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Found 4 results

  1. Last week I landed at Paphos, Cyprus for a week's holiday. The Jet2 737-800 was a comfortable aeroplane, quiet and with enough legroom even for me. As I was awaiting the special assistance ambulance, the other passengers got off and I was alone with the crew for about 15 minutes. The 2 pilots were chatting and I made the usual joke about "Autoland" being a bit rough, to which they laughed and the pilot said was I criticising the co-pilot's manual landing? I said "No" of course not and explained I was an avid flight-simmer and would he mind if I asked a few questions? Next thing I knew the Captain (10 years experience) invited me to sit next to him in the co-pilot's seat and; just WOW! So here's a few "real-world" impressions. 1. Forward visibility is terrible, much worse than your monitor or VR headset. But it's enough for taxiing and landing - just. 2. Side window visibility is fantastic and the sense of space and perspective so high up off the ground is exhilarating. 3. 3D perception of the cockpit instruments is very different to a monitor. In the cockpit one feels cocooned by the console and, strangely, safe and comfortable. 4. The yoke really did have paint wearing off it and looked quite weathered even though the aeroplane was just over a year old. 5. In the hands the yoke felt like tempered steel bars - incredibly strong. 6. The rudder pedals likewise - very very strong. 7. The seat had wonderful positional flexibility and was lovely to sit in. 8. Despite extremely strong sunlight on the displays, the instruments were crystal clear in both direct and indirect light. 9. The overhead panel was really easy to use and much easier to flick switches etc than in the Sim. 10. Switches themselves had a strong and re-assuring "click" to them and you had to be positive in your switching action. 11. The FMC buttons were nice also. The FMC is just as much a pain in the arse as it is in the Sim! 12. The back-up instruments (ADF etc that are aft of the FMC) were used by the pilots even though the MFDs were the primary display. Captain said he liked to keep his old-school hand in. 13. I asked about the Autoland feature. Cap'n said they really only used it in marginal visibility as they all preferred hand-flying final approach. 14. The ipad-like tablet with all the charts etc on was easily detachable and clear to use and, for example, the Flythemaddog MD80 models it exactly. 15. I was pleased to note that all the sounds in the cockpit (aircon, APU etc) sound exactly like they do in the sim - well done to those sim sound engineers! 16. The passenger weight and balance calculations, plus the fuel load was mind-boggling. I gave that a miss - having got only a "B" in applied maths, not a bloody Honours degree! And that's about it - hope you enjoyed reading about my thrilling experience as much as I enjoyed living it. BTW I cannot recommend Cyprus enough - a real gem of a country. And finally, I asked which sim was more realistic - X-Plane or P3D. I'm not going to answer that one here!!
  2. Sadly not ORBX LOWI since i fly in v4 and its not released, but this servers for now i guess. That flight shows a pretty dramatic change of terrain. Its quite some pics but this flight as so many various beautiful aspects worth to show, i cannot choose easy :-) As always, best is to open the fullsize pic for the full effect. Its all fullHD. Besides the airports, the whole trips shows ORBX openLC EU /Global. Nope, first try too high :-) goaround Done... I hope you didnt get bored....
  3. G'day all , This is my plane that I like to fly the most Boeing 737-800 default plane for fsx, but with upgraded working vc .. This plane (in my fsx fictional company Milo Aviation) is decked out inside for VIP's it has 2 bedrooms both with Queen sized beds,each with own ensuites also has a fully decked out media lounge room and fully self contained kitchen, Hope this is the right way of doing this early morning over the Northern Territory Australia .. Venus de Milo This is flying ! hope this was ok ... full terrain aussie dvd pack!!
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