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Found 4 results

  1. I think im reaching the end of my 1 year long journey to find nice atmosphere settings in P3D. The goal was to have somewhat realistic colors on the different flightlevels. Without to be over-saturated and same time undersaturated. Of course it very depends on the monitor but anyway, i hope it is visible what ive tried. But of course i dont expect ppl to like it, tastes are very different i found ^^ The base Preset was R&D preset for Tomatoshade but by now most settings differ from that base. Still im soooo thankful for this preset, it made many things clear to me and is still one of the best ever made tweaks for P3D (imo, try it, its amazing...). Added to that i added my own ReShade preset because imo the ones out there are too much...Either too much ambient lightning or too colorful, so i made my own. Just a bit ambient lightning and clearness + levels adjustment. The flight was from France, LFRS Nantes to Munich, Germany. Through openLC and Germany South. Getting ready, 133 pax on board Still on the ground, everything nicley colors with full vibrant colorpallete. Sun-influence on a scenery-angle Slight haze on the scenery to give that realistic touch Haze starts to get thicker and blueish further away. But not too blue like many modern presets have it. Skycolors, Cloud-lightning/coloring Material shading on the plane Haze on daytime at higher flightlevels Example: Sim In the evening (notice the changed lights on the terrain. Its a freeware plugin that came ut today and greatly improves nightlightning. Haze in the evening Example Sim Evening, around 19:00 Also when it gets dark i tried to keep balance, not have too much light-influence on the plane. Nightsky (well, not full night. around 20:00, that is not fully dark yet here) is neither blue nor black Down we are! Nice flight.
  2. Did a flight "for" TUI, realworld shedule from LDPL to EGKK in the beautiful 787-9. 1. Nice airport. Just arrived at the cold plane after it went through a short maintenance and we do a full startUp from cold&dark. Not even the fuel trucks are here yet... 2. Ppl at the airport taking a chance to see a real sweet plane ^^ 3. All done, ready to go. We take a last look at the (small) airport. A wonder that a biggie like the 787-9 flies here. 4. TOGA 5. Wroooom... Gear up. UK we come. Amazing bird Not much to see on FL 400 Over Germany the clouds disappear...beautiful landscape how the river circles around the terrain there. It could be another neighbor to Germany too tbh, i forgot to take a look where we are. But it looks like ORBX Germany South, so it should be around there somewhere. Good we have our sunglasses with us. On the descent into London. I like this one.... if one watches a lot into the sky the chance is high this look is familiar, with the thick layer there creating the border between earth and sky. Here is what i mean in real, not sure how to call that in English. ts not only clouds/overcast, i forgot the name hehe. Glideslope captured. See you next flight, i hope you enjoyed your flight with TUI airlines (Tomson)
  3. Leaving Miami Preparing while still daylight. But time goes by quick
  4. 3 flights today, not bad. Last one is from EDDM Munich, Germany to LDDU Dubrovnik in the tiny small A319. Preparing the baggage and loading our pax. Full loaded.... nearly. 148 ppl and 2 tons of cargo. Taxiin to the runway. Little bit windy here in Munich :-) But nothing we cant handle. Wroom In the cruise wormhole jump to LDDU Perfectly on the glideslope I like his one.... There we are, nice flight And now this one out of chronological order. I dont know, this i really really like... Nice trip.
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