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  1. Hi all, The issue i had with ESSA is related to object flow. I tried a couple of thing before posting here. The issue : When Object Flow is installed P3DV5 would launch until splashscreen then closes without warning. If OF is uninstalled P3D works fine but Orbx Airports (ESSA< KSAN) have crap ground textures. I tried : 1/ Uninstall my Orbx stuff (library, Global, ESSA, KSAN), then re install + verify = same issue 2/ Uninstall my Orbx stuff, create a new library folder + install libraries and Object Flow only = issue is persistent and P
  2. Hi, i have two problems with the Orbx installation and hence cannot install the apps i have bought today: When i download the installer Norton Security states a malicious file, blocks the download and erases the file When i get the installer with tricks to work it installs Orbx but when i start it, it shows up very short and then flips out on the left of the monitor out of sight. Whatever i do i cant get it visibly on the screen to logon. No other app does this on my PC i am using Windows 10 with the very latest update a few days ago. What can i do the get Orbx Central running.
  3. I have the EGLC installed. Also have the London City Pack installed. If I departure from EGLC and don't move my head to look at scenery I don't get CTD. But as soon as I move my head (with TrackIR or with mouse) I get CTD. In my test I use BPK1H SID from rw9 and hold 3000 ft between LCE01 and BPK. Live weather in CJ4 mod from Working Title. Get the CTD between LCN03 and BPK.
  4. I have just bought the skypark but the transponder crashes every time I try to run it. I have worked through the help and support solutions all to no avail. Can you process a refund for me please. TSP_Transponder_CrashReport_1610725222632.txt
  5. Hi guys, picked up EGLC and the City scenery pack over the holidays and have noticed a big problem. The sim is almost unflyable with the city landmark pack. Sitting at gate 24 at EGLC if I pan the camera off towards O2 center I hit low 20's. If I remove just the scenery pack and leave EGLC I can look off in the same direction and see 40+ FPS in heavy overcast with light rain (real conditions right now). Is this a known issue with the scenery pack?
  6. i Installed Sydney city scape then I bought Sydney Airport from Orbx ,i uninstalled Asobo sydney airport and installed Orbx Sydney airport when i start my MSFS2020 its crached
  7. Dear people I wonder if someone can help. Usually I dont see the wrong cliffs like in the picture in GCLA. When I choose GCLA as departure airport (no cliffs) everything is ok but If I choose it as arrival airport specially for long flights these cliffs appear and destroy the nice scenery....Attached you see the scenery file. Any idea what the problem could be? The difficult thing for trying to solve it, is that sometimes happens sometimes not.... Thanks scenery_packs.ini
  8. The title says everything really. It’s a strange business and I don’t remember having it ever happen before but certain models, eg the Quest Kodiak, Vskylabs Tecam, will start up perfectly normally etc, and when the throttle is pushed up the animation suggests that it is working but there is no sound alteration and the models do not move. This only seems to happen in the Canaries. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks Neil G
  9. Hello, Can anyone advise why this airport is not in the MSFC scenery, in other words I am unable to find the airport in the world map menu?
  10. Hi When landing on 26 and leaving rwy at the far end, there are still 2 minor humps in the taxiway just by the rwy. I have removed the asobo version already! Thanks Richard ps otherwise LOWI is what every add on airport should be, including fantastic scenery to watch as you are approaching the airport
  11. I am getting errors like this every time I start an X-Plane 11 flight in UN North, near Barrow-in Furnace and Near Edinburgh. I haven't done anything unusual with Orbx scenery. I have used it before in UK north without encountering any errors.including near Edinburgh. I have looked in the Customer Scenery folders tree and I can't see these files there. That is to say, I can't find: a020xf8e0x17.ter a020xf8e0x17.dds I am wondering whether there is a typographical error in the file names, because I AM ABLE to find these two files with
  12. am having a problem where i click to add a Orbx scenery on the V5 Add-on and once i click on it it dont get active or it active some other Orbx random add-on P3DV5 and this started doing it yesterday i will try to unistall the Orbx stuff and install it again
  13. Hello all I have bought the london city pack but when I go to the content manager it tells me that they are not loaded any ideas please?
  14. Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help me, I have both True Earth scenery packs SE and Central. The issue happens on both packs and is to do with my night lighting. Randomly the night lighting will disappear as you see in my attached picture and then randomly come back. The attached is zoomed in so you can see some building lights and you can see that the scenery pack is there because of the buildings being loaded in but the night lights come and go. The night lights will always load in to the sim however the disappearance would normally happen between the flight. Im not u
  15. Generally just curious, I haven't yet purchased any Orbx MSFS airports. They look amazing, but my question is, do most airports customize/enhance the surrounding area/outskirts of airport? Like custom buildings/landmarks? I have recently been flying VR alot in the new simulator and look to be purchasing custom airports as they look fantastic.
  16. Just got SJC and have tried a few things, but with an assortment of default aircraft up to the NGXu just taxiing around when looking at the terminal I get a long frame stutter then the sim seems to snap back and catch up. I have the base pack, trees HD, vector, and openLC North America along with Cloudberry OAK and Flightbeam SFO, disabling OAK and SFO did not fix the issue. I turned off all the options for SJC in the configurator and I still get an awful long frame with this. I checked the manual and make sure my graphic settings match what is recommended and it still stutters very badly. I
  17. My X-Plane installation has stopped working completely, so I plan to do a fresh install because I haven't done so in a while. I was wondering if there was anything I should take into account, as I have Orbx True Earth GB South, and I'd rather not have to install it all over again too. I have X-Plane 11 on Steam. Will it automatically recognise the new install, and is there anything I shouldn't touch (in particular, can I delete the plugins and aircraft folder for the fresh install)? Thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Hi all, so I was retracing a trip I took in England, and was a little surprised to see (or, rather, NOT to see) the Avebury stone circle not represented as a POI in TEGB (p3d4.5). The circular region is visible, but no stones are represented as a custom POI (see screenshot). I'm not sure if it matters, but my TEGB-S control panel has all VFR Landmarks checked. Is Avebury supposed to be a POI in TEGB, or was it omitted and, hence, working as intended? Or is there potentially some setting I'm missing that is leaving it out? Thanks!
  19. I'm getting all Orbx related landclass scenery looking like this in various places, I noticed it since downloading trueearth and ive verified everything and its till present. I have terraflora, buildings, opne lc for all of what is available in N.A except Alaska.
  20. Hi Nick, I'm probably replying/inquiring in the wrong 'place', but i can't find anything similar to my problem. I purchased the cd Europe EU (Terrain pack), crossgrade completed ok. Now, I can't select 'Europe' (FTX CEntral removed). I tried a mission in the UK out of London city....a/c stationary at around 3,000ft??? Hit reset and the A/C was on the ground. I don't recall the scenery being so limited. Thanks Pete
  21. I use microsoft store edition, I cleared rolling cache, tried to install to main library and stuff but nope it crashes my game when I try to load the airport, help me.
  22. Thank you for purchasing the TFDi Design 717! If needed, your order number is 2086618500. You purchased through Orbx and should use Orbx Central to install and update the TFDi Design 717. If an error is received during the loading of the aircraft in the simulator, this is most likely an issue with the communication between the activation server and the simulator. Verify an active internet connection is established and the simulator is running as admin. If the issue persists, please open a ticket with us. Internet is fine, aircraft on installing in the downgrad
  23. Hi all, I originally posted this in the General forum, but as it straddled the line between informational and tech support, I'm moving it here. I was retracing an in-person trip I took in England, which included a trip to the massive stone circle at Avebury, and was a little surprised to see (or, rather, NOT to see) the Avebury stone circle not represented as a POI in TEGB (p3d4.5). The circular region is visible, but no stones are represented as a custom POI (see screenshot). I'm not sure if it matters, but my TEGB-S control panel has all VFR Landmarks checked. Is Avebury suppo
  24. I too have this problem. My Santa Barbara buildings disappeared. Other Orbx scenery bought via the MS portal seems fine. This one, bought directly via the Orbx Central utility, is the only one to have gone, despite the relevant "Orbx-airport-ksba-santa-barbara" folder being clearly visible in my FS Community folder. And Orbx central confirms it is installed. I tried renaming the community folder to community.x then moving JUST the santa barbara folder into a new community folder but that didn't help. I will now try deleting the KSBA airport (using Orbx central) creating a new comm
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