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Found 14 results

  1. Another season had to be chosen for the flight between CEJ4 (Claresholm Industrial airport) and Squamish (CYSE) with the F-18. There is no winter maintenance at the destination. An icy 2400 feet runway for a F-18 would not have been very realistic. A dry surface was needed. It’s been a while since I visited the Claresholm airport, designed by Vlad Maly. It was very well designed. The Claresholm 3100 feet runway is plenty for take-off. Arriving in the valley, all set
  2. Trying out some BeDe 5J repaints at Claresholm Repaint name: IRIS BD 5 J - "BumbleBeeDee” by Todd Disrud Repaint name: IRIS BD 5 J - "Urban" by Chris Brisland. I think this is my favorite - also have it for the prop version. Repaint name: IRIS BD 5 J - "Freedom Team" by Chris Brisland. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains, FTX CAN CEJ4 Claresholm Industrial Airport
  3. “Proton Bullette” a nice little sport plane from 1937. I plan to fly a couple of different versions around various airports in Alberta Canada and post some more shots for you. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains, FTX CAN CEJ4 Claresholm Industrial Airport nice paint job on that pump jack..
  4. Hi Guys, I just downloaded CEJ4 Airport as my first addon to my full fat FTX NA Northern Rockies region. I have Parry Sound CNK4 Airport also. I noticed some ground textures at CEJ4 missing with CNK4 active (checked) in FSX scenery library. When I uncheck (inactivate) CNK4 in the library, all is OK. Please see pics below : CNK4 active in FSX scenery library CNK4 inactive in FSX scenery library I found a post re a library texture conflict with CNK4, CEF4 and CEN4 here : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/top
  5. hello, even after severl auto-configurations with the vector tool, I'm unable to resolve this issue. I cannot find CEJ4 in the list, nor left and right. I even have manually set CEJ4 above the library list but I stay with my problem I have no other elevation problem Any idea? Bug.
  6. My installation of of Claresholm Industrial shows finely detailed buildings and miscellaneous clutter but no static aircraft or vehicles and no people/object flow except for a flock of birds. I have reinstalled CEJ4 and the latest libraries and also uninstalled/reinstalled the NRM area; all to no avail. (CEN4, by contrast, is totally ok.) I'm stumped! Jack
  7. Took the early morning flight from Claresholm, with a plane already selected for a challenging landing strip ... ... a little stopover to fill up the coffee cups in High River ... ... and across Calgary. I have to mention, this is the scenery without Vlad Maly´s Airdrie add-on - I took the shots to evaluate the difference. And this is Airdrie itself, NRM default. OK, now towards the Rockies and along the Trans-Canada-Highway: Bow River at Seebe... ... and a little further at Canmore: Passing Banff City, ...downwind over the airstrip. That lo
  8. Very dry conditions with risk of bushfire were reported for the plains west of Claresholm. So I took the Goose and went to work. Indeed, the area looks completely dried out. So I crossed Hwy 22 and moved to Chain Lake... ...filled the tanks with water... (ok, the Goose can´t do this...)... and headed to High River Airfield to report. No fires today, but we are prepared. PS: When preparing flights I found this picture on Google Earth, taken exactly on Chain Lake. I could not resist.
  9. For the next leg I switched from the Goose to a lighter, faster aircraft, in another beutiful paint by Jankees. To be honest, faced with the weather conditions later on I was not sure if the Legacy was a perfect choice... Entering the Glacier NP area, over Typee Glacier towards Bugaboo Spires: Invermere: Rawson Lake behind me: Fording coal mine... ... followed by Elkford coal mine: Leaving the Rockies to the east, and crossing Hwy 22: Claresholm approach... ... and parked in this beautiful freeware masterpiece by Vlad Maly:
  10. With the release of SAK, i was exploring this great scenery and nearly forget my NA Tour. The tour came back in my mind at Easter and today, i had the time to fly the final stage of my tour. Stage 14 as a reminder: http://www.orbxsyste...ne-felts-field/ Parking at Felts Field Takeoff from Felts Field Downtown Spokane Lake Pend Oreille Near Eureka, Montana Pincher Creek Windfarm Claresholm landing Taxiing at Claresholm Parking at Claresholm For the last steps of the tour, i took the Waco again. Waco at Claresholm Taxiing to start at
  11. Please enjoy this quick montage of some not so perfect landings at CEJ4, KHQM and CZST. Featuring the Captain sim C 130, Aerosoft Bronco, and Virtavia Blackhawk. Editied with Cyberlink pro Powerdirector. Have experimented with some color contrast adjustments for the first time. Cheers. http://youtu.be/TEIKYWeBOwg
  12. A big thanks to Vlad for this outstanding scenery. I have a new favorite spot in fsx.
  13. the error code ive got over 20 times trying to install CEJ4, I re-installed CEN4, worked fine, Installed the libraries they worked fine and tried everything else I can think of. This is really frustrating, been waiting for this release for a long long time and now I cant even get it installed. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, After trying an install for CEJ4 I get this message "windows cannot complete this extraction, the destination file could not be created" I have saved the download to a specific scenery file on my desktop just as I have for every other ORBX download. I tried downloading the newest libraries and that worked fine. Any ideas whats happening here? -Ben
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