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  1. Using Central v4.1.1 the 74S Anacortes Configure tab has radio buttons instead of check boxes, so I cannot choose more than one option. In past versions of Central, we could choose multiple options. Why the change? Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX and P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: Cannot choose multiple configuration options. central.log
  2. I am trying to configure OBBX Anacortes airport using the Control Panel in ORBX Central. After rebooting and verifying the files and selecting Configure I am presented with a panel with two boxes. One for Detailed Components the other for Core Components. It seems that I am only able to select one option for each box. If I select a second option the first is unselected. So I have a choice of Nature Flow or People Flow but not both in the Detailed Components Box. Likewise in the Core Components box I can enable only one of several desirable features. The User Guide was no help and I have not
  3. Approaching into Anacortes I saw 2 anaomalies: A flying ship in the harbour (and this is not the Netherlands scenery !)...: ... and confusing big runway and taxiway lights: I have Hendriks ships installed, as well as Drzewieckys Seattle (which should not touch this area).
  4. Following my recent flight towards Seattle I just "had" to inspect some older sceneries that I did not fly in p3d yet - or even did not own before the last sales. So I set up a flight plan with a little loop, ... ... went out of KPAE... ... over Everett... ... and into the valley of the "North Fork Stillaguamish River". It should be possible to give it an even longer name, but I see it would not be easy. Fantastic mountains around Darrington... Heading on northwards over the Sauk river... ... into
  5. I took a little trip from Skagit Regional to Friday Harbor, flying over Anacortes and circumnavigating San Juan Island- so three ORBX airport sceneries all layered on top of FTX PNW. In FSX/P3D V2 days, my system would have struggled with all of this together (certainly at these settings), but now you can see the results yourself! This was also a chance to show the REX Weather Advantage radar and TrueGlass rain effects on the Milviz 310R REDUX. Enjoy!
  6. I think the screenshot and title says it all. 2018-3-20_8-58-48-841.BMP
  7. Just curious if there's any chance Orbx will revisit Anacortes with an optimized update? Jarrad Marshall's work is outstanding, and this is one of my favorite sceneries to fly in and out of. Unfortunately, it's marred for me by low frame rates. I have practically everything unchecked in the control panel, use 30% GA traffic (no commercial traffic), use only 512x512 cirrus cloud textures (no cumulus) and can just barely manage 30 fps sitting on the runway in the default 172. As I roll down the runway, on approach and over various parts of the town, frame rates drop into the low 20s and sometime
  8. When I was cleaning up the garage of our weekend´s home in Diamond Point on Friday evening, I found the trusty C185 longing for a spin. So I removed the cobwebs and took her our to the runway, ... ... crossed Puget Sound and went over to my old friend Israel, who has a farm just at the entrance of a valley. It went dark just after some coffee & chatting, so I returned into the last evening light... ... to Anacortes. Looks a bit too dark for another approach in Diamond Point...
  9. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  10. I got Skagit and Orcas Islands back in December - and only now remembered that I actually had them. So of course I had to do a flight between them - with a quick stop-over at Anacortes... More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  11. First, i wish everybody a happy new year 2015! I spend the last two weeks with one week skiing in Austria (not much snow but still good skiing conditions) and one week with installing FSX and all the ORBX stuff to my new computer. I finished intalling all the NA sceneries and Global and Vector yesterday and did my first flight today. Anacortes to Diamond Point Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  12. ... in order to take a long-distance flight into the FTX Global world. The coast guard was getting ready in Victoria, BC... ... viewing Roche Harbour, ... ... Spieden Island, ... ... Crane Island ... ... and Anacortes. A great area to fly, but this plane is not really the one I would chose for island hopping. The Tesoro refinery, ... ... Cornet Bay, ... ... and Paine Field. Seattle, with typical weather... ... and a little view of the city, just before getting down in KSEA. And now out of NA into Global!
  13. ...cortes that is. From West Wind... Anacortes on the horizon Not flying in directly but rather taking the scenic route... ...and, of course, "doing the bridge" Ok - had my bit of fun - time to land Tied down for the rest of the day Cheers Mallard
  14. Hello Everyone! The second part of our VFR flight at the magnificent PNW area will be taking us via Anacortes, 74S, to KORS, Orcas Island. From there on we will fly to 0S9, Jefferson County, via 2WA1, Diamond Airstrip. I will do one or two more legs for sure, when time allows it, where we will be flying further south then along the coast to S45, Siletz Bay, and then into the „backcountry“ area of the PNW region again. The entire „PNW-circle“ as planed will then finish at Fall City Airport . It will take few more days before i can undertake these further legs as intended. But be as
  15. Been awhile since I visited Anacortes. It seems I've lost the dry dock ship and piers along the waterfront. And I'm not sure what this is but it's apparently ok, same as the product shots. My issue is with the water front. Cycled FTX Central which didn't help. Are the waterfront objects in Anacortes or the libraries? My Product report says 13909 for the libraries. Hoping someone can help.
  16. Left off from Victoria, BC, over James Island: Victoria city: And, amongst the numerous small airfields enhanced with OZx here, I chose Crane Island for an equipment change. Crossing Allan Island, just south of the next place to change...: Short view over the city after leaving Anacortes: The usual excercise... Do not climb too early here! And the completion of the Anacortes city tour...: After a little coffee break, heading southbound again: Protection Island: Diamond Point: Tied down for the night. And a cold one...
  17. Finally did the diving-under-the-bridge thinggy... Beautiful downtown and port of Anacortes... Beautiful mudflats Lining up and watching for the power lines And through! Saying "Hi" to the lighthouse. Heading back. Airport in sight. Front two down - the one in the back not quite yet... Hoops or concrete blocks? Both? Only after the second or third shot did I realise that the bloom was still switched on (I usually deactivate it). But since I didn't want to return to the airport just right then I continued with it set. The onl
  18. Just a quick two from some taildragging around Anacortes Cheers Mallard
  19. Overflying the Tesoro Anacortes Refinery in a Cessna 162 Skycatcher. Just amazing work by Jarrad. From the Tesoro's web site: Located about 70 miles north of Seattle on the picturesque Puget Sound, Tesoro’s Anacortes refinery has a total crude-oil capacity of 120,000 barrels per day (bpd) The refinery primarily supplies gasoline, jet fuel and diesel to markets in Washington and Oregon, and manufactures heavy fuel oils, liquefied petroleum gas and asphalt. It receives crude feedstock via pipeline from Canada and by tanker from Alaska and foreign sources. The Anacorte
  20. Miss Ana Cortes (and environs) that is... So that's what all the low-flying is about. Will try it soon... No edits. Cheers Mallard
  21. REX Real World Weather definitely kept me on my toes with the low vis on this flight, and as always these were straight V key, Orbx 74S, REX, EZCA, and ENB. I'm looking forward to all the sets this weekend, take it easy
  22. The recent "ORBX prices lowered" action has doubtless caused many orders. Unfortunately all these boxes on board made it impossible for that poor FedEx guy to climb to a higher flight level... But for sure he reached the destination safely. And the customers (all these crazy folks) in the area will be satisfied soon...
  23. After spending my last couple of sessions flying around Far North Queensland, I was hankering for some cooler weather - perhaps influenced by the particularly hot summer we've been experiencing here in Perth (and lack of suitable air conditioning in my home study!). The moderate weather around the San Juan Islands seemed particularly appealing, so I decided to take a spin around the block in the Alabeo Waco - the perfect aircraft for some leisurely Sunday sightseeing around the Anacortes area. Cheers, Jarrad
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