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  1. Hello, you will only need this guide, if for some reason, clicking on the X of the progress window does not work. That should always be tried first. 1. make sure that you are closing Orbx Central and not just minimising it to the taskbar. These two boxes must not be ticked. Here, I have generated the error message. 2. Close Orbx Central. 3. Open your temporary files folder and select Orbx. 4. Delete the contents. 5. Open Orbx Central and you will see
  2. Hello, first go to postimage and create an account, or you will not be able to find your images again. Then click on Upload: Click on choose images and browse to where your screen shot was stored. Highlight your image and click on Open. The image will upload and you will see this. Select Direct Link and copy the address (url, link). Go to the Orbx forum and paste the address (url, link) into it. You will see this, click on the x to remove the black banner
  3. Since the cityscape was first developed for FSX one problem introduced in P3DV4 and V5 has remained: the dam holding the lake back displays differently and looks like a great wall! Anyway today I tried a quick fix and it seems to have worked without any consequences. In the Canberra Cityscape Scenery folder is a file called dam_lake.bgl. Simply add a .OFF extension to this file and the dam disappears and the photoreal underneath is quite acceptable. I'd be happy to hear if this works for everyone...
  4. Since the cityscape was first developed for FSX one problem introduced in P3DV4 and V5 has remained: the dam holding the lake back displays differently and looks like a great wall! Anyway today I tried a quick fix and it seems to have worked without any consequences. In the Canberra Cityscape Scenery folder is a file called dam_lake.bgl. Simply add a .OFF extension to this file and the dam disappears and the photoreal underneath is quite acceptable. I'd be happy to hear if this works for everyone...
  5. Usually the information given below is part of a user manual. As MSFS and the SDK are constantly evolving, it probably makes more sense to list a few items here that can be kept up to date. I get a CTD after 1 min flight, what can I do? In most cases users are affected who are using rolling cache. Try following the 3 steps below: Deinstall CS Sydney. Delete your rolling cache. Reinstall CS Sydney. Also try increasing the size of your rolling cache. Why do I see floating buildings? If buildings are floatin
  6. There are several issues being reported by users regarding KBUR. Performance, elevation and ATIS I am attaching some pics of what I see at KBUR to illustrate that some of these issues maybe at the users end but this in no way is intended to detract from the fact that some people are experiencing issues here as they have provided pics to back up their claims. I am just trying here to show you what I see with my PC specs, my MSFS settings and my installation of KBUR. First my Graphics settings for MSFS on a 4K monitor: Reported part of Sunken Ground
  7. BBCode no longer works in these forums. This is how to obtain the Direct link at imgur, right click on the image to see the menu. This is the link that is created: https://i.imgur.com/WCgmCKc.jpg Note that there is no [img] [/img] code Depending upon the internet browser used, it may instead show Copy image address or Copy file location or Copy url. and when that link is copied into a post, the forum automatically embeds it: Please note that the forums also no longer accepts http links. They mus
  8. Hi all. Since the first post of this aid, several folks have sent very helpful suggestions. I'm resubmitting the thread to include those suggestions. Good luck to all newbies! For Us Dummies--How to Post ORBX Forum FSX Screenshots with Windows 10 Select screenshot from your "pictures” file. Right-Click chosen picture and select "Edit with Paint 3D." Left-Click upper left "Menu." Select “Save as.” Left-Click “Image” icon at the bottom of the page. Rename chosen picture and save as jpeg image in desktop "Pictures." To do this, delete original name an
  9. Hi All, Occasionally, we receive a request to Transfer Orbx Products from one Orbx Direct Account to another that has been purchased by another customer. This is not allowed and will not be tolerated, we take our EULA very seriously. If you purchase Orbx Products in your account, they will not be moved to another account, we will not allow a customer to Sell their account and or products to another customer. Thanks Richard
  10. @Louismg and everyone else. A fix for the potholes etc at Happy Camp 36S kindly provided by @Sentry11 and approved by @Tony Wroblewski. Place the mod above Global Airports. @Nick Cooper please pin and lock under the usual Useful Tips section. Thanks. 36S - Happy Camp (MOD).zip
  11. @cbcdesign and others: Fix kindly provided by our colleague @Sentry11 for the issue of the police vehicles in TEGB South and Central travelling in reverse. How and where to install is in the text document contained in the zip file. @Nick Cooper for pinning and locking please in the Useful Tips section. Approved by Tony Wroblewski Police cars in TEGB South and Central.zip
  12. Lockheed Martin updated many airports to their current ICAO code in P3D V5. We did request a list of these airports but they were unable to provide that information. We are aware of a few but without going through all 24,000 or so default airports, the task of identifying them all was a little beyond us in the short term. We will therefore be updating any of these changed ICAO codes as they are discovered and would request your help in this regard. Could you please post any code changes you identify to this thread and we will track them from here. I will make it a stick
  13. Hello Everyone. As you may or may not be aware, The Flight Sim Store License Transfer to Orbx Direct has not been working lately. In order to move your Orbx products across to Orbx Direct I have two images below and written text that show what I need from you to place your products into Orbx Direct via the Ticket Portal. There are two options that clearly displays the Required Information to Verify the product and or products. Please Note: Copy/Paste Details from a .txt file/ or a txt file will not be accepted. 1. Provide an image of an email sent to
  14. Note this post gets updated once new issues and their fixes get known. Replies in this thread are not possible to keep the fixes are simple as possible for everyone. If you have comment, please open a new thread. 1. I'm seeing black autogen buildings! Ensure that you have the latest version of Orbx Libraries installed, which contains textures required for the autogen buildings: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Go to "Other -> Orbx Libraries" -> Click "Verify files" If this doesn't bring you the textures, uninstall Orbx Li
  15. Hi all, We've received reports that Orbx Central v4.1.8 (currently in fastlane) has an issue for some users where the the installation will stall or freeze, and requires a Orbx Central restart to resume. We've identified a potential solution for this issue, and have deployed a fix as version v4.1.9. To update: Close Orbx Central if it is running Open Orbx Central - it should update automatically. If it doesn't update automatically, go to Settings and press Check for Updates If issues persist, please create a topic following the guide below
  16. With the large number of reports of various issues when downloading and installing True Earth addons, I sought Orbx Central team advice. I post here a response I have received. Please bear in mind that the team will be back at their desks on Monday 11May after the weekend and will then be able to look at individual posts. Here is a summary of noted issues and a guide to what to do : Please adhere to the advice in regard to trying the steps provided and if no satisfactory conclusion reached then post your issue to the Orbx Central subforum: This is from the Orbx Central team spo
  17. Hello everyone, in the LOWI scenario there are many houses and buildings suspended in the void and the streets are also overhanging.
  18. @Nick Cooper would you pin this please. This is approved for publication via mail to me from @Tony Wroblewski There have been several posts about the problem of KSEA jetways being duplicated and ugly when used in conjunction with TE Washington Airports files from the TE Washington Enhancement Pack and the KSEA demo by Aerosoft. I have sought and got approval to publish this mod which was kindly developed by @Sentry11 as a temporary fix until a formal mod via a control panel option, is made by the devs in a SP or update to TE Washington Enhancement Pack. Unzip the attache
  19. Hello, one can read many complaints that there is no improvement, it is worse, it doesn't work etc etc. The simple answer is indeed to read the instructions for installing the new version and then follow all of them. Please read through all of the following text before starting the process. Regardless of where Orbx products or addon aircraft are installed, the P3D installer will leave them alone because it can only uninstall files that it installed in the first place. 1. using the Windows control panel, uninstall the P3D v5 client and when asked if y
  20. Hello, it seems that this is a fairly common problem. The reason is usually that the Orbx version of the lclookup.bgl file has been replaced with another one, usually the default version. The second reason is also because the Orbx edits to the terrain.cfg file have been replaced, once again usually by the default version. Both these files are crucial to the correct display of Orbx Global base and all the open LC products. It is important to be aware that if the Delete Generated Files batch file in the P3D root folder has been run, the terrain.cfg file wi
  21. You can fix this by returning the problematic roof textures to their defaults. Download and copy the 7 files in the attached zip into your main P3D Texture folder. This will be fine for both P3D V4.5 and V5. If you have installed Buildings HD to an Orbx Central Library, copy the files to Your Orbx Central scenery library\p3dv5\Global Buildings HD\Orbx\Scripts\BuildingsHD\Core\Texture I will alert the Orbx Central guys to this issue. Default_Roof_Textures.zip
  22. I know that there have been some other suffering long p3d loading times... I now have the same after upgrading my OS. But I know this community is great... Does someone have an idea how to cure this? Maybe some p3d files have been hidden somewhere on C:/ which I just have to find and move somehwere else? Or a complete new-install of p3d? Any hints are appreciated.
  23. I was having trouble with 61B in P3D V4.5. I could not get the airport to display correctly. I had uninstalled Base, Vector, OpenLCNA and reinstalled them. I ran the airport elevation correction tool in Vector again and again but still had the issue. I thought if I purchased the newly released Boulder City scenery that it may fix the issue. It did not. Below is a screenshot of what I am seeing. Please advise on what I can do to fix this issue. I also have the Pilot's FS Global Ultimate Next Generation FTX mesh installed. I have tried disabling the mesh in the scenery library but that
  24. Hi tigether, first a big thank you for supporting yet another P3D version with no extra cost!! I've read this topic about moving Orbx products from v4 to v5 without reinstalling them. And that lead me to another question: Can I uninstall P3d v4, but install P3d v5 into the same folder than v4 before? ...so that the installation folder is actually still named "P3D4"?? There are a LOOOOOT of addons there, of which many have ini files or little *.bgl or texture files in the default P3d folders. I know, I will have to update many addons anyway, but many others might be
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