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  1. Now let's explore Cardiff and its surroundings. "And I think to myself, what a wonderful (sim) world".
  2. Now for the part II of my cityscapes screenshot series. Today, exploring the beauty of Liverpool. Hope you like it
  3. Some London cityscapes. Hope you enjoy them
  4. When i uninstalled Orbx TE UK North, Central and South and doing this action from Orbx Central it only freed up about 85gb of disk space. Not right i think? In the end i ran a search of the Custom Scenery folder for Orbx and it found several folders for what i thought had been deleted in the uninstall process. I then removed those folders manually and then gave me 0ver 300gb of disk space. Did i miss a step on the uninstall or is there a Windows setting causing this?
  5. Landind with visibility of 300 m (1000 ft) at EGNM.
  6. Wonderful KEYW. Warning: the level of realism may lead we to think this is real life
  7. What a beautiful region to explore....
  8. I love those water textures and reflections! This was my first experience with Vulkan. I saw some bugs, so I would not recommend upgrading your main XP11 installation (only creating a second copy to test). But I love the water quality and the frame rate upgrade (see the last pic, 70 fps at TE Washington is not bad....) The better FPS completely transforms the flight experience.
  9. My trip continues southbound. Now for a nearly 22 NM very beautiful and super realistic flight.
  10. Third leg of my trip. A very scenic and pleasant flight from Swanson to Walter Sutton. Please notice the two last pictures. One is from XP11, the next from Google maps. Amazing level of realism...
  11. Second leg of my exploration trip initiated at Skagit.
  12. Some more testing of XP11.50b3 Vulkan over Orbx TE GB South. For this i am using none default Sky Colours and Cloud Textures and their associated Lua scripts. Also using X-Vision v150 designed for XP11.50. Finally i have capped the FPS in the Nvidia Control Panel to 35FPS and this gives me a really fluid smooth flight. Cessna_172SP - 2020-04-11 16.12.47 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Cessna_172SP - 2020-04-11 16.13.13 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Cessna_172SP - 2020-04-11 16.16.12 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Cessna_172SP - 2020-04-11 16.18.1
  13. It's a wonderful experience to fly over a super realistic region with amazing airfields.
  14. Early morning at Manchester Barton (EGCB) - XP11 with the freeware Khamsin T-6: Adam.
  15. I'd totally forgotten that XP has a really useful AI function. The Stinson gave me quite a surprise when I was stooging around doing a photo op! All pics around and about Duxford. Adam.
  16. Hi Everybody, Performed my first test flight using Vulcan with an Orbx True Earth state. Wow, She is cranked up and running smooth!!! Can't wait to try other areas.
  17. I liked it very much, default scenery is not so cool after Orbx installation, now i wish the entire world, can you imagine? Would be surreal! It is a truly amazing work, congratulations! Some from Oregon. Take care.
  18. After several hours of research and settings. My new xVision Preset (Sky,Clouds,Cockpit brightness, sharpness) for XP11.30 default weather is ready.I will share it tonight.In the Topic Tips, Tricks & Techniques following my post Ultra Weather XP & xVision Settings (XP11)
  19. Today I tried EGCK for the first time. I don't know if it is for the perfect location, between mountains and the sea, for the incredible little details everywhere, for the lovely TE scenery around it, or if it is for much more and for the sum of everything, but for me this is already one of my favorite airfields ever. I love it. Well done, Orbx!
  20. I'm really enjoying my Cessna 310L in this lovely creation called TE Florida. Just a few from Cedar Key to Brooksville. Dusk Night arrival at KBKV Jose
  21. A very pleasant flight from Key West to Miami with the Zibo 737. I use the SD version, and the level of detail is already stunning.
  22. Just one of my 1st flight into TE FL. A full review will come filled with excitement and sadness. Jose
  23. Who remembers DAN- AIR? just finished this livery tonight out of EGPH.. Sunshine on Leith!
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