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  1. After yesterday´s late arrival at Kings Creek Station... ... it is good to get up VERY early for a walk along Kings Canyon. OK, we will save time and energy and take a more relaxing alternative. We´d be picked up at our campsite just right in front of the airstrip (not shown yet in OZx)... ... follow the track just right of the runway ... ... to reach Kings Creek Station at the main road (well, Luritja road is the only road here, btw). https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Sorry, I have no Robinson in my hangar.
  2. Following our tours around 2 of the 3 sacred rocks in the Anangu lands... ... it is now time to follow Lasseter Highway back to the east. Navigation is easy, as there are not many roads out here. So get off Ayers Rock airport, ... ... across the campground. Under the tail of the Lancair you see a crossroad and a small parking lot? We enjoyed a cold morning at that parking lot with this view... ... before going on the road. First stop: Curtin Springs. There is an OZx airstrip, but I skip it on
  3. Our morning flight ... ... brought us to the lovely small airport YAYE Conellan. Where passengers walk right off the planes and are welcomed... The Pitjantjatjara word "Palya" means "hello", as well as "have a safe trip" and also "thank you". Just depending on the context. Yes, we took a bus from the airport... ... but our was much smaller than the usual looking ones. And as we don´t go for bus simulation here, I´ll take you with me in the trusty MD-530. Below you see the control point of Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP, you got to
  4. After intense sightseeing in & around Sydney ... ... it is now time to get to (slightly) more remote areas. We´re gonna take a flight at 10:05 today. Always good to check if your baggage is properly stowed. But this picture was too early... ... and this too late. I have no good virtual 737, so I had to make a little deviation, sorry. On the roll... ... and here we go. The international terminal to our left, ... ... as well as Cooks River. Climbing out over the Blue Mounta
  5. Following the intro ... ... this post is going to summarize our tours in & around Sydney: By ferry, by walking, by a bus tour, by ship, and finally by car. Nevertheless, in this peer group we are all about flying... so let´s just head directly from Kingsford Smith to Bondi... ... then over to South Head, ... ... before we turn back over Port Jackson to Sydney´s first airport: Rose Bay. From the time when long-distance flying was mostly done with seaplanes. Here we cross Taronga Zoo...
  6. I did not post much in the last 4 weeks. Instead, I was collecting pictures of (14) real life flights in southern Europe, basically Greece and Spain. And now I can enjoy repeating these flights in the sim - and sharing some of the pleasure with you. Let us start with some views taken during flights from Munich to Barcelona. Climbing out westwards over the Isar river. Fürstenfeldbruck airfield, with Starnberger and Ammersee in the background. The Bodensee = Lake Constance. Crossing the alps with a view of the Mont Bl
  7. Getting out of St. Helens at Tasmanias east coast. This needs to become a low & slow flight, and the choice of plane was clear. Turning south along the beaches. This is how the beaches and St. Helens Island look from the ground. Hendersons Lagoon and the way down to Mt. Elephant pass. Bicheno, a good place to stop if you come along by car... ... but we went on to Cape Tourville Lighthouse ... ... and Wineglass Bay. Breathtaking "fresh" water, and a breathtaking view. Turned back in
  8. ... more precise: The Indian subcontinent. Out of Mumbai (Terminal 1, Gate A7)... Not easy to work here... ... as you can see from the temperature indications (before the APU was turned on). So let us taxi across Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport towards Rwy 27... ... and takeoff over the Ocean shore ("East coast" you could say). Not much to see during the flight, haze whereever you look. At least a bit more to spot during descend... ... with hills looking much like the G
  9. Time for boarding, but - as you can see - not for a short distance flight... The active is the southern one... Managing the beast in manual mode (and the FTX trees make a great impression)... ... before looking back... and climbing into the clouds. No, I do not go to LOWI like anyone else these days. I just pass the beautiful austrian alps... ... and go a little bit further south... ... to the region around Mt. Ararat. Too many clouds to see the remainders of the Arch. Navigation made easy, b
  10. 14 days ago the spring weather was all but lovely here in Hannover. Time to travel! Gain speed on the 27R... Takeoff, and keep the photographer confused with all these clouds. But descending into Munich the weather was not much better... At least we finally found a place where simmers can meet and spend some time.
  11. We hired a little Cessna for an early morning flight out of Hobart... ... passing the touristic advertisements on the airport wall (in fact I do have that leaflet somewhere here at home), ... ... and taking off southwards over Frederick Henry Bay. A beautiful morning view of Norfolk Bay, ... ... and a quick turn around Port Arthurs ruins. Everybody know this place, don´t you ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur,_Tasmania Now up the coast to Eaglehawk Neck (read the wiki link above for this place, too), ...
  12. UA5240 was ready for boarding on this April evening at Houston International, gate A2. Just a short hop to Corpus Christi, less than 1 h by schedule. Taking off the 33R, showing the beautiful blend between FTX Global / Open_LC and FSDTs KIAH. Down the gulf coast some clouds came up... ... some more during descend. No way, mates... go around was ordered. A very calm, smooth, but steady climb, again. We were scheduled to divert to Brownsville. At least we could spot the runway here, plus the
  13. Finally, after a long way of downloading, installing, correcting, I am set for this long awaited flight. Long awaited, as the RL pics are prepared since months. I could make use of some pictures at KLAX taken earlier (with more cloudy weather, as in reality), and the complete flight in OLC at more sunny conditions. Taxiing at KLAX... ... queuing ... ATC assigns the 25R, whereas in RL we got the 25L. Here we go, with a collection of sights. Turning back over Palm Beach... ... and Oceanside. The Im
  14. Out of Frankfurt to Mumbai, ... showing a lack of light in the simulation over Tehran... ... and also over Mumbai. Can you even see the plane? Switch the light on, please! And on we go, towards Bangkok. Next leg: The short hop to Singapore. Well suited for a bigger plane, I think. And the final part: Equator crossing... ... hmm, not to good visibility on the approach... ... but finally it gets better! What a nice view. And the
  15. As usual, I had not only to install and enjoy, but also to compare the scenery with some of my shots taken before the FTX release... What is really missing is the intense MegaCityPeopleFlow... Some areas are brilliantly reproduced from one dimension to the other, some are lacking a bit... sorry to say. But who knows if OpenLC will help us?
  16. ... was an uncommon "long-distance" flight in the new 777 from Zurich to Hanover... ... with a little seat upgrade. Free. Thanks to the airline! Take off from the 28... ... turning north... ... and climbing out, as seen by the brand new airshow. Ain´t the alps beautiful? So relax on board... ... before a sporty descent: Turning into final. Faces of Swiss. Two great tours, both real & virtual! http://www.world-of-swiss.com/de/boeing-777-300er
  17. From the Isle of Lewis to the Isle of... how´s it named, "Britain"? No matter, it is Scotland, still part of Europe. A job for real men. No much catering will be needed on this flight. Stornoway take-off... ... the Highlands, ... ... Loch Ness, ... ... and Edinburgh. As there were rumours told in the pubs, I joined the local police on a little heli trip back to the Loch (with manipulated weather, in order to cross the mountains safely...). Obviously, the stories have not
  18. ... no, no, not the city. The Apple Island is what we see here. From the south at Cape Raoul... ... via Maria Island... ... around the Hazards ... ... to Friendly Beaches for a coffee break. Up the coast via Bicheno, ... ... Diana´s Basin ... ... St. Helens, ... ... and Binalong Bay ... ... to Sharman´s vineyard - unfortunately without a private airstrip. That´s the next landing field, once again Launceston. All RL photos taken in 2015,
  19. As you know I always like to find out how good reality mimics our sims. This time I took the chance from Osaka Kansai (plain FTXG). Climbing out across Kobe... ... that airport is clearly a miss in FSX/FTX - probably as it was opened in 02/2006. Maybe OpenLC_EastAsia can help here... Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - sorry for the slightly different angle... A mandatory part of the documentation. FoodFlow would also be an innovation, I bet most of us still have unsufficient bord services at their flight decks. Reaching Singapore from the Northeast... Tropical clouds, no
  20. In a hole in the ground there lived a pilot. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a pilot-hole, and that means comfort. During the morning hours, more and more paxes arrived, striving for free food and drinks. But a good pilot´s hole always has some sparkling on stock. United we stand! "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." Crossed the (blue) mountains to reach places so far eastwards the pilot had never
  21. Another joyful chapter from the book "compare FTXG with RL". From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (how unprecise from me: I chose the wrong gate ) ... ... reached initial cruise flight level: Comments needed? The special Songkran Festival after-dessert was fantastic. The passengers route info: Our route info (we do care for precise simming, don´t we?): Descent: Osaka RJBB downwind: Final: After final. PS: Brad, next time I´ll try to capture a window seat again !
  22. Asia night lights still await the FTX touch, and I hope for OpenLC_Asia to bring us progress. You may have difficulties to see our trusted 777 at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji? This is how the real AI8345 looks like. Same time, day, and weather as virtual. But, ok, this is a 788... - you can´t sim every model (and you won´t learn all of them, would you?). This is how you may fuel yourself while the plane is fueled. Unfortunately I do not get this service when flying virtual... Yes Brad, I followed your advice. Boarding is completed, you can see the lucky guy with 2A for taking the p
  23. No good summer weather here in northern Germany currently, so we had to escape. The first flight did not produce so many shots: LH2105 from Hanover to Munich. But I have to apologize for the 2nd one. LH1810 Munich to Barcelona. Simulation shots with weather, day and time of the real one. Innsbruck Lake Garda Nice Marseille ... and finally Barcelona. STAR is BI2DCN into 07L in both cases. EDDM and LEBL from 3rd party. AI traffic is WoAI.
  24. Hello ! Yesterday I did my first solo navigation exercise. Took off from Grand Central (Johannesburg, South Africa) and flew to Rustenburg and Pilanesburg (Sun City airport). I did a touch 'n go at both airports and then returned to Grand Central. Cheers, Gav
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