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  1. Speeding northwards out of Balgo Hill... ... across Mt Argyle Diamond Mine. Looks like the search for carbon is done more systematically there. Coming to the tropical zone... ... and into Darwin, the metropolis of the north.
  2. Out... of the cloudy north (at Darwin). And in... to the rainy east (at an airport we all know, now including the P3D flyers). Too many clouds for a proper documentation of this uneventful flight... sorry.
  3. After installing a freeware livery / model my T7 always froze during preflight ( http://www.avsim.com/topic/430455-complete-fmc-freeze-pre-flight/#entry3359271 ). Application of PMDG support seemed to help, and here are my test results...: As we all know, Brisbane is one of the heaviest airports for memory usage of our sims. PMDGs T7 is not easy either. That´s what I call a really successful test. I hope she will keep working...
  4. Not quite in it's home habitat, but I couldn't pass up my favourite colour scheme on the 707 for a trip down to Cairns from Port Moresby (with a sneaky bypass of Murray Island along the way!). Cheers, Jarrad
  5. Wasn´t this a yellow plane? And bright sunshine? Seems to be the reef paints the screen in its own colours...
  6. Beautiful Broome...: Adieu, Cable beach... But Eco beach doesn´t look too bad either: Hmm, good that I didn´t take a car. From AU green to AU red... Really red... Just in time for Port Hedland!
  7. Lots of clouds already over my starting point, Kurunurra: A window to spot Lake Argyle diamond mine... ... while the Bungle Bungles are not visible at all (and I think they are not even modeled...). Wolfe Creek Crater, just after entering West Australia´s airspace: Season´s floodings in the North...: First attempt to land in Fitzroy Crossing... ... but the airport is there... OK, finally parked and shut down. With a beautiful view of the main terminal building.
  8. Yes, flying in a jet is too fast to discover the beauty of the scenery (& the country). But I needed to do some validation flights, as I had trouble with my sim - which I hope is now solved. From Darwin (thanks to Anthony Lynch)... ... over the Kimberleys ... ... to Broome. Once again the lady is busy on the phone.
  9. ... after a long romantic summer day on Green Island.
  10. Just to add a short exploration of Hugh Johnston´s Lord Howe Island: Well, what would you expect me to do with such a boat dropped into the bay here,,,? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUNOVC1qVjc#t=2
  11. Just a little tour around the stunning Cairns scenery. I have to add that maxing all sliders and features do not cause OOM problems here, as they (unfortunately) do in YMML and YBBN... Heading back north... Green Island below: Configured for autoland...
  12. Following a suggestion by Jarrad, I just took an immediate turn from Cairns on the way to Leila´s... ... and followed the (Barron?) river up into the mountains. By comparison with the surrounding, this might be the Barron Falls. But no fall to be seen... is it just the wrong season, missing detail in the scenery or did I go wrong? Is there anyone who knows?
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Barrier_Reef : "The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority considers the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef to be climate change, causing ocean warming which increases coral bleaching. Mass coral bleaching events due to elevated ocean temperatures occurred in the summers of 1998, 2002 and 2006, and coral bleaching is expected to become an annual occurrence. As global warming continues due to anthropogenic causes, corals will not be able to keep up with increasing ocean temperatures. Coral bleaching events lead to increased disease susceptibility, whi
  14. Starting from Hamilton Island to the south (still with US paint, meanwhile I have installed some Aussie ones...): Passing Dent Island towards the mainland: Over the fields to cape Gloucester: The Whitsundays. Famous, and for a good reason. Just a little rest at Whitehaven Beach. I am sure, with realistic people flow this place would be crowded... but ain´t it nicer this way? Returning... ...smoothly... ... to parking. Looks like a nice welcome.
  15. On my way down the coast from Cairns, I ended a flight at a busy Hamilton Island http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67018-around-hamilton-island/ . Came there from Townsville... ... passed Magnetic Island ... ... the Haughton River estuary: How could one put Abbott Pt. Coal facility into such a beautiful surrounding? At least there is a natural reason why they put the Bowen Salt ponds where it is...: Posted this pic before: The aborted final in Hamilton Island :
  16. Lots of traffic around the Whitsundays currently, with a BN Islander behind me, and the A320 on final to YBHM...: Easy to understand, why the tourists want to get here. Rain and storm outside here in Germany today... Hey, what is that obstacle on MY runway? Looks like an amateur or bloody hobby pilot, unable to clear the rwy in time! And ATC didn´t even call for a go-around... At least this gave me the chance for another sightseeing tour around Hamilton Island - and with a fairly small plane going around isn´t that much work... Success in 2nd approach. Still heavy tr
  17. Taking off from Cairns, and checking the traffic over there... ... before turning to the inland... ... across Leila´s airstrip: It´s coming home, it´s coming home: Mareeba town... ... and airfield: Heading south, to Atherton. A bit too foggy for a coffee break... ... but Millstream was just fine. Good to be back in the livery´s home region!
  18. ... I did not miss any episode of Jacques Cousteau´s expeditions. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Idxae5NnCuo (begin to watch it at 3:33) So it was an easy decision for me when I was asked to join a Great Barrier tour with his successors. Departing from Townsville...: ... the weather was not looking so good (FSX real weather, REX clouds): But after some minutes heading north, the colourful spots appeared. Simply fascinating views, I felt: Fitzroy Island in the background: Meeting colleagues at Vlassoff Cay... ..
  19. Shortly after the Jetstar Airbus (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/66880-heading-even-more-south/) a Qantas Boeing service started on the same route. Leaving Cairns... Hamilton Island: Lining up for Brisbane: Configured, but closely followed...: Ready for autoland: Full braking, in order to leave the runway quickly - heavy traffic here...: Uuuups, while taxiing my fps dropped under 10. Followed by FSX crash. I feel, YBBN needs a reduction of AI traffic for me...
  20. Here is the context of my recent "where am I" question: Departing Innisfail... ... over Johnstone River... ... and the sugar cane fields south of the airport: Passing Dunk Island... ... and Hinchinbrook Island. Maybe the beaches are quite lonesome, I would suspect salt water reptiles find this place inviting? So, turning inland to Wallaman Falls. Though not photorealistic (a pity...), but at least easy to spot in FTX. There is potential for AU 2.0! The landscape north of Ingham. Rivers, and flat Australian hills. Cane fields just north of Ingham. I can almost smell
  21. Now I found some time to test #2 from the list, quite a challenge to program the FMS. Took off too steep (maybe not very comfortable for the 100 paxes), ... ... but managed to get the plane controlled then. FSX real weather, not so bad looking (with REX clouds). Approaching Cairns ILS15, by far too close behind the RFDS...: Shutdown. So much to learn on this bird. And the first step will now be getting a local paint.
  22. I was fortunate to receive some useful boxes at a recent occasion... some will be easy to use (you can find them in my signature...), some are not. My first flight in the Catalina (after Ezdoc setup and customizing the gauges) ended quite fast: CHT overheat within minutes. Hmmm, wasn´t there a hint with the temperatures and the cowl flaps? OK, at least I could land the machine on water safely, even without engines. And the 2nd trial was better: Townsville takeoff: Approaching Magnetic Island: Landing was easier than feared. So I have received just a suitable toy for the reef nea
  23. During a short round around Cairns my 12-year-old copilot took control again. She was fascinated by the scenery, ... ... but not by the ATC: She was forced to go around. However, going around helped us to discover this hockey field just south of rwy 15: Precisely made, already prepared with the additional circles for small field playing, and the club house just next to the pitch for a cold one after playing (or before, respectively). I wonder if you can ignore the umpires during heavy metal take-offs there ...
  24. Still need to adjust to the southern hemisphere...
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