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Found 173 results

  1. ... in a new toy... Taking off from Hamilton Island Looks like there must be bushfires in the area... The visibility suddenly dropped considerably. More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  2. Here some more of the new old one Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard PS - I'm having some issues with the self-shadowing, but otherwise it's a nice plane to fly!
  3. Finally got hold of the Grumman Duck and actually found a few minutes to give it a test run around Cairns More or less cropped but otherwise unchanged straight screenies... Cheers Mallard PS - still really tied up here, so here's a blanket-thank-you to all for uploading some beautiful screenies lately!
  4. An early flight in my new Cessna 207 was at Cairns. A short excursion to check out the feel of the plane and the autopilot. Also to look at some of the wonderful scenery and effects provided by ORBX and ASN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  5. Well Cairns after dark was not at all popular so a visit in the daylight hours was in order. The Martin Mars in the guise of Ansett Airlines was the mode of transport for a very short flight. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  6. Until we arrive at Cairns that is. Decided to take an early evening REX SAAB 340 from Townsville to Cairns. Done very little night flying but I think next time I will find a more densely populated area to do a night excursion as there were very few lights on the way. 1. Ready for the off at Townsville 2. Taking off away from the town. 3. 4. 5. 6. Innisfail 7. Now approaching the lights of Cairns. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 13.
  7. Well - I'm glad I don't have any explosives on board of this Toll Bell... Heading from Cairns to Atherton Airport up on the Atherton Tablelands More or less cropped Cheers Mallard PS - of course the title should read "for" - not "fro"...
  8. This 737-200 is a little far from home but I would say that orange livery suits the tropics more than it suits Germany Cheers, Gav
  9. Honest! I had no idea about Gavin's flight! Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  10. Well I did this post yesterday but got the dreaded error 522 message and lost it all One of the aircraft I like the most is the 757, not a common sight in my part of this planet. Indeed I did not see one in RL until 1993 and then only a quick glimpse of a China Southern one at Don Mueang. Decided to buy the QW rendition of this wonderful airliner for P3D but something went horribly wrong installing it and I had to do a total reinstall a few weeks ago. So this along with the Lear Jet prompted me to try FSX again for those planes and airports that don't like P3D. Here goes for my long anticipated first flight in the 757, albeit a very short one. Well this looks like a great aircraft to me., and just love the engine sound. Only the QW livery at present as I just wanted go give this jet a spin.
  11. I brought the Lionheart Lear Jet 24 a few weeks ago but had problems with it on P3D. So as I also have a swag of aircraft and some scenery which is incompatible with P3D I decided to......shock horror..... re install FSX with the scenery that worked without problems. So Australia has been installed along with Cairns and the LJ24. My first trial with the resurrected FSX and the Lear Jet went well. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Early days yet with a lot of fine tuning to do as well as things like REX and of course ORBX to be added. Fingers crossed that FSX behaves itself, time will tell.
  12. It's the Monsoon Season in Cairns at the moment. Whilst we are close to drought conditions here in Victoria the amount of rainfall in this part of the world is staggering. The average rainfall for this part of Oz for Jan and Feb is almost 850mm. The wettest day this year was last Sunday with 247mm with 678mm for the year so far. So it is no surprise then that a dawn departure in a Lockheed C-69 would be in the rain. 1. 2. 3. 5. 4. 6 7. 8. 9. 10.
  13. First thing I did after getting back from a week of Ireland was to download the "new" Cairns and take a... well... not so quick spin around the place in Sunny. Still a beauty! But I think I'll have to go explore during the more brighter hours of the day Cheers Mallard
  14. Just a few shots of some of the flights I have made this week end. Been based at Cairns and the weather has been so wet. 1. 2. My beloved REX SAAB on it's way to Townsville. 3. 4. This time a flight to Jacksons 5. Great fun flying to Mareeba in this inclement weather. 6. Hope you have all had an enjoyable week end and take care this coming week. It's not long to Friday
  15. Good to be able to fly around Cairns again thanks to the release of the triple installer. So here we are on a steamy tropical morning loitering around YBCS with the intention of sharing with you this fantastic ORBX scenery..........honest officer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Nearly time for the football season here in Oz. Just passing over Collingwood's Queensland training facility. If you look closely you can see some of their players floating around 14. 15.
  16. Hi, do I see it right that YBCS has received an update today - which is for a German box customer like me accessible only through purchase of a cross-grade-license (which is useless for me, as I stay with FSX)? This would be the first time in Orbx history that updating requires additional payment. I hope this is a misunderstanding by me...
  17. Charter flight,taking some FLIFO miners off to Mt Isa. Stu
  18. G'day All, After a little bit of R&R following the release of Palm Springs, I've been getting stuck into service-pack-mode, and in particular bringing up some of my titles to native P3Dv2 standard with some much-appreciated assistance from Graham Eccleston. I am currently working on three Service Packs/Triple Installers at the moment, and am delighted to show off a few screens for two of these, Broome International and Cairns International airports for FTX AU. To be perfectly honest, these are two of my all-time favourite projects to work on, and it's been great fun to add full P3D2 compatibility, as well as adding some additional features and new content. Of course these new features will be made available for the FSX version too, as well as a couple of fixes for both airports. With our 33% Off* Sale running for another two weeks (until January 2nd 2015), now is the perfect time to pick up these two airports for a very nice discount! CAIRNS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The largest airport in the Australian Tropics, Cairns International is a major tourist hub, serving many international and domestic airlines, as well as being one of the largest GA and rotary-wing airfields in the country. As an internationally-renowned tourist destination, the city is a short flight away from the Great Barrier Reef and tropical Rainforests of the hinterland region. This extensive scenery add-on not only includes the airport in full detail, but also the majority of the city of Cairns (including the busy downtown resort district on short finals to the airport), Green Island, Vlashoff Cay and large photoreal portions of the Great Barrier Reef. The City Center floating helipad, Base Hospital helipad, Marina and Green Island floatplane docks, and Vlashoff Cay landing area all provide additional landing areas to explore, as well as over 50 custom landmarks and points of interest to check out across the coverage area. An enormous and varied location to explore, Cairns offers some of the most dramatic landscapes to be found anywhere in Australia. New Features for Triple Installer/Service Pack 2: - Full compatibility with Prepar3d V2 - New taxiway edge and centreline lighting system - New airport ground poly source for better performance, including some updated textures - New Static Aircraft - Virgin Australia (white) 737NG, AirNorth E170, Airlines PNG Dash-8, Air Nuigini Q400 and B757 - Updated GA and bizjet static aircraft - New Global-style autogen lighting for better look and improved performance - Minor updates to animated people and generic ground vehicles - Fixed excluded mangrove autogen - Fixed missing GUIDs - Fixed Ground Poly aircraft light splash issues - Fixed compatibility for 5m mesh setting For full product details and information, please visit the Cairns Intl Product Page. All screenshots aside from night pictures taken in P3Dv2 BROOME INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT For those not familiar with the town, Broome is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia; as well as being home to the world-famous Cable Beach, it is also a major hub and gateway to the Kimberley wilderness area. Broome has a fascinating and diverse history, much of it centred around the pearling industry that was set up in the 1880s - indeed one of the many visual icons of the town is the sight of a pearling lugger sailing past Cable Beach at sunset. The town also came to prominence during World War II, when the airport (home to USAAF B-17 and B-24 bombers) and town site were bombed by the Japanese. The most well-known casualties of this raid were a fleet of Dutch flying boats anchored at Roebuck Bay - these aircraft were on their way from the Dutch East Indies to Perth at the time. The airport itself is quite iconic due to it's proximity to the town centre - the main runway at YBRM essentially cuts the town in half. From an eastern approach, short (short) finals take you low over the town centre - when visiting the local outdoor cinema (Sun Cinemas - incidentally the oldest outdoor cinema in the world), it is common to be interrupted by a 737 flying over only dozens of feet overhead! When approaching from the west, short finals take you over the impeccably white sand of Cable Beach, passing just to the south of the Cable Beach Resort. New Features for Triple Installer/Service Pack 1: - Full compatibility with Prepar3d V2 - New taxiway edge and centreline lighting system - New Static Aircraft - AirNorth E170 - New Global-style autogen lighting for better look and improved performance - Minor updates to animated people - Fixed coastline issue near lighthouse For full product details and information, please visit the Broome Intl Product Page. All screenshots taken in P3Dv2 Cheers, Jarrad
  19. Some pics from a flight from Cairns to Broome. I guess the Cairnserites wanted to get away from the rest of the mob coming up for the long weekend Loading all the trimmings for a good barbie A bit of cloud en route... ...soon gave away to the usual clear skies and great visibility Destination in sight Easy does it! Yes - I AM coming in to park here... What do you mean "too big"!?! I fit, don't I? Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  20. Which I could erase, I couldn't make a choice . . . Thanks for viewing
  21. Not quite in it's home habitat, but I couldn't pass up my favourite colour scheme on the 707 for a trip down to Cairns from Port Moresby (with a sneaky bypass of Murray Island along the way!). Cheers, Jarrad
  22. Right - so after the first leg I changed planes in Manila. On to Port Moresby in another classic Global kicking in and doing it's thing The last of the Philippines Here we're already over the Bird's Head-like peninsula in north-western Irian Jaya. The two lakes are Giji and Gida The Baliem Valley I did forget that I was travelling three time-zones east - so evening was kicking in really fast You can just about make out the peak of Mount Bosavia in the background A few minutes later it was pitch dark. So no pics of the arrival at AYPY... Bright and early the next day the final leg to Cairns was done with a 727 And here - just about an hour later - the Barrier Reef Some more or less cropped DX10s with SweetFX. If you're wondering about the ground textures in PNG - I chose Oceania in FTX central before departing from Port Moresby. The pics of Irian Jaya / PNG on the flight from the Philippines is "pure" Global Cheers Mallard
  23. ...for my copy of Palm Springs to complete downloading I thought I might share some pics from another one of Jarrad's beauties (and my virtual "home"): Cairns - here with the 30-m mesh Heading towards Kuranda And on in to Mareeba Cropped straight DX10s with SweetFX Cheers Mallard
  24. After the cat - now the beaver Heading for the first stop at Green Island Scenic flight Back over Green Island Mainland Whoops - the tide is out. Don't want to land on the mudflats... Made it! Cropped and reduced, but otherwise straight DX10 pics with SweetFX Cheers Mallard
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