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  1. I have been flying most of my time in MSFS, but I still see so much beauty in XP11. It was not, by any means, "killed" by MSFS (not yet, at least ) BTW, I wish we had at least decent road traffic in MSFS, which in XP11 works wonders.
  2. I have a custom built simulator with glass cockpit built by (TRC Netherlands) which has a student station where I select an airport which then loads onto the projector screen, The problem is that whn I load these airports the don't load correctly and starts to spin including the compass on the G1000 MFD I have attached a very short video clip, IMG_4672.MOV IMG_4640.MOV IMG_4672.MOV IMG_4673.MOV please can anyone help me resolve this issue?
  3. Autumnal England and Wales in Orbx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o016ujtlwYk&t=47s https://youtu.be/o016ujtlwYk
  4. I am still in shock with the quality of the images I got on this wonderful flight today. ORBX is really pushing the boundaries of photo-realism. I think this is the best photo set I was able to produce since I began with this "sim-photo-business" (or should I call it sim-photo-laziness?) Breathe in, breathe out! The set is large, just because I was in love with what I was seeing!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  5. Bonjour, Does anybody knows how to have snow not only on the EGHI ORBX airport. Thank you very much Claude
  6. For some reason something isn't quite right with my EGHI scenery. It used to work but I've now found that it appears the default runway is showing through. I tried a reinstall and AEC to no avail. It's been so long that I don't know what has happened since that could have affected it. Using P3Dv4.3, Win10, Orbx everything! Thanks for any help. Chris
  7. Bit More Modern EGHI & Isle of Wight (I wish there was a good BN Islander/Trislander for XPlane) including a visit from Yorkshire & Germany:
  8. Hi....have just purchased the new Southampton Airport Scenery and I get the message that it has not loaded correctly. I can see static aircraft are missing (the figures are stood by them but the aircraft are not there). I have this scenery for FSX as well and I know what the scene should look like. I do see other static aircraft from various airlines. I did update my X-Plane freeware scenery libraries lately and am wondering if there is a conflict. The scenery has installed at the top of my scenery packs config list as normal, although I did have to juggle my true earth GB south scen
  9. My old 4GB VRAM GTX 980 suffers a little bit at EGHI with high resolution settings (time to replace it, if only I had money...). However, just outside the airport, performance is stellar, as usual with True Earth Great Britain South. Came a little too fast on threshold. I am always scared to be too slow and low while crossing M27, so I always end up touching down long on the runway. Hope you will enjoy.
  10. Hello All, I recently purchase Orbx EGHI and orbx England... EGHI works amazingly looks amazing performance is amazing everything is fine. However... Orbx England has not made an appearance. It doesn't appear in my scenery library and there is no visual difference to my surrounding terrain at all other than an unbelievable amount of blurriness. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and offer some help as this is frankly ruined my sim... I managed to get some screenshots of the terrain... The blurries have been a lot worse in the past few ho
  11. 1. Waiting for it's passengers to board at Southampton. 2. BIA was one of the main carriers out of Southampton in the 70s 3. Some very finely dressed passengers about to board their Embraer Jet. 4. Lifting off from Rwy 20. 5. The Isle of Wight with Cowes on the Medina River. 6. Approaching the French coast at Cosqueville 7. Cherbourg with it's huge harbour where Trans Atlantic liners used to dock in the old days. 8. Approaching the island of Jersey. 9. No cockpit, it is all being done wit
  12. Decided to go for a drive in the car I would buy if I ever won millions in the lottery. What I am trying to do is find my last house in the UK before I came to Australia. As my luck would have it , it is just off the edge of the EGHI scenery area. So much change in the last 36 years. 1. Eastleigh Airport is now Southampton International and a new roundabout to get onto Wide Lane. For those who don't know the Spitfire made it's first flight from here in 1936 2. A beautiful new station with a South West Trains Class 444 Desiro EMU on it's way to Bournemouth
  13. Here is an expose on EGHI. 18 shots...and I didn't even get all of it in here! (love the detailed airports) so...pics: Oh BTW - found out that all I had to do to upload ".jpeg" was to select "Image files" instead of "picture files" - or maybe its the other way around whatever the case may be...no renaming needed as I had thought before. Thanks for looking. hope you enjoyed them.
  14. Here is a twilight flight from Compton Abbas to Southampton. 1. A few of the happy passengers waiting to enjoy a memorable flight. 2. Taxiing out this magnificent old DH.89 Dragon Rapide at Compton Abbas. 3. Trundling down the runway and about to lift off. 4. Close to Sixpenny Handley. 5. In the distance are the lights of Bournemouth, here at Ringwood we pick up the A31 at it's junction with the infamous A338 Spur Road 6. On the western fringes of the New Forest at Picket Post. 7. Approaching Emery Down, on the h
  15. Some flights on a great ORBX scenery with the superb A2A T-6 texan. Some aerobatics at EGKA Smoking from EGKA to EGHI Autopilot flight from EGHI to EGBB Kind regards, Jorge.
  16. Chasing moving trains is an additional challenge next to the beautiful made Southampton airport(EGHI) scenery.
  17. Southampton is one of Orbx's gems, in my opinion, and this lot were take yesterday afternoon with live weather. Twelve hours later and I'd have been blown out of the sky as they had 80-90mph winds through here last night. Starting out - (and these look much better zoomed in - they're 4k shots and the level of detail in the Orbx scenery is really very special) Turned round after a bit and heading back to the coast coming back over the airfield -
  18. Excuse my pushiness today, but I seem to be in the mood to share! The start of a journey out from Southampton out over the Isle of Wight with the aim of heading off up the Channel to investigate my new load of AI Shipping installs. Didn't get too far but have saved the flight and will come back to it later. Got to give another plug for the Alabeo R66 - wonderful beasty. Don't have Brighton (EGKA) yet but maybe by the time I resume this flight . . .
  19. The Spitfire prototype made it's first flight 80 years ago today from Eastleigh Airport near Southampton. As luck would have it I have the plane, K5054, in it's original form from the Justflight Battle of Britain package. 1. No undercarriage doors on the prototype. 2. No grass runway at Eastleigh either. 3. A tail skid was preferred to a tail wheel. 4. The railway works at Eastleigh, cannot see the Merchant Navy Class locomotive puffing around today, although they were first built in 1941. 5. The junction of the M3 and M27 at
  20. Hey guys, I just picked up WLS, ENG (already had SCO). I am thinking about getting NIR and IRL while the sale special is happening. I did read while back that Orbx wasn't contemplating making airports for those region that time. Will there potential for some nice Orbx airports (especially catered to big and small planes) in 2016 for these 2 regions? Also - I know you guys do not give updates on time frame; but can you throw me a bone about EGHI, EGPB, EGKA update queue for P3Dv3. I bought the regions especially to have those airports. I actually do like
  21. over Popham Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
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