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Found 18 results

  1. Went for a coastal inspection from Hamilton Island... can I say this is a touristic paradise here? The Whitsunday apartments - must be a beatiful place to watch the sunrise... Whitehaven beach. No comment needed. Towards the Great Barrier Reef. Gloucester Island, just outside Bowen ... ... and the Bowen salt ponds. Bowen itself does also provide some touristic business: "Bowen is on a peninsula, with ocean on three sides. This gives eight beaches surrounding the town, namely Kings Beach, Queens Beach, Horseshoe Bay, Murrays Bay, Greys Bay, Rose Bay, and the Front Be
  2. Yes, flying in a jet is too fast to discover the beauty of the scenery (& the country). But I needed to do some validation flights, as I had trouble with my sim - which I hope is now solved. From Darwin (thanks to Anthony Lynch)... ... over the Kimberleys ... ... to Broome. Once again the lady is busy on the phone.
  3. Taking off from... guess where: South Grafton seen from above: I followed the A1 to Maclean... ... and Palmer Island ...: ... before getting tied down for the night in Evans Head. Some work to do here for the Agtruck pilots...
  4. Just a short ride, to check some airports i had missed before...: Wedderburn...: ... and Camden: It can not be mentioned often enough: Those guys in the OZx team have done a fantastic job to enhance the scenery with attractions. THANK YOU all!
  5. Just a few...: Over Adimanaby - Anthony Lynch has put this airfield seamlessly into the ORBX scenery, can you even see it under the middle of the wing? The snowy mountains and the hydroelectric dams around Talbingo...: On final to Canberra. I fly the Legacy for one year now, but I have never tried the autoland functionality. Here you can see it fully configured... (nearly, the heading is not set for go around ): That´s how it works. Smoothly. A good option for the lazy ones.
  6. Ok, first: this is northern hemispere winter, but i am still flying in AU blue. And second: The Snowy Mountains are named this way, regardless of actual weather conditions. Canberra take-off: Adelong airstrip below: Blowering dam, a part of the Snowy Mountains scheme: a "hydroelectricity and irrigation complex in south-east Australia. The Scheme consists of sixteen major dams; seven power stations; a pumping station; and 225 kilometres (140 mi) of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts that were constructed between 1949 and 1974. The Scheme ... is the largest engineering project undertaken
  7. Approaching Anthony Lynch´s Roadvale (just under the right wing): Well, there are some flightspotters around... Kooralbyn´s Golf club house, quite nicely represented in OZx: You have to see these coastal mountains in motion... holgermesh is great! And, again, the final to Gold Coast: Thanks for watching!
  8. Getting ready at Bundaberg for another inland tour: Monduran... ... and the Monduran Lake: Now, here we are: At Moura Mine. Well, not such a positive finding in Wikipedia: "The name of the local coal mine changes each time it's sold - currently Dawson Mine - owned and operated by Anglo Coal. Only open-cut mining has been used since 1994. There have been three mining disasters that have occurred near Moura: The first was the Kianga mining disaster occurring due to an explosion in the underground workings of the Kianga No. 1 mine on 20 September 1975, claiming 13 miners' liv
  9. A little Qlink flight from Gladstone across Heron Island... ... this SHOULD be Lady Musgrave Lagoon, but it does not really look like the Google Earth version. Well, it can´t be perfect evrywhere... ... but Lady Elliott Island is. Indeed. Now for a little island tour with Mrs Robinson... OK, time to stop the engines, grab the shorts and head to the beach - don´t you agree?
  10. Just a short flight from Rockhampton to check some OZx features around... well, there were quite some of them... Rockhampton airport: Stanwell Power Station: Coorooman Creek: Emu Park: Limestone Creek: Great Keppel Island: Port Alma salt pans, around Balaclava Island: East End Mine: Aldoga Mine: Targinie Rio Tinto Mooring: The port of Gladstone, major exports include coal, alumina, aluminium, cement products, Sodium Cyanide and Ammonium Nitrate: Boyne Island, Rio tinto aluminium smelter - taking profit from the coal mining around: The potline b
  11. Checked some OZx airfields, together with Anthony Lynch´s fantastic freeware contributions at the borderline of three Orbx AU regions. Started in Mackay into the red center... ... approaching Longreach. A small town, population of 2,976 (by 2006 census) ... ... but the airport appears heavily used: Well, those who have seen one of Qantas´ 747s know the reason (and those who have read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longreach,_Queensland, too): Longreach was one of the founding centres for Qantas, the Australian domestic and international airline. One of the airline's original han
  12. Starting from Hamilton Island to the south (still with US paint, meanwhile I have installed some Aussie ones...): Passing Dent Island towards the mainland: Over the fields to cape Gloucester: The Whitsundays. Famous, and for a good reason. Just a little rest at Whitehaven Beach. I am sure, with realistic people flow this place would be crowded... but ain´t it nicer this way? Returning... ...smoothly... ... to parking. Looks like a nice welcome.
  13. On my way down the coast from Cairns, I ended a flight at a busy Hamilton Island http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67018-around-hamilton-island/ . Came there from Townsville... ... passed Magnetic Island ... ... the Haughton River estuary: How could one put Abbott Pt. Coal facility into such a beautiful surrounding? At least there is a natural reason why they put the Bowen Salt ponds where it is...: Posted this pic before: The aborted final in Hamilton Island :
  14. Lots of traffic around the Whitsundays currently, with a BN Islander behind me, and the A320 on final to YBHM...: Easy to understand, why the tourists want to get here. Rain and storm outside here in Germany today... Hey, what is that obstacle on MY runway? Looks like an amateur or bloody hobby pilot, unable to clear the rwy in time! And ATC didn´t even call for a go-around... At least this gave me the chance for another sightseeing tour around Hamilton Island - and with a fairly small plane going around isn´t that much work... Success in 2nd approach. Still heavy tr
  15. Before heading to Queensland, I needed to make some little tours around Darwin - with bigger and smaller Cessnas: Leaving YPDN to the west... Over the salties zone, waiting for CreatureFlow... Approaching Emkatyee: Coming back to Darwin: Just to show the 185 is suitable for an instrument approach... YPDN by Anthony Lynch:
  16. After leaving Wyndham in northerly direction, a short turn over Joseph Bonaparte gulf... ... and following Victoria River into the lowlands of NT... ... towards Katherine / Tindal. A short stop at the army base there (surely allowed, cause I am RFDS service...) and then heading north, over the lovely water landscape of the NT, home of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salties : "Saltwater crocodiles have a strong tendency to treat humans in their territory as prey, and have a long history of attacking humans who stray into their territory. Given their enormous power, size, and speed,
  17. Convinced wifey & purchased equipment for further scenery discoveries! Remark: I survived the initial landings without looking into handbooks. That is a good basis for optimisation.
  18. Continuing my joyful tour through Australia, part I-do-not-know-which: Departing from the freeware masterpiece Hamilton: In the Grampian mountains: A bit of a pity: The balconies are missing - does anyone know if there is a scenery upgrade somewhere? Approaching Grampians "international" airport, again this is fitted so brilliant into AU blue that it ain´t easy to spot! Westering to the coast... ... and coming down to YRBE Robe (sure you have already seen the Robe lighthose some days ago, didn´t you?): Really a delight to enjoy these sceneries - and to share t
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