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Found 658 results

  1. Early morning at Manchester Barton (EGCB) - XP11 with the freeware Khamsin T-6: Adam.
  2. I'd totally forgotten that XP has a really useful AI function. The Stinson gave me quite a surprise when I was stooging around doing a photo op! All pics around and about Duxford. Adam.
  3. Hi Everybody, Performed my first test flight using Vulcan with an Orbx True Earth state. Wow, She is cranked up and running smooth!!! Can't wait to try other areas.
  4. I liked it very much, default scenery is not so cool after Orbx installation, now i wish the entire world, can you imagine? Would be surreal! It is a truly amazing work, congratulations! Some from Oregon. Take care.
  5. Following our P3Dv4 LOWW announcement, it's now time for X-Plane 11! LOWW for X-Plane 11 was developed alongside the P3D version and is not just a direct port. We've utilised X-Plane's unique features enabling us to offer unmatched high detail and performance, all of which are highly optimised specifically for this platform! FEATURES - X-Plane 11 Authentic and complete rendition of Vienna Schwechat Airport in its current state including the extension of Bravo cargo parking Highly detailed 3D modelling of all buildings, with interior modelling in the main terminal Superb quality texturing and PBR usage for most buildings and assets across the airport Realistic and custom made ground service vehicles including pushback trucks, service and Vienna Airport specific taxis and buses. Completely custom groundwork with high-quality and accurate signage and markings. 3D people at various parking stands (can be controlled via the control panel) Full integration with SAMv2 jetways including VGDS and Marshallers! Custom made and optional static aircraft throughout bringing the airport to life Superb modelling outside of the airport including realistic hotels, Petrochemie Danubia and even animated trains Precise parking positions for airlines in their correct real-world gate assignment based on current data Perfectly blends with Ortho4XP tiles for seamless experience. Developed with close assistance from real world pilots, airport workers and staff for incredible authenticity Created by Gaya Simulations (Kos Airport)
  6. After several hours of research and settings. My new xVision Preset (Sky,Clouds,Cockpit brightness, sharpness) for XP11.30 default weather is ready.I will share it tonight.In the Topic Tips, Tricks & Techniques following my post Ultra Weather XP & xVision Settings (XP11)
  7. Today I tried EGCK for the first time. I don't know if it is for the perfect location, between mountains and the sea, for the incredible little details everywhere, for the lovely TE scenery around it, or if it is for much more and for the sum of everything, but for me this is already one of my favorite airfields ever. I love it. Well done, Orbx!
  8. I'm really enjoying my Cessna 310L in this lovely creation called TE Florida. Just a few from Cedar Key to Brooksville. Dusk Night arrival at KBKV Jose
  9. A very pleasant flight from Key West to Miami with the Zibo 737. I use the SD version, and the level of detail is already stunning.
  10. Just one of my 1st flight into TE FL. A full review will come filled with excitement and sadness. Jose
  11. Our most ambitious project to date sees us take the next step in bringing more of the X-Plane world to life with our TrueEarth range of products. TrueEarth US Northern California is the result of years of research and development as well as countless hours of crafting together one of the most stunning and diverse regions in North America. Take off from across the sprawling region and explore to your heart’s content with over 212,000 square kilometers of orthoimagery and accurately placed autogen. The wide-range of landscapes, detailed mountains and stunning coastlines will redefine how you travel across the state in X-Plane 11. Special care and attention has been given to color correction, editing and balancing the orthoimagery to ensure the highest fidelity and quality. Using the latest technology, millions of trees have been accurately placed throughout the entire region and grouped together to create an immersive environment if you enjoy flying close to the ground. The vegetation has been hand-coloured to ensure it blends in perfectly with the ground textures. Northern California prides itself on its varied landscape, giving you plenty of choice for places to explore. Yosemite National Park, famous for its stunning valleys and flower-covered meadows, find life in X-Plane thanks to the TrueEarth technology. If the wilderness isn’t your thing, then take a trip up the Northern California coast and catch the west-coast sunshine as the light bounces off of your aircraft. The sights you will see will be truly breathtaking. Set yourself the challenge of finding everything there is to see in Northern California. With nearly 1,000 points of interest to seek out, flying in a GA aircraft has never been so rewarding once you find them all. Seek out Alcatraz Island, Google's headquarters, the Apple "Spaceship" HQ, the massive blimp hangars near San Jose or seek out the many Sonoma County Vineyards. Just a small sample of the POI models for the San Francisco tile alone! (Click to expand image to view in 4K) The most exciting element of North California is the variety of topography throughout the region, meaning you could spend days exploring and still find uniqueness throughout. The rugged coastlines up by Big Sur and Shelter Cove make for excellent expeditions, whilst seeing the peaks of Mt Shasta and the Sierra Nevada is simply breathtaking. Perhaps you want a more urban experience? The beautiful cityscape of San Francisco has been fully modeled with the latest PBR techniques for a detailed rendition of the City by the Bay. Take the challenge of flying under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or fly right over Silicon Valley in San Jose. Whatever your preference, TrueEarth US NorCal for X-Plane 11 will have something for you. And if you're a PilotEdge user, enjoy the skies above NorCal with full real-time ATC with actual human controllers! TrueEarth US Northern California HD vs SD Exactly as we have done with TrueEarth US Washington and TrueEarth US Oregon, Northern California will be available in two versions - high definition (HD) 212GB and standard definition (SD) 53GB. The only difference between these two products is the ground texture resolution. If disk space is a concern, check out the SD version of TrueEarth US NorCal, which provides the same regional coverage, but at just a a quarter of the disk space. The slightly reduced texture resolution still provides incredible detail but enables smoother performance for those with older graphics cards. If you prefer the full fidelity, we recommend the HD version for best resolution. FEATURES 212,000 km2 of hand-corrected/cleaned aerial imagery in 1m/px resolution (HD version) or 2m/px resolution (SD version) Millions of individual autogen trees/shrubs, grouped by type and hand-corrected for maximum realism across the entire region Explore and soar over the stunning San Francisco Cityscape crafted with full PBR effects Nearly 1,000 custom PBR POIs placed around the state; including San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Silicon Valley and many, many more. All major cities accurately modeled, including SFO, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, Monterey, Fresno, Redding and many others. Millions of themed and efficient PBR autogen buildings placed to match the aerial imagery across the entire region Ultra detailed elevation mesh sourced from 10m DEM to bring out great detail in the coastline and mountains Beautiful hand-cleaned water-masking, which blends in beautifully Many marinas have hand-placed 3D boats added Blends in seamlessly with TrueEarth US Oregon and the upcoming TrueEarth US Southern California (in development) to provide even more US coverage COVERAGE MAP Stay tuned for more previews over the coming week! Note: screenshots are taken from both HD and SD versions.
  12. Who remembers DAN- AIR? just finished this livery tonight out of EGPH.. Sunshine on Leith!
  13. Four shots of the SMS Beaver around Orcas Island (KORS): Adam.
  14. As we work hard on getting TrueEarth GB Central to beta, we are concurrently working on the first service pack (SP1) for TE GB South. As has always been the case with Orbx regions, we continually update them to fix bugs and add new and improved content. For TE GB South here's a list of things to come (and Richard BUI has already posted a preview topic of some of what he's been working on): Hundreds of new castles in England and Wales More unique models in London and other cities Many upgrades to ports like Dover, Southampton and Portsmouth to add ships, cranes, containers, forts and other detail A new ZL18 ortho imagery for central London spanning from Hyde Park to EGLC London City Airport. This will make the capital really look amazing especially doing those Thames runs down low, and approaches to EGLC. Improved ZL18 ortho for Portsmouth Possible new Dover cliffs and detail Many more 3D models along the coast to improve the look of coastal towns More variety of light houses and correct placements Many more POI models of important structures, including bridges Here is a quick sample of some of the castles and cathedrals going into SP1. Remember, this is just a few out of the hundreds being added: Raby Castle Hartlebury Castle Halton Castle Blackburn Cathedral Beverley Minster Barnard Castle Barnwell Castle The good news? All Orbx service packs are free, and automatically delivered to you via FTX Central. Just look for the announcement and you'll see the little red icon next to the region's thumbnail to install the SP. Here's a sneak peek at London in SP1: Rest assured that your initial license fee for TE GB South is used to spend further R&D into the region over many years. With this cycle of continual improvement you're investing in a region that will get much more detailed over time. As a sneak preview of TE GB Central, here's the view of Liverpool from Bidston Hill, comparing a real-life photo to TrueEarth.
  15. I love this airfield and its surroundings, I think it is truly a gem.
  16. My evening flight in a stunning location.
  17. This Orbx region is nothing short of perfect. I am always amazed at what I see. I would love to buy Orbx airports to enjoy North Cal even more
  18. An updated (freeware) EE Lightning over Wales: ... and now the Jaguar (also freeware) ... taking off ffrom RAF Lossiemouth: Adam.
  19. Hello, I was wondering if the following issue (floating building around DD KSEA airport) could be resolved. I tried disabling the mesh and AR road but to no avail. Thank you. Transaction ID: 5d0dd85fec73a
  20. Out of hangar at Barton-Manchester airfield EGCB Overflying several POI's in the Manchester Area: Landing at Manchester Int Airport EGCC:
  21. A difficult landing at EGNM with heavy winds (40 knots+gusts+wind shear+turbulence). This was my first attempt. Needed to go-around. It's one of my favorite airports ever for XP11. A 10/10 from Orbx.
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