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  1. Hello, I really hope anyone can help me with my issue. P3d stops working when I load up airports (default and add on) in a certain areas. For example Boston area: I ctd at KBOS and airports that I tried in the area like 2B2(orbx) and to west as far as KALB and NY0, but at 6B4(37mi west of NY0) it loads up! I remember that 2B2, 6B6 and KSNC did work when I initially installed them upon release. To the South, KJFK fails but KPHL works. This problem also happens in the area around EGKK to EHAM, as far east as EDDT, but EPWA loads.To the north ESSA(orbx) works but ENVA does not. West, n
  2. This video is a VFR P3D4 flight of a simulated Embraer Phenom 300 aircraft. The flight departs from Sikorsky Memorial Airport, (KBDR), in Stratford, Connecticut (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_Memorial_Airport) and arrives at Danbury Airport, (KDXR), located in the city of the same name.
  3. Deprart Chopin EPWA poland to LJLJ Ljubljana, Carenado S340B
  4. So much detail at this scenery
  5. In a previous video I used VOX-ATC for VFR flight from Providence, Rhode Island to Martha's Vinyard (U.S.A). This flight is similar but using IFR with VOX-ATC. Hope you can take the time to view, comment, and like my videos.
  6. Little schlep from EGTH - Old Warden in deepest rural Bedfordshire to EGKA - Shoreham on the South Coast in West Sussex. (Some UK-based people may recognise this as an aerial alternative of the Thameslink rail line) Nope, no food. Just go! A little pre-flight prep required Getting old(-er) while waiting for take-off clearance Yup, definitely low flying aircraft here! The big smoke... a little smoggy today it appears Over Elstree aerodrome (EGTR). Unlike the train, no stopping on the way
  7. Checking out if a VFR helicopter flight works in VOX-ATC. Comments, views, likes are appreciated from the community!
  8. Morning, Had GP working fine since the issues I had in September. After the update and the SODE install everything went south again, duplicate airport, floating scenery, etc: Interestingly, after de-installing GP an ORBX folder search for KGPI brought up multiple KGPI files (more than 20) and among them was the one below. Deleting this one fixed the elevation issues (or so I thought): Library insertions correct, libraries up to date, Objectflow checked, etc. Worked back installing layer by layer till everything ORBX is uninstall
  9. TE Netherlands says "Hallo, remember me?" A typical winter's day in London
  10. Just grabbed this fantastic scenery, along with a bunch of others of course, and I just wanted to say WOW, nice job guys! It's absolutely glorious. I have one question, how in the heck did you get such complex scenery to run so smoothly? I have everything in P3D v4 maxed out and I can still maintain a locked 33fps during taxi and takeoff, it's absolutely amazing. However, other older airports like CYSE Squamish run kind of choppy... This isn't a support request as I am just wondering if there's some new kind of API that's either been created by you guys at OrbX or the people at Lockheed Martin
  11. Well I bit the bullet as we used to say! (For you downunders it means taking a hit and ignoring the pain.) I've begun the process of migrating from Orbx FSX to Orbx P3D4. I decided to migrate not only because of the VAS issues of that 32 bit software but also because FSX is being ignored in software development.. I'm very dissapointed that LM decided to limit addons to around 30 . How can we use or ORBX scenery with such a limitation? I know LM said it is not for entertainment but should it be for frustrtation? Thouightful comments appr
  12. Good day, I have installed the last Barcelona Cityscene scenery and now i have a very slow loading scenery. I choose the aircraft and postion on lebl airport. It takes about 10/12 minutes on loading. With the scenery uninstalled the loading returns to normal and it takes about 2 minutes. I uninnstalled, reinstalled, but i cant fix it. What else could i try? Thx
  13. If you don't like the yellow & vintage plane neither the lady in red... well don't read this post I was very lucky this evening : I got a famous passenger...yes,...here are her suitcases, hat, beautiful red dresses probably, ... She will be soon at board... the engine is ready to run...I have put a nice music, decoration... Here she is...the Lady in red herself !!! Yes - see - there are also special lights for our take of ! Thanks to my buddy from the control tower !
  14. Hi Everyone, Here is a side by side comparison of ORBX True Earth HD (shown in the left screen) and ORBX Global package (shown in the right screen). I like it, but need to do something about the blurry textures up close and the stutters. Here is the link to the video, it contains day, dusk, night coverage.
  15. hi, i just bought the .. total pack for europe: base, vector, europe lc, trees plus insbruck lowi (thanks orbx for the offer). i installed it to both fsx se and prepar 3d v4.2 my specs are i7 8700 working at 4.6ghz, 32gb ram, 1060 6gb, 2 x nvme hard disks. in p3d i use majestic dash 8 q400 pro and at fsx the default cessna 172. in both i use active sky as weather engine. before i install the orbx package, i was getting 300-600 fps. after on p3d, i get in average 20-30 (airborn), around 10fps at the airports and at insbruck 2-3 fps !!!!!! i have the feeling that this is not
  16. Installed latest update ... same as previous version <<< CTD just before taxi or halfway down the runway at NIGHT. Manually disabled DL seeing that the option is not in Control Panel in FTXC but still get a CTD or is it an OOM??? Only airport in P3D4 that's doing this. Any ideas what, why, where, when ...???
  17. Using P3D v4 here as well as the FTX Global suite, and flying to RCGI and RCLY, found misplaced airports, located on plateaux on the ocean, but not on the islands, same issue than already reported in 2015 (thread RCGI and RCLY). Typical simulator airport misplacement for sure. For RCGI, using ADE, moved the airport to the coordinates mentionned by Skyvector, and it fits perfectly on the island as drawn by Vector and further matches the airport placement into Google imagery. Just had to add an airport background (at 26.998ft altitude) to flatten terrain. I am not a scenery geek,
  18. Sunday I installed the new orbx vector scenery, now if you see red arrows, I have splashing water near the shores...Before installing the program, I hadn't this problem....How can I solve the problem?
  19. HI! After installing latest airports EDBH/EDCG via ftxcentral I have no shadows on rwy. (sshot)
  20. I was wondering if there is a way of toggling between Orbx and default SpeedTrees in FTX for Prepar3D v4 please? I like their 3D form and animation. Many thanks.
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