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  1. The lights on the larger roads in my Orbx England look like really large dashes. Is this correct and can I make them smaller they don't look very good in my view?
  2. Good Morning All, Can any one show me or tell me where I may see an example of scenery for those that have True Earth GB Central/or South ie what I should expect to see and quality of the scenery? Only I have been so disappointed with the scenery I reverted back to EU England /Scotland/Wales/Ireland, I attach some screen shots of what I get when in this case as an example fling around my local airport EGNX (East Midlands) AS YOU SEE THE SCENERY IS EXCELLENT IN MY VIEW, I am at a loss why the scenery presentation is so poor with TE GB Central etc I have also TE GB LIBRARY'S in
  3. First announced at Cosford in late 2019 and after some sneak previews, EGNT Newcastle International Airport for P3Dv4+ is almost here. Newcastle International Airport is located north of the university city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. Once an industrial superpower of the shipbuilding era Newcastle has now transformed into a buzzing cultural hub. Over 5 million visitors a year pass through the doors from leisure routes operated by narrow-body jets to Las Palmas & Santorini and long-haul visits to Dubai in a 777-300ER. This is the perfect airport for thos
  4. Have these black tiles creeping into my latest version of P3D V4, Orbx England and USA (North/South California). Orbx is installed into the main P3D folder. So far I have uninstalled all areas and global libraries. Then reinstalled each of them. Have tried: If your Orbx Libraries are installed into the P3D folder: Please try renaming Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl to lclookup.bgl .off Run Verify files for the Orbx Libraries which will replace the lclookup.bgl file. Have run verify files on every product, multiple times. These little black tiles are not going anyw
  5. Hi, Any one know if having striped like the photos/checks/patches is normal. Flying over Amsterdam with Orbx Global, Vector, LC Europe, Region England, Buildings HD and Trees. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. Hello, bought this morning Leeds Bradford on your website. Everything is OK but the scenery is not listed in OrbxCentral (for me at least) and I have no possibility to install it. Please could you help me with this issue Regards daniel kittler Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5e48e9aa0046f
  7. I just bought the England South for X-Plane 11. It is my first attempt at buying an add-on for X-Plane. Despite numerous attempts to verify or upload using Orbx Central, I now keep getting the attached error message ("...error could not locate image file for terrain, etc...…") when I now try to open X-Plane. I saw various forum posts about going into this folder or that folder but I really really have no clue where to even look to find the folder, let alone what folder or what to then do. Any help would be very much appreciated
  8. Hello, I have recently switched to a new pc which meant i had to reinstall all my games. On discovering that my backed up OrbX scenery .zips were not detected by FTXCentral (and needed to be downloaded again) i realised that FTX England does not appear in my scenery library. All the rest of my OrbX scenery appears and is selectable, but England says it is installed and up to date but is not visible upon loading Scenery Config Editor with the others (which appear no problem). The strange thing is that EU England appears under F:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\ORBX\FTX_EU but is not a
  9. I was very excited when I discovered that ORBX had made maps of central UK. A bit sceptical that my late 2015 iMac would be happy, but installed anyway and... My favourite current route is shuttling between North Weald (EGSX) in Essex (where I have an hour's flight booked next month) and Rochester (EGTO) (near where I live). Here's the view of the Medway bridge just after takeoff: Heading towards Gravesend over the A2, the QE2 Bridge in the background: Then Gravesend itself, with my local Shell garage: And inexplicably, the Gurdwar
  10. Hi Folks. Congratulations and a huge thank you Orbx for TE England South for P3D, this is the way to go, cant wait for more True Earth.. and seasons too... Yes I know, huge files.... however for now, I think I have diagnosed a problem / corruption of the content in the True Earth England Folder named: - FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY The Orbx Installers put it on my system with everything else Orbx F:\FS-P3dv4\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY Worryingly it takes 12 minutes to load a scenario using True Earth England South and no matter where the sliders are, it
  11. Hello all. I am using FTX Global Vector, FTX Global Base and just added FTX Global OpenLC EU andEU England. This is just north of Southampton 8/11/18 1251. Please advise with thanks, Glenn
  12. Goodday, This morning I installed FTX Global and FTX England but I encounter a problem, that can be seen in the screenshot. Ive tried multiple scenery orders. FTX Central is not letting me force migration as the box is greyed out. Any help would be appraciated.
  13. Hi, Have just installed England + Popham scenery into P3d V4 but am getting huge number of empty, random content tiles in the scenery outside the popham coverage region. The popham region itself appears fine. I get about 30fps update rate. The tiles appear first to be dark blue plain "water" which then infill to random terrain when very close or underneath the a/c. I am used to seeing remote scenery changing of course, but never within a few metres of the a/c. In addition, some tiles, although adjacent to other similar tiles will have sections of motorway or maj
  14. [I start with what happened, before I come to the question. Please don't react to the first paragraph without reading through.] While flying over Germany with both ORBX Germany North installed, as well as parts of the Europe Photoreal freeware scenery, I soon discovered that having the airport AFCADS of both were causing trouble. I fact, Prepar3D v3 crashed if I had the same airport twice, independent of the order. The writer of the freeware AFCADS told be he did not use ORBX Germany North, so couldn't help. Since we were flying with a small group, allmost all using only the Europe
  15. Hi, Directly on the western edge of Dartmoor in south west England (for the avoidance of confusion it's the dark green square patch just right of centre shot) there is a large square block of forestry landclass that does not exist at all in real life. Just one other thing. The runway in Guernsey slopes down from east to west in real life, 303 feet elevation at the west end and 334 at the east end but it is flat in the sim.
  16. Hi, i have tried to avoid asking this question and find an existing solution on here but can't seem to resolve the problem... Installed both the ORBX England pack and the ORBX Libraries, seemingly successfully as are showing up within FSX, but they are not loading at all, just the default textures still. I have played around with the location/order of the FSX entries shown in the scenery section of FSX itself, at the moment I have the libraries on top and England next then all the defaults follow. Did try moving the Add Ons folder up above England but sti
  17. Firstly a belated thank you for the update to Eu England, especially to RAF College Cranwell. I did my last flying tour there and later spent ten years there as a civilian lecturer. I fully understand that ORBX is not photorealistic scenery but is becoming more and more, as sceneries are updated, accurate in terms of significant VFR navigational features. So with that in mind I hope you find the 21 detailed observations in the attached file useful for the next update. Yours Chris Chris Finn ORBX EU ENGLAND FEEDBACK.docx
  18. Was planning to add more ORBX regions. Have Global, Vectors, England and Scotland. England and Scotland were excellent. (Had PNW installed from box set previously) Decided to upgrade FTX Central 3 and then add new regions from there. Since upgrading FTXC and migrating Global, Vectors, Libs, England and Scotland, regions look fuzzy. Tried flying over Liverpool and then London area. See attached screen shots around London. Please help. Thanks. Bill
  19. What advantage it it to get the Wales region if I already have the England Region?
  20. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue. It's a flating polygon over England that stretches into the distance as far as the eye can see. I have FTX Global Base, Vector, and openLC Europe. P3D v4 This is over near EGMC. Thanks!
  21. Hi, I have a DVD version of FTX England (plus several other FTX DVDs: Australia, NZ North Island, NZ South Island, Pacific NW, Pacific Fjords & Northern Rockies) and have been attempting to action an upgrade off the files provided on this site. The other DVD regions have upgraded fine, but England is just not happening. I have tries this several times, but still no upgrade being reported in FTX Central 3 for England. Is there a trick to doing England upgrade that I may have missed? I also note the following statement is made on the update page "These download
  22. I purchased orbx FTX England, however my textures are ridiculously blurred and do not load when i fly over them for minutes. This is not how the screenshots show the product, i have tried gogoling on other forums but to no help. I have even set all sliders to the max and it makes no difference. The profuct also looks horrible when cruising at 35000ft above it, it looks like fields have been thrown into a blender and chucked back otu everywhere I am using P3DV3.4 (however even on V4 it doesnt work) All flytampa sceneries including amsterdam do not have this issue and lao
  23. Hi, I am looking to purchase and I have a few questions which are not answered on the sales site (as far as I can see) 1) Do I need FTX Global BASE for EU England etc... ? 2) Do I need FTX Global HD Trees for EU England or are the trees already replaced by the EU England scenery? 3) Do I need FTX Global Vector for EU England or is the vector info included in the EU England scenery? I suppose the underlying question is, do I need anything other than EU England, to achieve the screenshots displayed on EU Englands sales page? Thank you in advance f
  24. I have been getting more and more dreadful ground textures in that they are getting more blurry and to say i have the following installed and using ftx central v3 i am deeply saddned by the lack of quality, can some one help in a dummy guide to help me get it to how it should be please? I have FTX Global, Global vectors, LC Europe, Trees and England. i have settings reasonably high as my rig is not too bad: I7-4790k 16GB RAM GTX980TI The two low level pics are departing EGCC rwy 23R and the other id overhead the CLN VOR. I am baffled with what im doing wrong.
  25. Hello All, I recently purchase Orbx EGHI and orbx England... EGHI works amazingly looks amazing performance is amazing everything is fine. However... Orbx England has not made an appearance. It doesn't appear in my scenery library and there is no visual difference to my surrounding terrain at all other than an unbelievable amount of blurriness. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and offer some help as this is frankly ruined my sim... I managed to get some screenshots of the terrain... The blurries have been a lot worse in the past few ho
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