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  1. A general question on how Orbx has achieved the sky colour and visibility shown in the screenshots related to the marketing of this airport. I, and probably lots of other folks, are trying to find the "best" combo for themselves related to sky colours and visibility. There are a variety of commercial and freeware plug-ins to assist with this exercise. Can someone from Orbx or whomever has taken the screenshots advise on what they did or how they achieved the look and visibility associated with the products marketing screenshots. This is certainly not to plug any particula
  2. G'day guys, One of our beta testers (and connoisseur of all things Australasian) Jon Murchison has made a few shots of Broome International for XP11, which I wanted to share with you guys. We're putting the scenery through it's final paces as we speak; our first Australian destination for XP11 shouldn't be too far away at all. Enjoy!
  3. Ok its Not an Invasion but its the start of the Manchester Barton Airshow which goes on all weekend expect to see Various Aircraft and Flying Conditions , the first 2 to arrive are a P51 in RAF colours and A B25 Mitchell. Martin
  4. I am seriously running out of locations to shoot in Xplane that is in the UK and Features Orbx any suggestions other that waiting for England Trueearth which I CAN WAIT any new screens ??e UK featuring
  5. Hello, I have a desire ! Iam a P3D v4.2 user and I cant really understand why the Orbx night lighting isn´t that good like in XP11. The default lighting in XP11 is amazing and needn´t to buy something else for it. So my big wish is, that Orbx update the night lighting for P3D that it Looks like in Xplane11 ! Would it be possible for you to work on it ?
  6. So.. After a life long dedication to the ESP engine with FSX and Prepar3D today I bought X-Plane.. After many hours learning, reading, and playing with my new sim I installed a bunch of Photoreal Scenery tiles, libraries etc to improve the ground scenery (You XP11 users know what the mods and libraries are) and then.. Bought KACK.... Oh.. My God.. I'm not really sure I'm able to ever go back to P3D v4.. I'm beyond sold...
  7. Was in a hurry, saw that Bills stuff was on sale for one day only. Started pressing buy for all his stuff.....then got to thinking wait a minute, I actually bought Nantucket before, from Just Flight. Saw later that I had an email about porting over the Nantucket. I have now bought the original and also Orbx version. Seeking advice, would like to have benefit of previous purchase. What can I do here or what should I do here. - Can I get a credit for the purchase of P4Dv4 Nantucket with proof of my previous purchase. - Do I open up a support ticket, an
  8. Attention please, this is a raw video. It was recorded while flown, uncut. A fast flight (an aggressive one even! LoL). Wanting too much in no time... haha. However, there is a certain malice of mine: I want you to notice the smoothness of XP11 ... Despite the certain aggressiveness, the flight continues smoothly. Cheers,
  9. Notam: If you run with your own Ortho4XP scenery, and you also have Orbx titles, AND, you are updating the Beta run of XP11.20(x), well, after each time you update your XP11 version, I have found out that I lose my Ortho4XP Overlays/XP11 standard...that is, I no longer get road lights, XP11 roadways, and A.I. road traffic. ONLY, when I uninstall my only Orbx title to date, Meig's Field/ KCGX) and then REINSTALL the title, do I get back my universal overlay over the whole world, and all that it brings. This has happened twice through two updates of XP11 beta's. So...
  10. ...let it snow, let it snow...er...let it snoooooooooooooooooow!
  11. O'Hare can be seen in the upper right, as I climb over Lake Michigan...
  12. KCGX — A simple test flight on my BK-117+RAD+WP into X-Plane 11 a. b. c. d. e. Cheers,
  13. Hello, I recently read your announcement regarding developing for X-plane. Unfortunately what I haven't been able to tell is if you will be releasing improved airports (as in a LOT of them) as part of the regions for X-plane? I see announcements for specialized airports, but not the general every day airports. While the general landscape could certainly use some improvements in X-plane, my biggest frustration with X-plane is all the airports that are simply a single slab of asphalt on a single runway heading because they were not included in the base install of X-plane. I have
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