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Found 19 results

  1. ... well in my age you can not expect to see a way to the sports event here. It is just heading out of KSEA... ... over downtown Seattle... ... to WA45 Olympic Field. And passing Diamond Point... ... towards the Olympic NP. Clallam Bay... ... and, finally for today, Sekiu. Oh dear! And always those spotters...
  2. Been back to the sale again. Damn that OCD! A quick first run out of Diamond Point, heading out as sundown approaches Another little gem in the PNW. I so wish the whole planet were done to this standard - hey, storage is only going to get cheaper, 30 or 40 tb will be nothing in a year or two!
  3. When I was cleaning up the garage of our weekend´s home in Diamond Point on Friday evening, I found the trusty C185 longing for a spin. So I removed the cobwebs and took her our to the runway, ... ... crossed Puget Sound and went over to my old friend Israel, who has a farm just at the entrance of a valley. It went dark just after some coffee & chatting, so I returned into the last evening light... ... to Anacortes. Looks a bit too dark for another approach in Diamond Point...
  4. Hasn't changed much in all these years
  5. Having flown my Cherokee up from 2W3 in P3dv3 the day before to check in on some old friends I made way back in FS9, I decided to fly over and visit a new friend that has a small grass strip just Southeast of 0S9. I left 2WA1 in the later afternoon and it was a short hop over. Visited while I went and had dinner and such to returned after the sun had gone down. No worries as the Cherokee has beautiful landing lights and was going to return to 2WA1 which also had runway and taxi lights. Took off and did a quick stop at 0S9 for some fuel before jumping back in the plane to return to Diamond Point. This was a FSEconomy flight so fuel is required. Getting to walk around 0S9 and 2WA1 at night with their amazing night lighting was such a joy. As with the day the immersion level was 10 and even saw a police officer car roll up when I was leaving...must of been doing a security check?! Anyway I did take one photo once parked back at 2WA1 I'll post later but for the most part these kinds of flights are always best experience and shared via story than with photos. Thanks for listening.
  6. Another Weather Architect trip. Community theme 1S2 Darrington Muni, you can choose a lot of other depart or arrival points.
  7. First, i wish everybody a happy new year 2015! I spend the last two weeks with one week skiing in Austria (not much snow but still good skiing conditions) and one week with installing FSX and all the ORBX stuff to my new computer. I finished intalling all the NA sceneries and Global and Vector yesterday and did my first flight today. Anacortes to Diamond Point Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  8. I was very busy the last two weeks and had nearly no time for flying or even for commenting on all the great shots that were posted. I'm sorry for that. I found some time for flying yesterday and want to share some shots of a flight from Sekiu to Diamond Point. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  9. A flight from Diamond Point to Sekiu Over Indian River Further on at Neah Bay Hobuck Beach Sekiu That was close! See? There's the flying fish Cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  10. Still installing my latest purchases - the last two tests being run on a flight between Sekiu and Diamond Point. Cropped DX10s. Cheers Mallard
  11. I chose the default 172 for some Garmin G1000 practice on a short flight from Bowerman... ... along the non-activated Satsop nuclear site ... ... into the "traffic! traffic!" at Bremerton. What is the ATC doing here? A little Cessna change later I was on my way towards the Olympic mountain´s east side, ... ... having Diamond Point under my nose ... ... and across Dungeness Spit, ... ... towards Victoria International (freeware by Don Grovestine - thanks for creating!).
  12. Started from Diamond Point, southwards, to Discovery Bay...: ... and WA45: Vashon Island below...: ... and KSEA ahead: No fires noted here (perhaps it is just raining often enough... )
  13. Getting ready at Olympic field (WA45): Crossing Discovery Bay: Overhead Jefferson County Intl. Airport (0S9): Oh, what a sight! An island to the left and the airport to the right Protection Island Wildlife Refuge: And suddenly... a near miss: But luckily I got down at the better version of a final destination . Diamond Point (2WA1) :
  14. My first visit to Sekiu! Thanks to Misha for the great Sekiu Airport! Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  15. Hello Everyone! The second part of our VFR flight at the magnificent PNW area will be taking us via Anacortes, 74S, to KORS, Orcas Island. From there on we will fly to 0S9, Jefferson County, via 2WA1, Diamond Airstrip. I will do one or two more legs for sure, when time allows it, where we will be flying further south then along the coast to S45, Siletz Bay, and then into the „backcountry“ area of the PNW region again. The entire „PNW-circle“ as planed will then finish at Fall City Airport . It will take few more days before i can undertake these further legs as intended. But be assured: I will finish this series and I hope You have enjoyed the first two parts of it here so far! Cheers, Christoph The Anacortes refinery … 74S and ist local area Some little time later, already looking down towards the local area of KORS, Orcas Airport, where we will be landing soon. … the other side … And here we are! Time for some hiking along the island and sure: Getting some fuel … A little time later the flight continues to 0S9 via 2WA1 … Protection Island … … and 2WA1 and its close surroundings A few minutes later now at downwind into RW27 of 0S9 Well , here we are – time for some coffee! P.S.: Here is Pt.1 of the series: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67153-vfr-autumn-flying-at-the-pnw-pt1/
  16. Left off from Victoria, BC, over James Island: Victoria city: And, amongst the numerous small airfields enhanced with OZx here, I chose Crane Island for an equipment change. Crossing Allan Island, just south of the next place to change...: Short view over the city after leaving Anacortes: The usual excercise... Do not climb too early here! And the completion of the Anacortes city tour...: After a little coffee break, heading southbound again: Protection Island: Diamond Point: Tied down for the night. And a cold one...
  17. Enjoying the beauty of the taxiway in Diamond Point...: ... before the intermediate stop at Olympic Field. Now you see the reason for choosing an amphibian plane. OK mate, with my noise your chance for a catch is limited. If you think of fish. Leaving the tricky water runway... ... across Discovery Bay ... ... towards Hood Canal ... ... over the Bremerton shipyards. Hope they do not use asbestos without appropriate precautions nowadays... Shaving the trees in Vashon Mun... ... before going on to Seattle, with the typical weather ... And, here we are: CLINK. But hey, what is going on? Oh no, the game vs. the Jaguars is away in Jacksonville... http://www.seahawks.com/, so I can´t be there in time
  18. On both of these products, when I place the DVD in the drive, it half-heartedly spools up, and gives me the icon to execute the install. Instead of installing, the program stops responding, ultimately throws up an error for "invalid procedure," then exits.
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