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Found 103 results

  1. The days become shorter, so it is time to proceed southwards: from AK to BC. Passing Metakatla just after taking off from Ketchikan´s 11: Yellow Hill: Prince Rupert, a detailed place worth some visits: And finally Kitimat, again with nice details - while approaching for Terrace. I have to recommend the area for low&slow flying! Uncropped, unedited, Orbx weather 2.
  2. Following the Dire Straits on the way out of Anchorage: Climbing out of PAKT: College Glacier: Shoup Glacier, already closing in towards... ...Valdez: A comrade over Point Riou... ... I may be lower, but I am faster than you: Yakutat: Excursion Inlet, next to the beautiful city of Hoonah: Approaching Ketchikan: On final: More final: Extremely final: The "finalst": Great scenery and airports here. What a pleasure.
  3. I have started my enrichment of the PFJ and SAK regions by adding some parts of RTMM. Of course, my first encounter with these works was at the end of a tiny hop from Ketchikan to Misty´s place: Nice details have been collected here, And, just to keep the music theme going, there is a song written for this airfield (or so): Some fishermen were searching for a pilot to bring tham around. Money to earn - I´m your man. So I changed the plane, and rolled into the water: Just after takeoff it becomes obvious that not all captains in this area have been careful enough... Phocena Bay Hut. Seems like a place with not much disturbance, except these crazy pilots. Which channel leads to Aiken Creek...? Though somewhat foggy, the temperature is quite high here. Or is that derived from the current outside temp. in northern Germany? The buoys lead to Aiken Creek. This cannot be true. You want someone to land there? Survived. And the reward is the details of Aiken Creek Camp. But for my fishermen there seems to be some experienced competition. Takeoff ain´t easy either. Dropped the other tourists at Dan´s Hideaway ... ... and Dog Salmon Creek,... ... before returning to Misty´s base. Really a nice scenery enrichment to the Ketchikan surrounding.
  4. Enjoying the summer in Alaska, I chartered an amphibian plane and took off from PAKT to the southeast... ... passing Herring Bay Cannery... ... towards Nina´s Landing. If you come there at the right time, you will see an Orca hunting there. A welcomed challenge for climbers: The Alaskan island called New Eddystone Rock is a pillar of basalt. The basalt came from fractures in the floor of Behm Canal in the last 5 million years. The broken, haphazard texture of these basalts indicates that New Eddystone Rock was part of a volcanic vent where magma rose repeatedly to the surface of the earth. Heading north, and over the mountains to the west: Spotted River: After passing Shrimp bay, heading northeast to Bell Island... ... and upwards Unuk River: Lava Forks Park Area. Hey, didn´t I book a summer tour? Heavy crosswind going northwest towards Eagle Bay. Actually I am flying along the valley, which seems to be right of the 185...: OK, getting out of the mountains... ... and relaxing over the sea again, near Whaletail Camp. From there it was just an easy hop back south to PAKT. Thanks for following!
  5. A little expedition crew had hired a pilot (guess whom?) to take them to Stewart an on to the 1950 B-36 crash site ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1950_British_Columbia_B-36_crash ). On February 13, 1950, a Convair B-36B, serial number 44-92075 assigned to the 7th Bomb Wing at Carswell Air Force Base, crashed in northern British Columbia after jettisoning a Mark 4 nuclear bomb. This was the first such nuclear weapon loss in history. Arriving into Stewart over Portland Inlet...: Before they went with full equipment, they asked me to take one guy over to the crash site, to check the exact location. So we took off with a smaller plane... ... over Premier Gold Mine ... ... Salmon Glacier ... ... Bear Glacier. But, unfortunately, the site is not (yet) visible from the ORBX air, at the published coordinates. [Came back later for a closer inspection, successless.] So we returned to Stewart acreoss Cambria Icefield. The guys will have to look from the ground... ... while I went back to Ketchikan: Of course I tried to continue the music theme, but could not find any with Stewart (except Rod, but that´s not funny). At least I had a good hit with the combination of "Stewart" and "B-36", and that probably fits here:
  6. Continuing the music series of Mallard and me, I went around Ketchikan. Many birds in the sky there... And the rest of the scenery is also worth exploring: Well, I have also encountered some problems during my flight. Hope these can be solved... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/62470-pakt-copter-landing-problems/ Finally, self-service at the Gourmet Gate, watching the baggage crew working. I´m heading at some work now, too: To add more details to the scenery (and that is what I like), it seems I need to do the installation of the RTMM packages ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/ ). Keep your fingers crossed!
  7. Did just a little tour around Prince Rupert, looking for a place to cool down. Nice city, apparently with some tourists around. Come on, Germans and Englishmen, the towel reservations are now resetted... Too hot for the Grizzlys at Khutzeymateen Inlet, I did not spot any (maybe the copter i a bit disturbing...). Ahh, a cold impression: Helipads at Seal Cove: BC Hydro Helipad: Finally a short inspection of the buoys - all working properly.
  8. Here's a few shots of the First Air Twin Otter flying over the Tongass Fjords region, I really enjoy flying this aircraft in mountainous areas and especially into tight short strips where the 'Twotters' reverse power option allows you to stop on a dime. Cheers Jocko Have a great day/night ladies and gents, happy flying!
  9. Inspired by Mallard´s musical flight http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/62301-new-york-rio-tokyo/ [Guard Island Lighthouse, just north of PAKT]
  10. Here's another batch of screenshots from the past week of flight simming. Hope you all are having or have a had a great weekend. Cheers Jocko Thanks for taking a look.
  11. Rumour has said that a formerly unknown engineering expert from Scotland, Montgomery Scott, has brought a new technology to the Alcan works in Kitimat: The substance is described as being as transparent as glass while possessing the strength and density of high-grade aluminum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Trek_materials#Transparent_aluminum . But some foreign agent was noticed, who might have taken a copy and tried to escape over the sea. So we forced this freighter which was ready to leave, to stop the machines and stay. Hey, what is that: A suspicious boat is speeding out of the harbour to Douglas Channel! Surrender! Mission accomplished.
  12. ... even if you can´t see anything. The commuter flight to Prince Rupert was taking off from Terrace in fair conditions... ... dropping off some freight in Kitimat. Nicely designed city scenery, with the adjecent industrial area: But climing over the mountains, the visibility became reduced... Trust me, there can´t be any rocks. Calm down, we have reached Skeena river... The Inside Passage is burning. Water or lava? Turning north over Chatham Sound... ... and Prince Rupert on downwind. Here we are. Did I hear any doubts?
  13. ... at least virtually. And with the preset "bushflyers lucky dip" - as REX real weather gave me too much blue sky. The virtual cooling effect helps in the constant heat of northern Germany! Leaving Smithers, with quite some traffic behind (to the right), and the Hudson Bay Mountain Ski area to the left (currently useless). Hmmm, which one is Telkwa pass...? Fubar Glacier. The expected refreshing view. Having crossed Telkwa pass. Following the road was the right way. ... and arriving in Terrace. Quite detailed. Do you see the hospital and the wood factory below? Time for the mandatory city tour. But we are flight simmers, so we either join Bob, drive with Brad´s Bug, or... Checking Mills Memorial Hospital roof... the usual helipad also worked. Good to have a big hospital here: "The ski resort Northern Escape Heli-skiing is centered in Terrace." Finally I made just a short hop the the western end of Terrace, Skeena Saw Mill: I do not want to speculate why the have placed an helipad at a saw mill. At least the risk is now limited: "Skeena Cellulose Inc. sawmill... was bought by Terrace Lumber Co., a group of local owners, and re-opened in late August 2005, but did not prosper and closed in mid-2006. By the end of 2006, the remaining equipment was auctioned off and the mill was torn down. The former site of this mill is now a vacant lot with the footings covered in spray paint graffiti." Refreshing indeed, and with unexpected heli attractions at the end. Now for a cold one... Quotations from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrace,_British_Columbia
  14. Morning fellas, figured I would share a few snaps from the last few days of flying. Any 'Gimp Photoshop' guru's feel free to make recommendations. Cheers Jocko Thanks for stopping by and having a look, hope everyone has, or had, a great day Take care Jocko
  15. Good day gents, hope you all are having a great weekend so far. It's about 1:45PM here just north of Toronto and it's raining outside so I figured I would fly some routes in FSX and share some images. Cheers Jocko Have a great weekend everyone!
  16. Hey everyone, I had a doctors appointment this afternoon, well dentist actually, so I took the liberty of taking the rest of the day off to play with FSX for a few hours Anyways, here are a whole bunch of screenshots from just about all over North American FTX regions from the past week or so. Hey, now I have one too! Here's hoping the runway will be visible once I get below the cloud deck. Putting your life in the hands of the weather report from the airport you are landing at is kind of scary... Sharp steep left onto final... Is it real, or is it Alabeo??? I love IFR with the RealityXP GNS 530. Default Cessna 208B on a 'Air Hauler' delivery... Air Hauler delivery final, please don't let there be a sudden crosswind, I'm hauling fragile light bulbs and the program can tell how hard you land and if you break any... Landing at Galore Creek Mine in Tongass Fjords... Little trouble with the mixture... White knuckle, bare minimums mountain flying... Hope you all enjoyed my little presentation this afternoon. Cheers!
  17. Just a few from the last several days of flying. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Cheers!
  18. Bella Coola Howe Peak Mt. Jacobsen and West Jacobsen Peak in the background Jacobsen Glacier Monarch Glacier Jacobsen Glacier and Talchako Mountain Talchako Valley and Monarch Glacier in the background Nusatsum Mountain and Bella Coola Valley Bella Coola Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  19. Took off out of the Seaplane Base at Hyder (427 Hyder SPB ) on the daily crew and mail run out to the Kitsault Mine B.C. Going up the valley and up over the ridge , the Stinson has just enough power to make it . This is a route you could only fly if you had VFR conditions . The view from up here is amazing . In the center distance is the Cambria Icefield . How do you like my high tech sticky notes ? . Coming in over the area of Alice Arm/Silver City CAC3 The mine sits up above Alice Arm Arriving into the dock area for the mine . V key only Thanks for viewing Brad
  20. Here's a few more I found I kicking around on one of my external drives. They are from all over OrbX and their coverage areas and airports. The Canadian C-130 was a simple Adobe Photoshop motion blur 'test' that I tried.
  21. I was sorting through one of my older USB external backup drives this afternoon and came across some older screenshots from a few years ago after I first purchased PNW and Tongass. Here are a few from literally hundreds of screenshots I have archived. As always, none have been 'touched up', not that I'm against touching up screenshots, I think it actually adds an artists touch to a digital image, I just like presenting screenshots from how it always looks when I fly within FSX. Cheers Jocko
  22. A few years ago I purchased a rather large FSX mesh package from FS Genesis including 10 meter mesh for Alaska. Would there be any benefit to activating this mesh for use with FTX Southern Alaska? Would I see any real improvements in landscape resolution? Would it basically "mess up" the airports and terrain the OrbX/FTX team has "coded" for the mesh package included in the SAK release? I would hate to have floating airports or strange anomalies while flying just for the sake of a few extra polygons... Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Helle Everyone! It's been a while for me, since my last visit at this great screenshots-forum here, but there is a lot of other stuff that needs to be done currently in the "real world" so to speak - hence: Very little time for flightsimming ... Anyways: Hope You are all doing perfectly fine and have a good time. If not being to busy with keeping "real life" running though, i am - simwise - busy with keeping the Mayjestic Dash into the air and flying it properly. So far: I really like this bird very much. It took me a while to set it up properly, but by now all these first, but essential things are working as intended. And this is where the "real deal" comes alive - getting familiar with all necessery "flows", "procedures", "flying techniques" all the "systems" ... and well: Flying this plane correctly! Still lots of stuff to learn, but i at least managed my first flight from "cold and dark" to "shut down" recently: Far from perfect, but surprisingly not that bad either. I also took some shots in between. Sadly though, the weather was not good at all, and therefore there is not that much to be seen from the great ORBX sceneries at this area ... Nonetheless: I hope You can still enjoy it! Cheers, Christoph Here we are: Parking at Yakutat, bad weather and getting ready for the flight ... after the critical phases of take off - getting above the clouds now ... cruising ... setting up the FMS and TOD now for the descend ahead and getting it all "VNAV-Ready" as intended so to speak ... ... final approach: Ice Protection Systems on - they do not "include" the "top of the props" so to speak, but all worked fine. Low visibility though ... getting a bit better ... a passanger's view ... the other side ... the cockpit: On the final stages of this flight, just prior to disengage the Autopilot and land manually then ... and here we are: Rolling down the taxiway! Welcome to PAKT!
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