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Found 32 results

  1. Dublin to Vienna via Ryanair 737. Nice flight with an evening arrival into some spring fog at Vienna. It's sometimes hard to believe what we get nowadays with visuals! P3D v4, PTA and Orbx under it all. It's just great! Departing Dublin. Climb out over the Poolbeg generating station. Just OpenLC EU here. Not bad! Cruise over southern Germany... Descending... Under the ceiling and on the STAR. It's a nice long one onto 34 at LOWW. It was pretty thick on approach until about 300' above. Landing wasn't fantastic, but not awful. No more from here, though, not Orbx.
  2. HI I'm slowely getting back into flying, and would like to get into the proper 737 -800s and the 777s, also evenutally into long haul flights which I've neve been able to do.. so thinking of starting with the 737 - 800 as I sort of started with that with fsx back in the day when I first arrived here. would like to evenualy get into vatsim some day once I'm familiar with the planes,.plane.. Is there a cargo version of these before I delve into the passenger side of things or should I just dive straight into it. any ideas would be great , I have p3d v4
  3. Hi guys was on a flight last night mostly across water, when i suddenly realised that at the rate i was burning fuel i wouldn't make my destination and in fact would be lucky to make any land at all - I'm running with FSPassengers 2016 with instant save on, so actually really cared about saving my pilot and aircraft, so panic began. so i proceeded to cancel my IFR with ATC, and gain as much altitude as i could getting up to 35,000ft to give me as high glide slope as i could once power went. looked at my GPS and changed course for the nearest land while trying to find my nearest airport, sure enough there was one at the island i was headed for. anyway pretty soon all engines stopped and in order to keep up air speed i started my decent, in actual fact as it happened i had to circle three times in effort to lose altitude and speed to be able to land safely come the end!. However my biggest challenge actually came when all the power went off, literally everything. switched off about 5 mins before i needed it all to land. i clicked for the APU to come on but nothing happened i thought this would buy me a little time with electrics, but it didn't. so my question, could I of done anything better in this situation? I considered shutting one engine down when i realised i was low to safe fuel but then with the drop in speed would i have gained anything ? i was cruising at mach .78 at 31,000 feet when I knew i wasn't going to make it. i went for keeping the speed up and gain altitude. also when the power went could I of done anything to get power / or save power ? I was in default 737-800, but with Advanced VC cockpit from rikoooo and I'm using P3D for what it matters. I have googled this, but find most people are questing the range of the 737 on FSX / P3D where as i want a procedure once you run out. . anyway thought this would be a fun topic of conversation .. oh yes saved the plane, pilot and all passengers after a lovely smooth but slightly fast landing after pumping Ctrl G to get the gear to come down lol . . .
  4. G'day guys Been awhile since I have flown my 737 -800 (Stock fsx) Have been thinking of doing over seas flights from sydney YSSY to Heathrow, maybe to LA and possibly to New York with 5,425 km's range, just wondering what rout to take? any ideas
  5. Always the fan of the retro jets, I took the CS 732 for a quick burn from West Yellowstone down to Jackson Hole. Now if only someone would come up with a new Convair 880 or VC10, I'd be a very happy man Cheers, Jarrad
  6. Hi guys , when I can get some flying time in, which isn't much at the moment.. and when not flying my 208 , I like to fly my private 737 -800 Venus De Milo as we call it. We are based at YSSY Sydney Kingsford smith , at least the 737 is.. the 208 which we fly 3 are based at Wollongong... any way I have been thinking about getting fsx passengers or xpax for fsx.. can you set the amount of passengers you want etc?? I like to pretend in the 737 that were flying around Hollywood types or CEO's or or rock stars etc.. ---- oh I have up till now been looking after my very ill father (90) with lung cancer. He is in a nursing home now and I still spend every day i can with him,. some times when i feel up for it i do a bit of flying to take my mind off things.. although its very tough at the moment.. Dont know how long we have with him now.. any way thanks guys ... Venus de Milo at sydney
  7. Hi guys, when flying a 737 from Sydney to UK or to the US either New York side or LA side, where would your normal re fuel stop overs be? I am starting to fly my business 737 (Venus De Milo) as its known.. and for dreaming , it has 2 full sized bedrooms with own en suites, entertainment / lounge and full galley ( kitchen)plus a small room for staff... its for movie stars, rich people etc Milo Aviation is my fictional fsx company... www.miloaviation.com
  8. I dont get much time to fly these days and decided to practice some landings in my private 737, with my fictional company milo aviation's. This is Venus De Milo.. the business jet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCGynjmm4Sw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUK_dyzyynka0S1ICypCCbxA
  9. Hi here is my new video ! Orbx addons used : orbx England, Pacific Fjords, PAKT ketchikan Like and share the video ! bye
  10. runway 24 landing 737-800,a cloudy day!
  11. Angles are a bit awkward and a higher resolution would be better but...
  12. Hi guys, After a few years of simming now I find myself prefering to fly the 'big boys' more often, on Vatsim, but Iam now wanting to add more realism to the whole experiance. I mainly fly the PMDG 737 and want some hardware compatiable with this aircraft. I currently have the saiteck pro flight yoke,throttles and rudder peddals. So I was wondering if you could advice me on what else you would reccomend.FYI I live in the UK and use FSX on a Windows 7 x64.bit system.So any help would be greatly appreciated and I will look forward to any feedback. Kind Regards Josh I was concidering these so far: http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-370.html?cPath=22_61 http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-110.html?cPath=22_61
  13. departing sydney runway 34L departure,winds 025,knots 27, a crosswind takeoff is exspected,on route to ymml,departure at 1700 hours (5pm)ymml weather updated,clearing thunderstorms,winds 012,but now have been updated weather,winds are now 156 at 14 knots,we should exspect runway 16 for landing,some servere winds are forcast during route,sit back and enjoy the flight
  14. an overcast descent into ymml 27,it was a hot spring day today and forcaster were saying storms would arrive,by late evening,it looks like i just beat them arround the victorian border as shown in my pics earler in this line up
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