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  1. Ground sunk and strange texture appearance in P3D V5.1 Is this issue a P3D V5.1 issue and has to be addressed to LM or a Orbx issue (Orbx Base, Orbx KSAN, Orbx Building HD, Orbx Trees HD) and therefor to address at Orbx? See picture and view my specs Reproducable: Switch to outside view and pan around. At some view angles (Horizontal spoken) right sided the mesh seem to change. This will influence the top layer. At some "angle" at some location the mesch let the ground sunk or appear again. System specs Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.1.8.26742 Edition Windows
  2. Hi The runway and taxiway lights are not functional at YBCS. I uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery but has not resolved the issue. I have the original Australia base scenery installed. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? Thanks Craig
  3. I just bought this one because it seemed to have a nice looking bridge in the screenshots, and I thought if none of the default bridges allow me to fly under them, perhaps this one will. But although the underside of the bridge is very nicely modelled, there's still an invisible barrier that brings up an erroneous 'you collided with an object' message, just like every other bridge. Is this a limitation of the sim, or am I doing something wrong? (Apart from repeatedly flying into force fields.)
  4. Screen shot below indicates the problem! Since this happened I have verified all my Orbx files in Orbx Central and no indications of problems there.. but have no idea how to overcome this jumbled terrain. With well over 30 Orbx products in my FSX SE collection I have long been devoted to the way the environment has been brought to life by your products. I followed online advice (stupid) to use a Steam programme following a crash of FSX SE in hopes that this might fix any bad files that may have been causing a succession of FS crashes.. All I have is the disaster created in my scenery... The p
  5. Hello, Have some problems with scenery in airport YWOL. All other airports are okay. Cannot solve this with uninstall and stall again. See attached pictures. Please can any own help me solve the problem.
  6. Hi, I fly out of Edinburgh - as I live there - but noticed yesterday the bridges were missing across the Forth estuary - not just one but all 3! Flying around I see several others mising too - Dundee and Oban to name a couple. I haven`t made any changes to the sim - one day they were there the next day not! Any ideas? Colin
  7. HI, is there a fix for floating houses around Orbx LEBB airport?
  8. Hello , Any idea how can i have Crisp ground textures ? I Used to have Drzewiecki Design Grass but it is up to P3DV4 !! I tried it in my P3DV5 but it is Not working
  9. After the 28 OCT update to MSFS, aircraft liveries are not changing correctly in the "My Hangar" or when loading flights. I have both the IRIS Jabiru and IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339, which have more than one livery. If I open "My Hangar" and select the MB-339A, the last livery that I flew a flight with will be visible. If I click on the liveries button and then click on a different livery, a check mark appears in that livery box, but the livery does not change. If I go to the World Map and create a flight: When loading a flight, the first ti
  10. Hi everyone, After downloaded the latest MSFS Update 5, I am unable to load into ENAL (I downloaded it via the MSFS marketplace and I have tried uninstalling and installing again). I also tried doing a flight from ENVA to ENAL but no luck...in the descent and around 30 miles from the airport it just CTDs. Tried 3 times. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks, Dan
  11. Hello, I have white buildings among the HD houses in most areas of the FTX and LC scenery. The do not appear in TE Netherlands and FTX Germany, which both have their own autogen buildings. Old screenshots do not show these white buildings. So it could be a Buildings HD issue? I verified the product to no avail. FTX Scotland near Dundee: FTX PNW near Vancouver: Open LC EU near Salzburg across the Germand FTX border: Following this: Where I wrote:
  12. Hi, I have the following Orbx products installed. Tried re-installing all products but received same errors. 1. Washington HD 2. Expansion Pack 3. WA56 Airport 4. LOWI Airport The issues I'm having are: 1. WA56 airport is missing some resources 2. Washington HD (TE Custom file) TE_USA_POI_RG_Sheraton_Grand_Seattle_Union_Street.obj has two headers Everything still loads even with these issues Please find attached 2 file: 1. Log.txt file 2. scenery_packs.ini Please review the
  13. Hello all, I just updated to P3D 5.1 and so far I'm liking it, I followed Nicks guide for updating to the T and it went smooth as silk. I do have one small problem though. My waves seem to be missing. I used the modified waves found here in the forums, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Any ideas what I can try to get them back? thanks
  14. thats it really, what works and what doesnt? Is there a list for 5.1 at the moment please or a procedure we need to do in order for Orbx to work in v5.1?
  15. I recently bought the Miviz Turbo Otter via Central - and installed by Central I haven't been able to fly it yet because I can't get the throttle out of the bottom detent in reverse I joined the Milviz support for this aircraft and asked for help since Orbx rules seem to be check developer - not Orbx support. this what I asked:--- Bought through and installed by Orbx P3D V4.5 no problems with any thing else so far OG because I cant get the A/c started The Throttle lever is stuck in the reverse position and I cant get any movement of it t
  16. I have been looking at this item on the Website, but it does not say if it is compatible with PMDG NGXu 737 for P3DV5.
  17. As the title state, I have loaded the newest version of central onto a new computer. I have both FSX and MSFS installed. When Central first initiated it asked what to scan for, and I hit the MSFS button. But since have been unable to get it to find FSX , and it does not recognize my previous purchases for FSX. Any ideas as to what I am not doing correctly? Btw, I am not computer savvy sometimes so please type slow. Thank you, Chris
  18. Here we go. Where there are two videos of the same aircraft, they're the same flight. I'm just hovering over the surface and not coming into contact with it. I don't have any 'failures' set up, and I've never seen this behaviour at any other helipad, lighthouse, airfield. First, Schweizer 300, inside view: https://youtu.be/TZeM0GdhEDU Outside view: https://youtu.be/X2vqEzHbTFM Then MD500 (only have outside view of this): https://youtu.be/6Rpzs9xuLCA Cicare, outside view: https://youtu.be/EfdXUsQV5mA Cicare, inside view: htt
  19. When I installed FTX EN into P3D and loaded up EGLL I noticed that many of the terminal buildings had overlapping Orbx replacements. I then deleted all files associated with EGLL in the Orbx folders and then found terminals 1 and 3 had disappeared entirely. Not quite sure what has happened here and would appreciate some help.
  20. I have set up P3Dv5 on new pc on C:drive (SSD) and no problems installing relevant scenery through FTX Central. Have now installed P3Dv4 on my E: drive (larger HDD) though v4 isn't being recognised by FTX Central. Help appreciated. Thank you
  21. Hi, I have recently updated to P3DV5 and am experiencing some difficulties with Jersey with and without UKScenery 2000. Fixes are well documented in the forums, but I have yet to find one that resolves this issue. I have Orbx Open LC Europe installed and Orbx England. Picture 1 shows Jersey default scenery no Orbx England just Orbx Open LC Europe. Visible are grey patches of scenery. Picture 2 has Orbx England activated with UKscenery 2000. The grey areas are worse. Picture 3 with Orbx England activated and with the file Channel Islands .bgl.off in the FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM fol
  22. Good morning everyone, I checked if this issue have been told before but I did not see anything... Every time i start a flight from Graz or Gotenburg, Microsoft Flight Simulator crashes and get back to the desktop without any error message... I uninstalled both of the airport, reinstalled them, I did that several time but it still does not work... I tried to fly from other Orbx airport such as EDDT or LOWI, I don't have the issue, I also tried to fly from Fly Tampa EKCH, it works... Any chance to know what is wrong with LOWG and ESGG ?
  23. Hello, I have Orbx products installed successfully in my FSX and Prepar3d v4 and somehow I managed to install global base LC south America and Vectors onto my prepar3d v3 but now that I open up Orbx central it only shows the 2 simulators first mentioned and not my v3 therefore for some reason chaseplane also doesn´t start up when I launch v3. What am I doing wrong?. Do I have to install v3 outside the LM file seperately from v4? If so what name do I give this file? Can´t give it LM like v4. Any help would be appreciated since I can´t seem to manage all three sims inside Orbx central.
  24. I am having problems installing into P3D. My only choice is to install into main library, when I click main library, it says library does not exist. How do I install it?
  25. Recently purchased 1S2 and am having what appears to be Object Flow airport loading related issues. If I start my flight from 1S2, no dramas everything around 1S2 loads fine. If I start my flight at a different airport and end at 1S2 the airport doesn't load or doesn't load fully. Running P3D v4.5.14 where this is the only unusual issue I'm aware of atm. Object Flow is installed into a library (H:\Addons_P3D\04.Scenery\Orbx\Global\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow) and for the most part appears to function Ok. Not running out of memory, CPU and GPU use
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