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  1. After some days of rest we were heading into the afternoon out of Broome... ... with an intermediate stop in Cape Leveque, ... ... but over Derby night was closing in. Not a good feeling when you know there is no ILS around. Next morning we could get a seat in a slightly quicker plane for a longer distance. Via Wolfe Creek Crater... ... to Balgo Hill, nicely OZxed.
  2. Speeding northwards out of Balgo Hill... ... across Mt Argyle Diamond Mine. Looks like the search for carbon is done more systematically there. Coming to the tropical zone... ... and into Darwin, the metropolis of the north.
  3. Put the tiger in your tank... ... and say "goodbye" to the two icons. Salty ponds... ... and the coast. With a perfect timing into sunset. No problem to land the A320 here, but the taxiways are a bit tight... ... while other things are predominantly short. See ya!
  4. Low & slow - if only I had an aussie repaint...
  5. Royal Flying Doctor Service from Alice Springs... ... westwards via Hermannsburg, ... ... Gosses Bluff, ... ... Areyonga and Kings Creek, ... ... to a place ev´rybody knows. Just in time!
  6. As you may have read, I was struggling in getting the time setting right for this flight when trying to shortcut it from Broome only. So my task for the weekend was clear: Depart correctly at Singapore, and find out how sun settings and light conditions change during the flight. I started flight preparations after a "long turnover" 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, which is 21:15 hrs. I am too slow for a professional, so I took off with 8 minutes delay, shame on me. Not much to see outside, but the pilots have enough to watch. Equator crossing. Still during climb, wit
  7. I wanted to just simulate & shortcut a longer flight, and started from Broome only. The challenge: It should be ending at Melbourne 06:30 Local Time, end of April. So take into account time zones, daylight saving on the southern and northern hemisphere, not to forget wind speeds. Drove me crazy. Maybe I will just have to do a full run from the homebase of this airline... Here we are, crossing the country in the night... ... already over VIC, ... ... and approaching ILS27: Cool down, mates. And that is where the paxes go.
  8. Replacing the empty drinks for the upcoming flight. You know that pilot is German, so better be stocked. Pine Gap, the McDonnell ranges, and the jail... Hours later. The drinks are finished, and the crew is on final. I mean, the flight is on final. Can I trust my eyes, or is that taxiway a bit small for the 320? Impressive scenery, you have to feel it yourself & in motion. If you didn´t get this airport yet, consider it seriously. Phone connections are stable up there in Broome...
  9. ... and rarely something else on these pictures. Or, maybe ... after all ... The ground traffic controller is on duty. If that stone ain´t well known... ... with a touch of salt... Kings Creek: Areyonga: Hermannsburg: The McDonnell Ranges, leading towards... ... Alice: Amazing scenery, always as good the first time.
  10. Well, maybe I need to actualize my grammar for going more and more into the red centre... Next part of my little tour, from Coober Pedy to Conellan. Not many additional words needed... In the parking lot:
  11. ... perhaps some Opals can help me fill my gaps on ORBX scenery... and there should be promising places... Let´s see if it works for me...
  12. Too many sharks down there at Port Lincoln, so I took some bigger plane (thanks Brad, for the hint) and escaped from the coast... ... across Cowell... ... with a look towards Wilpena Pound... ... and heading into the red. Flight timing into dawn sometimes can lead to critical approaches, like here. Reached Coober Pedy with the last remaining light...
  13. Don´t worry, we do not have the cost cutting consultants here...: Impressed by Mallards recent evening tour http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/73552-im-not-bluffing/ I simply had to check if the Gosses Bluff Crater and the MacDonnell ranges were still there. So I took off from Hermannsburg - a city with a strong German history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermannsburg,_Northern_Territory ... ... just a few miles west, towards the meteorite impact point: Turned left, to the southern rim of the MacDonnell ranges, and the city of Areyonga, where I paused for a cold beer. And
  14. Well, shorter runways and a longer flight distance - crying for a medium cruiser... from Carnavon: Already at Pearce... ... a little city tour ... ... with a view to Perth downtown from the Indian Ocean ... ... over the Freemantle "desert" (wasn´t there a workaround shortly? cannot find it searchin in the forum... ) - can you already see the runway? Finally parked at the club. I have to admit I do not master all the VNAV and autoland features of the plane, but it is smooth enough for manual treatment.
  15. Directly after recognizing that Exmouth Light Airstrip (home base of Norwestairworks) is not modeled in FSX (yet) http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/73313-desperately-seeking-su-exmouth/ , I went on to Ningaloo Reef. Crossing Cape Range... At the Reef - err, what? I was quite sure that object flow would not help me finding some whale sharks, but the total absence of a reef structure...? Going south... ... at least a little fragment. Cape Cuvier: The peninsula near Quobba: And on final to Carnavon, just at the right time for a sundowner! If I made a mistake and
  16. After reading the report about bush pilots in West Australia in the Lufthansa magazine last summer (http://www.lhm-lounge.de/downloads/standardbeitrag/598141/lh_1307_ex_Buschpiloten_20-31.pdf, sorry, only German but with lovely pictures), i was keen to fly to the airstrip given in the article - with coordinates. My plan was to hop from Learmonth to Exmouth, to hire at http://www.norwestairwork.com.au/ ... hopefully. So I passed Exmouth "city" ... ... North West Cape ... ... and the exact location & road crossing of the airstrip, as given in the article (and proven in G
  17. Took the Cat in Barrow Island, in nice sunny conditions ... ... but had to wait for the traffic before TO approval. Quite a sandy beach down there: Onslow "City": Checking some oil rigs... ... and a lighthouse: Uups: Just north of Learmonth the ground visibility got limited... ... at least there were some lights to guide me!
  18. From Port Hedland... ... following the Great Northern Highway (well, the railway seems more reliable actually)... ... to Wodinga Mine... ... Yandi Mine 2... ... Yandi Mine 1... ... and Jimblebar Mine. Mt. Newman - surprisingly green: Mt. Newman Mine... and the beautifully OZxed Mt. Newman airfield: Looks like hard & hot work down there in these mines. Hope the salary is ok...
  19. Beautiful Broome...: Adieu, Cable beach... But Eco beach doesn´t look too bad either: Hmm, good that I didn´t take a car. From AU green to AU red... Really red... Just in time for Port Hedland!
  20. Some of the Olgas I've known in the past have been every bit as craggy (though not quite as old) as these :lol: In celebration of having a fully working FTX AU in the right colour (red!) ... finally! Hmmm ... not sure whether I'll make it back to NZ before the light goes! Adam.
  21. Yes, flying in a jet is too fast to discover the beauty of the scenery (& the country). But I needed to do some validation flights, as I had trouble with my sim - which I hope is now solved. From Darwin (thanks to Anthony Lynch)... ... over the Kimberleys ... ... to Broome. Once again the lady is busy on the phone.
  22. As requested by Adam_NZ I took another red (center & bull) tour. From Tennant Creek... ... to Epenarra ... ... Ampilatwatja ... ... Utopia ... ... Hart´s Range ... ... and towards Alice Springs. Some areas are indeed more green than red, but this is limited.
  23. Taking off from YBAS with the appropriate livery... ... and following road & rail track to the north: Short stopover in Ti-Tree: "On" the road again... ... passing Ali-Curung: Hmmm, driving on that road could be troublesome. Went on to Devils Marbles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devils_Marbles_Conservation_Reserve - but the picture refused to be uploaded 3 times... However, the balancing rocks are not clearly displayed in the sim..,
  24. While Brad was doing a flight in the red center (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/72029-some-from-the-red-centre-p3d-20/) in P3D, I happened to be in the same region with FSX. OK, I was on duty for the RFDS... a veritable excuse I think. Pine Gap: Hermannsburg: Areyonga: Kings Creek Station: Lake Amadeus: Docker River, the westernmost airstrip of this tour: Kata Tjuta, on approach to Conellan airport (an OZx must-have!).
  25. ... for the price of one (picture): Unedited, REX real weather.
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