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Found 23 results

  1. Following my recent problems with KORS I decided that my installation was getting clogged up anyway, and set about a complete reinstall of P3Dv4. So far I have installed only the sim itself, TEGB(S) + Libraries, Orbx Global Base, Orbx Buildings and Orbx Trees, all of which went into Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Orbx. Orbx Central refused to allow Objectfllow to go there and insisted on creating Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Orbx Library\p3dv4 where it lives in isolation, though seemingly working ok. My first airfield addon was EGHA, and I have an elevation problem whic
  2. hi Chaps, hope someone can answer or shed some light on this issue i noticed today ? Just taxing around Compton Abbas and i notice a few of the people are not sitting correctly on benches and just sort of floating on thin air # has anyone seen this ? or can you advise what the fix is to correct this ? I did have the elevation issue which i have corrected already, but wasn't sure how to remedy this issue ? See the picture Circled in Red you can see the issue any help would be appreciated many thanks Dom
  3. As i fly most in P3D, AFS2 and XP11 recently, I was curious to fly for once in my first FlightSim : FSX in Steam Edition remains on my PC, the original FSX is deleted. I was surprised to find back the recently for XP11 released Compton Abbas airfield EGHA and fooled around with some not so often seen aircrafts. At the end I departed satisfied from the airport in my fantasy-car to other adventures.
  4. FSX. I have an issue when flying IFR into EGHA. There is one runway, 08/26 but when ATC directs me into 08, it says it is vectoring me into 26 and vice-versa. Does anyone else have this problem or is it something in my setup? Without ORBX EGHA installed it behaves normally. The Make runways program which I use for RAAS also reverses the runways with ORBX installed, but not with the vanilla FSX scenery.
  5. Just got back into P3D v4 with the EGHA scenery, and I'm seeing a bug I've had before in P3D v3 - where a large hole would appear in the ground around the hanger area (see screenshots attached). I did fix this in the past but I can't for the life of me remember how I did it! I think it had something to do with deleting a .blg in FTX England that clashed with EGHA, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know the official fix? P.S. Transaction ID: 582375e12afe2 for proof of purchase
  6. Hello everybody! I recently purchased Compton Abbas for my ORBX England Scenery. I made a flight today to this airfield and I get elevation problem there. I've FTX Global installed and of course England. My mesh resolution is set at 5m and as far as I can see this is the only "England" airport(I bought also these days, EGKA, EGTF, EGTH, EGSG and EGML)with this problem. Any help appreciated Best regards Pat
  7. A series of take off shots from recent flights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  8. A couple of shots from Compton Abbas. 1. 2,
  9. Here is a twilight flight from Compton Abbas to Southampton. 1. A few of the happy passengers waiting to enjoy a memorable flight. 2. Taxiing out this magnificent old DH.89 Dragon Rapide at Compton Abbas. 3. Trundling down the runway and about to lift off. 4. Close to Sixpenny Handley. 5. In the distance are the lights of Bournemouth, here at Ringwood we pick up the A31 at it's junction with the infamous A338 Spur Road 6. On the western fringes of the New Forest at Picket Post. 7. Approaching Emery Down, on the h
  10. A quick trip from Compton Abbas to Exeter via Bournemouth. 1. Too busy taking shots and nearly ran out of runway. 2. I like the contra-prop Spitfire as is does not swing on take off. 3. Rapidly climbing out of EGHA. 4. A last sight of Compton Abbas through the clouds before heading for the coast. 5. Over Ferndown with EGHH in sight. 6. Crossing the coast at Boscombe with Wessex Way snaking through the suburbs. 7. Passing Anvil Point and Swanage. 8. Too much low cloud to see Weym
  11. One of Rons repaints. :-)
  12. Spitfire flight from Compton Abbas (EGHA) to Chichester/Goodwood (EGHR). I love the older Spit's, and I know that's a relative term.
  13. Just three shots taken at Compton Abbas featuring Alabeo's wonderful Cessna 195. 1. 2. 3.
  14. Popham to Compton-Abbas Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  15. Haven't flown for a while, finally had a free day and the weather was gorgeous so I could continue with my Nav solos. And where else could I go but Compton Abbas! Feel like I know the place inside out thanks to Orbx, even thought this was only my second time flying there IRL! Flying out of Dunkeswell. Flight time just under 30 mins. The aircraft in question is G-OCPC, a Cessna/Reims 152 Aerobat, although I'm sadly not allowed to do aeros! In the cruise, 2500", 90kts IAS 08 at Compton today, as I was the only one in the circuit (everyone else was already depleting the restaurant stoc
  16. Compton-Abbas Airport Weymouth Portland Heliport Poole Harbour Salisbury Cathedral Popham Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  17. First shots from my first european airport. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  18. ... downwind at EGHA ... A very nice, small and charming place! Congratulations to everyone involved at the developer's team here. I think i will use this place for some dedicated VFR flights at the UK over next weeks ahead!
  19. Just three shots of my second repaint, P-40C this time - totally fictional and looking very battle scarred! A clean start-up: Messing up the circuit...!! Taxi to parking: As ever, thank you for taking the time to have a look
  20. Just one I took whilst testing my first repaint out of Compton. Been heavily edited with Photoshop as I don't quite have the performance to run ENB!
  21. Just acquired Photoshop, been playing around with a few screenshots taken from a flight between Yeovilton and Compton Abbas in the Carenado Cessna CT210M. Was quite pleased with the results of a bit of tweaking so thought I'd post. Just departing Eastward with Yeovilton in the background. Some of the beautiful Somerset countryside. Entering Downwind leg - definitely need some elbow grease on that windscreen! Looks like some kind of evil insect whilst the gear is moving.. Short Finals, always have to remember Compton's elevation! Landing Roll - one of the most pleas
  22. Hey guys, Here's another quick preview shot of Compton Abbas (EGHA). This time showing the light maps. Thanks, Russ
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