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Found 493 results

  1. Final approach and landing at East Midlands. This is another super immersive and photo-realistic scenery.
  2. Took off from Innsbruck on a sunny morning, returned on a cloudy and rainy afternoon.
  3. I am still in shock with the quality of the images I got on this wonderful flight today. ORBX is really pushing the boundaries of photo-realism. I think this is the best photo set I was able to produce since I began with this "sim-photo-business" (or should I call it sim-photo-laziness?) Breathe in, breathe out! The set is large, just because I was in love with what I was seeing!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  4. An exploration of Damyns Hall Aerodrome in XP11 before setting off and heading east (well, south first..) following the Thames to it's meeting with the North Sea. They have great holiday accommodation here. Impeccable detail... My son was playing farming simulator on the PS4 while I was doing this and this looks better. An amazing sense of 'being there' Time to fly. Nice overview of this charming aerodrome. London in the distance, but we're not going that way. Upminster. This final stretch of the river is far from pretty, with vast swaths of industry, but it is interesting... QEII Bridge. Tilbury Docks. Getting into something greener and less built-up. Marshland that was clearly in heavy use for something historically... something to look up. Reaching the end, with the North Sea in the distance. All taken in XP11.33r2 - using XVision 121 with my most recent preset. Thank you for looking.
  5. Hi all, TrueEarth Oregon HD has been updated to version 1.1.0 and is available on Orbx Central. Please note that the SD update is in the pipeline still. The updates include: Updated orthoimagery for Portland, Medford and six tiles along the west coast with the newer, sharper and colour corrected imagery Added mesh fixes for upcoming airports Fixed flickering/duplicated trees Fixed bridges in Portland so they fit more snuggly on the terrain
  6. This is airport is magic for so many reasons... Truly a masterpiece.
  7. Hello everyone, Here's a quick sneak preview of TrueEarth US Washington for X-Plane I've put together. It really shows the incredible diversity of this amazing new region. Bush flying is finally on the agenda for XP11 users! A full announcement is coming next week with all the info you need. Enjoy!
  8. There are 2 shots before the final approach where you can see the limit between (the wonderful) ORBX area and the (boring) standard XP11 area.
  9. After several hours of research and settings. My new xVision Preset (Sky,Clouds,Cockpit brightness, sharpness) for XP11.30 default weather is ready.I will share it tonight.In the Topic Tips, Tricks & Techniques following my post Ultra Weather XP & xVision Settings (XP11)
  10. Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
  11. The more I explore this region, the more I want to fly here. It is truly amazing.
  12. Eat your heart out, Jeremy Clarkson! You might need to full-screen or zoom this one - look in the middle of the picture now scroll down - Once I've got the hang of this I'll be off to Buck House for a bit of sightseeing!
  13. Pearson Field is a perfect base to explore Portland.
  14. I bought and installed TE Oregon SD just now. These shots are from my first 15 minutes flying there. I am quite impressed with the diversity of this region, it looks beautiful everywhere. I will need to spend lots of time to explore it as it deserves. But for now, let me congratulate ORBX team for producing this gem. Thank you very much @renault for your instructions about the water. It looks 1000% better now Happy flights for you all, guys!
  15. The day was cloudy, not the best weather to enjoy all the beauty this city has to offer. Quite atmospheric, though. In the end, I tried some pics at dusk. I really loved what I saw, hope you enjoy too!
  16. As I begin to explore TE Oregon, I am amazed at how diverse it is. It's like flying several states (or even countries) in one!
  17. Low overcast this morning still loving it . . . ~
  18. Are there any other shops like Tesco (from True Earth GB.) In the US sceneries like Washington?
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