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  1. what is going on with downloading right now, I just purchased a few items on the loyalty sale, and now I can't download my purchases, the just shows queued, I have restarted Orbx Central, and completely restarted my computer, my internet is working just fine on my PC also!
  2. Hi I yesterday purchased Leeds for P3D v4.5 and installed it today. However I have this strange green line towards the sky. I use FTX ENG and selected it also in Orbx Central. Thanks for any advice Patrick
  3. The lights on the larger roads in my Orbx England look like really large dashes. Is this correct and can I make them smaller they don't look very good in my view?
  4. I'm gonna ask a silly question that I might already know the answer to... I've purchased addons from Drzewiecki Design, FS Academy and SoFly through other channels before they suddenly appeared on Orbx, but I'm finding it being a mess visiting all those sites whenever there's an update available. Not at all like the streamlined experience I have through Orbx Central. Is it possible to move my addons to Orbx - or get a massive discount (100% ?) to buy them again just to have it all in the same console?
  5. hello, just bought this amazing piece, installed it and did a short fly over Brisbane. But it looks as if the ground is missing, see picture. I installed it again but nothing has changed. Installed it is in community directly, like all other Orbx-addons. [url=https://ibb.co/c1pkTn7][img]https://i.ibb.co/R9MYHwV/Screenshot-379.png[/img][/url]
  6. I cannot synchronise my simulator. I get the following error message "an error occured while trying to synchronise your simulator". I also cannot install any products, including Orbx libraries, MVAMS and SimObject Display engine. I get the following error message "a communication error occurred when trying to perform this action". I am running windows 10 home edition. I have AVG home security, FSX, Xplane 10 and Xplane 11. Looking forward to using the software and I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  7. I recently purchased Orbx LOWI for p3d v5. Upon loading the taxiway and runway markings are missing. I've tried to find a solution but I simply cant fix it. Any Help is appreciated :-) Order Number - 6032b6af29f6a.
  8. I just updated my Orbx Canary Islands and found that at La Palma this ridge of weird terrain appears. This never happened before, any help appreciated. scenery_packs.ini
  9. I've been looking forward to this scenery of my home town. Apart from 2 Aircraft liveries, this scenery is the only alteration I've made to MSFS2020. After Installing the new Orbx Sydney City scenery I start up and get within a few miles of the CBD and get a CTD. This crash to desk top has not occurred until installing the new scenery. Anyone got any clues?? i7-10700K 32GB Ram GeForce RTX2070 Super
  10. I have recently purchased Orbx's Liverpool Airport and downloaded and installed it via Central. The scenery looks incomplete and certain objects appear as doubling up (please see pictures below). Then I suddeny realised that I had forgotten to first uninstall my Digital Design (DD) scenery of the airport that I had purchased about 6 months ago. I went to my Custom Scenery folder and deleted 'Digital Design Liverpool EGGP' and 'Digital Design Liverpool Roads', but on opening up the sim, EGGP appeared as the Laminar default scenery (eg. no 3D grass). So I returned to Orbx Central and noticed tha
  11. Hi All, I've been using the Orbx Tacoma Narrows quite happily since it was released. But I tried to fly there yesterday after the VR update and it crashes to desktop, even outside VR. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. I do not know the cause of these spikes near the rwy at VETZ. I have Orbx global and FREEMESH, no other add ons that I am aware of....can anyone else verify the problem. I do not know whether this is a P3D flaw or something else. Thanks... Sherm
  13. ESMS Malmo is crashing MSFS ( latest update) each time i load airport. I disabled CGL files but with out any result. Event viewer description : ntdll.dll error Is this a new bug? loaded many other airports ( payware) EDDK,LOWI,EFHK.LOWW,ESGG and didn't have any issue thanks Seth
  14. ***UPDATE*** After some more tweaking it turns out the cause of my issue was Orbx ObjectFlow somehow getting borked. Uninstalling and reinstalling has fixed my scenery! Hello! Finally made the upgrade to P3D v5 after being hesitant for a while. But I am having issues with the GPI scenery not showing properly. I do have the global base pack and openLC America installed as well. I've tried verifying the files for both the global packs and the airport with no luck. As well as flat out reinstalling the GPI scenery. I also tried manually syncing the simulator via the settings. A
  15. Hi, I just bought TrueEarth SoCal HD, but when I load up San Diego, it causes x-plane to crash. I'm not sure why. Here's my log.txt: Log.txt And my scenery_packs.ini(converted to .txt) scenery_packs.txt I verified the files using Orbx central and everything was okay Any help would be appreciated. I'm on macOS Big Sur and X-Plane 11.52. Thank you
  16. As requested by MilViz I am just letting it be known that I have experienced a problem with the download, via Orbx, of the DHC 2 Beaver. Below is the content that I have posted on the MilViz Beaver Support Forum and I await their advice. So, I have just acquired, via Orbx, the DHC 2 Beaver and I am having a problem following the download. Having downloaded through Orbx I opened FSX to have a look at the new aircraft and initial views were positive until --- I noticed that the engine instruments were not registering at all. I took it for a quick flight anyway, primarily to discover
  17. Hi all, I've purchased yesterday EGNT and installed on the new MSFS World Update 3. My other Orbx sceneries are perfect ( Dublin, Goteborg and Vienna ) But for this one no buildings at all. I've reinstalled twice. Erased the content.xml file, My community folder is free from other mods as I thought one could be resposnsible. This morning I've erased the EGNT files from the C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\Backup and I've downloaded again the file. Without any success. Any idea ? Thx guys
  18. After update to KA350i on Orbx central, cockpit display panels are corrupted...
  19. Hello. Today I started a fight at KACK and noticed the issue shown in the screenshot. In that image my aircraft is sitting in front of the numbers (33) but up the runway you can see dimmed approach end markers with the numbers 33. I have Orbx KACK installed as well as base, vector, and OpenLC NA. To troubleshoot I went into addons and disabled everything and disabled all 3rd party scenery. When I did that The issue was still there but this time I could see double runway end markings (see screenshot). So this appears to be bleedthrough from a default KACK in P3D if I am correct. If that i
  20. Hello, Recently purchased Gold Coast (YBCG) and noticed after a failed ILS onto RWY14 that the Scenery ILS Frequency is 111.5 when In reality according to latest charts and navigraph it should be 111.1, This was brought up over 1 1/2 years ago in this post and seemingly acknowledged by staff. Clearly it still hasn’t been resolved and I’m just wondering if Orbx plans on ever fixing it, I had to dig around the forums to find a .bgl that someone made that corrected this but the IDENT is wrong which ruins my immersion, So I’m hoping Orbx Fixes this issue with some
  21. Recently I installed all the NL2000 airports and Orbx global base. So far no problems, all the airports work as intended, but when I installed Orbx Vector I noticed that there were some clear and bothersome elevation/scenery issues with NL2000's Rotterdam scenery. I tried to trace it down to wether it was Orbx Vector or Global Base. Sadly it was the former of the two. I have checked the Vector configuration too to see if the ICAO code of Rotterdam was in the list but sadly it is not. I also tried to fix the problem by disabling the "ABP_EHRD.bgl" file in the map location "Global
  22. I have both the FlyTampa YSSY and Sydney CBD , both from Orbx. The runway is miss-aligned (note the runway lights) and the wind sock is duplicated. I tried deleting the scenery indexes so they would be rebuilt. Removing the default YSSY only sees it reinstalled when loading the sim. I removed all other addons, but the problem persists. Moving just the scenery folder from the [asobo-airport-yssy-sydney] folder seems to work as a workaround. Asobo might need to provide a means to manually set the scenery priority order.
  23. Hello, I just purchased a EGTR scenery only because there is a lake right next to the airport. But, I am very disappointed with the depth of lake. When I tried to suck in some water with AB 412 for firefighting, I can not put the hose in the water. Can you guys make this lake deep enough? Or, I want to have my money back. I am very disappointed. Thanks,
  24. Hi. Just starting to download the new patch but forgot to delete the rolling cache. Must admit that I have never done it before other patches and MSFS seems to be ok. Should I get into the habit of doing what Nick said to do before installing any patch. Thanks Derek.
  25. Hello, Recently bought Dundee EGPN. Two big red "X" s show up at both ends of the runway, near the shoreline. What is this? I 'm running on P3Dv 5.1 HF 1. Thx for any help
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