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  1. At Stewart airport shadows are not received by the airport surface including runway. Only if I switch on "Simulation Objects receive shadows" then it's ok. Is this a known issue or do I miss something? Happens only at CZST. Thx, Karl
  2. Hello, Steward Airport is on my top list of favorite airports from FTX but it has animated vegetations and airport's grass (3D, many). With many addons (airplanes) fps are good and acceptable but with more complex addons I noticed fps drop (some fps takes airport, some addon). Im sure (I use high SSAA) this impact has grass. In options, not many settings for this (like in many FTX addons): Any idea how to temporarily increase fps at scenery of CZST? For example removing grass (OFF)? Thanks for ideas!
  3. Taking off from Ketchikan/AK to the south towards my next yet-untested airport, ... ... diving into Portland Canal after crossing the mountains... ... and approaching into Stewart/BC. That is going to be an experiment... will it be possible to climb over the mountains here? Challenging, the engines really get hot here... ... and the mountains get close. But here we´re done, ready to approach Wrangell/AK. Quite some offset in this localizer... but if you are slow enough...
  4. Pilatus PC-21 out of Stewart B.C. - CZST Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue Pacific Fjords, FTX: NA CZST Stewart B.C.
  5. After lots of busy weeks before Christmas, i found some time for flying today. I think, i forget everything about flying in the sim I did a beautiful flight over British Columbia and Alaska, from Stewart to Petersburg Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  6. Stewart to Ketchikan on a beautiful Sunday Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  7. after a day messing around with the disappointing Flight School, a reminder of how it SHOULD look (are you getting this, Dovetail Games?) Heading out of Stewart (it's that sale again) This is how it should look all around you! and a Linda Blair moment to finish with - Ahh! that's better
  8. Delivered some goods via my Quest Kodiak, so the remote living inhabitants of the little community of Stewart in British Columbia can fill the warehouse, but the man sitting in the background is more interested to read the newspaper that I just handed him over before helping unload the plane :-)
  9. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  10. Just for once I decided to have a quick look at some of the finer details on the ground at CZST before taking off. So much work goes into these airports I am guilty of just wanting to fly and see things from the air. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. May have to do this more often. Hope you are all having a great week end.
  11. G'Day fellas, here's a few from the recently released CZST triple installer.
  12. Hi, I can't see gras in Steward after reinstalling FSX. How can I solve this? It looks like this:
  13. I never thought that i would ever reach that milestone... It's a great pleasure to be part of this community! Thanks to all! Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  14. Haven't been there for a long time... One of the best ORBX airports... Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  15. I Just purchased and installed CZST. And re-installed library 131215. Now my FTX Central looks like this: In spite of this, I made sure North America was checked and flew to CZST and the install went fine. I then installed the CZST patch. My FTX Central went back to normal, but the buildings at CZST disappeared. I re-installed the original CZST, have scenery, but FTX Central looks like above again. What have I done wrong? Thanks anyone, for any help. Lou
  16. Hello Everyone! Just a quick flight with the Twin Otter around Stewart. We will be taking off in the early morning and then be passing by Premier Gold Mine, Salmon Glacier and then take a short brake for a few hours at Cranduc Mine. From there we will be heading back to CZST! Everyone please enjoy! Christoph ... You see where we will be landing? ... well: Here we are: Time for a break and breathing in some fresh air! ... and now: Time to fly back again! ... just water and reflections ... ... clos
  17. Hey guys, here are some shots from my last flight, this time no FTX Global shots I did a flight from PAKT to Stewart. The cloud bottom was very low so I decided to stay above.
  18. Have just installed USA Canada Pacific Fiords followed by the SP3 and latest Orbx Libraries from Support Page. Placed aircraft at Stewart and found tress across the runway (both ends). FTX Central was set up correctly prior to installing Pacific Fiords SP3. Other Orbx disks include Northern Rockies, Southern Alaska, Central Rockies, Pacific Fiords, and Pacific Northwest. Help appreciated. Peter ========================================= NB. Since posting this "bug" I noted that I also had Ultimate Terrain Canada installed, I subsequently disabled all the UT Scenery Fil
  19. The last day the weather hadnt been that nice and the forecast for the next day was bad as well. So some piloting friends and I decided to take a holiday the next day and to meet at a nice local pub here in Ketchikan this eveneing. Well, it was such a great evening with lots of great chats, jokes i laughed my head off but cant remember a single joke and lots of delicious beer and schnaps. Then the next morning (well, better afternoon) I awaked with a tremendous hangover. I had a look at my fridge and found nothing but lots of emptiness. Another glimpse into my purse revealed the same. But my
  20. Hi everyone, This is going to be a two part question. 1) I am eyeing to buy W16 (the promotional video on the site, was super cool - especially with RaceTrack, and Train). If I buy this airport for my P3D, do I need to enable Road Traffic to see train and racetrack (I have that traffic setting set to 0 at the moment, for performance reasons). 2) Can anyone tell me the awesome chill soundtrack used in the second video as posted in the CZST's info page - what amazing scenery and amazing soundtrack. Link to the video is ! I know I am going to buy one of them (just can't do both at
  21. Only one today - captured near CZST … Just some wind trying to get me off my desired heading/course a bit ... - but no need to worry at all - and it's winter here, so what else can i expect anyways?! Everyone please enjoy, Cheers, Christoph
  22. ... shots, before heading to England … CZST with REXESS in use here … … better mind the mountains … … I would not head this direction in real life under such rather bad weather conditions, but I wanted to give it a try now here in the sim – ... so: Better take care and listen to the terrain-warnings … … up in the winter-skies now … And now some from within P3D: Default weather-settings with a freeware sky-theme in use now. Captured around Skagit as far as I remember (hope I am not mistaken here) and Concrete … And one last capture from
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