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Found 8,109 results

  1. You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product. A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product. Please review your request before posting into this forum. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum. I am missing a file after I downloaded the Fla HD set. This is what the program came up with. I have 535gb left after the download so it not about space on a SSD.
  2. Hi I have the Global Base Pack and Global Vector installed. I have now installed the Orbx Kiruna airport and I have the elevation mismatch problem. I tried using the configure tool but this time it didn't work. Can you advise please? Cheers Jason
  3. Trying to unistall all my Orbx products, through central. Im getting a message saying NO respons received . message timed out. Its not uninstalling anything any ideas
  4. Hello, I have two simulators Xplane 11 and P3D v4.5 and Orbx Central only sees the products of Xplane 11 and I cannot install those of P3D V4.5 I have the latest version of Central v4.1.1 and I have created a library in a folder outside the simulator. Sorry I forgot, from your main website and entering my products, I click Open in Obrx Central and perfect but when I install it, it does not find the library that I have created for P3D V4.5 I have run P3D V4.5 many times and I have read the Central manual several times, I have the latest version of Central.V4.1.1 and P3D V4.5 Install again it the P3Dv4 client only, then restart the simulator and shut it down, then I Open Orbx Central and see if it is there and nothing Could install P3D V4 products. that I have bought in some other way? I have it installed on a M.2 SSD disk, not on the C / disk by default, I don't know what more information I can give you? Please, I need your help, thanks and good day. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  5. Hi, not a lot to say. Everything is on the image. My temp folder is moved to : H:\ Where i have 571GB free space. Here is where i have the AIRPORT with two folders named: Orbx_A_KEYW_KeyWestIntl & Orbx_B_KEYW_KeyWestIntl_Overlay H:\Sim X-Plane BDD\_Obx_Scenery\xp11\KEYW Key West International Airport\Custom Scenery So for the airport no problem at all. But for the scene FLORIDA This is my second attempt to install it. Here is where i have the US FLORIDA HD with four folders named: Orbx_A_US_Florida_Airports / Orbx_A_US_Florida_TE_Custom / Orbx_B_US_Florida_TE_Overlay / Orbx_C_US_Florida_TE_Orthos H:\Sim X-Plane BDD\_Obx_Scenery\xp11\TrueEarth US Florida HD\Custom Scenery X-Plane game folder. G:\X-Plane 11 X-Plane custom scenery: G:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery With in the last one, 4 shortcuts folders: But a warning message. Operating system: W10 Simulator: X-PLANE 11 11.4XX Screenshot: Issue: central.log scenery_packs.ini
  6. Hello all I pray you and your families are all well. I've made a right mess of things. I cant really remember all the steps I've taken to get to this point, but basically I tried to move a library in x plane custom scenery out into a separate library external to sim, then reinstall sim and use the downloads from the new library - all went wrong and all I seem to have done since is make things worse. I am left with a situation in which Central doesn't register what is in the libraries of my TE and even with the ones I have, if I try to set up a situation on X Plane in a covered area it just crashes the sim. I have everything downloading and in the libraries but if I try to repair through reinstall Central tries to download the who things again. Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks. Neil. central.log
  7. I am not so happy with True Earth Great Britain. The terrains are not displaying as I would expect. For example I was flying from Birmingham to Liverpool and everywhere I have some problems. The following picture is from just before landing at Liverpool: These are my settings: Addons: Active Sky, Carenado B200 King Air My system: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT I would be glad if someone has an idea. Stay healthy and have nice weekend, Wil
  8. I have YMML installed in FSX but can't get it to install into P3Dv4, any ideas ? Have attached files from Orbx central to show what is happening. error says no library path.
  9. Hi folks, Not a regular visitor here, but I do read through on occasion. However, with the release of the Vulkan beta of XP I've been flying around putting the beta through its' paces and came across something odd and want to know if anyone else is seeing this issue. What I've experienced is that my WA SD and Northern California SD Seem to work fine and appear to have all the custom buildings in place. However, this evening I decided to go back and enjoy some stunning GB scenery so flew my helicopter over Edinburgh. I quickly realized that the only objects I was seeing was the autogen scenery. The Castle, Cathedrals, Soccer Stadiums, etc. were all missing along with the bridges spanning the river just north of the airport. These objects are all present in the stable release (11.41) but not in 11.50b1. I have adjusted settings thinking it may be something to do with object density, texture quality, etc. but I've had no luck in getting these objects to show. I haven't tried any other areas (GB South, GB Central, or other areas in GB North) so I'm not sure how widespread this issue is, but again my North America packages seem to be working just fine in 11.50b1. Anyone else seeing this? Is this something that has already been discussed? (I've looked and did not see any other threads that adress this topic specifically.) I didn't see anything that stands out in the log file, but I'm attaching it here in case I missed something. Highspeed Log.txt
  10. The FTX Central 4.0.16 after installation, the VECTOR configurator not found my simulator on the system. What could be the problem?
  11. X-Plane 11.50 release notes has a section entitled "Needs an update from the developers" and "Some Orbx True earth regions" is listed as one of those. So I am posting this both here and also filing an X-Plane bug report in the hope it will help one or both of you to come up with a fix. True Earth North seems to be fine but whenever I move to the southern end of central, I'm getting a crash which is pointing to overlays in TE Central and South Region. Log.txt attached Log.txt
  12. My receipt number is 5a1954236b19d Operating system: Windows 10 Home Simulator: FSX Screenshot: It's not possible to paste a Screenshot here. Issue: I started Orbx Central. An installation started. Then it said, I have no right to access to the element. It showed a path: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Orbx Centr... Next time I started Orbx Central it started the installation again and again. What shall I do ?
  13. Hi all, now I have all the available TE SD installed there and it's great but I have some bad mesh issues. There are no other files active in this area such as HD mesh or so, also no overlays. This is at 74S, have a similar one at Lopez Island close to the airport. This is at KBVS, very nice, it's the Orbx airport as it was installed by Orbx Central. This here is in the water close to KTIW. And finally this here is at KMRY after installation of TE Northcal. Didn't see anything similar there. I'm sure that this is not the Orbx design but I cannot find the reason for it. What's going on there? The base scenery has been reinstalled completely, it's originally downloaded from the XP Server. And all scenery was installed by Orbx Central and verified, no error messages. Cheers Andreas
  14. I have only Orbx Global Base + Orbx Vector in this part of the world, but all the country is filled of black squares and misplaced textures This is the list of my attempts since now: - I ran "Verifiy Files" for Orbx Global Base - I tried to rename in .off the file lclookup in Scenery/Base/scenery - I ran "Verifiy Files" for Orbx Libraries in order to recreate the lclookup.bgl - I regenerated the terrain.cfg - I ran "Sync Simulator" in Orbx Central Any other ideas?
  15. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: I have started the download of open LC Africa a second time by mistake. When I click on close it sais: Job can't be cancelled Please try again later. What to do ?
  16. Hello everybody ! Today i made a fresh install of ORBX FTX GLOBAL, EU england, and my airports and specialy EGHA. In the library the airport are on the top and global below them. I read the manual for the installation of EGHA, i maked like it's indicate for install it. But i still obtain the same result, the parking and the bulding below the airfield. So, how can id do for have the same elevation ? Have a good day ! Pierre-Yves
  17. Hi, Does anyone know what could be causing this weird dot effect? I've watched a number of TEUK videos and none of them seem to show this. Flying over Beverley/Linley Hill area in East Yorkshire, but it is replicated wherever I fly in the UK with TE. I don't have anything other than TEUK installed. Thanks Dan scenery_packs.ini
  18. Operating system: windows 10 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: Purchased scenery (trees) and Orbx installed with no problem. Tried to install some airports but Orbx Central would no longer load. Deleted and reinstalled Central several times to no avail with following message: Orbx Centrral.exe - System error-the code execution cannot proceed because -ffmpeg.dll was not found). Any ideas? Maybe DirectX problem? Thanks
  19. Hello I was thinking this issue was fixed with this latest update but it’s not when arriving from another airport the dynamic lights don’t light up the parking bays in the main terminal area can the developer confirm if this is being looked at and when can we expect a fix it works fine if you start your flight on egph I am shure this issue was reported before thanks
  20. Hi everyone, I recently got the LC Africa installed ( goes without saying, the LC Africa is amazing ! ) my issue is, FKYS- Yaounde ( my home airport ) is in a 'hole' ... How can I resolve this issue such that the airport is at the same level as the surrounding terrain. ( attached is a screenshot of the airport ) Edit : Problem solved How : I unchecked the LC Africa Mesh from the P3D scenery library and the elevation issue was resolved. Daniel.
  21. Yesterday I flew into Bilbao from Lisbon. Taxiing out at Lisbon was fine. FPS locked at 30 with 70+ Ai aircraft in an 80nm bubble. But on final approach into LEBB the frame rate dropped to the mid teens and there was a lot of stuttering. Today I departed LEBB for Barcelona and again, on the take-off run (Rwy 30) the fps dropped to the teens but as soon as I was airborne it recovered to 30 and stayed there. I was flying an Xtreme Prototypes Learjet 25. Not that hungry otherwise all airports would be a problem. You can see from my sig I have a powerful PC and this type of performance is not seen at any other 3rd party airport I own and they include Heathrow Professional and Madrid Pro. Is it because of the huge size of the photo-realistic scenery files? But LEBL also has that type of scenery and that doesn't suffer the same. I hope you can help he get better performance. As things stand this airport is off the schedule until performance improves.
  22. Hi I just bought some Orbx scenery from the sales, starting with the Global Base Pack, Global Vector and EU England. After installing the two global packages, I tested it out in P3Dv4 from Manchester EGCC airport in the UK and was surprised to note that scenery was less accurate than the default scenery. Reservoirs in the area, which I am familiar with, had either gone or changed into ones that I could not recognise. Anyway, I went ahead and installed the EU England scenery and tested it again, and the result this time was just broken. I attach below a screenshot from the runway: This is a clean install of p3d on a new PC I have bought. In th past I have installed scenery manually but this time I relied on the Orbx platform to do it. I would appreciate some help to fix these issues. Jason
  23. Hello, generally very nice scenery, realistic, only problem is while taxiing and approaching RWY 12 scenery get black with no taxi lights and no markings. (VC view) Please Advise, George
  24. Hello , I have installed true earth great britain south, however the install never finished. It stops downloading and stops at gbr-south-xp11: 47.00% Extracted: 32362 / 32400. Converted: 0 / 11880 I've tried uninstalling the Orbx central and deleted all folders in app data etc reinstall program and starts install from beginning again. I know it works because x plane works fine. I just want to install something else , but I cant because this install won't cancel OR end Thanks in advance
  25. Hi there, I am unable at this time to choose XP11 on Orbx Central to install recently purchased items onto there. I am stuck on P3D V4 with no option to select XP11 from the box at the top. Logs attached, thanks Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
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