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  1. Hey guys, since I just cannot fly without FS Passengers this leaves me enough time to thouroughly test my new preset in V4. Right now Vancouver is my preferred place of testing. My favourite place in PNW. Fly safe
  2. Made a test flight with Jetline's advice to run RealTemp. Flew from KBOS to KORD - Orbx Global - NA/ LC - AS water on. It was most enjoyable and no freeze, however I did move the sliders back even further. And no PTA for now, back to Iain's HDR. Sorry for so many and no yellow or inverted. Soon...soon. Need to work on a comic too.... KBOS where I grew up, but I'm okay now. Following the SID Off of Nahant, used to ride my bike there when I was a kid. Heading f
  3. P3D v4 - Orbx Global, Orbx NZ - First weather was Orbx #4 then AS4 - Mark Abdey was very kind to help me with a preset but since I'm so fickle Decided to test Adam's. Decisions decisions. I was astonished to see I didn't have to adjust my HDR as Adam had somehow told PTA 2.5 to do it on its own. This is the Orbx default NZMF and just flying around. AS4 weather on, must be raining there right now. CP Cinematic view, I think i
  4. First of four A2A planes installed. Works flawlessly. All I need now is the PTA program and Doc Scott's preset and I'll be happier. These A2A planes even keep the same hours as on the 3.4 version! How cool is that? Decided to take a trip from my favorite London airport, EGLC, London City to Heathrow. It was bound to happen! I must have been born upside down.
  5. Hello All, I'm a newbie but I have done search on the subject and can't find this issue addressed elsewhere. I have a new system with P3D V4 installed and FTX Australia. I normally fly a 737 IFR around the country but decided to do a little low level VFR in a light aircraft up the coast. To me, it seems the surf effect is breaking on the shore backwards? One would expect the surf to have a frontal effect, parallel to the shore, with a trailing lot of streaks behind it as it heads to the shore? I have the residual froth and streaks, leading the wave front, onto the shor
  6. Today thanks to Mark Abdey I ran CC Cleaner, I had 2204 items in the registry messed up. Then I installed the 16GB of RAM so I doubled what I had. Then I made a test flight around San Fran and it was most enjoyable. But this is now the fourth time in a row where I have not gotten the Prepar3D stopped working box!
  7. First of four A2A planes installed. Works flawlessly. All I need now is the PTA program and Doc Scott's preset and I'll be happier. These A2A planes even keep the same hours as on the 3.4 version! How cool is that? Decided to take a trip from my favorite London airport, EGLC, London City to Heathrow. It was bound to happen! I must have been born upside down.
  8. Leaving Roanoke, VA to Charlotte, NC at dusk. Using PTA...comments appreciated.
  9. This appears to be the issue I have, but the answer is in the context of P3d v3, Not P3d v4... Wondering how to resolve: Uninstalled all of P3d v3 before reading directions... So, had to redownload all my stuff for P3d v4. No big deal. Sequence of events: 1) Installed V4 on drive D 2) Installed latest version of FTX Central and realized I wanted the install on drive D 3) Uninstalled P3DV4 on Drive C 4) Reinstalled P3D4 on Drive D 5) Try to run FTX central and get the "missing simulator" issue... My assumption is tha
  10. Hey Guys, FTX Central shows me that all my compatible ORBX P3D v4 products are installed, but i am not able to see the ORBX entries in my p3d v4 scenery library. Is that supposed to be like that, i think not (in P3D v3 i was able to see the ORBX entries in the scenery.cfg) Is there anything i can do to fix this issue and to see my installed ORBX sceneries in the Scenery Library ? Thx
  11. Hello, I recently purchased FTX Global for P3d v4. I initially installed the program letting FTX Central auto install. During installation I got 1 interruption message but clicked retry and it continued install. After install I fired up P3D and did not see any change to my scenery as it remained in the P3D default. I went back to FTX Central to uninstall product to attempt a re-install. During reinstall I now continue to get an interruption message and it will not allow an install. I went through P3D files and still see an orbx folder after uninstallation but cannot delete as it s
  12. on my helipad next to my house in Andras Field
  13. Hello all, i have been getting error and slow loading on scenery load, after looking at my error log i noticed couple of things, i have orbx global with ftx central latest version [error.0] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:G:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Effects\fx_orbx_streetlight_2.fx Key:nn[Library Effect] is this normal ? Many thanks
  14. Hi, I just bought FTX Southern California, but in P3D V4 there seems to be some very strange texture mishaps going on. Random textures are overlaying other parts of land. I uninstalled all other FTX regions to just test SoCal by itself - still the same result. I tried the terrain.cfg fix on the forums (delete it, insert original terrain.cfg, let it rebuild) but that doesn't fix it. It seems to me that this issue would be to do with something like the terrain.cfg. Pics: (These are taken around Las Vegas but the same issues happen around Los Angeles) Thanks!
  15. Hi, thanks to ORBX and FTXC, installation of the available ORBX files is just fun and runs at top speed. However, TREES HD is installed but doesn't show up in the sim, only ugly stock trees of P3d v4. Are there any known problems with, or is it myself? Enjoy our world 4.0 Fritz
  16. Doing some more testing with P3d v4 with Drzewiecki Design Miami City (while we wait of course). If anyone is wonder LainVFR sceneries (KMIA) do work if you previously had them installed. But you have to find some files in the Textures folder of your sim by the name of eg. miaautogen and MIAautogenlm and drop them into the P3D v4/Texture folder. Else the surrounding buildings will be blacked-out around the sides.
  17. Having installed P3D V4 with the default scenery, I have a renewed appreciation for the tremendous difference ORBX products make to the sim. We get used to seeing the ORBX scenery produced by all the talented designers here, and we forget what the original default scenery looked like. We're getting a renewed look at the default scenery while awaiting the update to FTX Central. Maybe this brief wait is a good thing in that we'll become a little more appreciative of the scenery designers here.
  18. Guys I bought P3dv4 and unistall all P3D v3 files and Orbx libraries (actually I move to other drive). Did I register cleanup of all FTX files. I am trying to reinstall all my libraries but when I tried to install FTXGlobal, a message appears: choose SIMULATOR. but no options pops up (it should show P3Dv4) I tried many times. What should I do? P3dV4 is working fine. Regards Reynaldo
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