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  1. Luminar is a nice gimmick. I can't deny. Unfortunately, we are not able to fly using Luminar. But you know what? I think P3D skies are beautiful enough. At YCDR, with AU v2. Done with Active Sky during the day, and beta EA at dusk.
  2. Yes, there are still (many) things missing in v5 and the enhanced environment is truly beta. But I am loving the FPS and the image quality, particularly the atmosphere. Besides that, Orbx sceneries shine in v5. But let the images speak for themselves:
  3. Now testing some Papua New Guinea bush strips in v5 I applied some P3D lighting adjustments suggested by @TigerTigerM ! Thank you very much
  4. Here I continue my exploration of P3D v5. S93: 2W3:
  5. Taking off from Monument Valley at dawn. 1. 2. Well the Carenado Cessna 152 works well but I wasn't too keen on the sunrise. I will try again another day.
  6. I have the wonderful Flight One Islander working seemingly well in V5 and seen here at Valdez. 1. 2. 3.
  7. A quick medical run from Bankstown to Wollongong delivering medical supplies! One of my favorite planes and doesn't work too bad in V5!
  8. I thought I would do a flight in Norway last night to see if there was any improvement on my pretty awful Nordic set up in V4 Ah! Samedan is in Switzerland! 1. 2. Sandane is where I woz after! In true fashion I took a couple of snaps before heading for one Norwegian airport I knew, Narvik.
  9. Crossing the Owen Stanleys in the recently acquired Carenado PA-42. 1. 2.
  10. I could never get Norway to look very good in V4 but V5 has remedied the situation. 1. 2. 3. A great improvement for me.
  11. My second flight on P3D v5. I really like the sky depiction (atmosphere/clouds/visibility) when using Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta).
  12. The subject line is an old Irish turf-laying joke (!!). Unusually for me - here's just the one: Fokker F50 over Gloucestershire: Adam (and yes - I do belong to the Green Party!!).
  13. Installed v5, ran through the steps to add in my Orbx scenery, loaded up KCGX and get these blotchy scenery tiles. Any thoughts? Kevin
  14. This is P3Dv5 (would you believe). I was testing out a shadowing bug with Orbx NZQN (no shadows on the runway or apron) when I happened to drift away from the runway a short way ... Whilst I really am struggling to get decent image quality with P3Dv5 on my ancient 3.5GB GTX970, this shot came out of the blue. Full marks to the dev that worked on that bit of photoreal! For once, P3D actually gave me some decent water (!!!) so the gods must be smiling on me after all! Adam.
  15. I noticed an elevation error in both v5 and v4. When positioning yourself a the 03 RWY, or when taxiing on to it, one suddenly does end up on a ghost runway that is floating below the scenery. I first noticed this behaviour in V5 and thought it had to do with an incompatible groundpolygon, but then I tested it in v4 and it happens there as well.
  16. Hello, Since the new P3dv5 allow us a lot better performances with True Earth ( at least TEGBS for me ), I was wondering if we could expect some new True Earth product release for P3dv5? Like TE Washington, Oregon, etc... Also I wonder if we could expect to see some improvments that already exist in xp11 since a while with TEGBS like PBR reflection on the autogen, improved payware airports ( I've noticed most of the payware airports looks a bit outdated in P3D, while in xp11 they were refreshed for the new release )? I've just made a flight with the A2A j-3 cub, P3dv5, TrueSKY, maxed o
  17. If you've been following my P3Dv5 rants over the last week or so, you will have seen that some of my major gripes have been to do with lighting an colouring. I think I've found a workaround that (more-or-less) gets me back (!!) to P3Dv4 quality ... more later ... here are the pics: Even without my latest settings/fix, it was possible to get a decent shot - albeit a little difficult: Now back to my usual scenery test-bed: NZMF. No Orbx airport as yet, but NZSI still makes a great job of the surrounding area: Water set to "High" for this one:
  18. Just opened central updated and tried to update object flow , i got this message for 3 or 4 verifies as wel as update . just here to report as the message says
  19. I have both v4 an v5 Orbx library setup outside of both versions of P3d in one shared folder as created by Central on my D: ssd, V5 P3d is installed on my m.2 drive F: and i wanted to move the v5 library also to the same drive. Can i make a new folder and drop my v5 files into this and will Central recognise it, or do i need to create the library first using Central then drag the v5 contents into it. I am OCD about keeping things together...
  20. Some low level flying through the hills of Snowdonia locally known as the Mach Loop
  21. Hi, I presently have the scenes from Australia V2 and NA installed in my P3D V4.5 simulator. in the airplanes directory of P3D V4.5, I can see 170 ORBX_AU_... planes and 44 ORBX_NA_... planes These seem to have been installed last month (I suppose these planes are AI planes). Now I installed my scenes in P3DV5 (inside simulator) via Orbx Central (detection and files verification) And here, no trace of any plane from Orbx in the planes directory of P3D V5. So, Is it normal? Or did I do something wrong? Or maybe these are not compat
  22. Hi, I just tried to fly into Canberra intl, I did a quick lap of CB city scape ( looking lovely). coming into land at 50' lower than the pic, the plane hit the ground ( mid air) say 300' to go , mud flinging off the wheels and registered a crash (restart scenario). Not sure what i did wrong , installed and verified good . ground polys set on lite . regards
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