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Found 22 results

  1. PREPAR3D V4.5 at ORBX 77S HOPPY FIELD PART 2. Getting closer to this scenery in the Robinson R66
  2. In a redo of THIS flight... Checked my weather and flight plan, and had a lovely flight. Enjoy!
  3. Came into 77S using P3Dv4.1 and noticed I had the VASI showing at 10+nm out but the white runway lights started popping on when I was on very short final. Any chance at getting these to be seen further out?
  4. Rugged country from Siletz Bay to Creswell OR. Nice country flying for sure. Back country Oregon. Passing over KEUG, Eugene OR Decending to Creswell 77S off of left wing tip Turning final 77S, Hobby, Creswell Thanks for looking
  5. It's been awhile since I've flown any significant distance in any plane. That's now been remedied.
  6. A beautiful spring afternoon on the Oregon coast, to practice VFR with the new GTN 750:
  7. Hi! The question was raised, but there was no solution. There are black spots instead of buildings and no VASI. Can you help me with this problem? Screenshots are in attachments. Thanks. Order Number: FSS0448643
  8. I am sure nearly everyone here uses Manfred Jahns fantastic C-47 / DC-3. With pleasure. Whereever a charter flight with this bird seems appropriate. And a weekend tour from Portland to Creswell is appropriate for me... Mt. Hood: Passing the three sisters... ... and trying to find the runway of Creswell. Not easy to spot, just next to the Highway... ... and not easy to brake either. Maybe this plane is a bit big for this airfield... But at least there is a nice parking lot!
  9. ... sky. I did not think of bad conditions when I left Redding with a little turn over Benton ... ... climbed out over Sundial Bridge ... ... and Shasta Dam ... ... towards Mt. Shasta himself. Maybe a place for skiing down there... Glass Mtn. lava bed: Klamath ... ... and Crater Lake. What a fantastic weather... ... until we reached Oregon. This is the final into Creswell, at least the M5 is still there... 2nd approach. 2nd miss. But then I knew where the runway was to be found, and I made it in attempt 3. "When you get close to the airport, landing is only one
  10. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  11. For part three of my tour, I took off from Redding, and flew north to Creswell. In the A2A Thunderbolt, with real world weather provided by OpusFSX. Enjoy...
  12. This was the first flight from an airport to another airport I have undertaken in a while. I think I've been spending too much time doing other things and not enough time flying. This flight was a disaster. First I was snookered on the apron at 77S Creswell (Hobby) Airport, and couldn't find a way on to the runway. (Thankfully FSX has a slew function). Then I was actually shocked and a bit disoriented when I lifted off and almost immediately found myself in thick cloud with zero visibility, thanks to the real world weather I was flying in. Finally, after eventually finding my way to St
  13. To be honest, I do not remember where this shot was taken: Creswell or Walker? Probably the first one. This is Creswell, for sure. Spencer Butte at Eugene: Lincoln City: Cape Lookout: ... and coming into Portland. This free cityscape is not enjoyed often enough!
  14. After departing Suttons I headed via an overnight at Starks to Siletz Bay. Weather west of the hills was not too flash. VFR minimum visibility. Fortunately, at 60kts, there is plenty of decision time with 5nm in front... I headed down the coast to Florence, with stops along the way, then across to Hobby. I had an uneasy feeling I hadn't been here before and found a PNW 'default' airport on arrival! So I took advantage of the sale to rectify the situation. Teleported back to Starks and flew a more direct route. Much better... 18.75 hours and 25 airstrips since leaving Helena. Fou
  15. The hungry pilot was on his way in southern Oregon. Three Sisters blocked his direct way to the coast...: So he had to go south, to the flat Klamath marshlands... ... moved up slightly to Crater Lake, ... ... turned back north to Oakridge, ... ... and went down Lookout Point Lake, ... ... before he touched ground again. Ah, what a smell... here in ...!
  16. From Creswell ... ... following the I-5, ... ... via Portland ... ... to Puget Island / Astoria. I was disappointed to see my ground textures quite blurried on this flight (comparable to FTX England ). It always needed pausing the sim for 1-5 seconds to achieve the "usual" standard. I assume this is the dawn effect, and the next day flight was brilliantly orbified again (with no setup change). Has anyone els made the same observation?
  17. Just a short tour around the BBQ place...: Eugene: Up the McKenzie valley... ... to McKenzie Bridge airstrip. Hmmm, depressing: I tried and tried and tried, but Carpenter Mountain Lookout will not get my visit... So I went back, ... ... discovering Lost Creek - an airstrip which could be overseen here:
  18. Things are looking a lot better in widescreen now I have sorted out the Zoom factor and have installed EZDOK...
  19. Turning into the "heartland" of the PNW … … three balloons near W16 – … better stay away from them and, by the way: Please Christoph: Don’t forget closing the Cowl Flaps again next time after take-off … … somewhere near 77S Creswell, heading north into some typical early winter-sky … … another day, early morning, and yet: The same weather - a bit more purple skies though … … letting the wind-sock tell me where to go … … Over-Night-Stay! … maybe next time …
  20. Enjoy my tree top flying around the brandnew orbx scenery Creswell Airport 77S (& Walker Airfield OR57) including a nasty touch-and-go at Walker Airfield. That's one sweetfully designed scenery, thank you orbx ! PLEASE NOTE: I am moving. And I won't have any access to the internet within the next few days, hopefully not weeks. Therefore, in this period of time I won't be able to answer your comments. Still, every comment is highly appreciated and welcome. I will respond to every comment as soon as possible. PEACE ! [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CVpCZWQmUE&hd=1
  21. Oregon's new published airports 77S and OR57 are a pleasure to explore. I fly over 77S at reasonable hight heading to Airfield OR57 to land and park for a moment my plane till my issue on 77S can be solved. Enjoy follow shots, comments are apreciated:
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