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Found 17 results

  1. I have not been getting much flying done the last few weeks - but here are some from one of the last spins I took... The Heron over Canberra (on an overcast day) Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  2. I'm a bit tied up at the moment - the movers will be here next week and I still have a hell of a lot of packing and organizing to do. But my sim-computer is still up and running Some pics from the leg Canberra -> Illawara. As you can see - the weather was not too much better than in the previous flight http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/97799-da-boz-had-to-abort/ I love the way ASN renders the 8/8 cloud cover OK - make that 7/8 Back under the murk - Wollongong/Illawara Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  3. Having some fun with the Golden Roo over Canberra The pics are uncropped, but very slightly colour-edited DX10s Cheers & a Happy Australia Day to the antipodes! Mallard
  4. Revving up for my Black Friday spending-spree... The Canberra at and over Canberra (where else?): The camo works quite nicely... Had to extend the spoilers on the way back down - this plane does like to run Have been eyeballing this plane since it was released - and just could not pass by the sale. But like most of the early jets I think I will have to RTFM to get things right with this one... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  5. Took the Cub for a spin over the latest version of Canberra Cityscape Sorry for the amount of pictures - but this scenery absolutely calls out for a v-key-hammering All pics just more or less cropped FSX DX10s with SweetFX and CumulusX for cloud shadows (see? I'm learning!) Cheers Mallard
  6. Doing my rounds at Mount Panorama, Bathurst... See? It says so right there on the hillside... Everything looks fine - so I might as well head back to the airport Kicking up some dust Later on: heading to a similar routine around the aboretum area at the western edge of Canberra Things check out here as well - so it's back to the airport. Getting a bit dark, as well... Cropped FSX DX10 with SweetFX pics Cheers Mallard PS - since I repeatedly get questions here (and via Messenger): I always run SweetFX in my pics. Just for fun I turned it off for two comparison-shots
  7. A bit draughty, but nice Checking out the Bell 47 on a late-afternoon flight over the ACT. Cropped FSX pics. Cheers Mallard
  8. Finally I convinced myself to complete Canberra. Perfect look, though hard on frames with my standard settings...
  9. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  10. Took two whirlybirds to the air - the first pics are from a flight from Canberra Hospital to the airport and the second set from the Bathurst Hospital (which has a landable helipad - you can see it in the left-hand corner of the pic under the tail) to Bathurst Regional My, those cows aren't phased by much... They just stood there looking at me passing by. Cheers Mallard
  11. Back "home". Flight from Canberra to Melbourne - in crappy weather 90% of the cruise was over almost complete cloud cover. Only the occasional gap showed the landscape below... And arriving in Melbourne it even started to rain Yay, Steve's fixer v2 did get rid of the DX10 black boxes under the scenery objects Cheers Mallard
  12. After mentioning that I chose the plane in the "To Ana..." thread mainly because it was so nice and shiny I thought to myself "Waidaminnit! I have something even shinier in my hangar!" Lightning at Bathurst In the general area of the racetrack and over the township High fly-by over Bathurst airport and adjusting my heading towards Canberra, just a short 20 minute flight away En route over "default" FTX Oz Banking towards the ACT High fly-by over Canberra Intl Just past Woden Getting dark, so I'd better find a place for the night Some cropped, some not - but otherwise all straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard PS - the title should read "Ooh", not "Ook". Blast!
  13. Well - it looks like Skkuda and I had the same idea. But I took a slightly different route - and a different plane... Wollongong departure Approaching Canberra - but I won't land here today On to Bathurst Straight v-keys. I didn't even bother cropping them this time. Sorry for the amount of pics - but it was a long flight - and you get three airports and one cityscape all in one post Cheers Mallard
  14. Well - I finally managed to get hold of the C-47... Testing it - no, not on my usual Townsville -> Cairns route (even though the Bush Pilots paint is from Cairns) - at Broome and Canberra That went well - so it's off to Canberra in the evening Some obvious cropping in a few of the pics. Cheers Mallard
  15. A few days back I mentioned that I fixed my TrackIR myself. Well - with some of the money I saved on having the repairs done in a shop I decided to treat myself to something new... So here are some from my usual test-run Townsville -> Cairns in my new PMDG BAe Jetstream 4100 Yeah - a bit high. But I made it down in one piece... And then I thought about a quick flight around Canberra This time it was much smoother than the Cairns approach Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  16. A bit of flightseeing on a mild evening Caught by the rapidly approaching night Cheers Mallard
  17. First glimpses of the Canberra Cityscape. Obviously I haven't got a clue yet, as to what's where. But I'll use this great addon to brush up on my Canberra geography Some cropping - otherwise straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard
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