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  1. Hello, thought is supposed to be some updates today for my recent purchases from central but unfortunately MSFS is not shown in central. Please advise George
  2. Has anybody else had this problem or is it just me? I've tried re-downloading, re installing and still CTD at the exact point on the loading screen. when its un installed starting a flight works fine. have had no other problems with Orbx central. would like to know if anyone else gets this.
  3. I've having consistent crashes to desktop while trying to fly from Darrington to Orcas, with two different planes (C172 and JMB VL3). Both happened in the same exact place. All I need to do is create a flight plan (on the GPS, not using the world map planner) from 1S2 to KORS. There are no other sceneries installed in PNW apart KORS, TKIW, 1S2 and OG20. Is there anywhere I can look into like logs or similar? ps: I'll try another flight, with the G36 and keep an eye on CVV VOR to get the exact point edit: yep, third in a row, I'm uploading an unlist
  4. I bought the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter yesterday through Orbx. However I haven't been able to get it to function. Actually nothing with it works (all other Addons I have so far has always worked out of the box, especially bought from Orbx). Sound not working, can not move throttle at all, controllers not recognized, starting with ctrl+E not working etc. I tried to uninstall via Orbx Direct central and re-install but no difference. Any clues? I have tried to get in contact with Milviz support, but so far no response. I have read online that most get reply alm
  5. Hi, I get the following error when installing Orbx Libraries. I have tried repeatedly, and still the same. /Stephen
  6. Hi, I purchased and installed Wycombe Air Park yesterday from Orbx central. The installation was fine and the folder is showing in my Community folder: Wycombe Air park is even showing in the Content manager as installed: but in sim, no show: I've tried deleting all freeware scenery I had from the community folder and its still not loading. Does anyone have any ideas? Is annoying as i'm from Wycombe so this is some scenery i'd really like to see!
  7. HI, I have the lestest verision of Orbx and MSFS2020, but when I start the Central it doesnt find MSFS 2020 as installed. Any ideas please thanks Darren Crosby
  8. After a fresh install of P3dv4 (4.5.14), global, openlc europe (lib) and germany south (lib) I get wrong textures. After openlc eu the textures was ok. central.log
  9. Hi all, have the TE Washington installed and have heavy elevation issues with some hd airports, i.e. Orcas and Skagit and Fall City and maybe more. Must I have PNW installed underneath to run these airports on top of TE Washington? There are no relevant elevation files in scenery\world\scenery. Cheers Andreas
  10. I want to buy Berlin Tegel but when i launch Orbx Central it doesnt detect MSFS 2020 ! I had never had this problem .... while I have several addon already installed!
  11. Hi there, I purchased EGLC and LOWI for MSFS (premium deluxe) through the Orbx website. I downloaded and installed through Orbx Central (version 4.1.22). However, I'm not able to get both sceneries to work in MSFS, as the don't show up in the simulator. Things I tried; - Installing on a different location through Orbx Central - Installing in a new library through Orbx Central - Uninstalled EGLC/LOWI, re-installed MSFS, installed EGLC/LOWI - Tried the above on different drives - Cleared temporary Orbx files in Orbx Central - Cleare
  12. Hi, Since the latest MSFS update the throttle has developed a mind of its own and does not reflect what I actually do with my throttle control, both at Orbx airports and at other default locations in the sim, and with different aircraft (e.g. A5 and C172)! When I set the flaps (with the keyboard), they also respond then go back to the previous settings. Very strange! I fly with the Microsoft SideWinder 2 Force feedback joystick. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Sometimes changing to AI control and then back to manual user control temporarily fixes the issue and at other t
  13. Does it look like the default is showing up? This is my 1st time testing so I have no idea if something is off.
  14. Hi I am Mitch and i am so exited about MSFS 2020’s release but I am still wondering when will any Australian Airports be released? example: Melbourne Brisbane Gold Coast And so on! if someone could answer my question it would be much appreciated! Thanks Kind Regards, Mitch
  15. I had to reinstall p3dv5.2 and ran orbs central and reinstalled my Orbx scenery. But now nothing shows in the scenery library. It’s fine in v4 I did this 4 times nothing changed. Any suggestions?
  16. I am using W7 operating system and Southern California scenery. I never noticed this before but KONT appears to be elevated above the surrounding terrain. Is there a fix? You may already be aware of this but I can try to provide a screenshot it needed. Thanks for your help! ftxflyer
  17. Hi everybody. A few days ago I started to see the airport this way and up until now it hasn't changed. Can you please tell me what to do. I Add a picture Thanks
  18. Operating system: Windows 10 2004 Simulator: MSFS 2020 premium deluxe Screenshot: Issue: After the authomatic update to version 4.1.23 Orbx central does not detect MSFS 2020 (acquired through MS Store) and installed in the default C: path With version 4.1.22 I have installed KBUR KORS KTIW KSBA LOWI central.log
  19. I have many Orbx products and have had few issues over the years. With TE Northern California, a different story. When I entered the airspace, not only did the scenery not look nearly as good as pictures I have seen, it severely altered the performance of PC. I am using a custom Jetline PC with the following specs: Win10 Home 64-bit Gigabyte Aorus Z270x Gaming 5, LGA 1151 Intel 7th Gen Core i7 7700K (4.7GHz Overclock) Corsair Hydro Series H100 GT Liquid Cooling 16GB G.Skill DDR4 SDRAM 2666MHz 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8
  20. I have a problem with my Orbx Central. I have three simulation platforms installed on my computer, each on its own drive. P3Dv4.5 (w/Orbx sceneries directly installed in Scenery) P3Dv5 (w/Orbx sceneries installed in Scenery Library) MSFS (w/Orbx installed in community folder) My problem started when I purchased my first sceneries for MSFS through Orbx Direct. I opened Orbx Central to install the newly purchased MSFS sceneries but Central did not recognize that MSFS was installed. I searched the support forum for the problem and followed the directions in
  21. Hi, when I leave LOWI to the west, after a couple of miles there are no trees anymore. Is this a known problem, if so, what can I do to fix it? On this pic, you see where the trees end - it's to the northwest of the airport. What I think is important is to state that the trees that you see in the distance DISAPPEAR when you come closer, it's like they are popping out.
  22. Has Orbx binned EGNT for Xplane ? I had a thread on the forum about it and its gone now! It's been in Dev since 2019 and made it to P3D but not Xplane Can Orbx officially confirm it's been scrapped?
  23. I just bought the KORS and install it in the main library, unfortunately it doesn't show in the MSFS. I investigate the install folder of various Orbx airports and find there is no Business.json as well as ContentInfo and MarketplaceData folders for the KORS, is that normal and is that the cause of the problem? Thank you!
  24. Hi, please help, when I want to configure FTX VECTOR this message pops up even though I have other products from Orbx installed in P3D v4.4. "No instaled simulator was found on your system". Does anyone have an idea how to overcome this? thank you very much for your help
  25. I installed TrueEarth Northern California in P3D v5 the other day. I took a flight over Yosemite Valley and Half Dome was just a blank spot of blue. The same with El Capitan. Attached is a screen shot of Half Dome. Can you explain what's going on and if I can fix it? Thanks, Robert
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