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Found 25 results

  1. In the last chapter we tried to get to Juneau, but the weather wouldn't permit, so we went to Whitehorse instead. After spending the night in one of the luxurious hotels of Whitehorse, our brave pilots were meticulously scanning the weather reports for Juneau. After all, there were still 59 very disappointed passengers waiting in Juneau. For roughly between 13 and 14h Local time, a hole in the dense clouds was forecasted. The sun is shining and the mountains that yesterday were ominously looming are warmly greeting us today. Oh wait! Did you say "the sun is shining"? --Ehhhhmm... Real northerners know no weather! This plane has no taxi cam. Lining up... Oh no, precipitation around our destination. Keep calm... Yippie! That looks good. That looks even better. Touchdown. Applying reverse thrust. A passenger from Wuppertal provided us with his personal footage from the landing: Taxiing towards the apron. Yes, there is some space on the apron in Juneau... Carefully turning... Well done, little apron, you fit our 777 well! The first bus with disappointed passengers has already arrived at the airport! Lala lala lalala... Sorry, where can I get a baggage cart? My suitcase is so heavy... --Mumblenomumbleggagecarmuble. Hmmpf! Excuse me, have you seen my sister? She has short, dark hair and wear's a red dress. --Hm no, sorry! The next chapter will (hopefully) take us back over the pond.
  2. The newest in aviation: Qantas extended their twice weekly service from Sydney and Melbourne to Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, thus competing with Brazilian carriers on their most frequented route. (Source: hoaxnews.net.) Guarulhos. Off blocks. The inhabitants of Sao Paulo are called paulistanos, those of the state of Sao Paulo paulistas. Over the edge. Galeao. The inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro are called cariocas. LA(TAM) is Qantas' Oneworld partner, so they're happy to lend some stairs. A bit later... 30° in winter and some traditional liveries at GIG. Up in the air again. The coast. The hinterland. Approaching GRU. Follow Me: That's it. Muito obrigado chaps, as always. Regards Lars
  3. Welcome to a five part series of hauling cargo around the northern hemisphere. And by "northern", I mean northern! Today's post will cover the first leg from OTHH to EBLG. It's a hot day in Doha - as always! And it's a very steep ladder to the cockpit... Thankfully the caterers left some fresh, cool water in the galley. Our freight of the day is about to be loaded into our plane. Don't want to know where they get the water for the golf course from! Our SID involves a fair bit of low flying. Almost soaring above the Persian Gulf. Hey controllers, are you sleeping? A near miss at 29,000ft. Uff. After the expertly handled shock , the landscape of Iran is greeting us. Surprisingly green and surprisingly acceptable. Imagine this with OpenLC! Hours later, it has traffic over the Alps. Stewart? I leave the next ones without any comment. Into the setting sun, we leave Stewarts home. The FO is the pilot flying this evening. It's getting dark and quite bumpy over Belgium! The lights of Liège and surroundings as we dive through the clouds. A particularly dark evening in eastern Belgium. Turning around and approaching along the Meuse/Maas river that runs through Liège/Lüttich. On final. Touchdown! In the moment of touchdown, snowfall starts and ends shortly after. That's what they call spring! That's it for today chaps, thank you for coming along. Cheers Lars
  4. OK, last time we sailed across the big ocean to lovely Brisbane, so we have to get back to lovely Vancouver. "We decided to make the passengers jump the last meter today as a fitness test, just to make sure they won't need the rescue helicopter when they go hiking in our dense Canadian woods." A selection of pacific carriers. I love the bridge. Gateway Bridge? "We're going to do an APU-to-pack takeoff due to our heavy weight and the high outside temperature, i. e., bleed air for the air conditioning is coming from the APU, freeing up the extra power for the engines." "It's a loooong way to Tipperary..." Passing in front of the domestic terminal... "That beach must be visible from the ISS." - "Confirmed." "We have a fuel imbalance!" - Ten minutes of scrolling checklists back and forth. - "I forgot to switch on the left center tank pump." "Wave politely, you never know who might be looking." Ureparapara Island, Vanuatu. It's getting dark over the Pacific Ocean. "Switch it on, just in case!" - "Oh Canada, the true north strong and free..." The sun is rising, and so are the mountains of Vancouver Island. Mountainous terrain ahead. The interior of the island is very mountainous. The east coast less so. "I can almost smell the salty air!" A last look at Vancouver Island... "Did you take photos of my brilliant touchdown?" - "Ehmm..." "Thank you for flying with Air Canada! We wish you a pleasant stay in Vancouver." Thank you for flying with me once more! Regards Lars
  5. Hi folks, this time we will be cruising from Vancouver, Canada, all over the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. Pushback Taxiing via Lima... Lineup runway 08R It's pitch black outside, have you got the sextant for astronomical navigation, First Officer? *Glmps* Look, sir, the passengers of the tween deck already report the first light of day on port side, sir! The first class reports the sun has risen, sir! Captain went to search for his sextant, so quickly taking a photo. A massive storm front building up on starboard Sure wouldn't be fun to go there... Brisbane ahead and New Caledonia astern. Soon we are drifting down into the port of Brisbane. Gently heeling over to starboard There sure must be landlubbers dwelling there. On short final runway 01 In full motion: Vacating A long way to the international pier, sir! - Ay. One of the dockers forgot the pushback truck right in the way of the gangplank... Not our business. Welcome to Australia! I hope you liked my little cruise, as always. Regards Lars
  6. Hi folks, one of the last things that I stated on these forums was that "the next flight will contain more mountains!", but in April / May I stay in Berlin to make an internship and I don't have access to my flightsim computer. Thankfully yet I'm visiting home this weekend, so I can finally present you the promised mountains, on a flight from Toronto Pearson to Vancouver. So let's get started: Catering by LSG SkyChefs. Hopefully they provide the passengers (and the crew) with good meals... All ready for boarding. Where's the Captain's luggage? The Captain's luggage was already inside, so we can now taxi past the WestJet Terminal Takeoff runway 05 Approaching Lake Huron... ... and another aircraft heading west Making miles over the Midwest. The meal was good, thanks. More rugged terrain over the Rocky Mountains Starting our descent over the State of Washington A bit of snow here and there Darrington, WA (almost sure) Skagit River (correct me if I'm wrong, you know the region better) Heading towards Bellingham and the Pacific Ocean Speedbrakes out I love to spot those big vessels! A big thanks to the developers of Global AI Ship Traffic. Clouds are getting thicker On final RNAV approach runway 08R Terminus at the Terminal As always, I hope you enjoyed my flight. Regards Lars
  7. HI I'm slowely getting back into flying, and would like to get into the proper 737 -800s and the 777s, also evenutally into long haul flights which I've neve been able to do.. so thinking of starting with the 737 - 800 as I sort of started with that with fsx back in the day when I first arrived here. would like to evenualy get into vatsim some day once I'm familiar with the planes,.plane.. Is there a cargo version of these before I delve into the passenger side of things or should I just dive straight into it. any ideas would be great , I have p3d v4
  8. After having flown from Toronto to Havana, we have to get back, right? At the gate in Havana Shadows don't apply to the apron, only to the markings... Looking back at Cuba... ... reaching Florida Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL Lehigh Acres? St. Augustine, FL It's a loooong plane... Back in snowy Ontario, hitting the brakes... Very nice clouds Lester B. Pearson Airport Not satisfying You can keep the cockpit with the nose gear on the centerline, but your main gear will wander where the wind blows it if you're not properly centered... Getting those containers with cigars out... I hope you like my shots, as always. The next flight will contain more mountains! Regards Lars
  9. I made an Air Canada trip from Toronto Pearson to Havana José Martí in the new livery 777-300ER. Let's call it FTX - Full TripleSeven Experience. At Gate 140 Pushback Takeoff Runway 15L Toronto Canyons. I wonder how these look in reality Over snowy plains... ... and Lake Erie... ... and Pennsylvania... ... and the coast of Georgia... The camera planes these days spot every detail ... and the Florida Keys... Havana is a bit misty that day... ... but a bit of mist doesn't interfere in our approach to runway 06 I hope you find some sleep after so much 777 immersion, Regards Lars
  10. Takeoff roll and climb-out at Düsseldorf, my "homebase", in a 777 Freighter. Orbx OpenLC EU and Vector. I hope you enjoy!
  11. 777W descending into Vancouver, B.C. I hope you like it.
  12. Happy New Year everyone, Enjoy these, and I will post the settings later today. I had to resize these pics as I run my sim in 4K Cheers,
  13. 777 descent into ymml 27,a rough landing,winds 260,gust upto 20 knots,530pm landing SQ235 from auckland
  14. landing into ymml 34 only runway active,winds 350,35 knots,gusty upto 100 kms hour,passengers are happy to be on the ground
  15. Hi here is my new video ! Orbx addons used : orbx England, Pacific Fjords, PAKT ketchikan Like and share the video ! bye
  16. descent into auckland runway 5, building thunderstorms on landinding it arrived quicker just before i landed,soaking rain and thunderstorms in auckland when im at the terminal and im grounded for a short time
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