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  1. Continuing my trip around Saxony. 1. Now in the Foxbat and setting off to Rothenberg Gorlitz. 2. The Barwalder See 3. The power station at Boxberg,. 4. One of the many huge open cut mines in the area, no doubt will end up as another large lake in years to come. 5. Coming in to land at EDBR. 6. No change of planes this time, departing Rothenburg Gorlitz. 7. So impressive is the scenery at Boxberg I had to fly over it again. 8. Sheibesee with the power station at Spremberg in the distance.
  2. Off for a practice flight in the L-39. The station commander has promised the two of us a beer if we can find our way back without any problems. 1. Lift off eventually from Rostock Laage. The throttle must be on zero before the engine will fire up. 1% means no go. 2. Over Hohen Sprenze and the Hohen Sprenzersee. 3. Over the Baltic, just. 4. Denmark is visible on the left. 5. Now heading back to Rostock and descending to get under the clouds. 6. Spotted this bulk carrier way below. 7. Back over land n
  3. Yes, it is time to give the SAAB, not the Otter, a run after a long absence. The flight is from Weeze EDLV to Hannover EDDV. 1. An early morning take off on a very dreary wet morning. 2. Soon above the clouds and turning east. We are at Westerbeek Holland in OLC territory. 3. Passing Dulmen and the A43 heading off south to the Ruhr and beyond. 4. Minden can be seen here with EDVY Porta Westphalica just out of view. 5. About to start our descent and turning to the north at Auetal. 6. 7. Running para
  4. A while ago I brought Virtualcol's Otter, but did not fly It much as in the outside locked spot view the plane was barely visible in the distance and I like to fly outside as much as I can admiring the scenery and the plane. I could view it closer by using the "+" key and likewise the "-" key for moving it away. The only problem of course was that by moving the plane closer the scenery was badly distorted. Earlier this year I found out, I have forgotten where, that by holding down the Ctrl key and then tapping the "-" key the plane would come closer but without any distortion, res
  5. They say that this plane is underpowered but it had the strength to drag me away from GEN for a few hours. Brought the Lotusim L-39 today after some prompting from Steve (Republic DC-9) and finding out there was one the RTAF colours. 1. An RTAF L-39 near Noen Makok, Thailand. 2. Difficult to get a decent photo as there are too many trees around and they usually keep low in the circuit. An L-39 close to Tahkli AFB. What an interesting afternoon. Read the manual, yes you did hear that right and then watched a very good series of tutorials on starting
  6. Been thinking about buying the new JF Meteor, a jet from an aviation era I like so much. But do I really need another aircraft and it is a military jet, which are not really my cup of tea. Anyway, this morning I saw Steve's (RepublicDC9) post with his L-39 and it sounds like his aircraft tastes are similar to mine. I have just done a heap of flights in ultralites and GA so time for something a bit faster. 1. Doing it by the manual from cold and dark. 2. Quite straightforward now I know where the switches and levers are. 3. All written down in a
  7. Without a doubt my favourite modern, if you can call something that made it's first flight in 1970 modern, military jet is the F-14. This is the freeware F-14 Designed by Dino Cattaneo. 1.. Taking off from EGUL Lakenheath. 2. Approaching Brandon but I don't know what these are! Never seen them on my Cessna 152. Reminds me of this great but scary song. 3. Not far from Norwich. 4. My first tentative manoeuvre over Taverham. 5. Don't know what it all does but we are flying helped by the variabl
  8. The second instalment of my flight along the Ruhr Valley. 11. Now departing Arnsberg Menden. Turned out to be a perfect flying day after a cloudy morning. 12. Plenty of railways in the valley and Wickede has it's share. 13. An abundance of flat farmland on the way to Frondenberg 14. Now at Delwig and starting to descend for the next change of planes. 15. Hengsten Opherdicke is in sight, another delightful strip that is new to the FS world thanks to GEN. 16. The Drifter crossing the A45 at Wandhofen.
  9. I have done several river trips, the last one being the Mississippi which was highly enjoyable. Having done the Rhine last year I decided that the Ruhr needed exploration. 1. Wikipedia for once was a little vague as to the exact source of the Ruhr but with a bit of searching on Google Earth I finally found it near Gronebach by the side of the L740 road. 2. After a quick change from the Paramotor to the R22 on the side of the road we continue heading north approaching Olsberg. 3. Now heading west at Nuttlar 4. The Ruhr is finally depicted
  10. Landed at the small, picturesque grass strip EDKD Altena Hegenscheid and was surprised to see a plane from Bermuda there. 1. A beautiful little strip in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. 2. There parked was a Cherokee obviously from Bermuda! I trust you are all having a great week end.
  11. The second part of my maiden flight in the Meteor following 1. A quick search on the GPS to find the nearest airport with a substantial length of runway. Bit blurry scenery though. 2. Flying mostly GA I forgot that I can really throw the Meteor around. 3. On approach to EDDG Munster/Osnabruke, over 1 mile of runway should be long enough. 4. Too low, have to increase power. 5. Sadly not wide enough, lost sight of the runway and ended up on the grass. A bong is always good after a hairy landing. 6. Down in one piece and
  12. Having spent the last few days in Lower Saxony I thought I would have a change of area and headed for Essen in the North Rhine Westphalia region. A pleasant change after the flat costal area infested with impressive wind farms and lighthouses. 1. At Essen Mulheim EDLE another beautifully detailed airport. 2. Home to a blimp which is presumably safely tucked up in this magnificent hangar. 3. 3a 4. Off for a very short flight (not intentional) 5. The Rhurtarlbruecke which carries the A52 road over the Rhur.
  13. Apart from being quieter, more reliable, more efficient, easier to maintain and availability of spares I cannot understand why anyone would take a perfectly good, noisy, smoky, oil leaking piston engine, especially a radial and replace it with a turboprop. Turbo Beaver, CL-415, Turbo Goose, Turbo Otter to me that is sacrilege. Today I made an exception and installed the Cessna 206 Soloy. So here is a flight from EDXG Melle Gronegau to EDWF Leer Papenburg 1. Chose the 5 bladed prop in this sky dive version complete with a local rego. 2. Leaving
  14. One shot from a flight out of Sendai on the Pacific Coast of Honshu which is near Japan 17. Just out of view on the right is the town of Kesennuma.
  15. .......never anything as big as this. Jack this is your request but I don't have the new PAVD yet. Lets go and take a tour of Port Valdez and Prince William Sound. 1. 2. No pax and only 40% fuel so the A346 handles really well. In fact when the passengers found out the flight plan they all evacuated in under one minute! 3. Now to look at some of the RTMM ships. 4. Just got the Auto Throttle set to 200kts. 5. Everything else is flown manually. 6. 7. 8. Mostly between 200 and 400 ft. 9. But a bit
  16. This was only going to be a take off from Finkenwerder but I was enjoying the flight so much I decided to motor down to Nice. 1. A line up of very distinctive aircraft. 2. Lifting off for a test flight, Very impressed with the details at the airports I have visited so far. 3. Turning south over Buxtehude. 4. Now decided to continue the flight, passing over Hanover and EDDV. 5. Where north meets south, the join is hardly noticeable. 6. Looking back toward Worms and the Rhine. 7. Lake Biel, Switzerland.
  17. Better known to me as the Kiel Canal. Brought Germany North last night and after a few flights I must say how impressed I am with what I have seen so far. Flew from Cuxhaven to Hamburg earlier today and passed the Kiel Canal so I have decided to fly its length and have a look at some of the bridges that cross it. 1. At the western end of the canal at Brunsbuttle with the locks and the Elbe River. 2. The Brunsbuttle Bridge at Ostermoor. 3. Hochdonn Railway Bridge 4. The Hohenhorn Bridge carries the Autobahn 23 over the canal
  18. A couple of shots from Compton Abbas. 1. 2,
  19. I have been enjoying Jack's escapades around New Zealand in his Staggerwing. I thought I had it installed in P3D but it was only when John asked if I had it running that I realised it was not installed. So it is now going well and I am enjoying a flight down to Wellington. 34.
  20. A flight around Plymouth to see if we can find The Hoe. 1. No not you, wrong flight. 2. Nor you, but tempted. Here have you got a twin? 3. Oh, only this twin, although the Twin Pioneer waiting at EGHD is beautiful too. Let us see what we can find. 4. Here we are at Saltash on the River Tamar with the Tamar Road Bridge and the Royal Albert Rail Bridge 5. Two in one go. 6. One of the ferries that operate to Santander and Roscoff at Millbay Docks. 7. Right by the port wingtip is the area known as Plymou
  21. One of those flights where I made it up as I went along. 1. Early in the morning departing from Nice. 2. Flying up the Gorge du Loup. 3. Not sure if the Jodel was meant for mountain climbing but it is performing very well. 4. Over the Gorges du Cianes. 5. Avoiding some stormy looking clouds around Mount Raton. 6. Spotted a crazy zig-zag road at Guillaumes with an interesting clear area on the centre right of the picture. 7. The commune of Sauze sits on top of the mountain although it is not depicted
  22. Illinois and on the left bank of the river. 18. Although the plane is over the state of Missouri.
  23. ................but I have found The Needles. 35. They can be found standing off the western end of the Isle of Wight along with the light house. A familiar sight to me when I lived in the area so long ago.
  24. Here is a twilight flight from Compton Abbas to Southampton. 1. A few of the happy passengers waiting to enjoy a memorable flight. 2. Taxiing out this magnificent old DH.89 Dragon Rapide at Compton Abbas. 3. Trundling down the runway and about to lift off. 4. Close to Sixpenny Handley. 5. In the distance are the lights of Bournemouth, here at Ringwood we pick up the A31 at it's junction with the infamous A338 Spur Road 6. On the western fringes of the New Forest at Picket Post. 7. Approaching Emery Down, on the h
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