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Found 8 results

  1. dear support team i would like to bushfly in PNG with the great orbx packages. i downloaded all packages for that, installed whats possible into a library on a fast ssd. everything works fine and looks great! only "ayeo emo mission" has everywhere i fly these black buildings. everything else looks ok. i've tried to delete ayeo with orbx central, also deleted backup-archive of ayeo and reinstalled everything. all other not needed addons and scenery are switched off. no luck! still these black buildings. hope, somebody could help. thanks a lot in advance! screenshots: fresh install of orbx central with - global base - global trees hd - ayeo emo mission - aypy jacksons int airport - tap tapini airport - orbx libraries - png holgermesh - global airport pack - object flow - sode win 10 pro with newest updates prepar3d
  2. I just downloaded and installed AYEO and tried to load it for a flight and found it doesn't show up. I checked in FTX Central and it's there but without a "configure" button or a pdf guide. Any thoughts?
  3. Part 1: It ain´t too easy to start out of EMO either... ... but the flight along Kumusi river to Girua is now pretty pretty (thanks to the freeware add-on...): Part 2: Out of Girua with the adequate commercial service... ... over Kokoda ... ... into Port Moresby, ... ... Jacksons: A DC-3 would also be a great choice here, maybe next time...
  4. Another great freeware add-on, with details only passion is able to create: It seems my Twotter landing was not as bad as some earlier attempt...: The magic waterfall. I tried to land on the plateau, but it revealed to be as weak as the water plane platform in Ketchikan. If I knew how to make these places landable for a copter... Thanks for gifting this to us, mates!
  5. Hello Tim & Ken, the waterfall north of EMO is a design masterpiece, combined with its sound! So don´t get me wrong if I strive for perfection... there is a little rock flying over the waterfall that might fall down on some of the brave bush walkers - and that would be a shame: Perhaps you can make the area safer...
  6. I am sure many of you have been flying from Kokoda and following the Kumusi river towards Emo Mission. If you do so, NW of Emo you see the Kumusi river flowing down- and uphill...: I know PNG has an astonishing nature, but this seems a bit strange .
  7. As many of you already did, I tryed to find the way to EMO with my DC3 to do some medical delivery! Departure from Jacksons International Changing way to East Jungle, alway jungle, again jungle I may do something wrong because I'm lost so I change again to North East Visilibity is getting worst Suddenly, I'm over a valley ! That's the place with the water fall ! Let's do a round over the area to see if there is an airfield Hey, I see something ! Another round then I'm in final All down with low speed, the Dakota is about to stall Fortunately, the runway is a slope and the landing is fine. Brakes are good ! Now, it's time to unload the delivery
  8. Welcome to Papua New Guinea! So we had to transport four people today, two needed to go to Kokoda, and the other two to Emo Mission. Since our C206 needed to be serviced, we took the faithful Skywagon. At company hangar at Jacksons Airport And off we go! Take off from Port Moresby A second before touchdown at Kokoda Field Entering the Emo Mission valley A quick look at the beautiful waterfall before making a sharp turn to the right to line up with the strip at Emo Mission Watch your speed, you don't want to bump all over the place! Welcome home! Emo Mission is peaceful, I will have a cup of coffee before heading back to Port Moresby
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