hi, I have had a working version of FSX steam edition with ORBX global and FTX England for many months now, but I had a disk crash which meant re-installing everything. As far as I know, I have a clean FSX (Steam) install followed by ORBX global, FTX England and nothing else. Now my scenery is littered with black boxes as far as the eye can see. Clearly something is wrong but I can't work it out. Please see attached picture:
  8. January flight at EGGW, no snow in specific areas of the airport. Also tested with heavy snow weather, no joy. This is all I could find:
  9. Hi guys, I am rather new to modding so unfortunately do not have the knowledge to fix this myself. I have recently purchased the FTX EU England scenery package. I downloaded it, ran the installer and it would only install on my additional hard drive, I could not change the file path to install on my main C drive where FSX:SE is installed. I went along with it just in case it made no difference and it came across a lot of issues when running the game, I decided to do a full uninstall of all FTX sections and removed FSX from my computer. I have since reinstalled FSX how
  10. Hello, I have just bought the ftx England region however im unsure how to 'activate' the region... on ftx central 3 it says the product is installed and up to date however the scenery isn't on my p3d? ive checked and its also not in my scenery library drop down menu? thanks in advance, callum
  11. You would see lots of fortifications in next package Dare landing at Les Casquets Lighthouse
  12. Hi Folks, A patch is coming for FTX England so here's some views of the rendering for the National Parks with additionnal items South Downs Fields West Pennines Moors Derwent Reservoir Dam in Derbyshire The same place along the seasons Derbyshire And Lancashire Gliding Club In The Peak District Advanced warning station of RAF Fylingdales in North York Moors
  13. I have FTX Global and England Region. I am noticing that when I fly at night the lights do not appear in front of the plane far enough away to see them from the cockpit. Lights seem to grow along roads only when the plane reaches them. If you look behind the plane in external view all the lighting is there. The land you are flying towards just looks dark which can't be right. Is there a setting I am missing to make the lights load ahead of the plane?
  14. Hello All, I have been having some issues with the grass at default airfields when using all of my currently installed regions. The reason this is frustrating is that I have just built a brand new PC and re installed everything and it's still happening. Just to save people some time too this is not just a DX10 issue, it happens in DX9 mode as well. The issue is there regardless of how far in or out the POV is zoomed, the only thing that does seem to make a difference is the camera angle. It also doesn't happen at any global airfields or Bowerman / West Wind, just at t
  15. FTX England Leaving RAF Leuchers Iris Battlefield Commander Tornado Landing Taking off Loadout at RAF Leeming
  16. Caaront started a thread about home airfields, so I chose one at random for a screen. This is the one Nick Cooper suggested, and here it is in the game. EGYK Elvington.
  17. Not a great screen shot, was confused about this jet parked on the tarmac @ EGNB, Brough, FTX England. Start of the runway don't look so hot either.
  18. The intrepid virtual pilot MotoDave, on approach to EGXE RAF Leeming in his indestructible IRIS Battlefield Airlifter. Dave is not an accomplished virtual pilot.
  19. Just a quick unedited shot out of Lydd, using FTX England. I just recently purchased Adobe PS and Lightroom, so if any editing gurus want a new student...I'm available.
  20. Hello all! Haven't had much time for FSX in the last few days so decided to have a quick flight across West Yorkshire from Crosland Moor to Sheffield City and have put together my first set. Hope you all enjoy. Pre flight checks. Departing Huddersfield heading towards Wakefield. Passing Emily Moor. Heading towards the wind farm at Crow Edge. Passing Warncliff Wooods, aproaching Sheffield. Passing over Sheffield following the M62. On Base. Touch down. Shut down. Cheers, Al
  21. i downloaded the tasmania demo but i noticed that after loading it i get the FTX england runway textures at some runways rather than the rex4 textures. i uninstalled the demo as instructed in the pdf but when i reenable FTX england FTX central tries to put the tasmania files back into my scene library, how can i remove it for good alternatively if i purchase aus sp4 will the compatibility issue be fixed? airports where i have noticed it happening are EGCC and EGNM
  22. I'm am new to Orbx products and having recently purchased FTX GLOBAL and then FTX EU England I am very pleased with the results so far. My question is and after having seen FTX EU England running on someone else's PC, I was quite pleased to see how it upgraded the default airports making them look better than the default FSX ones. After installing the England scenary I thought I would position myself at Biggin Hill, an airfield which I know very well for real. I was a little disappointed as all I can see is a control tower building and that's it, no hangers or other buildings are present at a
  23. Hi, I purchased FTX England yesterday and I've had some problems installing it; The wrapper works correctly but when i click on install, a window comes up for about a second where it puts "preparing to install". Then it closes and nothing happens. I own FTX Global and OpenLC. All help is appriciated! Greetings, Alex.
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