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Found 21 results

  1. Getting ready to make noise at Anacortes... Slightly north: the Cherry point refinery. And some minutes later, the beautiful Harrison Lake in SW Canadas rockies. This is Tipella. Not. The NatureFlow still works, but the buildings are gone. I suspect they are lost with the library updates? Bye, bye Tipella, I will probably not return virtually. So I directly crossed the mountains (not easy with this bird)... ... to get towards Vancouver. Which does work, indeed.
  2. When I just came to Tipella I was confused to see no vegetation around the scenery builings: The "Flows" were working fine, like the singing birds. So I stopped the sim, downloaded the current Orbxlibs (20151001, which I did not do before as it is only a P3Dv3 update), ran them - no change. Then i fired up FTXCv2, and found CBB7 is present in the "installed sceneries" list, but there is no entry for CBB7, neither in Global nor in North America. So there is no way to access the configuration panel. I installed CBB/ again, the config panel link was dropped to my desktop, and in
  3. The log sort at the end of Harrison Lake This was the first super elaborate Orbx freeware I got! P3Dv2.5 CBB7 - Tipella, a Gordon's work! Cheers,
  4. Today I tested the airstrip: CBB7 Tree HD did a good job ... P3Dv2.5 A very nice place ...! Cheers,
  5. Thought I'd take the scenic route to my screenie-prize (once again my most heartfelt thanks for the votes - and to Orbx for offering this generous competition!) Setting off from Tipella in the Fairchild Took off and doubled back for a fly-by At this stage I was already wondering if it had been a wise choice selecting "real weather"... ...but as long as I still could stay under the cloud and follow the main valleys... ...oh, crap... It looked much more promising the closer I came to my destination... ...and just as I cleared th
  6. After landing in Tipella ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/64841-pemberton-to-tipella-my-highlight-of-the-week/ ) I was quite confused. Nearly nothing special to see there, except some uncommunicative inhabitants... So I asked our old friend Bob to take me for a walk southwards... we met a truck driver soon later: The Cessna service... Ah, this looks more crowded: And, finally a place for some cold ones: Nice, nice. But I have to admit: This is the first Orbx scenery where I have to reduce the details to have a satisfying frame rate.
  7. ... in a Gullwing Floatplane Mt. Garibaldi Whistler Pemberton Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  8. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  9. Hi everyone, I recently installed ORBX Tipella Freeware and installed it but the everything was on land and the default runway was gone and left a clearing. I am sure installed everything correctly and I have installed other ORBX airports before. Please Help. Thanks, Aaron
  10. More shots of my new C172 RG Cutlass Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  11. I flew with my friends at Tipella Airport, CBB7. This Place is very Fantastic!~ Below This shot, Sharpen Effect injected. Of course, Naver(South Korea Portal Site) Automatic Sharpen effect, Not a Photoshop
  12. Some shots of a late afternoon flight from Tipella to Pemberton. Parking at Tipella Ready for takeoff! Harrison Lake Clouds are coming up while heading to Whistler. Snowcap Lake Mt. Garibaldi Black Tusk Near Whistler Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Area Parking at Pemberton Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  13. After walking (and desperate trials in swimming) with Bob around Tipella, it was time to head further south, back to the States. A little complete aerial: Harrison Lake: Long Island ahead (no, this was neither a Concorde nor SR-71, just the same name as the usual one): Harrison Hot Springs... ... and the Harrison River: After Chilliwack... ... it was just a short hop over the border towards West Wind: Hope the immigration procedure does have shorter queues as in the usual airports...
  14. REX wanted to push in the real (foggy) weather, so I made a little modification to let the sunshine in for this flight. Took off from lovely Pemberton... ... towards Lilooet Lake: Just a fantastic area for a low-and-slow flight: Following Lilooet River... ... and approaching Harrison Lake: My first impression of Tipella - I think the choice of aircraft was reasonable for this runway... Definitively a "must-repeat" flight!
  15. So, today's fun: an IFR flight from Tipella (CBB7, Freeware FTX) to CYVR (PNW), in A2A Simulations' new C172. Set the plane up right, for grass strip tires, tied down at the Fuel Box (in this case, next to the Propane Tanks; exciting!), just myself and 24lbs of fuel and 20lbs of luggage. Flight Plan simply built in FSX. VOR on the way 112.40, 368 ADB if I needed to execute a manual approach. No GPS, that's cheating! Waited to get assigned runway during final approach. The trip is exciting because you take off from a barely long-enough grass strip, over the trees, and it's difficult
  16. Trying this BN2 Islander, started the trip at Tipella at daybrake, made a flightplan for sightseeing PNW to NRM CYKA (Kamloops) Post the shots as I do the trip in 3 stages, I made a stop at CAZ5 between. Here some shots Inside seems clean and ok Clearance There we go Decending Pemberton Hope you like them
  17. Lillooet to Tipella Lillooet and Fraser River Following Highway 99 Cayoosh Creek and Highway 99 Duffey Lake Mt. Spetch and Slalok Mountain Pemberton Lillooet Lake Lillooet Lake Airstrip and Gunsight Peak Harrison Lake in the background Tipella Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  18. Well - back to the grind. Wanted to check out Tipella and give the Twotter a shake-down When I get the floatplane version I'm going to have a closer look While I was in the air I spontaneously decided on continuing on towards Pemberton Some valleys were clear, some a bit hazy IFV(alleys) instead of IFR Airport in sight Letting the Twotter air out a bit Cheers Mallard
  19. I bought *another* aircraft this afternoon and I'm loving her as she's *HIGHLY* original. The SeaBee sure does seems at home at Tipella. Cheers Jocko Take care and enjoy flying. Jocko
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