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Found 10 results

  1. X Plane.VR Recording with G Force Card. MD 500. How to use OBS to output VR recordings. Wonky's Blog! 58. Also, apologies to JOE HUDSON as I didn't give him the credit for the paint job! and said it was Brett. I can only say I am a babbling fool and should get my facts right. First let me say have a look at the MD500 review by Joe Hudson on the Helisimmer page link below: The original work by BRETTS HUGHES, has been updated to the New Hughes 500D that also included work by Alex Gifford, Ben Russell and an updated version of the SASL conversion by OzWookiee . From the information in the review, it helped me work out the best settings I have found for flying the MD500 as shown in this video. Also, I should mention that we should all be ticking the send data to Laminar box also shown in the video. They need to know that we are flying in VR and also Helicopters are on the increase due to the VR experience. Finally a way of recording VR flight with a G Force card and use OBS to make it the screen size that you want. sorry for the really croaky voice this week and my dog barking in the background. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  2. X Plane, How Wonky's Blog is put together, OBS and G-Force Capture software. The Power director editing. I hope it's enough to get people started on making videos for X Plane. Had a week off from X Plane and couldn't think of a subject this week. So I am showing how I put the blog together using OBS and G Force capture. I also show my own set-up at home. Sorry about the shaky video bit that the dystonia condition that I suffer with. For more information about Dystonia click the link below. I do try and promote awareness of the condition, you also might hear it called essential tremor. But if you or a friend ever start to shake when trying to drink from a cup or can't hold your hands or head still then please look at the link below. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  3. X Plane Wonky's Blog! 52. Having a closer look in VR at some of the textures In Orbx true Earth South/London. Finally back in the seat again after having a few bad weeks with my Dystonia problems. Made the big 100 subscribers so thanks to everyone that pressed that button. So only a quick flight in the Cabri having a closer look at the Orbx textures for London. Also for some reason called the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge the Queen Mary Bridge? Hopefully back on my feet again and will get back into the swing of things. Thanks for all the good wishes on Facebook. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  4. X Plane. Vskylabs Autogyro. Wonky's Blog! 51. Sorry to say not much going on this week been laid up in bed with my dystonia problems but managed to get some more footage of the Vdkylabs autogyro at Shoreham and at Machmell Fisheries. Just some more fun and games. also starting to wonder if Orbx have it in for me as two new trees have popped up on the Shoreham test track that I use for low-level flying blocking the route, and that other Helicopter is still on the Helipad spoiling all the hover practice at Shoreham. Its a good job Orbx are doing such a good job or I might complain.
  5. X Plane. VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter. Wonky's Blog! 50. The VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter Project add-on for X-Plane 11. At last the Chance to fly in VR a Gyrocopter over London. Even Tower Bridge opened up for me as I approached. At the eight-minute mark.for those that can't watch it all. Should I call it a shopping basket with blades on top?" The VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter Project is a highly accurate lightweight Gyroplane flight dynamics and handling simulation, designed for X-Plane 11.
  6. Goodbye Old Friend. Wonky The 1st has passed on and been replaced with an X52 Hotas. Wonky's Blog47! Wonky finally called it a day last Friday and has now been replaced with an X52 HOTAS. Not to much content in this Blog As I get used to the new stick, But it does Mean I can now get back into some DSC content. If anyone has the answer to the X52 pinkie button problem please let me know. Youtube and the web do not seem to know the answer to why it disappears as a modifier button even when programmed directly into DCS. I will try much harder in the next video.
  7. Xplane. after my last video, Avitab was all I needed to get the good decent and keep it straight. And you don't even have to switch it on! Also, a blatant plea for subscribers, Watch the video to find out why. at 59 am I too old to be playing around with this stuff, my boy thinks that's the case. And new music at the beginning or the old thump thump of the UH1. Let me know in the comments.
  8. CHARITY SCENERY PROJECT RELEASES VANGUARD HELIPAD FOR X PLANE 11. Just £1.00 but please add more by the donation button top right. This is fully compatible with Orbx True Earth South. Falcon Heliport "Vanguard Helipad" XP 11 Only. I love what Orbx have done for X Plane but we do need some more Heli Pads in London. I found this link on the HeliSimmer page and if you decide to purchase or make a donation it all goes the Air Ambulance running costs. I quote "The Charity Scenery Project is pleased to announce the first of our X Plane releases by the latest member of the team......Bradley - Falcon London Heliport for X Plane 11. Welcome to Falcon London Heliport (the newly named Vanguard Heliport), offering the most efficient route into Central London and the City. Situated on the Isle of Dogs, it is the only HLS to the East of Central London and the closest to Canary Wharf and the City of London. The heliport is a short drive from the ExCel Centre, the O2 Arena and the Olympic Park. Opened in 1980 (previously known as Vanguard Helipad) and has been used for thousands of take-off and landings over almost 40 years. Today Falcon London Heliport is run by Aerozeal and they strive to maintain and develop on the high level of service". Detail: X Plane 11 Only Night Lighting High texture quality Orbx True Earth Ready All purchases/Donations will go to the London Air Ambulance (-Transfer https://www.charityscenery.co.uk/shop https://www.helisimmer.com/news/charity-scenery-project-releases-vanguard-helipad-for-x-plane/ https://orbxdirect.com/product/gbr-south-xp11
  9. Going Back to basics with some autorotation practice a Shoreham Airport in the Bell 407 by dreamfoil. Some bumpy landings using the flat screen. Much better in the Oculus but forgot to press record so will save that for another day. Regards Dave wonky Joystick Productions A Voice Made For silent Movies You tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber Website in production https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/ Many thanks to Orbx for some great Scenery. Regards Dave
  10. The Bell 412 is a twin-engine utility helicopter of the Huey family manufactured by Bell ... Agusta-BellAB 412 Grifone: Military utility transport version, built under licence in Italy by Agusta. flying over the South Downs.
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