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  1. Hi, I am not sure if Orbx scenery is able to fix it but Localizer for LOC DME East approach is not 4° offset from runway 26 ceterline but in runway course. This typical approach for Innsbruck is broken here. Thank you Tomas
  2. I recently bought True Earth Oregon hoping it would resolve the mesh issues at Grant regional (John Day) but no luck. Can yuo guys fix this problem?
  3. P3d 5.1HF1, I have all the Orbx products for California. Also, I have Flight beam KSFO. Flight beams airports are highly performance optimized. After taking off out of KSFO, I get significant stutters. I have a 5.3GHz 8700K, 2080Ti. CPU usage at nearly 100%. I believe it may be true earth because I go somewhere dense such as Boston, where I have US cities Boston and Fly Tampa KBOS, I'm flying around at 60 FPS.
  4. Hi: Whenever I download a large file, at the very end, Central reverts to "In Queue" and my computer freezes. I've found several forum reports from about a year ago on this issue, and they suggest deleting the Orbx folder in the %Temp% folder. I'll be darned if I can find it. Can you please guide a dull boy? Intel i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1070, Win10
  5. Hi, Having issues with NZQN Elevation? 1/ I have tried turning off the elevation file in scenery/world issue remained 2/ I have uninstalled both NZ South and NZQN re-installed and ran Vector same issue remains.PREPAR3D 2021-05-07 11-53-30-31.bmp I have no other bgl's that affect this, My Traffic NZQN Bgl is set to off. This has occurred several times over the past and doing step 2 always fixed it but not this time?
  6. After installing these sceneries my P3D V5.1 will stuck at generating indexes, then CTD. It can only start after I delete generated files (removing all Orbx stuff from scenery.cfg). Then when I try to add them back in using the sync simulator tool, the problem comes up again. I looked at P3DV5 compatibility list and it seems all those products should be compatible with v5.
  7. Hello, I continue to receive a message of update available for LOWS (MSFS version). I have done the update procedure, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the airport and I have verified the files. Yet it tells me that Version update tp 1.1.0 is available. Verifying files comes back with confirmation that 1.1.0 is installed and it is marked in green tick mark. But the next time I Orbx Central, the same update information comes back. Any I dea what I could possible do about it. Thanks!
  8. I'm not sure how many airports, or areas are affected by this 'conflict' 'glitch' (or whatever word you wish to use) It's across various versions of P3d (not sure about V5) Here's just one example I've found: Load a GA aircraft at CYXX - (GATE 2 - GATE SMALL): Man in overalls, with a spanner who walks backwards a few steps then comes forward, kneels and adjusts something. (see photo) After you load Devil's Tower: Man in overalls is STATIC,...but the spanner moves on it's own (see photo) It's easily recreated - Use Central
  9. I am still investigating but! Some horrible glitches around Queenstown, huge pillars very similar to those seen recently all over but seemingly cleared up with one of the recent updates. Might be a clash with other addon scenery - will let you know. Richard
  10. I have EU Germany in P3DV5.1 Always been ok visited the area again after not going there for sometime and I get this (see image) I uninstalled and reinstalled from Central but still the same. The only additions I have made recently are J.F. Global AI Traffic.
  11. Just updated KTEX through Orbx central, and noticed that any changes to configure options will not "SAVE"...
  12. Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Simulator: Microsoft FSX Screenshot: Error Message Issue: Orebx Central Worker Failed to Launch. The error message says the minimum required operating system is "Windows 7 SP1+". What does the + signify ? My Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 does not have the +. Is that my problem? central.log
  13. Hi Nick or whoever. Purchased Caboolture for Microsoft Flight sim. Installed it to my Flight sim directory. Checked 'Packages' and its there,but the new scenery is not, just default. Most disappointing. Wots goin on?
  14. An year or so ago, back when I was still on P3D v4.5, I started having problems with KIDA. Started this thread below. Eventually, someone found an answer and posted it. Worked wonders. Turns out P3D was not excluding the basic KIDA that came with crm. Had to turn off some bgls. Well I did not have KSFF, I eventually bought it but was kind of sad it was always stuttery. Two years or so later I come back to it and decided to try and find some culprit bgls within the NRM folder and boom, same type of file as the KIDA issue, except it has KSFF in the name. Put .off at the and, spawned in and
  15. YBCG GOLD COAST ver.1.0.1 FSX : Just downloaded and installed via Orbx Central, KEEPS ON CRASHING. Tried all tricks but nothing. Need advise. Thanks This is the 1st Orbx scenery that crashed, all others are terrific and perfect. Impressive scenery's. also installed Cityscene Gold Coast together with it and its running smooth.
  16. Hi I originally bought the DVD version of MSFS. Since last update when I start MSFS it asks for DVD 1 to be installed. It sits in DVD player and all works fine, no idea why it’s started asking for it. Only one else got the same issue or know a fix please?
  17. After update to KA350i on Orbx central, cockpit display panels are corrupted...
  18. Just purchased for X-P. is there a time of day the FedEx ramp is filled with aircraft? Arrived yesterday on my first flight since purchasing and it was totally empty. there was traffic at the main terminal. thanks.
  19. Greetings, I have installed the NorCal HD scenery - twice. Everything looks great in the status window, but the scenery is not loading. Please help! Thank you, John
  20. Hello, there are several videos at Youtube showing A319/A320/B737 landing at Samedan. While that is fine (nice challenge !), there is no suitable parking position, all defined GSX positions come with error "position is too small for your aircraft". Would it be possible to create a GSX configuration with at least one suitable position for the above mentioned aircraft ? Mike
  21. Hi I recently had to clone my c drive onto a larger one due to lack of space, everything went as planned but now when I run central my P3d product list shows no green ticks ( I Own them All) how can I get them back without re downloading for hours? All the products are in the Orbx directory in P3d but just not shown in central. Any help gladly received.
  22. Hi guys, I can't see the correct textures on LEBB. Is this a known issue with v5? I already tried reinstalling LEBB and verified the files with Orbx central. Best regards, Byron
  23. I just updated my Orbx Central to the latest version as prompted. However all I see now is a constant "Loading...Loading simulators..." screen and nothing else happens. Not sure what is causing this. Perhaps I should do a 'clean' reinstallation. I have all the pre-requisite software installed. Any ideas/suggestions welcome.
  24. I have Open LC Europe installed. Last Weekend the scenery looks like the picture shows. I had the issue befor and it was solved. For this issue I tried all the given Hints. But ist doesn't work now. Last try was to deinstall openLC Europe, copy the orriginal terrain.cfg into the given folder and reinstall all the P3D-Scenery. After start P3D I took the Screenshot. What should I do now?
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