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  1. Let's leave Australia and head back to Singapore. Catering at Gold Coast. Time for the outside check! Nose gear looks good. Pitot tubes look free... ...as do those other ports... The biggest danger for a pilot is to get run over by one of the ground vehicles. Fan blades look like new. The exhaust cone looks fit. Main landing gear looks good. Tail cone looks awesome. Don't forget to have a look at the gear bays.
  2. It turns out that the Scoot 777/787 that's normally doing the flight to the Gold Coast is under maintenance due to an electronical failure... Thankfully, the mother company SIA steps in and does the job! And they even have pilots! The night hours at a busy airport... Using South Crossing 1 to get to the runway 02L. Holding short at W9, Singapore 86. "Mommy, are we there yet?" Lineup. And takeoff, we have a takeoff... Leaving Singapore to the right. I love it
  3. After protests of the local residents in Broome, because of alleged low overflight and the dromedaries not giving as much milk as usual due to a resulting PTSD (lies!), the Boeing Test Crew wandered from Broome to Cairns and hopes to find more aviation friendly people. Well, fans! And the landscape is more interesting anyways. Now this is a proper, spacious tarmac! First turn. First approach, ready for touch and go! Lots of (ship) traffic on our next downwind. And ano
  4. An average morning in the small Australian location of Broome, WA. 33°C and no clouds visible at the airport. A man is taking pictures of a Qantas 737. On the other side of the terminal, the visitors of the airport café think it's too early to sit down and have a beer. A young man who doesn't look like the waiter ponders if he should sit down next to the lady at the table. But he's too fascinated by another object within his sight! Let's get a better overview of the scenery. Something seems odd here. This is none of the usual
  5. OK, last time we sailed across the big ocean to lovely Brisbane, so we have to get back to lovely Vancouver. "We decided to make the passengers jump the last meter today as a fitness test, just to make sure they won't need the rescue helicopter when they go hiking in our dense Canadian woods." A selection of pacific carriers. I love the bridge. Gateway Bridge? "We're going to do an APU-to-pack takeoff due to our heavy weight and the high outside temperature, i. e., bleed air for the air conditioning is coming from the APU, freeing
  6. Hi folks, this time we will be cruising from Vancouver, Canada, all over the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. Pushback Taxiing via Lima... Lineup runway 08R It's pitch black outside, have you got the sextant for astronomical navigation, First Officer? *Glmps* Look, sir, the passengers of the tween deck already report the first light of day on port side, sir! The first class reports the sun has risen, sir! Captain went to search for his sextant, so quickly taking a photo.
  7. Continuing in Western Australia, departing from Wagin and heading to Lake Dumbleyung farm strip (there's a great name) and thanks to OZx. I do suspect 'nearmaps for the detail of the lime lakes area. Wonderful work from Ian Routley and crew! Departing Wagin Wagin township and great southern hwy Lime lakes and nature reserves Close up Heading east Lake Dumbleyung salt lake in all its glory FSX-SE | FTX AU | OZx | HDEV2 | ENB | FSX GO
  8. Inspired by the recent cluster of OZx and FTX AU screenshot topics, please enjoy another grateful contribution from Ants. Enjoy! FSX-SE | HDEV2 | FSX GO | FTX AU | OZx
  9. Enjoyed revisiting this wonderful part of Victoria, memories of school excursions in this region. Enjoy! FSX-SE | FTX AU | HDEV2 | ENB
  10. A slew of updates in the last few days. Great to see FTX Australia getting some TLC. This is where it all started, folks! Justflight also updated their Gloster Meteor, so here's an RAAF version taking off from Avalon then cruising above and beyond Melbourne: Such a classic profile! Plan view is pretty nice too! Hmmm ... that contrail looks suspicious ... Not bad for an AI repaint!!!! Adam.
  11. Once upon a time the British decided they needed a more modern heavy bomber. So to meet Air Ministry Spec B.12/36........ 1. The Short Stirling was designed and first flew in May 1939. 2. With a wingspan of 99ft the Stirling was limited to just 16000ft ceiling. This was infact a Ministry requirement to keep the designs weight down and not as commonly thought so the would be able to fit into the standard RAF Hangars! 3. The Stirling had a tendency to fly nose down and the huge undercarriage was fitted to keep the nose up on take off. 4
  12. Another of the famous British heavy bombers of WW2 was the Halifax. It is seen here on a flight out of Coffs Harbour. 1. Originally the HP.56 was designed as a twin engine bomber using the RR Vulture. 2. With the failure of the Vulture the HP.57 Halifax was redesigned around 4 Merlins and 100 were ordered off the drawing board as it showed great potential. 3. It first flew in October 1939, the original planes having triangular shape tail fins. 4. 13,000 lbs of bombs could be carried. 5. Halifaxes were built by Handley Page, En
  13. Yesterday I reinstalled FSX along with the OZx and Ant's Airports. Also my A2A C172 and PA-28 which I can only use in FSX I did also start installing a few ORBX airports. So here are a few test flights I did as I was installing the numerous OZx airport packs. 6. YWYY Wynyard but the airport buildings are missing 7. YWRN Warren, so much going on here looks like a flight in a chopper is needed. 8. YWYY again but the buildings have appeared. Looks like I forgot to update the libraries the first time around. 9. YCWR Cowra, love
  14. Tried out the new YDPO from OZx, very nice to see this airport finely depicted at last. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Something in my system give YDPO a concrete runway but I think I can live with that for the time being.
  15. Old, cheap but definitely not nasty. Can also describe this default 744 seen here departing YMML at Keilor East. 32. I raise my glass to all of you skifflul people flying your new 744
  16. Hey, I recently bought FTX AU together with YBAS and installed both of them with FTX Central 3. However, on YBAS (and all the other payware airports coming with FTX AU) the GA aircraft seem to not have any liveries. I am using the Traffic Pack for Oceania as well, these planes look just fine. This here is a screenshot of what it looks like. I do not get that problem when I use FTX NZ North/South, so I am rather confused as to what is going wrong. I have tried reinstalling them, so any help would be appreciated EDIT: The massive Piper in the middle is obviously me
  17. Did a short flight in the Winjeel (young eagle) late last night from Burnie to Devonport. This is the Demo version, no airspeed, altimeter or vertical speed indicator and no engine wear mode. 1. The panels containing the instruments and radio both vibrate. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A wonderful plane to fly with plenty of features for the serious flyer as well as the Ctrl+E (like me) flyer.
  18. Just found Ant's latest release on the Simmarket site. This is just the demo version, I will buy the full version when I get back from my holidays. A great Australian trainer which are still a common sight on the air show circuit. 45. Plenty that opens and shuts, shall try and fly it now! Well done Anthony, another great plane by the looks of things.
  19. This beautiful Monarch DC-10-30 is a long way from Honduras. 25. As you would have probably guessed it is over the NSW location of Caralgong winging it's way back to Luton. I hope you all have a great week end.
  20. Booked our tickets for a trip to Thailand and 3 things made me feel good. 1. Just going to Thailand makes me happy. 2. Booked in the Thai language and got an even better price. 3. Looked to see what planes they had on the flights. 772 or 773 on the flight out and on the way back flying the A350XWB. Just love the 777 but the chance to fly on a brand new type of plane, yay!
  21. Close to Murmungee in North Eastern Victoria. 42. The clue to the title is written on the side of the Auster
  22. Found this last night on Simviation. http://simviation.com/1/browse-FSX-54-0 A very interesting aircraft, possibly the ultimate in piston engine fighters. Looks very much like the Mustang. The location is YSTW. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Here is a link to some info on the MB 5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin-Baker_MB_5
  23. This is a short flight from YWOL down the southern NSW coast to Jervis Bay. This flight is in the Canadair CL-215, a favourite aircraft of mine both RL and FS. I have been inspired by Bermuda's wonderful series of posts from Canada using the CL-215. 1. Plenty of wonderful ground detail here at YWOL. 2. An exciting smoky and noisy start up, just how a plane should be. 3. Taking off past some more old radial cousins. 4. Near Knight's Hill. 5. 6. Looking down the Shoalhaven River to the heads. Up river is Nowra with
  24. Tindall Airbase in the Northern Territory is under threat. There is only one old Spitfire flown by the highly decorated Captain Johnny Walker, Black Label, DFC, DT with 2 bottles, to defend Tindall. Can he save the day. eins. The Tannoy crackles to life, Scramble Scramble. Bandits approaching from the south. zwei. Captain Johnny Walker staggers to his trusty old Spitfire in a drunken stupor and heads for the blue yonder. drei. Mein Gott! Spitfires, weglaufen, weglaufen. The Stukas turn tail but it is too late. veir. Ich habe in meinem Bi
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