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Found 21 results

  1. On 12 of january 2019 I bought the ORBX sceneries EGKA, EGSG and EGTR for X-Plane 11. On the same day I also updated X-Plane to version 11.30. Yesterday I updated X-Plane to Version 11.31. Today I also ran the update for the ORBX Libraries in FTX Central - XP11. Today I discovered that various objects of the Elstreee (EGTR) scenery in X-Plane 11 are floating (elevated), e.g.: hangers, fences, runway signs and the refuelling station and its objects (see the attached images). Some houses in this scenery are not floating. I uninstalled the EGTR scenery with FTX Central 3. I sea
  2. Gentlemen, Background: I recently discovered that when I am on approach to EGLC, runway 27 my sim (FSX as well as P3D) literally freezes for a few seconds, over the river, on short finals. Furthermore i have 2 more stutters before landing and the last one usually messes up my landing rate making it impossible to use EGLC for the virtual airline i want to use it for. When i approach EGLC from the city side, all is well and I have no problem. I have lots of autogen on the EGLC apron but I am not too concerned about it currently. What I found on my system: B
  3. Transaction ID: 58a8197ab59e1 Product: EGTR Elstree Aerodrome Purchased at: 2017-02-18 10:17:32 When trying to install EGTR from FTX central, I get an error [ An unexpected error occured. Please send Orbx staff the ftxc3.log ] Can you help? Thanks. ftxc3.log
  4. this is sort of a shot clearout. I was holding one of these for the screenshot contest but I'll just post it. so here they are...in a particular order. no flying cows though thanks for looking. there really should be an aimless pig over England though. tethered maybe?
  5. The british 'green' looks always greener in the UK itself, look to the shots to discover the green-variations:
  6. Some of a quick flight from Stapleford Abbotts to Elstree More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  7. I am still getting used to flying trouble free (touch wood!) around England . Took the Justflight BoB 70th Spitfire for a flight from Old Warden to Elstree. 1. 2. 3. Luton. 4. St Albans 5. 6. The M1 motorway. 7. 8. 9. 10. Down in one and all looking good.
  8. Hi, I originally opened this topic under the heading lighting looking for tech support. I think it has got lost as I addressed 2 issues, one of which was resolved (thanks Holgar) however I have had no response to this issue for 3 weeks now, please help. Elstree (EGTR) runway, taxiway and location beacon do not work when the Europe region is applied but do work if I select FSX Default as the region. I have EU England, Scotland and Wales installed with all the latest patches and the latest libraries. At Elstree the building lights and building flood lights all work. I have tried doing
  9. ...with a flight from Shoreham to Elstree Cheers Mallard
  10. Thanks to the link that Amentiba pointed out in the Pilot's Lounge I got hold of the freeware Cessna 150L. And there's even a G-reg version included. So I thought I'd do a test flight from Elstree to Stapleford Abbots Really a fine little plane and excellent for flying between the smaller English airports Cheers Mallard
  11. ...a quick flight from Elstree to my newest addition (I just had to take advantage of the new prices) - Stapleford Abbots. Warming up What? We're already there? Ok... Came in too high and too fast - so I had to go around Almost made it to a full stop on the tarmaced part of the runway... Passing the buildings close to the apron was a tight fit - but I made it. Looking for a spot to park the plane. Some minimal cropping - otherwise straight v-keys. Stapleford Abbots certainly is a nice little field - and I'm sure I'll be doing s
  12. Bright and early flight from Elstree to Southampton in the Diamond DA-42 Warming the engines En route passing over Mrs Windsor's humble abode Weather getting iffy And back to a (slightly lighter) foggy Southampton... (once again I had "real weather" activated) Parked - and now the missus is waiting for a helping hand to get out of the cockpit... Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  13. Hello Everyone! Not that much time for flying at the moment - but the more i enjoy these little flights "in between". Please enjoy this little set! Cheers, Christoph Landing at EGTR, Elstree at a very early morning And two shots while taking off into the very early morning from KMSO, Missoula on a flight to KPDX, Portland.
  14. Some from a Shoreham to Elstree cross-country flight in the Moth. The last one is cropped - the others are straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard
  15. No FX for the purists... With subtle FX... And while we are at it...
  16. I though I'd really give the fella in the tower something to wave about.. First trial pass Nah - that was way too high - I can do better than that, can't I? That's more like it Keep those tyres off the ground Did the length - now to hit full power and get back up into safer altitude pronto! En route to more mischief Lining up Staying a bit higher this time The second pass Bet the visitors to the cafés had something to tell about when they got back home... Cheers Mallard PS - Kids! Don't do this without sufficient t
  17. Joined the Pacer club Since I'm only a visitor I got the place (almost) directly in front of the tower Nice little plane - I'm still getting used to it, but I have the feeling I'll be using it quite often (but not as often as my trusted C185) Cheers Mallard
  18. Took something a bit lower and slower for the second round On the horizon: London That fellow in the high-vis-jacket in the tower is quite unnerving - thought he was desperately trying to tell me something the way he's waving about The level of detail in the buildings and on the ground (apron, runway etc.) is amazing. Certainly won't be tha last time I've visited here Cheers Mallard
  19. Very nice indeed - I like Nice level of detail on the airport and the surroundings. Will have more up soon... Cheers Mallard (Now I need a nice G-registration)
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