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Found 170 results

  1. I always think of that great 60s tv show the Munster's but this fight is from the airport in Germany. 1. Departing Munster/Osnabruck EDDG, which is 12 miles north of Munster 2. The town of Greven. 3. Heading to the east and passing The Dortmund - Ems Canal. 4. Leinen can be seen just to port of the plane. 5. The A33 motorway before the town of Halle. 6. The Gerry Webber Stadium at Halle. 7. Now at Bielefeld founded in 1214 by Count Herman IV! . 8. The junction of the A33 and A2 on the edge of Bielefeld . Well it was just past midnight in Australia and as I could not sleep I decided to go for aflight.
  2. Haida Gwaii but known as the Queen Charlotte Islands until 2010. Part of British Colombia, it is about 40 miles off the coast separated by the Hecate Strait. 1. Graham and Moresby Islands are the two main Islands with another 400 smaller ones making up the archipelago. 2. The Holland America Line Eurodam is approaching on it's way south, probably to Seattle. 3. The islands are about 170 miles long by 60 wide at its widest point in the furthest north. It has a population of about 4500. 4. The Eurodam is 935 ft long and carries just over 3000 passengers and crew. It commenced service in 2008.
  3. Heading north out of Campbell River BC. 1. It is June and still plenty of snow. Squeezing past Pye Peak with the start of Pye Lake at the bottom of the screen. 2. Now at the Johnstone Strait between Hardwick and Vancouver Islands. 3. Looking back at Mount Falkner through the snow clouds. 4. At Mount Peer and nearing the Lower Tsitka River Park we finally break into the clear weather. For once the better weather is found by heading northwards!
  4. I came across these two characters in Skagway Harbour. Any suggestions as to what they are doing? Maybe the results of a night on the turps!
  5. Heading off into the Big Bend National Park, Texas. Approaching the southern edge of the Chisos Mountains Now Alligator Dundee's message to Gerold! You call that a spider? THATS a spider!!!!! A Tarantula which are very common in the park and the surrounding area. I hate the Australian Huntsman spiders but I was fascinated by these and was not at all worried by them.
  6. I dialled in the AS weather for September 1st at Skagway but...…... 1. 2. Never mind!
  7. I had never even heard of Pacific Coastal Airlines until JanKees did this rather smart SAAB340 repaint. 1. I installed it and did a few flights around the coastal region of BC. In planning our trip I requested that we go to Vancouver Island and maybe fly into Campbell River. My brother had already been there on business several years ago and he suggested instead we fly to Port Hardy. 2. Unknown to me he booked with Pacific Coastal and it appeared we would fly on one of their Beech 1800s which would be a new type for me. When we got our itinerary I noticed we were now on a SAAB 340. 3. At the airport I saw there was only the one SAAB on the ramp but I could only remember the prospector on the tail, Pacific Coastal are on of those airlines that have several different designs on their tails and I think only 2 SAABs 4. We had a great flight with some amazing mountain scenery and when I checked that night I discovered that JanKee's SAAB was the very one I had flown on that day! 5. Now if only I could get that lucky with the lottery numbers!
  8. About to arrive at Juneau by air..... 1. ……..and sea. 2.
  9. 1. I can remember the first time seeing one of the R4D/C-117s in a book when I was very young and thinking how modern it looked. I have never ever seen one of these rare birds. 2. We had a but tour from the end of our cruise from Whittier to Anchorage and at the end we had the choice of being dropped off at our hotel or going to the PANC to drop some people off. 3. It was a long and painful decision but I eventually decided to take the trip to the airport. 4. Hidden amongst the trees along the West International Airport Road was this Trans Northern C-117, I think N29TN. 5. Not only one but there was another, N30TN. Not the best snaps taken from through the bus window but not a common plane either.
  10. 1. Flying up Icy Strait off the NE coast of Chichagof Island. Admiralty Island is in the distance. 2. A pair of Humpback Whales close to Harry Island.
  11. Icy Straight Point of course 1. Taking off from the nearby PAOH, Hoonah Airport on Chichagof Island. The Cessna is passing Icy Strait Point with the old cannery and jetties clearly visible. Nice to see this area in great detail. 2. Now a popular stop for cruise liners from May to September, this day even more popular, greatly helped by the beautiful weather.
  12. Another image of the Big Bend NP in southern Texas. 1. 2. Here is a view of part of The Basin in the Chisos Mountains from one of the many trails in the park.
  13. Passing over the Juneau-Douglas Bridge or J.D.Bridge which spans the Gastineau Channel. The bridge was opened in 1980 whilst the previous bridge opened in 1935 was demolished one year later. 1. 2. Heading back to land at 5Z1 and taken from a Turbo Otter, the bridge connects Douglas Island with West Juneau. It has a span of 620 ft and in the spring Dolly Varden proliferate under the bridge..
  14. Close to Hanauma Bay is Halona which are both part of the Koko Head area. Just above the Cruiser is Koko Crater which is 1208 ft high. The Halona Blowhole can be seen in action on the lower right of the snap. For those with a very keen eye, the neighbouring island of Moloka'i can just be seen on the horizon about 1/4 in from the right hand edge of the picture.
  15. One of the places I visit in FSim quite often is Haines AK. So when I noticed one of the excursions from the cruise ship included Haines I decided it was worth a visit. 1. As there are only 2 roads out of Haines the one we took for the drive to Chilkoot Lake obviously didn't go past the Airport! 2. A view of the real Haines from the ferry jetty. 3. Flying along Lutak Inlet. 4. Driving along Lutak Road with Haines in the distance. 5. Approaching Chilkoot Lake with Tukgahgo Mountain on the left. 6. The Chilkoot River, a popular place for observing Salmon, Bears, Eagles and other wildlife. 7. A juvenile Bald Eagle leaving it's nest some distance from where I was standing. 8. A pair of Adult Bald Eagles flew into a tree behind where I was standing. You might recognise the one in the centre of the screen.
  16. Cruising along Waikiki Beach as the sun goes down From Waikiki Beach The Pride of America cruise liner sets sail at dusk.
  17. Long time no C. Flying into Brisbane from Singapore at the end of my trip the other week I saw a Pel-Air SAAB parked up. The first Pel-Air freighter I had seen. What a great surprise to see my old favourite plane after so many years. An image from 2007 at Mildura, but now 34 years old and still going strong!
  18. Hanauma Bay is one of the most popular destinations on O'ahu and has suffered greatly for this over the years. Some 3000 people, mostly tourists, visit the bay daily. The fish are given a rest from swimmers every Tuesday as the beach is closed for their benefit! Hawaii Five-O, Tora! Tora! Tora! and Magnum PI are just some of the movies and films that have used this location.
  19. Charles Hardin Holly. 1. The commemorative plaque outside The Buddy Holly Centre 2. Just under the tail to the left is the Buddy Holly Centre and the West Texas Hall of Fame. 3. Buddy Holly's statue at the West Texas Hall of Fame which commemorates the many local musicians. 4. Approaching Preston Smith International Airport 5. Outside the Buddy Holly Centre at 19th St and Cricket's Avenue.
  20. Bringing in Ant's mighty Tecnam P92 into the Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Here is the real thing taken from the H3, John A Burns Freeway.
  21. The Hoover Dam is one of the worlds engineering masterpieces. Opened in 2010, the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is also a structure to be noted being the second highest bridge in the US. It is also the highest concrete arch bridge in the world and the widest concrete span in the Western Hemisphere. It is hard to imagine that the busy interstate 11 used to be routed along the top of the dam wall as well as negotiation the very twisty road each side of the dam.
  22. Making the short flight from Midland to Lubbock in Texas. Nearing Lamesa the oil wells of the Permian Basin make way for the cotton fields of the Llano Estacado!
  23. Back into the swing of things and finally have my new laptop and photo editing programme set up. My old laptop gave up the evening before I set off on my trip in August. Here is a Turbo Otter coming in to alight on Vancouver Harbour.
  24. The 16th of August was the first stop on my holiday at Honolulu and after doing a round the island tour I thought that Oahu would be a great scenery for ORBX to do...…….. August 29th Announcing City Scape Honolulu. Gee those devs have a great crystal ball and are fast workers. Here is the Tesoro Hawaii Refinery at Barbers Point. Just amazing how many landmarks I can pick out, what an excellent job has been done here.
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