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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, Some customers are reporting that FTX Central is not placing the Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain entries correctly in scenery_packs.ini If these entries are not in the correct location, you will experience the following issues: 1. Certain London landmarks like The London Eye, Tower Bridge etc, will not appear. These are default Laminar objects. 2. Certain Gateway airports will not be displayed correctly; instead you'll see TE GB facsimile buildings in place 3. Other scenery elements will not be correctly displayed. Fortunately the fix is very simple and straight forward. You just need to ensure that the Orbx TE GB folder entries are BELOW Global Airports and Landmarks London, as shown below. Please note that some third party airports may be missing the required exclusions. This is not an Orbx problem. If an airport designer does not use a proper exclude for the airport boundary then it is possible our scenery layers (and any other scenery layer) may interfere with the airport. If you experience interference from TE GB at a third party airport and the scenery layers are as per above, please contact the developer and request an exclusion to be correctly added. Update 18-Oct-18: We will add exclusions to all affected airports by incorporating fixes contributed by FlyAgi in the topic below, and also adding our own fixes for missing exclusions. In this way we can patch TE GB in a coordinated, official way via FTX Central. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. We do apologise for this inconvenience and Ben is aware that further development of the FTX Central code is required to overcome every iteration of customers' scenery_packs.ini
  2. I know that there have been some other suffering long p3d loading times... I now have the same after upgrading my OS. But I know this community is great... Does someone have an idea how to cure this? Maybe some p3d files have been hidden somewhere on C:/ which I just have to find and move somehwere else? Or a complete new-install of p3d? Any hints are appreciated.
  3. *****This post is only relevant if you have both Canberra Cityscape and YSCB Airport scenery installed.***** If you notice a couple of areas where the autogen is missing, one between the airport and the city centre (west), and one the other side of the industrial area (south west) you can apply the following fix which should restore the missing houses. 1. In the...\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_YSCB\Scenery folder is a file named ORBX_YSCB_60cm_PR.bgl. Rename this file to ORBX_YSCB_60cm_PR.bgl.OFF. 2. Additionally, I have found it might be beneficial to remove the following files from the YSCB\Scenery folder, as they are duplicated in the Cityscape folder. I was getting a lot of flickering in the industrial estate buildings that seems to have disappeared now. This is where the autogen is missing:
  4. If you have an Nvidia graphics card there is a new feature available on the last couple of drivers that improves the quality of the screen image quite a bit. The latest v441.12 for the 1070 for example has a new setting in the 'Manage 3D settings' in the control panel called 'Image sharpening. By default it is set to off. Whemn on it certainly sharpens the quality on my monitor. No point posting comparison images as the resolution for uploads does not show the improvement. Believe me it is worth a look! All explained here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/geforce-gtx-16-series-super-game-ready-driver/
  5. If you want to see the photoreal roads in X-Plane TrueEarth GB, use this tip:
  6. Ortho type scenery like TE Washington and Oregon plus regular Ortho4XP photoscenery will often misalign the true location coordinates of default XP airports. Considering that TE WA and OR are photosceneries with XP default airports/airfields then this misalignment is evident in places. There is a fix being offered on the .org website which will correct the misalignments for many of the 2D airports in both Oregon and Washington. Here are the links. For XP newcomers you will need to register on the x-plan.org website and probably have to wait a day or so before being authorised to download anything. Read the Website Rules section. On the links pages you will also see a link to a download called US Forests and Woodlands. The developer of that addon is none other than Tony Wroblewski, now our main TE developer at Orbx. Anyway for those of us already registered and for future users, here are the links: Washington: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54311-2d-ortho-correct-wa/ Oregon: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54310-2d-ortho-correct-or/
  7. Thanks - I never like to offsite link without checking first Ok, first of all following the instructions here and then running MakeRwys.exe will drop a file named MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg into your sim root folder This file is a scenery.cfg file that contains all of your scenery including ones in the Add-on folder Via "Run" or your preferred method of navigating a folder, go here: %programdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 BACK UP YOUR SCENERY.CFG FILE - For the love of everything good, please do this! Rename/move your original scenery.cfg to somewhere safe, and then drop in the MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg and rename it to "scenery.cfg" Run the AEC configuration for Vector, it will now have access to & scan ALL of your scenery regardless of where it lives Once you've finished scanning, applied etc, you can quit FTX Central Move your original scenery.cfg back to it's original location It's a bit of a fiddle the first few attempts, but after a while it becomes reasonably quick (and you'll probably want MakeRwys.exe for other things like external ATC software and similar stuff) The vast majority of scenery and my traffic add-on I've manually set up and written the XML myself (A good chunk of my time at work involves interacting with XML) so hopefully I'll be able to chime in and be helpful - I think I've learnt more by doing and breaking things than by the rather sparse documentation from LM
  8. Hello, whenever an Orbx X Plane 11 product requires the additional installation of the Orbx X Plane 11 Libraries, this banner is to be seen on the Orbx Product page. Failure to do this will result in this message in the X Plane 11 log: which will also be displayed on the X Plane 11 screen, one for each of the installed airports, like this: To install the X Plane 11 Libraries, please log on to Orbx Direct, go to the freeware page and add the Orbx X Plane 11 Libraries to your account. Then they can be installed with FTX Central. (Clicking on the Orbx X Plane 11 Libraries banner on the airport Orbx Direct product page takes you to the Orbx X Plane 11 Libraries page) Note: If the libraries are already installed and this error message is seen after the installation of a new Orbx X Plane 11 product, the Orbx X Plane 11 Libraries are in need of an update and there will be an update notification in FTX Central.
  9. Hi all. Since the first post of this aid, several folks have sent very helpful suggestions. I'm resubmitting the thread to include those suggestions. Good luck to all newbies! For Us Dummies--How to Post ORBX Forum FSX Screenshots with Windows 10 Select screenshot from your "pictures” file. Right-Click chosen picture and select "Edit with Paint 3D." Left-Click upper left "Menu." Select “Save as.” Left-Click “Image” icon at the bottom of the page. Rename chosen picture and save as jpeg image in desktop "Pictures." To do this, delete original name and rename something simple. Open options in the “Save as” slot by Right-Clicking the drop-down arrow. Select jpeg option. Click “Save.” You now have two copies of your picture, one original and one jpeg renamed. Open IMGUR. Register if you are new. Home page registration box works best. Drag/Browse selected jpeg picture from “Pictures” to IMGUR box. [NOTE: To “Drag,” Left-Click on chosen picture and hold the Click button down while moving the cursor. Picture will follow the cursor. To “Browse,” Left-Click “Browse” button and select shots.] Selected picture appears in IMGUR box. Watch upload bar. This may take a moment. If you want to include more than one picture, right-Click “Add More Images.” Repeat process for each jpeg picture. Drag each selected jpeg picture to IMGUR. If you get nothing but a blank transfer, check to make sure you selected your jpeg picture. The originals won’t work. It has to be a jpeg format. When done, right-Click “Done” button. To transfer pictures to Forum, you will have to do each one individually. Right-Click first selected picture. Put cursor over upper right corner of picture. Options will appear in upper right corner. Select down arrow. Select “Get Share Links.” Right-Click “Copy” button of “BBCode” slot, lower left. Minimize IMGUR window. Open ORBX and go to Forums. Open Screenshots Forum. In Screenshot Forum, Left-Click "New Topic." This opens your display page. Enter a title in the “Title” slot. Right-Click on blank entry area to paste "BBC Share Code” into the new post. The code will look like a string of letters and numbers ending in jpeg. If desired, minimize ORBX and return to IMGUR for further entries. Repeat steps 14-21 for each selected picture. To return to your IMGUR picture set, simply click any dark space on the code page and your list will reappear. When you have copy/pasted all the pictures you want to your display page, you will have a page consisting of a list of code-strings. Go to the top of the Post area and find the icon looking like a sheet of paper with a magnifying glass on it. Click this icon. It will change your code-strings into your selected pictures. This should complete the formation of your screenshot thread entry. Left-Click “Submit.” Enjoy! ADDITIONAL NOTES SEE #8 ABOVE - A SHORT CUT FOR MOVING PICTURES FROM WINDOW TO WINDOW 1. You can open two working windows side by side to make picture transfer easier: a. Open ORBX Screenshot Forum “Start New Topic.” b. Reduce this window’s size by Left-Clicking the square icon on the right upper corner of your screen just to the left of the x delete icon. c. Move this reduced window to one side of screen by placing cursor at top of window and holding down Left-Click button to capture the window. Move captured window to desired location and release click-hold to set window. d. Open a second window for your IMGUR page by moving cursor to the small grey parallelogram just to the right of the tab label in the upper left corner of your screen. e. By repeating the steps described in “c” above, move this second window to a position beside your ORBX window. Release click-hold to set it there. f. Open IMGUR site as you normally would with your internet browser. g. You should now have two windows side by wide. You can adjust their sizes to your preference by moving your cursor to the window edge and dragging the margin to your desired position. SEE #8 ABOVE - A SHORT CUT FOR MOVING SEVERAL PICTURES FROM WINDOW TO WINDOW 1. You can move screenshots as a group if you don’t want to do it one by one. a. The pictures must be side by side in your “Pictures” file to do this. b. While holding down the “Shift” key, Left-Click on the first picture you want to select. c. While continuing to hold down the “Shift” key, move your cursor to the last picture you want to select and Left-Click it. You have now selected all the pictures from start to finish of your cursor movement. d. Left-Click on any of the selected pictures and hold the click while moving your cursor to the IMGUR input box. The dragged box should display a small number indicating how many pictures are in the set being transferred. e. Let the IMGUR process do its thing. You can watch the progress rate on the moving bar. f. When images are transferred, continue as in “14” and following above.
  10. The Orbx Freeware Airport Pack spreadsheets have been updated to include the latest additions. Enjoy USA HERE CANADA/SOUTH AMERICA HERE
  11. Hello all, We have noticed some screenshots and videos with missing buildings, trees and housing. To truly experience TrueEarth Great Britain the way it was designed we recommend to move the Number of World Objects slider all the way to the right: Additionally, there is no need to set Visual Effect, Texture Quality and Antiaiiasing all the way to the right. Doing so will cause performance issues in the sim. The settings above provide for excellent quality but also smoother FPS. We will add this into an update of the user guide ASAP.
  12. Hello, this topic pertains to TrueEarth GB South, Central and North installations and TE Washington To install these products successfully, there are prerequisites. 1. There must be enough disk free space on both the installation disk and the destination disk. The location used by the installer can be changed, on the FTX Central settings page. The location of destination disk will be wherever X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery has been installed. (The destination folder cannot at present be changed in FTX Central. There is however a simple work around which can be found here.) The initial download of TEGB South is 26GB, the installation uses at least twice that and the installed product is 127GB The initial download of TEGB Central is 16GB, the installation uses at least twice that and the installed product is 77.3GB The initial download of TEGB North is 22GB, the installation uses at least twice that and the installed product is 142GB The initial download of TE Washington is 39GB, the installation uses at least twice that and the installed product is 207GB (If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, please use the Manual Download option and a download manager to minimise the chance of file corruption) Here is how to install the manual download 2. Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 must be installed before the installation has been started. It is free of charge and can be downloaded here. 3. The installation process can take a long time. The initial download time will depend upon the internet connection. Once installed: Notes. After the downloading of the files is complete, you will see this screen. (Note that there is no downloading in progress) and then this screen (Again, please note that there is no downloading in progress) Notes. 1. If when you start X Plane 11, you see this message , or the same white text on a blue background then it may be that the file conversion is not complete. This can be resolved by running "Verify Files" which will restart the conversion process For reference: the fully installed TE GB South textures folder should contain 12098 files and there should be no .jpg files the fully installed TE GB Central textures folder should contain 7333 files and there should be no .jpg files the fully installed TE GB North textures folder should contain 13586 files and there should be no .jpg files  the fully installed TE Washington textures folder should contain 26690 files and there should be no .jpg files Convert.cmd
  13. Hi all, The recent cross-platform release of EGHI for macOS/Linux did not include the relevant Orbx Libraries. These have now been included. If you have previously downloaded the cross-platform version of EGHI for macOS/Linux, you will need to download it again from your account OR using this link: https://orbxdirect.com/account/info/eghi-xp11/download/crossplatform We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused
  14. To help speed up the process for those having installation issues, we recommend that you download the manual zip which is available in your account. This allows you to reinstall if needed without having to download the files again. See here for instructions https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000096555-Installing-from-a-manually-downloaded-zip?mobile_site=true
  15. Printable FTX Global EU Airport Pack [48 airfields] file date 180716 edit date 20180806 freeware EU Orbx Freeware list v180716.rtf
  16. Hello Orbx ... I am a little confused on how to use Manual Elevation Corrections window which I find is not very intuitive. I cant figure out how to use the entry window. I recently noticed that my FSDT KLAS Las Vegas Airport was below the ground but when I tried to disable it by selecting it in the LEFT HAND LIST and then clicking disable which transferred it into the right hand list (at the bottom of the list; I might add!!!), it did not correct the problem. Is there a small tutorial available on how to use the Manual Elevation Corrections Window as I find it intuitively hard to figure out. Also do we choose ENABLE or DISABLE if an airport is above or below the ground? I would appreciate some help on this one please. Thank you for your continuing support.
  17. Hello, If you are satisfied that you have a high end PC and that there is nothing wrong with your copy of the simulator and FTX scenery and yet your scenery is blurred, the first thing to try is locking the frame rate to at least 30 if not 24. It does appear that even the best systems cannot chase frame rates and produce sharp focus scenery at the same time.
  18. Hello. This topic is not intended as a substitute for support requests and is not designed for everyone. It is not intended as anything other than a simple guide to a means to fix a common occurrence. If you are prepared to follow the guide below, please do. If you see an error such as this in an FTX airport but do not wish to fix it yourself, please simply make a report in the appropriate support forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes, airport taxiways will appear to have missing sections in P3D. There is a fix for this, it involves the use of the freeware Airport Design Editor., opened for P3Dv4. First, select this choice and navigate to the airport bgl file. select Taxi Links a window will open with a list of them all click on Select all once you have selected them all, click on Edit and adjust the Draw Detail and Draw Surface settings to "Yes". Click on Done. then click on Compile and in this window, make sure that the Compile File Name is identical to the name of the file that you are editing. Compile the file and copy it over the existing file, that you did of course back up first. If you find this helpful, you are welcome. If you find it offensive that a suggestion should be made that errors can be fixed by the customer, please remember that there is no obligation at all to do this and support for such errors is freely available. If you do wish to learn this simple technique, it can be applied to any airport that displays the error and can be opened in ADE, whether payware or freeware and by any developer.
  19. Good Evening Just wondered if it would be possible to give the size of the download for all products as I believe this would be of assistance for those who like me are on a limited connection and also to allocate a reasonable amount of time' I incurred the wrath of the missus last night as I waited for the ftx Global Base to finish downloading (I didn't help by telling her it is fashionable to be late for parties), and today had to abort the download of LC Europe as 23% downloaded showed 4.62GB. I've only got 8.6 GB left of my monthly limit!! Regards Terry
  20. Some years ago, I became very active on Ebay and wanted a faster way of accessing my money, so I learned about this seldomly advertised payment solution for those of you who prefer PayPal as your preferred way of sending or receiving money. PayPal offers a free to use, free to own, and free to get Mastercard that allows you to load money to it from your PayPal account or debit card, as you wish and use it for any purchases that accept Mastercard. It has no fees and comes to you in about 4 days (based on your location). Just wanted to share as I have seen that there is some concern from some of the community about the PayPal option being removed for purchases. Hope this is helpful to those impacted. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-prepaid-mastercard
  21. Hello everyone, What a year 2016 has been! My goodness, so much change, so much hard work by the team, so much patience and good grace shown by customers. One thing is for sure, there's never a dull moment with Orbx eh? So 2016 saw Orbx be the main sponsor of FlightSimCon 2016, release 18 products including a new FTX region, another openLC region, airports, ports of all our products to P3D 3.x (for free), new developers, new staff, new unified lclookup, new FTX Central and of course, new store: OrbxDirect. Whew! Has it all been smooth, perfect and without issues? No of course not, change comes with a price, and we hope it's a price that most of you are willing to pay. The end game is clear: the best customer experience, the simplest product management, and the continued release of the highest quality FS addons in the industry. We're not quite there yet, but I believe we have made good progress towards our vision. Some are wondering what is the Orbx mission? Is it to be a rich company that dominates FS and just wants to be MegaFS Corporation? Not on my watch. Orbx is about innovation, quality and fostering the best talent. We are far from the biggest FS company in our community. There are other companies that could swallow Orbx up in an instant, such is their revenues and depth of products that span into the commercial side as well. So world domination is not our plan. Doing a good job is, however. I would give us a score of 7/10 for 2016, because I admit some things we did not roll out in the most smoothest and effective manner. We learn, we grow, we adapt. That is the nature of business. So what for 2017 and beyond? Well this is where things get exciting, not only for us, but for you. Let me share some key things to look forward to, whilst at the same time keeping our cards close to our chest. We will keep to our policy of not announcing products until they are in beta (yes, I know - we broke our own rule with ENNK and Cote d'Zur but hey, nobody's perfect ) Regions The big one is Germany South. When I say 'big', this will be our biggest region yet in terms of content. 770 airport upgrades! Large areas of photoreal and cityscapes 'lite'. Hundreds and hundreds of POIs with custom 3D models. The usual meticulous attention to detail from Sascha and Holger. Oh, and mountains. Lovely, hilly, wonderful alps and mountains. We love mountains at Orbx and GES will give you a nice playground. Release timeframe? Hmmm, April maybe, possibly May. After GES we will be spending R&D resources on some top-secret projects, see below. OpenLC South America is almost in beta, should be in your hands by the new year sometime. Better data, incredible detail, a whole new continent to explore in glorious openLC detail. Oh, and we'll be making airports in SA as well. Good times. Airports etc Let's tackle this by developer shall we? These guys have their own following from you, and you have your favourites. So without giving away too many secrets let's begin with Jarrad. Jarrad Marshall is finishing LOWI Innsbruck, which I think is his biggest and most beautiful project yet. I can't stop flying my beta build, it's that good. And in VR, my goodness it's something special. Jarrad will be in Europe in February on a special project and at the same time he'll be venturing out to take photos. Where? I can't tell you ... Misha Cajic is finishing Santa Barbara which will take a bit longer since he's been spending time in EU with family and friends. Well deserved too, he's been very busy in 2015/16. I'm looking forward to KBSA very much, it will have that classic Misha touch to it. D'Andre Newman from AirDailyX is even claiming developer credits for some water masking, haha! After KBSA Misha has a number of options including KHAF Half Moon Bay, but will also start his university degree. He'll need to balance his time. Scott Armstrong is still working on BuildingsHD. It's gone quiet on that project but he does fly commercially as a pilot so it's not his day job. Do I want it finished yesterday? Of course! Let's see how that goes, I'm looking forward to seeing cities take on a whole new shiny look. Maurizio Giorgi's labour of love Cityscape Cote d'Zur is going to be his focus for many months to come. Some projects need that hand-made care which Maurizio is now famous for after his freeware for OZx and then Canberra. Alex Goff is now working full time but still actively making great little airports in the New England region. The next one is Block Island which looks just terrific. It will work nicely with Bill Womack's upcoming Nantucket and we hope the attention to the NEM region continues by those guys. Tim Harris is now going solo after years of a successful partnership with Ken Hall. It's good for developers to team up; we've had a lot of fantastic partnerships at Orbx this last decade, but at the same time it's also good to focus on a solo project or two to get new inspiration. Tim is now working on a project on the US mainland. It will be a great destination I promise you. Ken Hall is working on GES for now and casting his eyes to 2017 for a few projects he and I are cooking up. Watch this space. Finn Hansen is our young Norwegian Tornado and I am sure he has his eyes on many more Norway destinations. Together with Tore Stranden (Bodo) and Andreas Hegi (EN??), Norway is going to be the hub of lots of activity in 2017. Why not? It's one of the prettiest regions in the world to fly. We love mountains remember? EDIT: Oh what the hell, here's a sneak preview of Andreas's project which is on short finals now: Marcus Nyberg and Philip Schall are still glowing in the success of Valdez (what an airport eh!?) and are back in southern Europe working on another destination. All will be revealed soon. ESSA's moving jetways have been outsourced to a contractor and we hope to have that patch delivered soon. New developers. We have new developers not yet introduced to our customers who are working on airports in the US, South America and Europe. These guys all have years of development experience and I am sure their Orbx debuts will impress! Top Secret Projects Now to the juicy stuff! Next year we have a number of top-secret projects being started. All of these are big budget, big investment, risky, adventurous and a little bit scary for us. I know I am going to sound deliberately vague, but understand we are investing deep into six figures for these initiatives so it's important to keep things within the company for now. Don't worry, I think you know how much we as a team love showing you new stuff, so things will be revealed soon enough. Project A - Massive. A huge investment in new tech, new tools, new apps and new staff. It will surprise many of you, and delight you all. It will focus on both Europe and North America. It will perform like nothing you have experience in your simming life. It will support VR. It will be a VFR flyer's wet dream. It will be sold on OrbxDirect. Oh, and it will be 64-bit. Project D - The evolutionary next step. Another big $ commitment, worldwide coverage, new tech, new experiences, a strong partner and an established record. Oh, and it will be 64-bit. Project P - Our continued commitment to our strongest platform and it has a huge backing. More refinement, more performance, more destinations from Orbx than ever before. An old friend gets better, faster, stronger, bigger. Oh, and it will be 64-bit. Project X - The surprise package. The dark horse. A big $ R&D commitment. Orbx quality where it's needed the most so things finally get to truly shine. Oh, and it's 64-bit. Project O - Introduced in 2016 this will become your go-to for all things Orbx with more stability, more features, better performance, and continued development so it never gets stale. How's that? Obscure enough for you? So let's recap: 2016 was huge, we're growing at over 20% per year in revenues, this is accelerating with OrbxDirect. 2017 sees your trusted developers doing what they do best; delivering quality, reliably good addons that you know will deliver what it says on the tin. 2017 will most importantly see a huge R&D investment by Orbx, new tech, new partnerships and new adventures for us all. Won't you come along for the ride?
  22. Unless every trace of FSX is eliminated from the Windows Registry, or it is being installed on a freshly installed operating system, FSX Steam will install in "Co-existence" mode This means that it will create external folders named FSX-SE rather than FSX. In this case, although the FTX software may install correctly, neither the installer nor FTX Central will be able to locate the scenery.cfg file. If you encounter this error message, the following is a fix which will work whether there are traces of FSX remaining or not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have already installed any products or scenery, before you start, back up the contents of your C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE and C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE folders to another location. Once the fix is applied, the back ups can be copied into the new C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folders that will be created the next time that FSX Steam is run. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The registry editor is not complex but must be used with care. It is highly unlikely that problems will be encountered with this simple edit. To open the Registry Editor, select Search from your Windows menu and type in regedit which will find regedit.exe. Click on this to run the Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition where you will see a Registry Key named Co-existence. You will see that its value is 1. Right click on the Co-existence key and select Modify... and change the value to 0 (zero). Close the Registry Editor. You can then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\ C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ and in each case delete the FSX-SE folder. If you see an FSX folder, delete that also. Then restart FSX-SE and new folders named FSX will be created. Once you have done this, the file structure will match what the installers and FTX Central expect to find for FSX and they will work correctly. EDIT: Now that there are product installers for FSX and FSX-SE, if you apply this fix and have only FSX-SE on your PC, you MUST use the FSX installer, not the FSX_SE option. Credit for the registry fix to Steve Waite at the Avsim forum. I have tried it and it works for me exactly as I have written. As I have both versions on my PC, I have also found that the process is entirely reversible.
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