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Found 24 results

  1. right not sure where this goes......approaching and on finals, pmdg 737 NGXU.... all screens in aircraft showing I am lined up with CYYC 35R, however looking out the window I am about 2 fields to the right, had to circle and hand fly in.....everything was showing as though I was on the GS and ILS captured perfectly....I use Navigraph for updating AIRAC, could that be the problem? Does that just change the data in aircraft? If so how can I check if that is the problem and then reset so it works? anyone else had anything like this? I was slightly confused by what I was seeing...
  2. Recently acquired the ability to make a troop drop, so I decided to make one over my home town airport area. This is quite a hoot to do and watch and I can imagine doing this with a group of formation fliers dropping 24 troops each! Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy these! 1 Man out! 2 Good line so far 3 4 5 6 24 jumpers!
  3. After @olderndirt commented on one of my earlier posts about a whisky run to PAEN, he said that back in the day, he used to haul gunny sacks of seafood out of PAEN in a PA16 (sorry OND, don't have that one) so I used my Piper Pacer to try to replicate it! He also said that back then the airport let the 'little guys' use the grass between the taxiway and the runway which I thought was pretty darn cool, no way that would happen today except by accident! So in tribute to OND's younger years of Flying Alaska, here are a few shots of PAEN, Piper and gunny sacks full of seafood headed to parts un
  4. Anchorage to Valdez in a Frontier Airlines DC-3, FL100, TED, V319, PEPPI, OLLEO, route from SimBrief! I hope you enjoy these 10 shots! 1. Ready for T/O PANC! 1. 2. Revving up the engines! 3. Flyover of PANC departed Rwy. 14 headed for route! 4. Glacier Unknown name! 5. Turn heading 057 for Rwy. 06 PAVD! PAVD dead ahead! 6. At edge of town, end of runway 06! 7. Headed down on path, 80kts, fully configured! 8. Clear of runway, looking for a parking spot!
  5. PMDG 737 Freighter, Orbx scenery. REX SF / EF..... flight from CYYC to KJAC, freight movement in my Air Hauler company....
  6. Did someone else of you notice after installation that there are no gates in Tegel? I have static planes and also scenery itself with buildings looks good. I updated SODE and also GSX is up to date and even disabling it does not bring any result. Guess it's a problem on my side then on Gaya side but just wondering where the problem could be
  7. Haven't made an actual flight in a good while, so I thought I would take the old A2A Piper and young Heidi out for a spin from CAX6 (Ganges) to CAC8 (Nanaimo)! We left Ganges early in the morning and headed for our destination a short 25 NM away! Also wanted to show Larry R some love for his work on these sceneries! 1. After a hardy breakfast and a fuel up we were on our way! 2. A fly over of the town 3. I'm assuming Olympic Mountains to our left? 4. First good view of Nanaimo! 5. Larry R's BC Ferry scenery!
  8. Some views of CAE3 and the ferry terminal at Port Campbell. 1. Just realised the bow of the boat is missing because of me zooming in! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  9. Operating system: Win 10 1909 (19363.592) Simulator: P3D v4.5 (13.32097) Orbx Log: Attached Hello. I went to use Sim Director and it failed to start, last time I used it it loaded without issue, since then I have installed Orbx Central and some new Orbx packages, ie. Alderney and installed my Orbx scenery to a Library outside of the P3D folder. P3D it self has no issues. I have uninstalled P3D and Orbx Central (manually deleted the appdata folders) ran cCleaner to clean the registry, then reinstalled. No other add ons were installed, just P3D,
  10. P3D V4.5 ORBX 6B6 Minute Man Fun Flight with Joel! Short fly around 6b6, part of the Plum island scenery. Flying in the Huey X. A older Huey designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Seems to work just fine in Prepar3d.
  11. FLYING MY NEW R22 IN AEROFLY FS 2 WITH ORBX MEIGS FIELD! Fly along as I check out the Aerofly FS 2 R22 on a short flight around ORBX Merrill C. Meigs Field and parts of the city of Chicago.
  12. After a swing and a miss on the first try : Back at it again with much better results : https://i.imgur.com/0URA9H7.jpg[/img Thanks for looking ......again . Cheers John
  13. Hey Guys, after installing base, vector, European land class, i am missing Road textures. Install was complete one after the other, so im not sure at what stage the road textures disappeared. I have tried so far 1. Using the config tool in vector to turn off check boxsunder transportation, loading p3d, shutting down and re-enabling. 2. Verified my files trough all products. 3. Library v19.6.1 is installed. Attached is copy of my scenery.cfg, and some screen shots of librarys in P3D. i have more on stand by if needed. Thank you William
  14. Started an early morning flight out of KBZN for KEGE, maybe a bit too early since the weather was horrendous at 0600! Waited a few hours and tried again at 1000 hrs and had much better luck. Carenado 390 Premier 1A, N390GM paint, Adam's PTA! It's been awhile since my last post, hope I haven't been totally forgotten here on the forum, I have just not been having great luck with my P3D setup lately and a bit to frustrated to fly, all is much better now, thus the post! 1. Weather too nasty for takeoff at 0600, let's wait for better sky's! 2. Lot's of lightnin
  15. Bit early for the footy to start unfortunately...
  16. I've tried to solve this with no luck. Around 10 % of the buildings and a similar % of rooftops in the Australia V2 Melbourne Cityscape are black. It's not a problem I get with any other Orbx scenery including Gold Coast Cityscape I am getting 20 -25 fps over the CDB, which I'm OK with considering the density of the scenery and the rest of the scenery in the Melbourne Cityscape is crisp and clean. I think it is in the same areas. Some buildings around Southbank then all the buildings down around St Kilda Road. The dock area and cranes etc are perfect but roof tops
  17. About 1,400 miles (2,200km) north west of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood... (Apologies for the wide views, I felt that the scenery was too good to crop)
  18. First off, I have had a look around but not located any specific instructions as to any steps needed with respect to ORBX products (I have Global Base plus some regional and specific airport content) My query is prompted by the arrival of P3D v4.5 hotfix which is on my todo list (there always seems to be a todo list with sims!) So whilst I see it as encouraging in terms of not running into any reports of incompatibility issues, which suggests ORBX products and P3D v4.5 are good to go, my question is whether there are any essential/recommended steps in the process, above and beyon
  19. Only one, thought it was cool.
  20. Managed to get some flight time at the weekend, bit of a mix up of shots but all with REX weather over ORBX scenery...Had a complete power failure on the CRJ in the first flight but it was down to my impatience, in my rush I forgot to set state with Dave and something was missed...... sorry it's so many...
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