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  1. Miserable wet, an hour and a half late... 180nm from Cairns Sun settles quickly around here... Out a bit early with the draggy stuff
  2. Heading north out of Cairns: Into Weipa Something a bit slower: The very top of the mainland: Into Horn Island Something bit faster to get back to Cairns in: Off to Jacksons Cairns is looking the much better option... Sorry, got a bit carried away with the pics... Mike
  3. This is a perfect day for the crew of the Air New Zealand MD-11. That is until… … a fire starts in engine number 2. A suitable alternate airport is now required. But first, the crew has to extinguish the fire… And also cut the fuel in the number 2 engine. The closest suitable airport is Port Moresby International (AYPY). A quick right turn and the MD-11 heads to its new destination. Gear down and 50 degree flaps. This landing will be a no brainer. A bit more thrust than
  4. There is no aircraft in the sky around the Port Moresby Jacksons (AYPY) virtual airport today. No aircraft in the sky but one, a medevac flight. The winds blow from 240 degree at 50G60 kts and the runways are oriented 14/32. It is way above the maximum crosswind authorized for any aircraft. But the Rockwell Shrike Commander’s crew cannot wait until the wind calms down. They must land in the next few minutes in order to save a patient’s life. As there is no traffic around, the captain has told ATC he intends to do a safe, efficient but non-standar
  5. In a previous post the dreamliner B787-9 from Qantas had a visual check at Jacksons airport(AYPY) of Port Moresby at PNG. In this post he leaves Port Moresby and is heading Australia for a landing in Canberra, these shots are for a future Pt2. enjoy: A long flight into the evenening and a sunset-view for the passengers in the seats on the right Approach and landing in Canberra is for a future post, thank you for watching.
  6. Before a flight from Papua New Guinea's International Airport Jacksons Port Moresby(AYPY) to Canberra in Australia, a visual check around the plane, a Boeing 787-9, is performed. Cleared for flight, passengers will boarding and attend pushback for a safe flight homewards: The flight itself is to follow on a later to post serie of shots. Thank you for watching this sequence.
  7. I'd like to share a few images from my trip from AYPY to YBCS. I know that this is quite far away from Aerologic's homebase, but hey, you can always charter a freighter plane, right? 1. On the tarmac in Jacksons 2. Taxiing towards the runway 3. Climbing out, looking at the distant mountains... 4. ...as we leave Papua New Guinea behind 5. Crossing the Torres Strait with some very impressive reefs 6. The Cape York Peninsula 7. Beautiful work with the water... 8. Appr
  8. There's a lot wrong with this short video: my flying, the way my system rendered the dust, my flying...you get the idea. The concept was to 1) learn how to place an FS Recorder camera on the runway, 2) capture a takeoff and landing so I can use it on the bush strips, and 3) demonstrate a slip to short-field spot landing with the camera as the touchdown target. Part one and two were achieved. The demo...well, that's for you to judge. I let the aircraft get light on takeoff -- it actually hopped into the air before I planted the mains back on the ground. A big no-no. If
  9. Closing yesterday's report I said we'd be searching on the morrow for more mountain strips along the Kodoka Track. Not so fast Abernathy*. The weather had other ideas. First time I stuck my head out of the tent we had what I would have called indefinite ceiling, visibility less than 1/4 mile. Actually, it was closer to zero-zero. By 0700 it wasn't much better But by 0900 it was clearing up, although there were thunderstorms in the area. We didn't need a weather forecast to know that; we could see and hear the
  10. . As I mentioned in my last report, a friend loaned me her 185 for to go bush flying. The weather improved after lunch, so mid-afternoon I headed back into the hills to see if I could find some of those bush strips on the Kodoka Track in Papua New Guinea. Thought you might enjoy the few pictures I took. I was too busy aviating and navigating to take more. Used more adrenalin this afternoon than I have on any flight in a very long time. Many of the strips are one way in and one way out. And the two I've landed on s
  11. Now that we made it to Papua New Guinea the plan is to explore the numerous little strips along the Kokoda Track out of Port Moresby and those in Goilala district out of Tapini. I'm assuming you can't shoehorn a Gooney Bird into many of them so I'll be using a rented Cessna 180. But first I had to find the Kokoda Track, and what better way to do it than with our trusty DC-3 Airways bird. Especially since someone else is paying for the gas and oil. To be honest, we did a lot of wandering around before we found anything. The charts we had
  12. We discussed flying up "The Slot", over "Iron Bottom Sound", to Rabaul because of all the WW2 history. But the consensus was to press on to Papua New Guinea (PNG). And so we did. After takeoff from famous Henderson Field, home of the Cactus Air Force (P-400 Aircobras and P-38 Lightnings), we were treated to a vision of what the area might have looked like during the war with a hospital ship and troop ships offshore. And there was evidence of the battles fought and lives lost on the island. 255º would take us to the south tip of
  13. on the way, over PNG Local Time: 17:20 Thanks
  14. Area around Jacksons International Airport. Orbx - FTX: Global, Vector, AYPY Jacksons International airport
  15. Lots to see here, this is just a small sampling...even with the expanded viewer these screen shots are just not the same as the sim experience. Orbx -FTX: Global Holgermesh Papua New Guinea,Global TAP Tapini Airport, Global AYPY Jacksons Intenational
  16. I bought AYPY and Tapini scenaries, but all airport with sloped runways are bugged, The terrain of runways is not homogeneous. I already installed the PNG Mesh (and obviosly orbx base pack), any suggestion?
  17. Exhausted after touring every part of this massive region I could find. Visited pretty well every airport updated by the package including every bush strip in both the AYPY and Tapini/Emo areas. The attention to detail is stunning, more people should fly this area. Especially if you like VFR!
  18. Thought I would take a look at the flights I was doing one year ago while my sim is loading up. 15. I can remember very well this flight out of Kokoda
  19. A freeware PC-6 Porter doing a flight from Jacksons to Kokoda. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  20. ... in a plane with another C. Big enough to not only pick up some lawn mower parts in Australia, but also a whole hardware store (and it could even go on directy to KAVX...). These DX10 clouds really add a new dimension to our trusty workhorse. OK, all green mowers from QLD please be delivered to YBCS airport now, ready with export papers.
  21. After switching to FTXCv3 I did some basic test tours, the obvious one in Papua New Guinea was just an easy trip from Jacksons... ... climbing across the mountains near Isurava ... ... to Kokoda, dropping some spare parts for a broken lawn mower that was reported from here. But that report was a mistake, they needed the parts in Tapini! So here we go again... ... working hard to get over these ridges without burning the Twotters engines. Trust your pilot! Dropping down into Tapini (the Twotter is not easy to be slowed d
  22. Having spent some busy days in Shanghai I entered my favourite airliner. I did not care that they announced "destination not determined yet" on the boards... We headed south, over Taizhou and the Zhejiang province, ... ... westwards to Taiwan, ... ... and south to Manila. Over the sea, joined by Steve Parson´s cloud shadows, ... ... across the equator ... ... and over a sea of pink clouds. Downwind, ... ... final, ... ... who can guess where we will arrive?
  23. Back to the DO 228 in PNG Turned so I do not roll down the slope Outside shots Turning Greg
  24. I needed help from the locals to get the aircraft turned and line up for departure. They pulled the chocks on my signal and we quickly came to take off power. Outside views Greg
  25. Departure from Bodinumo o Outside shots Greg
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