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Found 5 results

  1. Didn't realise that the paint was already available... But I grabbed it earlier from over at OZx and went for a spin around Emo Mission and then onward to Port Moresby Bush flyer style landing Didn't even bother switching off the engine Somewhere over PNG I originally had intended on taking in some of the Kokoda Trail strips, but that plan was foiled by the weather So after circling the area for about half an hour I decided on continuing onward to Port Moresby Just a quickie from the offfice And agian: a Bush flyer style landing Parked at the (what with all the broken windows rather derelict looking) old terminal Cropped DX10s Thanks a lot for this brilliant paint, Frank! Cheers Mallard
  2. Ken mentioned two plane wrecks at Emo - so I set out in something that would give me the chance of actually checking out the area: my trusty Squirrel Coming to the valley - time to keep the eyes peeled So far not much... Waidaminnit! Got one! Yep, certainly is a wreck... Ok - I looked and looked, but did not find the second one... Anyway - the fuel was starting to get low, so it was time to head back to Jacksons The Sirinumu Dam (in the background) always makes for a good reference point when making for Port Moresby from the Kokoda area And safely back home - will have to check for the second wreck some other time... Cropped DX10s. Cheers Mallard PS - what I did find were the three Daks peppered around Port Moresby The one to the east of the airport The one at More-Tobo Road leading to the terminals And the one at the Airways Hotel All three which are actually there in real life...
  3. Cranked up the trusty old Cargomaster and headed to Kokoda Quick stop-over at Manapi Dropped off the pack of sugar for the campsite cookie and preparing to head on to the first main destination of the day. Kokoda approach I actually did land there - here's one from the departure for the next leg: Emo Mission Finals Unloading And now for the final leg back to Port Moresby. Cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  4. Thanks a lot for the Emo Mission, Tim & Ken! I had already set off on a little trip from Port Moresby attempting to find some of the Kokoda strips... Probably should have called ahead to get a weather report Not a chance of finding anything in that soup, so I ended up In Kokoda itself... (a bit frustrated, if I may say so) Actually that was going to be my screenie-set. But then I logged on to the FTX site and saw the announcement that Emo Mission had been released! *Joy!* So "bright and early next day" I took off from Kokoda and went exploring Great approach! The sloped runway is quite a challenge - but almost makes for an aircraft-carrier like ramp at takeoff Looped the loop and passed over the strip before heading back to Port Moresby Yep - it's an "N"-reg plane, but it belonges to MAF Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
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