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  1. Here is the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley. One of the 3 twin engine bombers that was the backbone of Bomber Command when war broke out in 1939. Almost obsolete in 1939 it was the only one of the 3 that was designed as a night bomber. Eventually powered by Merlins the Whitley continued in the front line until the arrival of the 4 engine heavies. It was then used for various other roles until the end of the war. 1. Leaving over Coventry's Baginton Airport, where the Whitley was designed and built. 2. Coventry with it's famous Cathedral below the port engine.
  2. First look at the latest marvel from the ORBX team. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Well done Jarrad, an absolute masterpiece.
  3. Not LOWI but a very pleasant Spitfire flight over the east of England 1. Arrowing out of Stapleford, no destination as yet. 2. Over the M25. 3. Passing Chelmsford. 4. At Silver End with Blackwater in the distance. 5. At Earl's Colne airport with Colchester on the right. 6. We are at Assington! Yes really, with Wattisham, our destination, just visibule, centre left. 7. Not much habitation here but Lavenham is a couple of miles to the right. 8. Descending over Monk's Eleigh and Clay Hill Road.
  4. Here is another delightful old aircraft the Westland Widgeon. Only 26 were built in the late 20s before production was halted. The Widgeon was much more expensive than it's competitors and Westland had other aircraft the wanted to concentrate on. 1. Lifting off from XSTR, Strathallan. 2. Just out of view to the left is the town of Auchterader which has the dubious claim to fame of having the most expensive house prices in Scotland. 3. The River Earn, a wonderful river for Anglers, is normally shallow and fast flowing. 4. Crossing the A9 nea
  5. No shots of cows today just a flight from Welshpool to Cardiff in the Fokker F-27 1. Painted in my favourite BEA colour scheme, though the Friendship never operated for BEA 2. This is a freight version which is well suited in BEA's colours. 3. Passing over Shobdon. 4. Over the Wye Valley and some deteriorating weather ahead. 5. The old RAF Madley with Hereford above the tail. 6. Starting to descend in the Llanvetherine area. 7. Over the A40 at Raglan. 8. The M4 at Magor close
  6. My quest for old, mainly British aircraft continues. I found the Defiant the other day and Andy reminded me of the Fairey Battle. Only in FS9, but a bit of jiggling and hey presto! 1. Taking off from EGKL Deanland in West Sussex. 2. Not far from Lower Dicker is the Long Man of Wilmington. This one is a bit more modest then another I have seen on here. 3. Heading east over Eastbourne. 4. Bexhill is on the left and we are at Hastings. Much nicer weather and circumstances from the one time I visited here 52 years ago. My favourite uncl
  7. I could not resist the Aeroplane Heaven Typhoon or the wonderful repaints by Jankees. This one is wearing an imaginary paint scheme, something which I greatly approve of. As good as it is to see authentic schemes it is also wonderful so see folks imagination at work. 1. Taking off from Leuchers about to fly around St Andrew's Bay. 2. Over the Home of Golf at St Andrew's. 3. Heading for the Tay Estuary. Carnoustie, another world famous golf course is just out of view to the right. 4. Over the two Tay Bridges at Dundee.
  8. 1. Setting off from PAJN going nowhere in particular. 2. Portland Island and heading north. 3. Below is the Favourite Channel, keeping over the water. 4. Above the Davidson Glacier. Not long after I checked the GPS to see Haines was only 25 miles away. 5. A slow descent until the GPS shows we are over water. Breaking through the clouds over Chilkat Inlet. 6. Close to Mud Bay and turning back towards Haines. 7. The Davidson Glacier again, under the port wingtip. 8. Over Haines town. 9.
  9. The Beagle Pup is slightly more modern than the British planes I have been flying of late, even so, it took it's first flight almost 50 years ago. 1. Here we go, taking off from Aboyne, a delightful little glider strip I can remember passing almost 50 years ago in RL. 2. Heading back over SCO1 with the town of Aboyne in the distance. 3. Ballater where the River Dee is joined by the Muick. 4. Still following the Dee we are about to drop in and visit someone very famous. 5. Well we could not land as Beagle Pups are not welcome here, on
  10. Only a handful Curtis C-46 Commandos are flying today, this example was leased to Lufthansa from Capitol Airlines in the mid 60s. 1. Taking off from Tempelhof. 2. Over Uhlenhorst. 3. At Oberschoneweide. 4. Back over Templehof and heading west. 5. The Olympic Stadium and Tegel Airport. 6. The Havel River and Premnitz. 7. The Westhavelland Nature Park. 8. The Elbe at Tangermunde. 9. The German Army Combat Training Centre at Gardelegen. 10. The Mittelandkanal close to Breite
  11. I discovered this interesting small plane which is new to me. 1. We are leaving EO92 Quakenbruk. 2. Passing the town of Quakenbruk. 3. The Autobahn 1 with Dinklage in the distance. 4. Dummer See with the villages of Lemforde, Hude and Llembrach. 5. The Mittelandkanal and the Weihen Hills which will lead us to our destination. 6. Looking back towards Nettlestedt. 7. Now at the interesting town of Minden. 8. Approaching EDVY and the Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal. 9. 46 of these planes were bui
  12. Not that Skymaster but this one. Both very nice but I think I prefer the Douglas one. I did this flight earlier in the week. 1. Here waiting for start up at KJAC. 2. 3. 4. One of my favourite ORBX airports and the Tetons make an incredible backdrop when they can be seen. 5. Taggart Lake with Middle Teton beyond. 6. Jackson Dam on Lake Jackson, Snake River. 7. AP set to 270 now time to sit back and watch the ORBX world go by. 8. The Fall River near Drummond. 9. The Snake River near Ch
  13. I have been flying a lot in Wales recently and here is my latest flight but it is miles from Pembroke! 1. Leaving Cardiff in the Percival Pembroke. 2. Now at Porthcawl and turning to the east to fly up the coast. 3. Nash Point. 4. The Aberfaw Power Station 5. Rhoose, Porthkerry Viaduct and the departure point of Cardiff (Rhoose) Airport. 6. Barry Island and the docks. 7. Chemical and power facilities at Barry. 8. Lavernock, where in 1897 Marconi gave the his first overwater wireless transmission
  14. A few views of my flight from Biggin Hill down to the White Cliffs of Dover. 1. Climbing out of Biggin Hill, plenty of change here since I used to make the annual pilgrimage to the Air Fair in the 70s. 2. Passing Tonbridge. 3. Picking up the A20 and M20 at Ashford, which will guide us to Dover. 4. Approaching Folkestone and the Channel Tunnel Terminal 5. The Cruise Terminal at Dover. 6. The famous white cliffs, always a welcome sight after a rough ferry crossing from The Continent. 7. The Tunnel Terminal
  15. Here is a flight from Cork to Belfast in my all time favourite aircraft, the Avro York. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  16. I love the old aircraft but here is something a bit newer , an Alaskan 737-700 freighter. A series of shots taking off from PAHO. Three of these jets will replace their older series 300 and 400 cargo carrying planes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  17. Finally got my new laptop today after the old one gave up the ghost last week so I am able to post screenies again..........what do you mean OH NO!!! Anyway, on the Monday the singer Vera Lynn celebrated her 100th birthday. One of her most famous songs was (There'll be bluebirds over) The White Cliffs of Dover. So here is a tribute to this famous of English singer. 37.
  18. Not as romantic as it sounds but a flight from Newcastle to Edinburgh in another beautiful old plane from the past, the ATL-98 Carvair. 1. Lifting off from Newcastle International. All these airports now have new fancy names, but I still know it as Woolsington! 2. Turning for Turnhouse over the A1 at Wideopen. 3. Bedlington (for those who like dogs) is on the left and Blythe (for those who like Blythe) is on the coast on the Blythe River estuary. 4.. Not far away and flying over Morpeth. 5. Leaving Morpeth behind with the A1 Great
  19. I have never been to this part of Wales and as PaulB had asked about ORBX Wales I thought I would kill 2 stones with one bird and do a sales flight along the Menai Strait and beyond. 1. So we start our trip at EGCK Caernarfon. 2. King Edward I of England started construction of the stone castle at Caernarfon in 1283. It took over 50 years to build and cost appx GBP25,000 to build. 3. Flying over the town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll whose railway station has the name of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Not many people go there a
  20. Flying a Turbo Arrow out of Welshpool into some very low clouds. 16. Finally into some clear weather by Lake Vyrnwy and continuing a very pleasant flight to Aberdyfi.
  21. One named Starliner the other is a Starliner. 1. 2. Both are beautiful planes from another time
  22. Erik just said that my post over Berlin was like a typical German summer. Well Erik, here is a shot typical of an English long week end, I don't know if it is still called a Bank Holiday over there. This is how I always remember them. 4. Above is the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) spotter plane scouring the A303 near Andover for drivers who may have had too much
  23. Just a single view from a flight over Berlin 12. The Olympic Stadium. The camouflage is doing it's job don't you think?
  24. A couple of unusual planes. 1. The Miles Libellula 5/8 scale of an intended high speed bomber. 2. The dragonfly on the tail of a Flying Flea or Mignet HM.14 to give it it's proper name. Been trying to get this one to work in P3D for ages but tried something different today and success at last. Thank you Amentiba for giving me the inspiration for one last try.
  25. deHavilland have made some of the greatest aircraft ever built. Here are some of my collection, all of them a delight to fly. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. deHavilland were based at Stag Lane, Edgeware until 1934 when they moved to Hatfield.
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