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Found 18 results

  1. Using Central v4.1.1 the 74S Anacortes Configure tab has radio buttons instead of check boxes, so I cannot choose more than one option. In past versions of Central, we could choose multiple options. Why the change? Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX and P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: Cannot choose multiple configuration options. central.log
  2. I am trying to configure OBBX Anacortes airport using the Control Panel in ORBX Central. After rebooting and verifying the files and selecting Configure I am presented with a panel with two boxes. One for Detailed Components the other for Core Components. It seems that I am only able to select one option for each box. If I select a second option the first is unselected. So I have a choice of Nature Flow or People Flow but not both in the Detailed Components Box. Likewise in the Core Components box I can enable only one of several desirable features. The User Guide was no help and I have not
  3. Just curious if there's any chance Orbx will revisit Anacortes with an optimized update? Jarrad Marshall's work is outstanding, and this is one of my favorite sceneries to fly in and out of. Unfortunately, it's marred for me by low frame rates. I have practically everything unchecked in the control panel, use 30% GA traffic (no commercial traffic), use only 512x512 cirrus cloud textures (no cumulus) and can just barely manage 30 fps sitting on the runway in the default 172. As I roll down the runway, on approach and over various parts of the town, frame rates drop into the low 20s and sometime
  4. I'm trying out Shade 1.02 in place of SweetFX or ENB... neither of those latter two seem to play nice with my other add-ons which finally got a bit too frustrating. So far I like the realism with Shade so I may stick with that. Enjoy!
  5. G'day everyone, I thought I'd head north for a light cross-country flight this week, in an aircraft that has probably seen more hours than any other in my hangar. Skagit to Felts in the classic Lotussim L-39, a lovely cross-country tourer, aside from the need to stop for gas so often! Cheers, Jarrad
  6. Flying my new Cesna 172 from Rosario on Orcas Island to Anacortes.
  7. Stage 4: http://www.orbxsyste...wind-anacortes/ Stage 5 took me from Anacortes to Concrete, not a long but very scenic flight. Taxiing at Anacortes Anacortes takeoff Deception Pass Bridge in the background. You already know what's happening next, right? Made it! Refinery near Anacortes Bayview Farms Airstrip. Just a short break. Bayview Farms takeoff Skagit landing Taxiiing at Skagit Parking at Skagit Takeoff from Skagit the next morning. Farm near Israel's Farm Landing at Israel's Farm. Made the fence! Israel's
  8. Part 3: http://www.orbxsyste...oola-west-wind/ Stage 4 contains more airports then the three stages before. I had a lot to do with starting, landing, starting again and so on... After the start at West Wind, i do a little turn over the mountains with Mt. Baker in the background Nooksak River Riverside approach Riverside Airstrip Riverside takeoff Land O'Lakes Purina Feed San Juan Islands Save landing at Orcas Island I need some fuel! Orcas Island impressions Orcas Island takeoff Clam Harbor Airstrip. I decided not to land!
  9. REX Real World Weather definitely kept me on my toes with the low vis on this flight, and as always these were straight V key, Orbx 74S, REX, EZCA, and ENB. I'm looking forward to all the sets this weekend, take it easy
  10. Inspired by some of the other screenshots I've seen this week, I thought I'd try my luck taking a spin under Deception Pass bridge. Of course, for maximum thrills I required something fast, and as always, I turned to Dino Cattaneo's superb freeware F-14 for just the fix. To finish off, I thought I'd try a few landings on the USS Eisenhower, conveniently located just a short flight from Anacortes. Cheers, Jarrad
  11. After spending my last couple of sessions flying around Far North Queensland, I was hankering for some cooler weather - perhaps influenced by the particularly hot summer we've been experiencing here in Perth (and lack of suitable air conditioning in my home study!). The moderate weather around the San Juan Islands seemed particularly appealing, so I decided to take a spin around the block in the Alabeo Waco - the perfect aircraft for some leisurely Sunday sightseeing around the Anacortes area. Cheers, Jarrad
  12. Here's where I've been spending a bit of time the last few months. Exploring the wonderful new freebies in an ultralight. Got a kick out of looking up this valley which I later found out was actually a "Prairie" A recent thread on Revelstroke inspired me to fly the same. Never flown this area before. Got ambitious and headed east to land at Golden when I came across an amazing sight. Came right over Mount Sir Donald and the bottom dropped out into this valley near Rogers Pass. Looked right for even more jaw dropping. Circled around to try to get it all in one shot. No airports
  13. Hi. I have noticed that at 74S Anacortes airport, whilst taxing to runway 18, the taxiway sign next to the hold marking is showing 36, not 18. I haven't noticed that before as in the past I have taken off from runway 36. Also, whilst panning around whilst parked at Parking 1 I spotted a windsock (not attached to anything) stuck inside the San Juan Airlines Maintenance building, although it isn't visible from the outside of the building. The above issues aren't actually causing me any problems, apart from the taxiway sign confusing me at first as I thought I had taxied to the wrong runway
  14. One from me. Aerospool WT9 Dynamic over the shipyard dry dock at Anacortes with the refinery in the background. Can't let you guys have all the fun. Edit: Just wanted to add, I'm using Ken and Wolter's Shade preset.
  15. Call this a tribute to David Love-Brice and his team at IRIS Simulations.... and obviously the geniuses who modeled the Duane Berentson Bridge + Deception Pass Bridge very well. T-6 Texan II @ KBVS about to do a twilight back-end sortie to KBLI T-6A Texan II on short to WN51 - Bayview Farms T-6A Texan II safely down at Bayview Farms. BD-5J looking at its smoke trail under the Deception Pass Bridge Bede BD-5J smoking an airshow around the Deception Pass Bridge BD-5J screaming under the Duane Berentson Bridge spanning the Swinomish Channel Great smoketra
  16. G'day all, As we pull into the final stretch with Anacortes, I thought I would share some impressions from the "other" areas of Anacortes. After focusing on the airport in part one and the surrounding scenery in part two, this final batch shows the five other landing areas included in the package. On top of the those already advertised (Allan Island private airstrip, Burrows Island Helipad & 21H Skyline water runway), I've managed to squeeze in enough time to include two final landing areas that fall within the PR coverage area: Island Hospital Heliport (WA02) and Becker's Landing (WN1
  17. Since two T-6A Texan IIs visited Bellingham's Heritage Flight Museum this weekend, figured I should use the IRIS version I bought years ago and celebrate this new scenery!
  18. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful feedback on Anacortes so far, I'm getting quite excited as we edge closer to finishing this product off. Having slugged my way through the autogen annotation process, I thought I would showcase Anacortes from a slightly different angle. With a very large area of 60cm ground imagery (including the whole of the City of Anacortes), there are many scenic hide-aways to explore in your favourite GA or helicopter. I don't want to give away all the hidden bays, quiet hamlets and rugged coastline in these shots, but I hope these shots demonstrate that 74S is
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