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Found 17,957 results

  1. I found this terrain "anomaly" between Cairo and Asyut just west of Nile. I did file verification and replaced terrain.cfg with no luck. Sotiris Stavrakis Intel core i7 2600 RAM 8GB AMD RADEON R9 280 Win 7 64 SP1 FSX Accel Transaction ID : 5c7d215612653
  2. Hi I have experienced the same error as what I experienced before at CYBD - this time CTD on approach to RWY36 at CZST (Stewart) with vcruntime140.dll as the faulting module in the crash log. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks. Ray
  3. Hello, My Orbx Central was updated to 4.1.11 yesterday and now, instead of opening directly to either P3Dv4 or P3Dv5, it stops at the selection screen. Fair enough, but then it takes another while before it loads after selecting. I find the previous autoload and switch if necessary better. What is causing a headache though is the fact that every time I open Central, the insertion point for both sims reverts to Top of Library. Why is this even an option when every response on this forum is for Orbx items to be below other 3rd party scenery? Can Central be updated to stop this automatic insertion point reversion please? Thanks!
  4. So I downloaded the Florida HD files...everything seems to have gone the way it should... no error saying I don't have enough space....both my drives still have plenty of space remaining after install... yet the scenery does not load. Loading times have increased however. Where do I start to diagnose this?
  5. Some black water blocks around Stockholm after last update GBP P3D4. P3D5 is ok. 2020-6-4_10-2-2-560.bmp
  6. Hi all, thought those stuttery days were over, but they are back in v5. Every 3 seconds a stutter with otherwise locked 30FPS, really annoying. Needless to say that I do not have those regular stutters in v4.5, although the FPS are slightly lower (around 25-30). Needless to say, that I use the same settings in v5 as I do in v4.5 (except enhanced atmospherics). And, of course, outside TE Netherlands, no regular 3 second stutters are visible. What could be the culprit here? Thanks for any hint... Regards Chris
  7. Hello , please have a look at my shot below : I load up a flight at 1S2 Darrington , and I realized that the Colours are different despite changing seasons ! Is there a fix or an upcoming Update ? This happens to all Orbx Airports within TE Washington region ! Thank you , Mike
  8. Just starting a new thread per user guide. Transaction ID: 5ec655a6e9444 I would like some support on identifying why I am getting relatively poor frame rates on EGNM versus other much larger sceneries where I get 30 fps+ EGNM sits at between 15-25 tops (Aerosoft A320 Pro) whereas all others on my system usually hold at 30 (my GPU is locked at 30). I have FLyTampa EHAM, Aerosoft LZSH, UK2000 EGLL EGPH EGPF, Taxi2gate LFPG, all much bigger sceneries with no FPS issue. One thing of note which may be relevant is that I installed TEGB North and South before Central (and before EGNM) and Central seems to have installed differently to N and S - it is showing up as an XML package in the Addon Organizer app (dark green versus light green). I installed Central on a different drive too, as C: was full. My PC is pretty OK spec, i7-9770K at 5Mhz (OC), nvidia GTX 1660 super 6Gb, 16Gb ram. Thanks for any support. What to include in your support requests If at all possible, this is what we’d like to see provided for each request you log: ● A separate post on the Orbx support forums for each issue (don’t tag new issue reports onto existing threads). ● Include your TRANSACTION ID from your purchase in your post or forum signature section. ● A screenshot to highlight what you are talking about. ● A descriptive post title which clearly states what the issue is. ● Detailed comments in your post about what you are reporting on.
  9. Hi Guys Wondered if anyone else had seen similar. I've had stable FPS for ages but have recently been chasing a huge FPS drop since an install on 6 May. Orbx NA PAcific Northwest v1.9.2 Orbx Libraries v19.7.4 Orbx ObjectFlow v3.0.2 Orbx Global TerraFlora v2 1.0.1 I finally traced back and uninstalled TerraFlora v2 1.0.1 and suddenly I'm back up to where I was before.
  10. Hello, It appears anytime i update Orbx, it "zaps" all other FSx aircrafts from my system. I do not see or able to interact with the other aircrafts even though i have the setting on FSX to load other aircrafts. What may be going on please? This is a recent development with the update/launch of the NEW Orbx Desktop. I have had Orbx since 2016, this is the transaction ID i think from that first purchase. I have continued to update with other airports and such - Your transaction ID is 586421b643b2f.
  11. Dear all, I'm very new to X-Plane so please forgive me if I've made an obvious mistake. I'm running X-Plane 11 on a newish iMac and have so far installed TrueEarth Great Britain South plus a couple of recommended plugins. All was going well until suddenly X-Plane started crashing within a couple of seconds of my selected new flight. I've tried to do a bit of searching and experimenting to find out why. Yesterday I started with a fresh install of X-Plane. From scratch, all works okay. I then re-added the Orbx scenery files using Central to regenerate the symlinks, the files themselves are in a separate folder. Again, all seems to be okay... until, for no reason that I can discern, I can fly merrily at London City (EGLC), but not Bristol International (EGGD). If I try to set up a new flight at the latter X-Plane crashes within a couple of seconds of the flight starting. I've tried rearranging the scenery_packs.ini file, but that didn't seem to help. I've saved the log.txt files from two flights as examples and attached them. Finally, I'm not sure if it's relevant or not, but I had also added MisterX's Airport Environment HD and the MisterX_Library. I've since removed the symlinks to these but that didn't solve the problem. Thanks in advance, Jez Log_EGLC_ALL_OK.txt Log_EGGD_CRASHED.txt scenery_packs.ini
  12. You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product. A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product. Please review your request before posting into this forum. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.
  13. Hi, I`ve problem with elevation for heliport Stanford University Hospital 15CA. As you can see from the attached picture I am sitting on the 15CA heliport, but there is still some area above it. Either the heliport is low or there is no area. cheers Karoly Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  14. You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product. A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product. Please review your request before posting into this forum. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.
  15. With skyline KLGB and Orbx Socal i get a error saying klgb not loading correctly and Signal hill is flat. anyone have an idea of a fix? otherwise airport and scenery look fine. Log.txt
  16. Is anyone else experiencing blurred scenery? Never had this before, but after a while of flying the scenery becomes blurred? Using P3D V5 Orbx base, Orbx England, and a few airports from Orbx. Spec i9 cpu 2070 super 2tb of hard drive. I keep the settings down as I like to fly VR.
  17. I was flying around TE Washington and I Noticed Trees in areas which I think they shouldn't be there ! Is this Normal ?
  18. Anyone have an idea what causes this and how to fix? I've installed a number of Orbx files without issue, but both Darrington Wa and Fall City Wa come up with variations of this. I run in FSX (boxed). I have FEX, UTX, and Washington State MegaScenery (un-checked) Purchase #: 5ed6c7e59ee70 Acer Predator P03-600 Intell Core i7-8700 CPU @3.2GHz 3.19GHz 32G RAM Win 10
  19. Hi, i was reading te topic regarding the option in OBRX CENTRAL for the transparent road textures but i can´t find it ? Operating system: W10 Simulator: XP11 Screenshot: Issue: NO CHOICE OPTIONS central.log
  20. Using P3D4.5 HF3, Global base pack, OpenLC Europe , EU-England. Getting strange orange squares and lines inside flying from Heathrow airport ( Uk2000). Any idea how to correct these, thanks PC : I9-9900K CPU, 32gb Ram, Nvidia 2080Ti card, windows 10 pro.
  21. Hello. I have a crazy thing happening to me and my simulator. I have never experienced this before. I use P3DV5 with the Hotfix and also all of my Orbx and TOGA PROJECTS together. I will be flying along in any plane does not make a difference which plane I am in, after a while look out the window and see the ground has gone blurry. I then switch to outside view any outside view and my ground is back in focus!!! sharp as ever. Back in the cockpit looking out the window all looks normal again. I can also get the terrain to look sharp again by pushing either the F9 key or my F11 key which are the default keys for outside and inside the cockpit. I have had the blurries before but never like this. Has anyone else experienced this in P3DV5??? or could anyone explain to me why this is happening? Thanks!!!
  22. Recently in P3Dv5, I have had an issue where there is a clear octagonal border of terrain visible all around the aircraft. I did not experience this in v4, and I don't recall seeing it in v5 until just a few days ago. The following images illustrate the problem. Note that I have seen this behaviour over openLC Europe (over Poland), openLC North America (over the Praries) and openLC Africa (after departing north from Nairobi). In the images below, the octagonal border is visible directly in front of the aircraft. Closing ActiveSky didn't remove the problem, so I don't think its haze in the distance causing the issue. My setting for Autogen and Scenery Draw Distance is set to High I have all of my Orbx products for v5 saved in an Orbx Library on an SSD To solve the problem, I tried the following - in this exact order: Verified files for Orbx Base/all open LC products - problem did not go away Set the terrain.cfg file to .off and let P3D rebuild it followed by running Sync Simulator in Orbx Central - problem did not go away (note, I did not set lclookup to .off since the guide says to not do that if the libraries are installed outside of the sim directory. My Orbx libraries are installed in an Orbx library outside of the sim folder). Deactivated all scenery that was installed between the sim looking fine and having problems - problem did not go away Deleted the shaders folder (even though all shaders are default) and let P3D rebuild a new Prepar3d.cfg file - problem did not go away Ran Delete Generated Files and set the simulator using the exact same settings as before - problem did not go away Is there anything that I have missed? I'm at a loss for what could be causing this.
  23. Things did not look right in Chichester/Goodwood and Old Warden. I found on the forums (Nick in Dec 2019 ) that to ensure that my original purchased regional airports to show correctly in T E south I had to verify the the air[port files and all would be well. I thought that I had already done so but ran the verify again . There did not appear to be any change in Old Warden (access from one of the parking bays behind the tower seems denied by a continuous fence) and at the end of the verification for Goodwood I was asked to shut P3Dv4 and delete a couple of files (buildings and ADE). I could not get back to the main screen to shut down P3D and had to quit by closing the computer . I am confused. On accessing these files I noticed that they had already been disabled around the time of Nicks post (Dec 19). They were not done by me nor does the date of disablement tie in with my installation of T E earlier this year. Was the disablement done on an automatic update? If so, has something changed since that update to generate the message that they should now be deleted? I assume not, as I am confident that Orbx would have also removed the message about having to delete them on verification if they had already been disabled. I note that there are other bgl. files that have also been disables for this airport (e.g. objects) but are not asked to be deleted. I have not yet run the verification on my other airports but am I likely to get the same message and circumstance? My question for clarification is, do I still need to delete them although they have been disabled? Or can I ignore?
  24. The OpenLC golf course exclude "0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL" found in "Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1\Scenery" appears to break the ice water texture at: 39.6332016 -106.5265240 After looking at the files in the TmfViewer, the "0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL" file appears to cross the water texture in 2 to 4 different locations. Deactivating 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL fixes the problem (and restores the ice water). Is 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL even necessary if one is also running Vector? The golf courses all appear to be duplicated in Vector, and disabling 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL does not appear to change the visual appearance. Thanks, Carlyle
  25. hi everyone. i am new to this but i have an issue with the demo of iceland that i downloaded. while the scenery looks amazing and i would love to see more, I can't. the impoact that this demo has on my frame-rate makes the game unplayable. while just sitting at the airport i get only 6-9FPS. I have 16gb of ram and a 8gb video card so i am not sure that how that is possible. can someone please help me is there something that i am not doing that will make this work at a proper framerate. thank you
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