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  1. Orbx vector
  2. Hello ! I just bought ENNO for FSX and I'm unable to install VIA Orbx central. I don't understand why it's doing that. Orbx central is setup correctly. Is there someone who went thrue this situation ? Enlightment would be very appreciated. Thank you !
  3. Hi everyone, I'm here cause I'm having some problems. I just install the Global Base & Global Vector, and after testing the textures I'm having some problems with the ground texture. There's some screenshot of the problem. Hope you can help me. It was in SKBO, but in all airports the runway looks like this You can see water and beach over rwy
  4. Welcome to the Swiss Alps. Developed by Andreas Hegi, author of LSPN Triengen Airport, get ready to explore another challenging airport in the Swiss Alps. As a popular ski resort during the winter season, Samedan Airport (LSZS) sees a vast number of general aviation traffic and private corporate jets frequent the beautiful airport. Situated in the heart of the Engadin valley, expect unsettled winds, low-visibility and plenty of turbulence. Even the most experienced of pilots will find landing at the 5,600ft above sea-level airport tough. Samedan Airport features the same level of d
  5. A bevy of Beverley shots today. Another 84 Sqn aircraft, this time in the more usual transport colour scheme, transitting through Akrotiri en route back to the UK. The salt lake behind the aircraft would be dry at this time of the year. During the winter, it is flooded and very large numbers of pink flamingos reside there.
  6. I don't normally go for the fictional/what if paint schemes. However, this one caught my eye. British Air Ferries operated cross-channel car ferry flights from airports in the south of England. The Beverley looks good in their colours. Seen here at Lydd, Kent, which was one of their hubs.
  7. It has been quite a while since I have been able to get into the flt sim and post screenies here. Hopefully, I am now going to have a little more time to get back into both my FSX and XP11 setups However, a couple of days ago I saw a FSX model that I have been wanting for quite a while, a real 'blast from the past'! The Blackburn Beverley C Mk 1. Installed it yesterday and gave it a try out. Thanks for looking.
  8. I have looked at other support forums with the same problem but those solutions didn't help. I had the application running before and then it stopped opening properly (window was always hidden), so i tried multiple times to reinstall, and this always happens. It gets stuck at around 30%. Already tried: deleting all app data and reinstall, tried restarting computer, tried after windows updates. I have looked at the user manual for Orbx central page 27 and other pages like suggested) but I don't see anywhere where it describes how to solve this issue. I bought the Europe package (on top of base
  9. I've recently found my old Boxed FSX with the two installation discs and I am having trouble figuring out how to transfer my Global BASE Pack, and Libraries from FSX:SE to Boxed FSX. I've tried the directory tool and that didn't work. I tried reinstalling Orbx direct and getting to the directory page where you select the sim and choose your directory. Whenever I sign back in it goes to the sim select page then it disappears after less than a second of showing up. I have no idea how to transfer the products and I need help.
  10. Good morning, install global Orbx, vector and LC and I get the following textures. for what is this? It didn't happen to me before. I need help for a solution. Thank you and so I have my library
  11. Could not find an XML answer in my forum search. Forgive my error. (I'm assuming) another company airport install routine corrupted my DLL files as I no longer have my latest purchases within flight simulator. Does Orbx create a back up of the EXE.XML and/or DLL.XML files, and which of these files (or both) are relevant? Is verify for each Orbx product a probable outcome? Any other steps? Thanks in advance...
  12. Hello, order receipt 5b3ccd23bfa12 I've migrated to a new PC and installed FSX and Acceleration from discs. I've also downloaded ALL of my Orbx purchases and installed them fresh. My issue is missing buildings in the following airports, ESNQ, LIDA and 11S Sekiu in the USA. just black squares where the buildings should be. On the old system I had FSX and FSX Steam. I'm only running FSX on the new PC, not Steam ( haven't installed it). New system specs Boxx APEXX 2 2402 intel i7 6700k cpu @ 4.00 ghz 16 gigs ram nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti windows 10
  13. I noticed on a recent flight that the KECP runway was raised and jetways elevated. The issue appears to be the result of the ORBX freeware version of KECP having the airport elevation at 55 feet and the fsAerodata NAV BGL having it at 68.999. FAA has the airport elevation listed as 68.8, which is much close to fsAerodata. I can resolve the conflict by removing the fsAerodata file, but the most correct method would be to fix the ORBX KECP elevation. Is the easiest fix to the BGL to make a copy or does anyone see an issue with just recompiling the original?
  14. Hi all, After putting it off for too long, I've purchased the Australia v2 package and the Brisbane International (YBBN) airport. It looks absolutely outstanding, however I have a strange issue. When selecting Brisbane as my starting airport in free flight, I can only select 'Active Runway' for my starting point. No gates or ramps in the list. The 'active runway' point is also in the middle of one of the terminal/carpark buildings. To add to this, FSX is telling me there is no ATC, just Brisbane Traffic. Not the biggest issue as I use VATSIM, but may be related to
  15. So I have been unable to install my JF DC-6 into P3D. 1. I installed FSX yesterday, a good reason to splash out on AUS V2 as well. Over Mildura and what an improvement. Directly in front of the nose is where Iived for 3 years at Cowra Avenue although the road does extend to the railway track to the bottom of the screen but let's not be too picky, eh! 2. What an improvement to YMIA, excellent stuff. Lake Hawthorne and the Murray are above the DC-6. I installed the DC-6 into FSX as it wouldn't install on my dummy FSX file to fool P3D like so many other planes have
  16. I was rummaging around a pile of flash drives and I came across a bunch of old FSX screenshots. This first is from Orbx PNW Blue at the freeware Bowerman airport with FSX. I think that it is from about 2011 or so and I used REX clouds and water. I dream of the day I could have water looking like this in XPlane …. maybe next year once the updates happen. The second is a bit west at Ocean shores and the third near Friday Harbour At the time I was pretty chuffed with my rig - a Core duo at 1.6 ghz and a GT 9600 . Frame rates were something I
  17. Is it just me or am I getting addicted to uploading my screenshots lol
  18. Browsing through FSX/A, found an elevation issue at TIST. The only TIST I could find in my installation is with My Traffic Pro. When I took the (2) TIST files out of this folder (as a test) different elevation issues occurred. Have no idea what's going on with the files in this folder, or what I should or should not do with the files. I don't have Vector.
  19. Hi, I have many wrong water over ground textures almost everywhere, examples from San Francicso and Los Angeles below. Installed packs: Libraries, Global: Airports, Base Pack, open LC Europe + Regions: Northern California + Southern California + Germany North. The problem affects all regions. Dynamic trees are created over the water Can anyone help?
  20. Spent 2 hours yesterday arranging my layers. All layering messed up after installing central 4013. At first glance Orbx set itself up at the top of the insertion point. After closing down and opening again, Orbx was layered properly but all of the work done previously to my layers was gone. All user-made, user-added airports now appears to be layered incorrectly. (all over the place alphabetically) It also destroyed my colored bullets in my scenery configure program, completely destroyed them. Operating system: windows 7 64 bit Simulator
  21. I've just noticed there are missing hangers in my FSX at Erding AFB and Ramstein AFB (maybe others too). I know because I was looking on this forum at a screenshot of another customer's Ramstein, plus at Erding I have a radar sitting on top of an invisible hangar. I have: Increased autogen sliders to max right Scanned the sceneries using FTX Central Updated the Orbx Libraries Checked for updates on FTX Central, but none were highlighted or available Is my next step to uninstall and reinstall? I have no other conflicting sceneries I can think of, a
  22. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro build 18362.388 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Attached Issue: central.log
  23. After starting FTX Central, i get an error report when selecting FSX. See the file attached. After saving the repport, FTX Central closes. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  24. Hi all, Iam having a problem at startup of Flight Simulator X. I recently deleted an add on, and now I keep getting a message on startup. Scenery, CFG File Error. Local Scenery Directory [ Add On Scenery\AB_Hurricane Rescue\Scenery] In scenery Area 139 Not Found. Click Ok To Continue. After clicking on ok continue I get another error coming up, Error Loading GPS_ Engine. The flight plan will not be used. Any help would be much aprecated. Blucey.
  25. Having a problem with this Control Panel, FSX cfg does not change when I make changes in the control panel, ie, Deactivate NA large GA Jets on control panel, yet the cfg remains on. Try to turn on default FSX ai traffic but cfg does not change. I also have no default airbourne ai traffic with slider set at 99%. Have uninstalled this product and reinstalled but no change.
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