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  1. Hi I have noticed there's an issue when you install Orbx Liberies, Orbx global and LandClass Europe into P3D 5.1 , that some default Terminal Buildings get removed or edited... here are two screenshots of LFPO ... one is without Orbx installed and the other is with the above installed ... as you can see the picture on the left looks fine without Orbx but with Orbx installed the Terminal looks odd with Jetways all over the place Thanks Rich
  2. Getting the above after downloading Vector. I'm on a very limited internet connection at the moment, so deleting the contents of the backup folder and starting again, as suggested on other posts, is something I'd prefer to not do. I had this same issue when I downloaded Base recently, and noticed that a number of files (from the backup folder) were mentioned in the log. On that ocassion I deleted those files, and this worked, but it still needed to re-download around 1GB (even though the deleted files added up to a lot less than that). Please could you help me out and
  3. Hello, i recently replaced my ageing UK2000 egnx with your Orbx version instead, all is good except for a couple of minor details that i hope you can help me with. There is a big chunk of missing roads and rivers at the east side of the airport near Ratcliffe Power station, M1 has a missing chunk along with junction 24, Remembrance way that goes past the power station and Derby Bypass that links to Junction 24. Also parts of the river Soar and Trent, all these missing area are all near the power station so I'm wondering if an exclude could be causing it?, I've tried res
  4. Hello team, Yesterday I did a clean install of V5.1 HF1. Only checked Salzburg and Germany South area. Tile and polygon issues : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ookcuhoxs8qady/Foto 22-11-2020 11 34 46.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ietu4xp7gsv0zz/Foto 22-11-2020 13 23 46.jpg?dl=0 Salzburg airport ( floating objects ). This might be a Mesh addon issue ( FsGlobal Ultimate FTX 2018 ). https://www.dropbox.com/s/1neb47blsyxwasf/Foto 22-11-2020 13 25 12.jpg?dl=0 Latest version of Central. Very files done for everything that I
  5. HI - just installed London CIty addon. Seems to work well, with resonable frame rate, but everytime I am 300ft after takeoff, FS just crashes. Have reduced graphics settings, but no difference... Any ideas to help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I just installed and did a quick flight around KBUR. I own the P3D version so I got the discount. First thing I noticed was the max GPU usage on my 1080ti on a 4K. It was between 95 and 99% on a clear day, no clouds during the day sitting in the analog C172. As soon as I took off it pegged at 100%. I mainly use high to medium setting in MSFS2020. I also have LOWI installed and I don't get a hard of a hit, usually 70%. Something in KBUR is pushing the video and there are no options like in the P3D version to turn features off. Last item, I noticed that when I have KBUR installed, 2020 takes lo
  7. Hello Orbx, After the purchase of EFHK and LEPA I can´t get in Orbxcentral anymore. See here a little video: What I already did: -Reset my password -Uninstalled ORBXcentral -The 'fix issues' option central.log
  8. Hello. I need your help on this topic as I spend now a day trying to set ESSA up on a fresh P3d v5.1 installation and all the topics that I found and followed do not fix the issue for me. The issue itself is know in the forum and I tried to get ESSA running as follows: 1. Create a Library for "Object Flow" in Orbx Central 2. Install Object Flow via Orbx Central 3. Start P3d and Enable the "Object Flow" AddOn 4. Quit the Sim and install ESSA to my previously created "Airports" library 5. Start P3d, enable ESSA and select ESSA Gate 14 as the airport 6. Start
  9. Using Orbx Central to download new TrueEarth Florida HD and keep getting errors that say "606 Files failed to download". Per the instructions I have verified the files a number of times and keep getting the same message. (see picture of screen below.) And of course the scenery is completely missing if I run X-Plane. What's going on?
  10. I just purchased and installed LOWI. I'm running P3D v5.1 (HF1 not yet installed). I simply downloaded and installed the LOWI scenery in it's own folders: The Orbx libraries are also installed: Addon and scenery is correctly enabled in p3d: And yet, this is the result I get: What steps can I try and do to fix the issue?
  11. TypeError: Cannot read property 'abbreviation' of undefined Orbx Central is having problems recognising MSFS now. Bought Dundee in the hope that it would make Orbx Central recognise MSFS. But it won't download - just get the above error message.
  12. Hi All. I must be going nuts as I thought I had already posted this question. However, I can't find it. After reinstalling P3D 5.1 HF1 and re-syncing the Orbx scenery files, I cannot move the avatar at all. Have tried reassigning keys; resetting defaults etc to no avail. The J(ump) and C(rouch) keys work but nothing else will. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this? The avatar moves fine until I re-synced the Orbx scenery file. If I uninstall the the Orbx files, it (avatar) works. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  13. I appear to have a texture issue at certain non Orbx airports. I have Orbx Global Base Pack installed but no addon airports for these two regions in the Pacific area. I am not sure if this is an Orbx issue or a LM Scenery issue. The airport area lacks grass in the area for the airports as per the usual design area or block. Buildings taxiways etc all are there but there is no grass or ground texture visible in the immediate airport area. The area is black and almost appears to be a night texture trying to show illuminated lights. The two airports where this has occurred are:
  14. Good Afternoon, After following Verify files, Fix for blocks and/or night textures and moving the Scenery to the Library i am still seeing black spot areas on scenery. its the same Night or Day and in season changes. Has anyone any other ideas to fix this. it is only in the Ireland FTX. Northern Ireland, Scotland and England no issues.
  15. I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 installed with Orbx Central. I have since reinstalled P3D V5. How do I get Orbx Central to recognise a second simulator? I have ran P3D once already and loaded up a flight.
  16. Hi All. I just had to completely uninstall P3D v5.1 HF1 to get it to work. All of my Orbx scenery files are located in the Orbx Lib outside of P3d. Central shows the files installed in P3d however, they don't appear in the scenery. Do I have to reinstall them? Or is there some way to link them back to the fresh install of P3d? Thanks, Mike
  17. I know, its P3Dv5.1 problem still (or I think it is) but is it any solution for this blurriers on grass airfields for P3Dv5? Here is example from EGHA but I noticed the same blurries in many places if airfield has grass. I have still DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 in [TERRAIN] . In P3Dv4.5 was ok with this. Any ideas or it cant be solved?
  18. Hello, after having installed LOWS, I got an error message as seen on the attached picture. Even after verifying the same error message appears. What is wrong with my installation?
  19. Hello, Yesterday I bought PAVD. I have a very elevation error. Like a sinkhole. I tried to solve it with Central AEC > Enable to disable. Verify files. Nothing. Reinstall 3 times. No way. I search the topics but all I read does not supply. Also I placed Scenery and Texture from P3D 4.5 to the library. Nothing helps. I have the idea that it's a damage download. But I have no knowledge what to do now. I hope you can solved this for me and then not too complicated please. I'm 82 years in my live. With regards Joop
  20. Hi All, I recently purchased a new pc and am running Xplane11. I have tried installing the demo along with libraries but every time I do I get an error saying that 316 files haven’t downloaded and to run verify files. I have done that but still get the same results. I have enough space to download but not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. regards Gary
  21. Hey guys which is the best load order in the scenery libary for germany north and south my other scenerys by Orbx are openlc and base and airports. All other scenerys are by other devs. Thank you very much
  22. Hi All, I've got a bit of a problem. I've recently built a new PC for the flight sim, and am installing all my stuff to it. So far I've got all my addons on there including the Airport Scenery and FSLabs etc... However I have found that Orbx Libraries causes P3D to get to 70% loaded after pressing "OK" in the scenario screen, then take at least 10 minutes to get to 80%, then it goes quickly to 100% into the simulator. While the simulator does appear to work once it loads in, waiting upwards of 11 minutes for it to load is just not acceptable, given my old and less powerful PC loade
  23. So I pre-ordered the MFS2020, and directly after the game launched i bought the LOWI Innsbruck DLC for 16€ and went there directly in-game after the installation finished, because from the pictures shared on the Marketplace i knew it would be my most visited Airport in the game and yeah for weeks i always start my flight from there. Everything was beautiful, the views, the ambience, literally everything was perfect. but now after the update i realized some unspoken changes happening in this airport. I noticed that the view was no longer beautiful like it used to, even the runway is broken sinc
  24. You still haven't properly patched London City scenery. We still don't have an official water fix patch, traffic drives under bridges and key buildings are still missing. I say the following as matter of fact for you to take onboard or ignore, you have your priorities I have mine. If you are happy for your first MFS scenery as it is then fine but I personally won't be buying any of your products until you show you will continue support beyond a hotfix.
  25. I'm not quite sure if this is Orbx related but the street lights at night are too red for my taste. I tried different settings in the FTX Global lights configuration, but I can't get this to a more amber/whitish look... Any advise? Thanks Stu
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