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  1. Now using Gifyu (Imgur is not working for me) Thank you very much, John! @BradB
  2. The local IGA: Shell gas station: And finally:
  3. You don't need an airplane to enjoy 1S2. With a drone, you can explore amazing details of this scenery. I think this scenery is a winner and hope many other small airfields will come from Orbx for MSFS.
  4. I really do hope all the Orbx stuff gets ported over to MSFS, the combination is magic. This is just a few shots from a typical day in the life at Darrington. You wouldn't think they'd need to, given the surroundings, but the local hardware store has a huge contract to import massive stocks of Siberian Larch. Once a week, the Mriya (with the special anti-gravity landing and kryptonite disk pads option kit) comes in with a full load (including a couple of tons of vodka - lumberjacking is thirsty work) for the Do it Best store, conveniently sited next to the airstrip for this very reason.
  5. Darrington Muni, part 1 of many In the next posts, I will get closer. After flying for over an hour exploring the details of 1S2, I need to say: 1) Wow, what a wonderful scenery. 2) Orbx, these GA airfields are the way to go in MSFS.
  6. IMHO, 1S2 is one of the most spectacular small airfields ever created for any sim. After some days playing with MSFS, I came back to 1S2 in XP11. And I loved every single bit of it. My conclusion? MSFS is revolutionary, but I will happily keep flying with XP11 for a long time - together with MSFS. I am sure MSFS will mature beautifully. No sim has ever been as nice on day one as MSFS did. However, XP11 is already a quite mature sim, with lots of wonderful sceneries and aircraft, and I love it.
  7. A fairly short but difficult challenge flying a glider from Israel's Farm to Darrington depending on just the uplift on ridges with a 14 kt wind from the west and no thermals in between ridges! Used a Cessna tow plane to 2500 feet, first turn point was at 2000 feet above the valley floor. The flight took about 45 minutes due to hunt and find lift, lots of circling to get the height to get over some of the ridges and get to the finish line. The first part covers the tow mostly and the second part will cover the landing (not much between). Club bus, people and extra aircraft courtesy of the
  8. When we last left the flight we were just topping out of the mountains above 1S2 Darrington WA, well here we are again! (just a different perspective)! As you can tell from the readout on the LED we are 9.7 km from 1S2 and the finish is 150 meters agl and bit off to our left, this is turn point 3 of 4 We are diving at 150 kms and 3200 mps (everything is in metrics in this glider) including the altimeter, talk about a quandary! Getting down in a hurry and coming in HOT! Circle above the A/P to lose some altitude! Pretty h
  9. My second flight with TE Washington. Exploring the wonderful region between WA56 and 1S2.
  10. Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
  11. I am getting a scenery error with 1S2 Darrington on load. It is missing "chainlink512.dds" in the objects folder. I have verified files and still the error persists. Can someone provide the file? I've attached an excerpt from the log.txt file showing the error information. I am aware of the "Veh_Landrover01.obj" error and the fix. The error I am referring to is below that. Thank you. DarringtonError.txt
  12. Hope that you enjoy watching this set of images at this precious little airport.
  13. Even though I am Australian, Man I love Concrete 3W5 Concrete behind me Man I love PNW Darrington 1S2
  14. Hello everyone. This screens from my archive, when I used FSX:SE (a few year ago). Part one. Piper Cub on fishing in Darrington Municipal Airport.
  15. Following my recent flight towards Seattle I just "had" to inspect some older sceneries that I did not fly in p3d yet - or even did not own before the last sales. So I set up a flight plan with a little loop, ... ... went out of KPAE... ... over Everett... ... and into the valley of the "North Fork Stillaguamish River". It should be possible to give it an even longer name, but I see it would not be easy. Fantastic mountains around Darrington... Heading on northwards over the Sauk river... ... into
  16. Darrington to Concrete Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  17. This is an old video I made of a flight from Darrington to Orcas Island. Didn't get a chance to share it here before. Enjoy!
  18. Found a couple of oldies - Darrington by night, from the Paramotor first - And then some form the R66 - Sorry about the menu bar.
  19. Flown in and out of Darrington many times without realising just how much detail there was. Never even remembered the timber yard. One of the advantages of the Paramotor is seeing all the scenery close up including some crazy birds! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  20. A short but good flight ! Have a good flight
  21. Another Weather Architect trip. Community theme 1S2 Darrington Muni, you can choose a lot of other depart or arrival points.
  22. Scenic flight in a Blackhawk from Darrington to Concrete Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
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