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  1. I'm hoping that someone can help me with this. I've decided to rebuild my Flight Sim in the spare room, since I have had little space until now to set it up. I purchased my original orbx product (see below) in June, 2015 and I am not sure if it is the same as the one currently advertised on the website. The difference in file size suggests it's not. Can you please let me know what differences there are between the two, such as graphics, compatibility, e.t.c. If I need to update, I'd like to know before the sales end. Thank You. ORIGINAL PURCHASE The Flight Sim Store: http://www.flightsimstore.com Product Name: Orbx - FTX: Australia SP4 File Name: OrbxFTXAUSP4003.zip File Size: 4.4GB Price: $ 49.95AUD CURRENTLY ADVERTISED Orbx Simulation Systems: https://orbxdirect.com/product/au Product Name: AU Australia File Name: Unknown File Size: 2.53GB Price: $ 54.95AUD ($ 30.22AUD Sale Price)
  2. Hello guys, A few days ago went ahead and bought a couple Australian sceneries. Since the prerequisite was the Australia region pack, I also bought it; however, since I installed the AU region pack, flying in or out of any Australian airport is barely possible because of the poor frames P3D is throwing. Hope someone can help me sort this out... Mi specs are as follows: P3D V4.3, GTX 1060, i7 processor, Windows 7 64 bit. Best,
  3. I have the Orbx Libraries, 3 Orbx airports (Jandakot, Busselton and Cunderdin), Holgermesh and AU Australia installed, as well as (via Steam) Discover Australia installed. Besides this no other addons. When I fly all the power and lamp poles are showing up as black blobs: I am using FSX Steam Edition. I did have to edit a file (C:\Users\stuart\AppData\Local\Orbx\Simulators\fsxse.c3json) to get it to even see my sim as the scenery config is in "%PROGRAMDATA%\\Microsoft\\FSX\\scenery.cfg" instead of FSX-SE\\scenery.cfg and similar on for other paths.
  4. Been reading a bit about the fifth gen aircraft recently, and thought I'd go back and have a look at some of them again in the sim. Still feel they lack soul, but beginning to feel warmer towards them. Took the default P3D F22 on a run up from Sydney to the Gold Coast making a noise over Coffs Harbour Wonder what the pressure wave will do to that pool? Better get out of Dodge. That wasn't exactly stealthy. Rather enjoyed that, and will continue on up the coast and maybe west across the Northern Territories. Haven't been in P3D much lately - getting to grips with XP and Ortho4XP. Got my own version of TrueEarth UK now and it is great. Fully anticipate the proper Orbx version will blow it out of the water but for now it's a taster of things to come. But it was good to get back here and see the Orbx world again - each sim has its own different magic. And I saw somewhere on here that KPSP is coming to AFS2 - whoo-hoo! (And hey - can we have our "preview" function back!)
  5. Cairns [YBCS] to Townsville [YBTL] in QW 788 Jetstar 1. Holding short, Rwy 15 Cairns https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9cgqjikyiruggh/2018-06-13 19-31-04 cc1-fs-182.JPG?dl=1[\img] 2. Climbing out over Cairns city https://www.dropbox.com/s/difvap5c81blx9y/2018-06-13 17-37-14 cc1-fs-125.JPG?dl=1[\img] 3. Passing the amazing Hinchinbrook Island. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7uw2qmz1iskuu0v/2018-06-13 18-03-54 cc1-fs-136.JPG?dl=1[\img] 4. Late afternoon sun at 9000’ https://www.dropbox.com/s/9grd3vj4s43zvxz/2018-06-13 19-07-27 cc1-fs-146.JPG?dl=1[\img] 5. About to turn for the approach of Rwy 10 - Townsville https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hlahnj9rj6q8pn/2018-06-13 19-08-18 cc1-fs-148.JPG?dl=1[\img] 6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3hnxafdp2ycbaz/2018-06-13 19-14-47 cc1-fs-155.JPG?dl=1[\img] 7. Coming in over Townsville https://www.dropbox.com/s/v10onr4447tws5s/2018-06-13 19-19-38 cc1-fs-166.JPG?dl=1[\img] 8. “20” called out https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7wr10599arbfvl/2018-06-13 19-21-10 cc1-fs-168.JPG?dl=1[\img] 9. Reverse thrust, Castle Hill in the background https://www.dropbox.com/s/nilze0gj38p2joe/2018-06-13 19-21-27 cc1-fs-169.JPG?dl=1[\img] 10. Taxiing back to the gates. Mt Stuart now in view https://www.dropbox.com/s/mk7tf5lxauqrdui/2018-06-13 19-24-13 cc1-fs-175.JPG?dl=1[\img] 11. Parked for the night. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9cgqjikyiruggh/2018-06-13 19-31-04 cc1-fs-182.JPG?dl=1[\img]
  6. I am at wits end. I have a new computer and installed FSX. I had it on my old computer and all ORBX products worked fine, although it was a slower computer. Now I installed ORBX in my new computer's FSX. All regions work, except AU Austrailia and NZ New Zealand, both north and south islands. When I select these regions when starting FSX in Select Airport, FSX freezes and no longer responds. When I start at an airport outside the region, and try to "go to airport" in Austrailia or New Zealand, again it locks up, freezes. I tried to reinstall, but had the same result. FTX Central indicates that these Regions are installed and fully updated. Unified IcLookup has been completed after installation of the Regions. Please help, I am at wits end.
  7. Around Broome YBRM on Cessna 172 A2A.
  8. NZ14 on the first leg of the trip to LAX in the new toy. At the gate in Christchurch Aotearoa living up to its name. Aoraki poking above the tops Cumulogranite below I'm hoping the thing will grow on me. I've always thought the -200 was prettier. The long hump on this looks wrong. Still, there is always the freighter.
  9. Don't really think this guy should be anywhere near this part of the world, but he looks good here and this guy is definitely lost, Canada Coastal Patrol heading for the Gibson Desert? But then, it's my world and I can do what I like in it!
  10. Dear ORBX team, I just noticed while doing updates that my account shows a license for Australia, purchased in 2008, but I definitely own this as DVD. And as far as I remember, I have never purchased a crossgrade option at FSS. The last announcement from ORBX which I recall is that the DVD license transfer is being worked on, but not yet completed. Which brings me to the question where that license comes from I was about to buy new licenses for my two DVD products (PNW being the other one) - should I refrain from this and spend the money on something else? Will PNW also eventually show up in my account without doing anything? Please advise Boris
  11. Three from Sydney in the default Connie - Night shots with lots of lights always were a problem for me in v3. At 4k I saw a lot of OOMs or crashes. But now . . And the lights go way out over there . . . And down a bit, over Tasmania in the Legacy. These are pretty dark, but if you've got a big monitor with good colour balance they're worth a look. Again, the level of detail and the lighting is amazing This is where Bermuda can dig out an appropriate music clip, I suspect - And this is just the beginning! Active Sky and Rex are promising updates soon, all the utilities I use for v3 are coming good, it looks like porting my hangar across may not be too problematical, and then of course there will be all that lovely ORBX scenery coming across as well. And to top it all, I think I've found a decent builder who can do a bunch of the jobs I've been putting off out in the garden! Life is good!
  12. Well today is the day I start a 2 months holiday to Thailand leaving YMML at 3:15 this afternoon on TG773 HS-TKA. 28.
  13. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the airport. 1. A few elevation problems at YMML. 2. Then the Vectors airport elevation corrections thingy would not run. A quick search on the forums found the problem, deleted the 8 files as suggested and all is fixed. I do get worried when problems are so easy to fix.
  14. just a random assortment of shots to kinda catch up a bit:
  15. Passing the Daly River in the Northern Territory after an early morning departure from Darwin. 19.
  16. 'parently some cars race here. Same day as the Japanese F1 GP most years, so I miss it... Shut down after the trip from Illawarra Regional Airport (Wollongong to most of you):
  17. On an early autumn morning my Tasmania adventure begins... Climbing out from Apollo Bay... ... and heading to King Island: Still early morning I went further south, across Hunter Island to Cape Grim, with Woolnorth Windfarm. I was told once, that you find the cleanest air on earth there (as the next industry westwards is in Argentina...), but it also seems to be a windy point. Entering the north coast of Tasmania we pass Smithton... do you recognize The Nut left from us? ... and have breakfast in Burnie / Wynyard. A fantastic OZx add-on by Ken Hall - thanks for that! As the sun comes out, it is time for some touch-and-gos here. Well, well, it´s autumn, so the weather gets a bit more dramatic soon. So we circle around Table Cape and head eastwards, towards Burnie ... ... Penguin, ... ... Devonport and Georgetown. Time to enter the mouth of Tamar River and turn southeast towards Launceston - but what is this construction below? That needs more attention on another flight, but for now ... I am off for Lunch in Launceston. And - you know my ORBX forum name? - I know where to have lunch in that city. Guess the name of the restaurant!
  18. Finally got some time off from my bathroom rebuild, and had a flight worth sharing. I've bought shedloads of stuff from the ORBX and various other sales over the last few weeks, but haven't had time to even install a lot of it, let alone fly around anywhere. Still, a couple more weeks and I'll be a free man again! In the meantime, I did install Jandakot and a nice DH-89 and have a quick half-hour circuit around Perth as the sun came up. Nice and relaxing, and not a tube of sealant to be seen anywhere! Heading off as the sun just begins to rise turn round and head over the city towards the coast turn south and head down the coast a bit Brightening up now looks like it's gonna be a nice day! Have turned round now, heading back to Jandakot And here we are, back down where we started. Looking forward to doing a bit more of this!
  19. Hi everyone, I made yesterday a flight between YBRM and YBAS. Below I attached photos with the strange rectangles spotted during the flight. Regards, Rafal
  20. Obviously, some keen flight simmers were involved with the planning and execution of this terrific spotting area, always keen to visit on business trips. The noise levels and visibility on finals is amazing, especially with the arrival of 747's. There's even a rain shelter!
  21. This is just a clearout of shots Ive been meaning to share (and are worth sharing imo) landing at YMAY: random new Zealand shots: thanks for looking. this is default P3D with my own sky and clouds. I think you can get great light and shadow with just default engine and shadows.
  22. took off from Alice again, and headed north/north east. I think there could be a market here - "postcards from the middle of nowhere". Talk about wide open spaces here's the middle of nowhere as the sun goes down! flying into the night the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night (you may need to zoom in here - it's not completely blank, honest!) heading to dawn in nowhere central Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm basically anti-social, but I think that might be a bit too much even for me. It would be very fine to have a hut with a verandah there though, if you could just beam in for a few moments solitude and silence and then beam back home again. I can imagine it being rather wonderful, in lots of ways.
  23. Just installed YMUI Murray Island AU P3D, and had to share a some shots of an excellent little freeware area by Tim Harris, Thank you Tim! The Airport YMUI Civilian Dude taking a stroll along a nice little beach front. He found an abandoned boat and decided to go for a spin. Shot from Estrecho de Torres Island toward Murray Island (according to google) Watching the Sun set. Sunset on the beach A bit later in the day If you haven't been there in a while, it's well worth the trip and a stroll around the grounds! I would have gladly paid for it.
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