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  1. Hello, Ive had the ORBX EU England map for FSX SE for about 4 months now and when I download the scenery, in game it just has squares with grass and doesnt actually give me the scenery, does anyone know whats up with that or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Transaction ID: 5bdecea0b1661 Hello, I have purchased EU England (Transaction ID: 5bdecea0b1661). I have installed it using FTX Central, it has downloaded but not added to the Scenery library; have I missed a step? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Scenery Wizz-Kids, Is there anyone out there who can help me with acquiring the bridges over the River Tyne, at Newcastle. I have the EU England region, but unless I have my scenery set up incorrectly, all I have spanning the River Tyne are 'planks'. Any help much appreciated. Regards, Robin Allison
  4. Hi I'm still a beginner with ORBX & FSX having loaded FTX Global: Base, openLC Europe, openLC North America, Vector and Trees HD at Christmas. Love the scenery and all was working well with Just Flight payware products. I have just loaded EU England, Scotland and Wales (which I love) but have developed some interesting issues in that my Just Flight products have become transparent to various levels and as such unusable. I can however see my payware Carenado A36 Bonanza and all FS default aircraft as normal. See attached screenshots and settings. Can anyone offer and solutions/help p
  5. In P3D v3.4 I installed FTX EU England. Most of it looks ok, but if I'm flying from London City airport (EGLC) I see very few of the authentic buildings that are so characteristic for this scenery. What is missing is Canary Warf, Tower Bridge, Tower, O2 Arena, Big Ben, Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, BT Tower and many more. I have uninstalled, reinstalled this package, reinstalled ORBX libraries, etc. Setting scenery settings to the max, nothing solved this problem. As a last attempt I installed ORBX on FSX on the same disk and to my surprise the picture of th
  6. Too many sales on right now! Been hoovering up some bargains in various places - need a bigger hangar now for sure. Funny thing is, even though I've also been to the ORBX sale (a couple of times), grabbed the latest freebies (CAX6, NA airports etc) and also bought Catalina, I still seem to be flying in the last lot of old faves most of the time. I keep finding more to look at in SoCal, don't have time to explore the new places yet! Anyway, some lovely '50s stuff has come my way in this lot. But starting with an update for the C17 (v3) And now, a
  7. I can't seem to get EU England working alongside FTX Global in FSX. I've never had any issues with FTX Global, but after installing EU England my textures have become completely confused across all of England. The best way to describe what I mean is with screenshots: After takeoff from runway 07 EGNT Upon reaching the coast the sea appearing as trees: My scenery priority (copied from instructions found online) - everything above what you can see below is just my addon airport scenery. I'm using FTX Central V3. Can anyon
  8. Martyn, your Meteor post made me think about aircraft of that sort of period (and Airfix kits), and I found myself thinking about this beast. I had a very fine plastic kit of this that I was very proud of (I was very pleased with my paint job, as I remember), so I had a quick scout around online and found this freeware version. There used to be a payware version but that doesn't seem to be available anymore. I'd love to see a Carenado or Alabeo version of this. Out from Exeter, and then round to over Plymouth t
  9. Have always had mixed feelings about Orbx's England, so thought I ought to explore it a bit more. Does feel a bit better to me now after some of the PTA tweaks. I've no idea how realistic these colours are - I thought at first it was all a bit Disney and over saturated, but reading JV's comments in one of his posts about how vivid things really are from up there maybe it's ok set like this. Not that I'm that worried about realism, ultimately - it looks good to me and hey - it's my world! This little leg started out near York, and headed up the coast. Live weather as usual, and set
  10. Fancied a change, so off I went. Miserable day here for departure (flying what is probably a non-approved route and certainly too low, about 8000 ft, but I wanted to see the ground below) What is it with me and storms? Can't I go anywhere without hitting one? They don't seem that frequent in real life but ASN seems to love them. And this is why looking out the window in RL is boring! Still murky over northern France But cheering up by the time we get down Provence way
  11. Continuing on from Newcastle, up the coast to Berwick, across the borders countryside to the east coast and put down in Carlisle. Change of livery for the Lancair - just got myself a bunch of repaints. So, just out from Newcastle, heading off towards the coast, then north Holy Island ahead - wonder what that looks like? Turned out to be just generic landclass, so didn't bother with a capture. Berwick upon Tweed ahead and now behind, as we swing inland to head across to the other coast
  12. Encouraged by the effects of JV's PTA ini file, I've been having a tweak or two of my own. I've tended to be reluctant to play too much in the past - don't really know why, I just tend to get something that feels ok and leave it alone, but now I'm documenting my changes as I go so I feel more in control of it. Beginning to feel very lifelike out there! Went back and started from Humberside, wanted to see what the greenery looked like. Just my luck - ran into a storm. So a few shots taken on a run out to the mouth of the Humber, then back up the river to the bridge again.
  13. Chopper trip Needles, jump in,
  14. hereby a collection of shots taken while flying over different UK-areas and/or on randomly choosen airports:
  15. I love the detail and the quick response of the Harrier GR7/GR9 modelled by Razbam, I fly over a part of UK not far from Southampton.
  16. So, coming around Berry Head you can see the port of Brixham protected by its breakwater pier. Brixham is where William of Orange landed when he was called to take back the English throne back whenever (forget the date). He, of course, went on to become the patron saint of the Belfast marching teams. This next one is up towards the Torquay end of the bay, and if the scenery were accurate here I could probably point out my house. But in terms of position we're about dead centre of the shot, by the patch of trees visible below the plane's left wing.
  17. Thought I'd put up a few pix of my home ground. It's a fantastic place, and I feel very lucky to live here - some amazing beaches and coves, plus the moor, all less than an hour away (and I can walk down to my local beach in 10 mins). The weather in these pix is ASN live weather, so we got lucky on this flight, although like most bits of England it's pretty changeable most of the time. The Orbx England is generally rather attractive, but this particular area is not hugely accurate in terms of actual objects/buildings etc. I'll comment on a couple of pictures but it shouldn't be con
  18. Thought I'd try an actual flight for a change. Started in Biggin Hill, for no particular reason, and headed for Southend, home of the world's longest pleasure pier and town where I (mis)spent my childhood. Starting just before dawn one summer's day - Orff we jolly well go . . . As we come up you can just about glimpse London in the distance Heading east, crossing the M25 (orbital motorway) and with the Dartford Bridge over the Thames and the refineries down river coming into view Turning north, look
  19. Hi there Today I flew to Lands End (EGHC) and had to use RW34 due to 15 kts from 300°. While on final I had to avoid high trees between me and the runway. As I know this Airport from real flights, there are no trees in any of the approches. Also there are acutally almost no high trees on the whole Landsend Peninsula, due to the constant strong winds there. There are mostly some kind of bushes. I added a Screenshot from EU-England in P3D v3.1 with the marked trees, plus a Google Earth Screenshot. BTW: Lands End Airport got two concret Runways sinc
  20. Lad`s i`ve just twisted the Commander in Chief`s arm behind her back and negotiated the quick attainment of EU England. HoooRAH.. stunning... why did i wait so long to get it, and its fantastic..(as you all know that anyway).... just a few randoms from a flight somewhere around Cambridge i think??? Thanks for watching...
  21. Hello. Just been flying through the Derwent Valley in the Lake District. There doesn't seem to be any islands on the lakes just rings around where there should be. Can anyone help or shed any light on why this is? Is there an update?
  22. Hello, I have some trouble with installation of England region in FSX. When this region is active, large green zones replace the sea around south of England. Thanks for your help.
  23. Back in 2000 (when I was 6 years old ) I went to my first air show at Waterkloof AFB in Pretoria and it turned out to be the best of them all, even to this day. A USAF B1-b had just taken-off and an RAF Tristar was parked on the apron. From the angle I was at, it looked like the undercarriage of the Lancer touched the top of the Tristar's fuselage. Being 6, this seemed like a real possibility to me. Anyway, below are some shots of the RAF Tristar. It's always great to take to the virtual skies in an aircraft from your childhood, great memories.
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