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Found 9,289 results

  1. Hej Marcus and the Orbx team, I have had issues with Arlanda ever since the update that came out two weeks ago, I have seen threads about people having similar issues, so maybe there is a fix in the pipe. The ground-poly looks really weird and I have started to get frame-rate drops from stable 30fps down to 10fps. I have tried with un- and reinstalling Arlanda, together with ObjectFlow and moving ObjectFlow to its own library without success. And both individually and not at the same time. I have attached a screenshot and the central.log, however if there is anything else required, please let me know. Order: 5e7b86db57798 P3D central.log
  2. Hi, I'm using P3D v4.5 on the latest version however I've now noticed that Stockholm Arlanda now has no ground markings. I've verified files for Stockholm as well as verified files for Orbx ObjectFlow. What I do notice is that ObjectFlow to my understanding should be in the sim add-ons menu, however it isn't there. Other sceneies such as Dubrovnik LDDU, don't seem to be effected by this. Could anyone help me please? Thanks, Charlie.
  3. Hi- I just purchase two items for P3D v5. One is an airport that was discounted for the July sale, so I guess I don't get the senior discount on that one? But the other is Hollywood-Burbank, a new airport that is not discounted. As far as I can tell I did not get the 15% senior discount on that item. The order ID is 5f0a25019a654. Can you please check on this? Thanks. -Edward Kaplan Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  4. Hi everyone, I did a flight into Kelowna (CYLW) today and noticed that the main taxiway is mostly covered with grass texture (see the attached images). I've tried a number of things to get it to show as concrete, but nothing has made a difference. Here is what I've tried thus far: 1) Uninstall and re-install NRM. When that didn't work, I did the same with the Orbx libraries. 2) Run Vector's AEC auto-configuration after NRM and libraries re-install. 3) Replace REX TD's "detail1.bmp" file with an Orbx texture file per a suggestion at AVSIM (since it made no difference, I've reverted back to the REX TD file). 4) Fiddle with various lower texture resolution and mesh resolution settings in the P3D Display menu. The NRM entries aren't beneath anything that should affect them in the scenery library (just a new CYYC and MDCY, neither of which is nearby). I can try disabling those airports, but it seems unlikely it would make any difference. I'm running NRM 1.6.1 with the latest libraries on Prepar3D 4.5. Could someone kindly load up a flight at CYLW and check the satellite camera to see if this issue relates only to my system? I've flown into this airport before and never saw anything out of the ordinary.
  5. I recently purchased the Orbx AI traffic packages for AU/NZ and North America. Didn't notice anything amiss, but eventually realized I was seeing MUCH less AI traffic. For instance, in a half hour flight around Chicago (KORD), I spotted only one AI plane, a 747 landing. Same story in Australia, Cairns and Bundaberg. I upgraded to P3D less than a year ago. There is no scenery other than Orbx on my rig. Someone on the FlightSim forum suggested that I download a freeware program called "AI Flight Planner" to search for possible FS9 files in my system and convert them to FSX (which he says P3D uses for these purposes), but I am skeptical, and don't like to mess with files when I have no idea what I am doing. I can't claim my recent Orbx purchases have anything to do with this. There is at least some AI traffic. And yes, my traffic sliders are right up there. And yes, there are boats and cars as appropriate. Thanks all, Mac6737
  6. Recent install of P3D5 HF2 - all went very well and I am growing to really like it, except for a complete lack of moving vehicular traffic. Have most of my Oceania sceneries installed inclusive of Ausv2, Global Base, Buildings HD Trees HD and TerraFlora v2 - have tried it with vector (all config boxes ticked and saved), and without, have verified all relevant packages and run sync a few times . I have also run "repair" for P3D5 client, and still not a single moving vehicle. I have Fly Tampa's KLAS installed which has "vehicular traffic" choices in their config, and these do in fact work ..... but nothing in any of the Orbx packages. I'm approaching wit's end, and would appreciate any ideas. I'm running an i7 7700k at 4.8, GTX 1080 Ti (11GB), Windows 10 ver 2004. Thanks, in anticipation of some sort of solution ....... cheers.
  7. I never know the correct forum to put an error, hope this is it, so here goes.... I have just purchased True Earth Northern California, with Orbx Central, download starts and after a minute it stops and I get the message " Could not install as Central could not read the product data". Not sure if this was a Central problem, so reinstalled it and got the same error message. Thought it might have been TENC so tried to download and install KBUR Hollywood, got the same message, where do I go from here, somebody help please - thanks. Don Sorry should have put interrupted install
  8. I installed True Earth Great Britain South and I noticed buildings textures missing. Please see attached photo, with and without True Earth Great Britain South. Any ideas on what may be happening? Thanks Cesar
  9. I have no runway textures or buildings in KACK- only parked static aircraft. Using the search I found that this can be caused by objectflow not being installed- so my first troubleshooting was to make sure that was properly instlled- in its library. Second step was to reinstall the Orbx libraries and to resync my sim... still the same problem persists. Any ideas? In KBID, buildings are displaying normally- which may rule out the objectflow issue.
  10. What exactly does Object Flow really do?
  11. Hi, After the update the apron looks like this. Before the update I didn`t have this ugly conrete Regards, Niels
  12. FSimStudios do not appear to have their own query section in the Orbx Forums yet, so I'll put this here- When I look at the promo shots #'s 2, 5 & 7 in their Orbx Partner listing, there is a 'white' area behind the terminals & I am wondering what it is? The referenced shots all seem to be from Spring/Summer so I doubt that it is snow as there is a lot of green vegetation elsewhere in the shots. Anyone? TTM
  13. So I have an issue since installing Orbx SoCal, that Victorville (KVCV) has runways and taxiways that are on top of ridges/cliffs. Looks like a lot of airports that are screwed up when using Orbx Vector, however I am NOT using Vector at the moment. I have Orbx FTX Global, OpenLC North America, and Southern California. I thought maybe it might be due to issues after having Vector installed which I previously removed, so I tried uninstalling North America and Southern California. I let the scenery library re-build itself, then I installed North America. Then loaded the sim into VCV and no elevation issues. I then installed Southern California and loaded the sim into VCV and the problem is back. Once again, not using Vector, it is uninstalled at the moment. It seems to screw up more things than it is worth. Here are some screen shots to show you what is going on. And yes SoCal is above North America in the scenery library, which is above FTXGlobal. These are all below my other addon airport scenerys. I don't have any other mesh or regional sceneries installed other than individual airports and the only ones close to VCV are FSDT's LAX and FlyTampa's Las Vegas. Both are plenty far away not to affect VCV. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much! Mike "Moose" twitch.tv/moosestaffa
  14. Hi there, I have reinstalled the product, reinstalled Orbx Norway. I have this installed into the library and my insertation points have been set up as follows (image below).
  15. Hi team, I have installed vector in P5D and this same issue is occurring at VTBS. Can only assume vector hasn't catered for the new airport? Cheers
  16. I have Alderney airport as a grey circle on my products list. I use the install button to install into Orbx Library but when it gets about 70% installed it appears to go into a loop and never finish. This has been happening for several days now. Can anyone help me please. Thanks in advance.
  17. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro- Version 1909 Simulator: P3d4/P3d4.5/P3d5/FSX Steam edition Screenshot: Issue: I cannot add or update any products on any of my flight sim platforms. Thanks in advance central.log
  18. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Prep3dv4 Screenshot: Issue: I recently downloaded Leeds Bradford Airport. My first flight was in a Carenado DA62 parked at Gate 8 at EGNM Leeds \Bradford. to my horror there was a Green vertical column in my vision, see screen shot 2. It disappears once I am up and flying bur reappears when taxiing after landing. It starts, out in the car parking area and extends to some height. I have tried "Verifying Files" on Orbx Central to no avail. Please help.
  19. I'm trying to reinstall the AFS2 scenery. Palm Springs is stalled about 90% through the download. If I try to cancel it, Central just changes to display the "cancelling" action but never actually cancels it. If I close and re-open Central it just goes back to the hung download. I left it on overnight trying to cancel and it never finished.
  20. I bought the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter yesterday through Orbx. However I haven't been able to get it to function. Actually nothing with it works (all other Addons I have so far has always worked out of the box, especially bought from Orbx). Sound not working, can not move throttle at all, controllers not recognized, starting with ctrl+E not working etc. I tried to uninstall via Orbx Direct central and re-install but no difference. Any clues? I have tried to get in contact with Milviz support, but so far no response. I have read online that most get reply almost immediate, but me it has soon gone 24 hours. What to do? Receipt #1563-1393 Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5f05c5ed452bb Best regards Jan Jönsson
  21. Hello, I purchased the NA Pacific Northwest package for FSX:SE. The install went well and most things look good. When I fly over farm land or forest, I get really strange autogen building types, like I'm looking at downtown Paris. The following screenshots were taken over Cherrypoint refineries near Ferndale, Washington. I assume this isn't correct? It doesn't look like the screenshots on the product page, which show normal looking farm homes. Thank you for any help you can provide! -Tyler Intel i5-4690, Radeon RX580, 16GB RAM, Win10, M.2 SSD, FSX:SE
  22. Located in the center of Australia v2 the flight over TANBAR / YTNB involves a systematic crash. Reported by Tchoup I passed in this zone at vertical of TANBAR / everyone goes down. Try to get TANBAR back into your P3D and tell me what happens when you launch the flight.
  23. Bought up so many Orbx titles over many years including a handful recently as I got back to simming again. Sadly, the old problems of sunken runways into ground kept appearing at different airports from time to time. Just flew from KEGE to KDEN and found KDEN sunken. Went on to another nearby KBJC, but also same problem. Flew on to another nearby and similarly same problem. Only on 4 th attempt did I manage to land on a good airport. is this problem getting more widespread now? It is very frustrating to come to an airport that is problematic. Is there a general fix that fixes ALL airports that have this issue?
  24. Hi, As a customer of Orbx products since the early days I am delighted with your scenery. I bought the TFDi 717 2 days ago and cannot get it to load up in P3Dv4. Fist thing I did was contact them through a ticket but I've been given next to no help from them. When they have responded it is with the standard 'uninstall and re-install' message. I have done this many many times now with anti-virus off / run as administrator etc. During one re-install I tried to download through your site rather manually rather than Orbx central and noticed the message below. Could this be the issue? I have tried everything else. Can you reset / re-activate my download link somehow? Also when following their instruction to download through the TFDi addon installer I noticed the error below when trying to open the Orbx link. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated as TFDi have not impressed me with their response (or lack of). Thanks a lot, John
  25. Hi guys, I can't see the correct textures on LEBB. Is this a known issue with v5? I already tried reinstalling LEBB and verified the files with Orbx central. Best regards, Byron
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