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Found 12 results

  1. X Plane. EC135v5 Taxi Practice At Shoreham. Wonky's Blog! 115. More practice getting used to my new set-up. Shoreham is a great place to practice as it has a great outer road that then leads onto the runway. And what better to practice with than the new EC135v5 from Rotorsim. I have put a link to the download page below. It's a great piece of work and the graphics and sound are fantastic. It's super steady and in VR with the Rift S looks so crisp and sharp. Frame rate is good and loads of liveries, inc a toggle dashboard that lets me use my favourite GTN750 and Avitab, and this is the Beta ver
  2. X Plane. 222UT from Joshua Cowan with GTN750 flight to Goodwood and back. Wonky's Blog! 95. Sorry about the sound quality. Had to use an old headset. Also had few health issues with my throat and my dystonia condition lately so it's even deeper than usual with a bit of a tremble. But getting better. A long video on how I use the GTN750 in a very basic mode to fly to Goodwood and back on autopilot. I have edited it down a bit to help. Please note I am not an expert on the GTN750 and being English have never read the manual. So if someone would like to take up the challenge of how it should be d
  3. FREEWARE GAZELLE FOR X-PLANE 11 IN PUBLIC TESTING, Wonky's Blog! 88 Posted a few videos on my channel using this FREEWARE GAZELLE FOR X-PLANE. So thought I would use one my playing around Videos as my Blog! The very last part just before I enter an Auto Is a sigh! that many of us make when X-Plane Crashes, worth a listen to on its own. John bray had asked to see some testing. So a few of us have posted videos as john uses a mouse and does not a very high spec machine. So here are a few spins inside and out a bit of low down showing a problem I have with the trims when in-ground effect and then
  4. X Plane 11.40. Low Level Joy Cicare 8 Helicopter. Wonky's Blog! 78. VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations. New upgrade! what they can improve. They could put my GTN750 just above the key! That would be nice. Just the joy of flying this Cicare 8 blows me away in VR. Having a good old bash around. Talking about how to balance inputs and the to treat low level flying like a race track. Still messing around to see if I can improve on the Oculus mirror so you can get full screen. I still like the long thin view, but I have had a few requests to use full screen. I think some minor adjustment on the the col
  5. As the title suggests, Shoreham Airport flyover on the A27 has vanished. Thought it was a glitch so uninstalled Shoreham Airport, re-installed it, still not there. Any helpful suggestions as to its restoration greatly appreciated
  6. X plane. wonky's Blog! 56. Getting back into it, stall turns and getting into the hover. After a short break from flying getting back into it, with more enthusiasm than talent. I point out, just because you make videos it doesn't make you a great pilot. also, it helps if Cortina is not on and your joystick is actually stuck to a flat surface.
  7. Goodbye Old Friend. Wonky The 1st has passed on and been replaced with an X52 Hotas. Wonky's Blog47! Wonky finally called it a day last Friday and has now been replaced with an X52 HOTAS. Not to much content in this Blog As I get used to the new stick, But it does Mean I can now get back into some DSC content. If anyone has the answer to the X52 pinkie button problem please let me know. Youtube and the web do not seem to know the answer to why it disappears as a modifier button even when programmed directly into DCS. I will try much harder in the next video.
  8. Shoreham (Brighton) Airport By Orbx. As its my favourite small Airport here is a quick Fly round the airport in the Bell 407. I am also using Orbx True Earth South. And it looks great. well done.
  9. ORBX True Earth Great Britain South - X-Plane 11-Brighton Pier to Devils Dyke then to Shoreham Airport .Have tried some new settings as my last video looked very mushy. I should apologise about my very deep voice it was made for silent movies. I am still trying out whats best for recording, if you have suggestions please let me know. I have tried OBS, MSI and The G Force capture. I use use Cyberlink director 14 and render at 1280x720 using V.264 at at 40 mbps. I can always use help so please comment. Regards Dave
  10. I am still quite new to this so please bear with me. I have FSX and the ORBX England scenery with the Shoreham Airport. While it is a great improvement on the FSX scenery it is still nothing compared to what i see on the site. I do have a good spec pc with the settings set as high as i can Can someone please advise me on this please. I hope this is the right ok place to raise this in the forum.
  11. Hi Guys, Hope someone can point me in the right direction here please. I would like to show some shots of a small update I have done at Shoreham and not sure who to PM/Contact to ask permission in posting some shots of what I have done If anyone can help It will be greatly appreciated
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