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Found 6 results

  1. Well decided to take a Beaver Turbo 750 SHP to fly these canyons and the river opened up again so it will be a float landing. Enjoy
  2. The Yangtze trip continues from Wuhan (ZHHH) to Chongqing (ZUCK) interesting trim through the mountain and it looks like the area is not so populated knowing that 500 million people live near the river. Enjoy
  3. Just one of many disputed Island in the South China Sea Pratas Islands are claimed by the PRC but administered by Taiwan who give it the postal code 817. A Taiwanese C-130 flies from Taiwan every Tuesday but the service, like the airport is only open to the military. However today an Airbus 320 operated by West Air is flying a special flight to and from ZJHK Heiko Meilan International. That is because I don't have a Hercules in the hangar! This flight is the return leg to Hainan. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  4. After yesterdays 2 aborted flights I decided to give the Boeing 717 a go, and I was not disappointed. This flight is from Don Mueang to Lijiang in China. This is the longest flight I have attempted in real time. 1. The 717 getting ready for it's afternoon departure for Lijiang. 2. Climbing out of Don Mueang over the Thupatemee Stadium and the Rangsit Expressway at Rangsit. 3. Looks like it might be a lumpy ride with so many thunder clouds around. 4. The ancient capital of Ayuttaya is below the 717. 5. Now at Lopburi with the army air base just visible between the clouds top left. 6. The next 2 shots show the air base at Takhli. 7. It is home of the RTAF 4th Fighter wing flying F-16's. Spend a lot of time here when in Thailand. 8. Nakorn Sawan is a large army town. The expanse of water is the Bung Boraphet wetlands which attracts many species of water birds. The Ping and Nan rivers join here to form The Chayo Phraya River which flows down to Bangkok. 9. Lightning over Northern Thailand. 10. Mongla which is on the Myanmar China Border. 11. Close to the town of Lingcan is Hunhua Shan Mountain which is just above the 717. 12. Above the town of Yungxian. 13. The Mekong River can be seen snaking through the valley. 14. The town of Dali sits on the lake with the name of Erhai. 15. Just passing to the east of the mountains near Xiheng. With more clouds in the valley just hope that the airport is not obscured today. 16. No clouds today, the airport is clear. 17. A great landing for me but forgot to turn off the auto throttle and used all of the 1.85 miles of runway just stopping in time. An excellent flight that I really enjoyed. At nearly 800 miles the longest one yet, although I did have to use the P button and have 1 hours sleep halfway through the flight! I will say it again, the 717 is a top piece of freeware, just wish there were more repaints.
  5. .......when things keep going belly up reach for the SAAB! 1. Take off from Don Mueang, Bangkok. Replay to take some take off caps but the port engine is now on fire! Return to fly and the engine is still on fire and the 777 goes into a very steep climb! Give up try some thing else. 2. OK we will try the Hawker Beech 800 thingy out of Don Mueang again. Reach the desired FL, press the Alt Hold button but it porpoises like a .......well porpoise. Give up try a SAAB. 3. My intended destination was Lijiang Sanyi which is near China, so a look for the nearest airport which happens to be Myitkyina in Myanmar. Yay success. We are off, George is co-operating and everything is rosy. There we go over the Ayeyarwaddy River. 4. Now over the Shweli River with the town of Main Man on the bend. 5. Very happy now passing over some breathtaking mountain scenery. Hard to believe that this is FTXG. Can hardly wait for Open LC. 6. Spot the windy road. This is in the Dapingchang area. 7. Need to descend which we can do now that we have safely passed the ridge. This is in the Heqing area. 8. Now turning to fly down the valley to the airport. Nothing can stop us now....... 9. .....apart from a fog bank sitting directly over the airport. 10. I must go back and find out what I am doing wrong with ILS approaches as I have messed it up again. Oh well time to look at the GPS and read the instruments. I know that the airport elevation is 7360 ft so we have 1200 ft to play with. 11. It is down there somewhere. 12. Just at the right moment there is a break in the fog and the runway appears. I enjoyed that although I don't think it would be a great idea in RL and I am glad the 39 passengers thought I knew what I was doing. Anyway down safely and so excited I forgot to replay and take some touch down shots. Now where is that ILS tutorial on YouTube?
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